Bar Fight Ends in Homicide

Bar Fight Ends in Homicide

There are 1042 comments on the WNEP-TV Moosic story from Mar 1, 2008, titled Bar Fight Ends in Homicide. In it, WNEP-TV Moosic reports that:

A bar fight in Lycoming County leaves one man dead and another in jail. Police in Muncy say Jeremy Ball and Jason Sanner exchanged words inside Papagallo's Tavern Friday night. via WNEP-TV Moosic

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Sugar Land, TX

#1 Mar 2, 2008
I knew both of the men. Jeremy Ball is nothing but a peice of trash he has been in and out of jail since he was young Juvinile Hall. He recently just got out of jail. Jeremy was a ticking time bomb. You never knew when he would explode and it didnt matter if you were male or female. Jason or Jay on the other hand. Was a kind hearted wonderful Father and good friend. I don't know many people who didnt like him and as far as Jeremy being his best friend NEVER. It is sad that Jason had to die because of Jeremy. My thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family

United States

#2 Mar 2, 2008
I've known Jeremy since I was a kid. He is definately a tough customer, but he is not a killer. I believe Jeremy had a rough life and a troubled up bringing, and if Jeremy is making a cliam of having been friends with someone, then it is probably true. I know Jeremy had a lot of anger issues, so I dont' imagine he had too many long lasting friendships/relationships, but Jason probably was someone he had cared about at some point. Jeremy has made a horrible mistake, and a terrible ACCIDENT has occured. Lets not forget that. Jeremy needs help, as he has always been a really troubled guy. I am really sorry to the family for this terrible tragedy. My prayers go out.
Stacey P

Selinsgrove, PA

#3 Mar 3, 2008
Accident is right. A tragic one at that.

I don't believe it was intentional for him to have died. I believe it was wrong for the Sun Gazette to print that it was "Blood shed" as there was no blood that came from his head. It could have been caused by something going on that can't be seen by anyone but the autopsy crew. It didn't help matters when his drunk buddies picked him up off the floor and propped him up against the leg of his one friend saying "he's alright, he'll be alright". They could have caused damage to an injured neck.

And why wasn't it priority to check on the victim by Sutton (who already has it in for Jeremy) before hauling a very 'calm' Jeremy out in handcuffs? He was sitting at the bar waiting for the police when Sutton arrived, not jumping all over being combative. Those 'lost minutes' could have saved his life perhaps.

The video will show alot. The witnesses will have much to say as well. Despite what Sutton says, it's not irrelevant on who threw the first punch. He's not the judge and jury in this.

I would bet that if convicted on those charges, he'll get more time than those monsters that kill a child ON PURPOSE.

Geneseo, NY

#4 Mar 3, 2008
I have known Jeremy Ball since he was in diapers. I played sports with him, hung out with his brother and cousins and remain friends with them.
I can honestly say, as anyone would that knows Jeremy, I was not surprised when I heard of his involvement in this tragic event.
I too don't beleive Jeremy meant to kill Jason (who I also know and would describe as JLSHarley did above). However, I also know Jeremy as a low life trouble maker who would pick a fight with anyone for any reason he fealt he could justify.
Unfortunately, becuase of this low life, a kind and loving father has been ripped from his family.
I can only hope, in prison, that all of the pain and suffering that Jeremy has cuased to countless others is finally repayed in many folds.
I also know Chief Sutton and as for his character, I beleive it to be beyond reproach especially from anyone who could consitute Jeremy Ball as a friend or "unfortunate up-bringing" nice kind of guy. He was not.
I will also almost promise you that Dick Sutton, at some junction in Jeremy's extensive criminal past, tried to give him a break and/or guidance. I can say that from experience and through the experience of several others I know. If anyone had it in for Jeremy Ball it was Jeremy.
My heart goes out to the Sanners. I knew Jason in school, he was a hell of a nice guy.

Riverside, PA

#5 Mar 3, 2008
you guys have got to be kidding me to stand up for a person that at anytime could have hurt anyone of us. what about jeremys kids those kids are scared for life to have to live knowing what kinda parson that man was. i have known both these guys for yrs and to have to watch the sanner family have to go thru this is unbelievable. this should never have happened.i guess we see where all the skum that use to frequent the angus made there way to. Now because of a simple mans anger a 6 yr old little girl will wake up everyday wondering y she can't see her daddy. to hear aof the people in the bar and what they did to a dying man, the doors deserve to be shut for good time to clean up the trash. how could you tell people not to call the cops and man died because of a selfish bitch trying to protect a bar. give me a break.
i am sitting here watching 2 familys torn apart by a skum like jeremy ball he deserves to rot along with the staff at that bar she the bartender should be there with him. becarefull your be suprised what your bestfriend would do.... some friends
Stacey P

Selinsgrove, PA

#7 Mar 4, 2008
You mean people at the bar said NOT to call the cops? You're kidding, right? How could someone be so stupid and thoughtless?

I wouldn't go so far as to say that *all* the people there are trash. I know three or four people that go there on occasion and they are far from trash. Just because one goes to a bar, that doesn't make them trash. Propping your injured dying friend against your leg after a hard fall to the concrete... THAT is what I would call 'trash'. Right up there with the ones who said not to call the cops.

Geneseo, NY

#8 Mar 4, 2008
I don't think anyone has said that everyone present is trash.
I think most of us agree Jeremy Ball is trash and if you intentionally hang around with trash then through association you must be trash too or really really stupid.
When was the last time you stored your butcher fresh NY Strip Steak in the garbage can.
The same can be said for poeple who support or defend trash. Ive never seen a recipe that required me to pull something out of the garbage and put in the the bowl while preparing a meal.

Stacey I dont think anyone will disagree this is anything other than a very tragic accident.
I also beleive that if it wouldnt have been last Friday and Jason Sanner, then it would have been someone else at a later date. If you hang out with Jeremy then it might have been you at a later date.
The fact of the matter is, everyone who knows Jeremy Ball (I have since he was in Diapers) has seen this day coming for a long time. Maybe that is why Chief Sutton was always keeping tabs on Jeremy.
The truth is going to come out about what happened. Unfortunately, no matter what the truth is Jeremy Ball will someday walk out of prison but Jason Sanner will not walk out of the grave nor will his family or daughter ever get a chance to spend a birthday or holiday with him. I would much prefer that Jeremy was in the grave instead of Jason. It seems much more just.

Jeremy Ball is a low life, scumbag, dirt ball piece of (explicit). He has hurt many poeple in his life time, caused heartache and grief for even more. I cant imagine what all of this is doing to his family.
My heart goes out to both families....but not near as much as it does for the Sanners.
This isnt supposed to be a personal attack on your character, I dont think I even know who you are. I just cant let a Jeremy Ball supporter have the latest post. It could in someway maybe changes someones perception of his human value. Which is lower than snake poo
Stacey P

Selinsgrove, PA

#9 Mar 4, 2008
Thanks for replying Jason.

I wasn't really attempting to defend Jeremy. I was looking at the...well, I was looking AROUND the box, not just 'in' the box. Lots of things have been said about what went on Friday night, including that the 'friends' moved him (you don't move an injured person, incase they have neck injuries) and that Sutton didn't check on Jason until after Jeremy (who was calm, at the bar) was in the cruiser. I came on here and seen that someone stated that people at the bar were told not to call 911, which blew me away. I can't imagine someone NOT wanting to call the police and ambulance no matter who was on the floor or who was pounding who. It's a big liability to own and run a bar...but to add in not wanting the police to show up is just insane.

I don't know him personally. I may have crossed paths with him unexpectantly in the past and still not known who he was/is. Either one of them for that matter. He could knock on my door now and I wouldn't know him from Adam. I know people who know him. I know people who think along the same lines as you do (and others who have posted) and I'm thankful that I didn't know him better, hang out with him and God forbid, date him or breed with him.

Again, my post wasn't meant to really 'support' or 'defend' his actions other than thinking that 'death' was not something he planned on that night.

What I do question is why the 'friends' would prop up their 'knocked out friend' and say he's okay, not thinking for one minute that he may have injuries that they can make worse by moving him. And why Sutton didn't take two seconds to quickly check Jason before he hauled Jeremy to the car. A matter of 5 seconds could have been all it took to still have Jason here.

It's not defending him or his actions. Not in the least. There just seems to be a lot of questions popping up. Many things being said...things that don't add up. I'm sorry you felt I was defending Jeremy. That's not the case at all.

I honestly hope that Jeremy gets what's coming to him. I'll continue to pray for Jason's family for healing during their time of loss.
Stacey P

Selinsgrove, PA

#10 Mar 4, 2008
Oh...and the lower than snake poop. I tried to google options on that and the BEST I could do for you (I'm's been a long day) is to tell you that 1/3 is composed of dead bacteria. That bacterial action produces indole, skatole, and mercaptans, and the inorganic gas hydrogen sulfid, which is what makes it stink.

So...we've got quite a few choices here for 'things lower than snake poo'.

I tend to like skatole...has a freakin' sound to it. And it's what makes poo stink.

See? It's not just the beer that makes it smell, or the beans. It's the bacterial action OF the beer and the beans.

friend of Jason

Madison, WI

#11 Mar 5, 2008
Lets reply to the lady that said that said this"You mean people at the bar said NOT to call the cops? You're kidding, right? How could someone be so stupid and thoughtless? "
Well for your information . His friends were screaming for someone to call 911 ahd the cops and the Bar Tender was the one that said not to do it . His friends knew the seaverity of what was going on.. People need to stop laying judgement on the friends of Jason , When the guys that he was with was in fact his true BEST FRIENDS AND LOVED HIM MORE THAN LIFE IT SELF..Jeramy was not his best friend He was never with Jason or any of his friends when they hung out almost on a dailey bases . So before anyone goes and says things that they have no clue what the hell happened or true store is . Remember that his friends are dealing with loosing someone that was not only a best friend but also someone that was like a brother to them .Jason had an will always have heart of gold , and will always be a kind hearted loving person that would do anything for anybody that he loved and was friends with.. His family and friend are grieving and extremly saddened by the lose of Jason.. Have a heart and stop judgeing when you have no clue what the hell you are talking about .
matt morris

Tuscaloosa, AL

#12 Mar 5, 2008
JLSHarley wrote:
I knew both of the men. Jeremy Ball is nothing but a peice of trash he has been in and out of jail since he was young Juvinile Hall. He recently just got out of jail. Jeremy was a ticking time bomb. You never knew when he would explode and it didnt matter if you were male or female. Jason or Jay on the other hand. Was a kind hearted wonderful Father and good friend. I don't know many people who didnt like him and as far as Jeremy being his best friend NEVER. It is sad that Jason had to die because of Jeremy. My thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family
i aso know both f these guys.and i can honestly say jason was a good guyand mant good in his life.tis is wat i have gotten fromhimin the past.
a for ball.he was the 1st person that i met when i moed t muncy.2 days livingin muncyball tride to pck a fight with me.he said that i said something about the girl he was dating at the time.i have heard many stories about ball getting into trouble.
i also can say i really dont think ball meant to kill jay.unfortunately it happened....i really dont know what to prayers are with the sanner family.
speak for everyone

New Orleans, LA

#13 Mar 5, 2008
virtually anyone who is from muncy or has spent any time there either knows or has heard of jeremy ball,probably because he is always getting into trouble, arrested, or put in jail. i've never known him to be nothing but a dick, troublemaker, and instigator. he is always talking trash and trying to fight random people for just being in the same place as him. karma is a bitch and he deserves every bit of punishment he gets from this. the fact that a person like him goes back to the bar to drink after something like that happens is exactly what i would expect of jeremy ball. bottom line, he is a clown and his conscience will hopefully haunt him for the rest of his life.
my prayers go out to the victims family.

Geneseo, NY

#14 Mar 5, 2008
So, does anyone know if there has been a trust or scholarship fund set up for Jason's daughter? If so how about posting some info on it here. I'm checking around ill do the same if i hear something

Stacey P. LoL,the line "date him or breed with him" and the whole snake poo post. I must admit have me some what concerned. Its been awhile since I have lived in the area but, the singles scene cant be that bad. really?


Meadville, PA

#15 Mar 5, 2008
If you view Jason's obituary on it will give you the trust fund information

Sugar Land, TX

#16 Mar 5, 2008
may jason live in are hearts forever watching over his friends and family.and "jeremy {a} ball"
of fire find his home in the heart of hell.

Geneseo, NY

#18 Mar 5, 2008
just in case you missed old schools post.

Geneseo, NY

#19 Mar 5, 2008
just in case you missed old schools post. The above link and quote pretty much sum it up. Although no where near as colorfully (<---is that a word)

“What you do not want to hear.”

Since: Jun 07

Watsontown PA

#21 Mar 6, 2008
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Geneseo, NY

#22 Mar 6, 2008
Jason L. Sanner Memorial Fund, c/o The Muncy Bank and Trust, PO Box 179, Muncy, PA 17756

Geneseo, NY

#23 Mar 6, 2008
Jason L. Sanner Memorial Fund, c/o The Muncy Bank and Trust, PO Box 179, Muncy, PA 17756

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