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Portland, OR

#21 Apr 24, 2012
Does anyone know if the cars leased by reliable credit transferrable? I was told by some lady at the Lynnwood office they don't refinance, so I'm curious if I can transfer to another bank for lower payments.

Stanwood, WA

#22 Apr 30, 2012
I purchased a vehicle and obtained a decent loan through reliable. I made all my payments on time and sometimes more than the asked amount owed. Besides taking a copy of my drivers license and insurance every time I went in to pay, everything went smoothly from start to finish. I got my car title in the mail 30 days later and will be contacting them again for future needs.
local consumer 2

Marysville, WA

#23 Jun 15, 2012
I purchased my first car through reliable and everything went smooth. I paid it off in about a year and all was well. I did have a pretty high APR but I was only 19 with no credit history. I recently financed a second car through them and it's been a little bit of a different story. Overall they're fine besides the occasional rude customer service phone rep and the snarky attitude for accidentally being late by a week (totally my fault due to an oversight)and the crazy high APR it's been overall OK but not the greatest experience, however what can you expect from a company that works with high risk loans? This is definitely a "you get what you see" company. They're up front about APR so you can choose not to sign, they work with people on a majority who have little or bad credit and any company will call to get they're money if you're a month late. They never called once when I was late that month, I realized it before they said anything. Some people just have bad experiences and it could happen with any company. Their biggest downfall to me is they don't send monthly bills or use payment coupons anymore.

Hood River, OR

#24 Aug 4, 2012
I have a car loan with them @29%. It's what I get for just going through a bankruptcy. I deal with the branch in McMinville, Or. I actually just have automatic payments taken out every month of $265 for a $8500 loan. Ive been with them for 3 months and they are always great to me when I have questions. I will refinance in about 4 months with another company since that's what my attorney recommends and the reliable credit rep I always talk to.

Aberdeen, WA

#25 Sep 25, 2012
They are a very bad loan 32% Im aways on time and at the end when the last payment was made i owed more eact time we talked. Found out they apply your payment 2 or 3 days after they get it charging large amounts the whole way through.

Lynnwood, WA

#26 Nov 19, 2012
Prev RCA Employee wrote:
I would like to let people know a couple of things about reliable credit. For the most part Reliable Credit lends to people who are high risk individuals who often times pay slow or not at all on loans.
They will call you constantly if you are late even 5 days late for fear you will take off with their car!
A couple things if you are going to do business with them:
- Always make your payment on time or within 5 days of the due date. Never be late or they will blow up your phone until payment is made. If you dont call them and communicate you will have problems with them.
- They are a repossession happy company meaning you dont pay you will loose your car.
- If you do call them make sure you get a name of who you speak with and make sure you document your conversations. Often times they dont put accurate notes in their system and miscommunications can be a pain for you the customer and them.
- If you dont want a car loan at 28% then dont get the car. Its completely up to you the customer when you sign a contract that you agree to the terms thats why you sign it. If you dont like the terms dont sign its that simple. That is the #1 reason people get so upset and crazy when they call in to our offices.
- Another good tip. Make 6-8 payments and try to get refinanced! Its a lot of work for you the customer, but if 28% interest makes your head spin, do some work and reduce the rate with a different company. Its that simple.
- I'm not going to defend this company, but there are clear and obvious reasons customers get upset often its because they dont look when they sign the contract, and they pay slow or late or dont call and communicate with the finance company. If you dont pay and dont communicate with RCA they will think you have taken off with the car and will have it up for repo.
Hope this helps for those out there upset with Reliable Credit.
im a current customer w rca. ive been w them over two years, made every payment on time and have actually paid fifty dollars more every due date to pay it off quicker. ive worked hard to rebuild my credit. i got a call from rca friday saying since i was such a good customer and have been in good standing w them. my interest can go down and ive built equity where i now qualify for a personal loan. i looked over my options and asked the qsts that need to get asked and decided to consolidate debt and do the personal loan. i called back answered any qsts they had. they said it couldnt be more then my equity and that theyd add it to my car loan. Btw both these conversations they told me i was approved already and that i just needed to submit request. they told me theyd call in evening and id recieve funds tomorrow. well four came around still no call so i called. they transfered me to the loan people. the man was incredibly rude and talked down to me. told me i didnt qualify. i asked him why two different people would call me and tell me i qualify when i dont. he said it doesnt matter. i asked him to explain why i dont qualify especially since itd add on to my car loan which ive paid perfectly for two years. he said i dont make enough and again was incredibly rude. i make 1500 a month. my bills w car payment and rent are six hundred.which leaves me w nine hundred. he said i need 1000 extra to qualify. Im sry but this doesnt make sense to me and i still dont underatand what difference it would make if it adds on to my current loan. i think its rly wrong to call people and tell them they qualify for something when its not correct info. and rly they cant do anything for me w me being a hundred dollars off...? who honestly has a thousand bucks just lying around anyhow. and nine hundred extra isnt enough? i just dont get it or his attitude. thats my complaint about rca. They shouldnt give people false information or hopes.
Mike C

Bingen, WA

#27 Apr 7, 2013
Before you judge Reliable Credit by these comments, you need the true facts...I had a Bk, and have had 3 loans since. When no other lender would help, Reliable was there for me. I've just opened my third account with them, and have recieved great customer service. Sure 29% is high...Thats because your credit score is low...Reliable is a great way to rebuild from past credit problems. Just remember that You promised to make the payments on time, and keep full coverage insurance on tour auto. Reliable respected you enough to grant you the loan, now you owe them the same respect by keeping your agreement with them. I say Thanks Again Reliable for giving me the chance to make a credit comback!

Walla Walla, WA

#28 May 18, 2013
Reliable Credit was there when I went through a Chapter 13 BK. I needed a Car, and no other Lender would even talk to me. I'm now applying for my 4th Loan with them. Each time the interest goes down. I pay a few days early, and keep up my insurance, so I've never had any problems with them. I appreciate thier Trust, so will continue to deal with them. A few $$ more in interest is worth it to me, as they were there when I needed them. And No, I don't work there. I'm retired, but Loyal to my friends!

Spokane, WA

#30 Jul 13, 2013
Susan wrote:
Help i currently have a car loan with these guys and want out ...what are my options??
your way out is to pay it off in a lump sum or go to your bank and get a car loan for the amount you owe to reliable. Then the bank holds the car title. i have done it twice it is pretty easy.

Long Island, WA

#31 Aug 5, 2013
We both lost our piddly jobs and fell behind, paid what we could. Everyday I would peak out the window to see if the car was gone.

I called today to make a payment arrangement. Last month was the first month we fell behind. We seriously struggled to keep the car.

I too have bad credit! My identy was stolen in my early 20s. I have never recovered. My name also links me to another woman in Texas. Our social security number isn't the same, our date of birth is 15 years apart and yet! Here I am in Oregon and I get her dings.

The credit bureau is a joke. So here I am having to buy a car through reliable credit. My payments on an older car are astronomical! I hoped that it would improve our credit but it hasn't much. Only relief in sight is income tax season where we will pay it off.

I found another job and decided to go back to school a second time. We all come across circumstances beyond our control... Medical bills (I have those too), job loss, emergency situatons. Just do your best. That's all you can do.
debra mellen

Hayden, ID

#32 Aug 13, 2013
we have a car loan with them for the past 2 1/2 yrs have the payment taken out of are ck acc every month and havenot had one phone call from them have the car about paid for no complaents here thanks guys debra mellen cda idaho

Bremerton, WA

#33 Oct 7, 2013
Real2Reel wrote:
why take a car loan if your not going to pay the bills on time, 28%? you take what you can if you have bad credit. she got what she deserved especially if she is 31 days behind.
You should be ashamed of yourself for criticizing this poor woman! You don't know her situation.

Bremerton, WA

#34 Oct 7, 2013
So I financed a car in May through Reliable credit. Two months later the car COMPLETELY craps out. It had been in at Ford of Moses Lake for three months and they were unable to fix it. I just got the car towed back to Kitsap County on OCT 4, 2013 after paying almost $600. Last night Reliable Credit had my car repossessed I was 15 days late and even informed them of my situation. These people are the WORST finance company ever. Don't finance with them!!!!
oregon guy

Albany, OR

#35 Nov 22, 2013
You are all crazy!!! pay your bills on time and you wouldn't be in this situation. When you signed the contact, was somebody holding a gun to your head?? You are the person signing the contract, not Reliable Credit. They just purchaed the contract from the dealer. If you don't wnat the loan, DON"T SIGN THE FUCKING CONTRACT!
You are defending a bunch of thieves who take advantage of people who have had misfortune and bad luck. What a dumb shit!! Either you are one of the dumb shits or your blowing them all!! Get a life looser!!
bad credit sucks

Spokane, WA

#36 Dec 18, 2013
Onyx wrote:
<quoted text>
What do you work for them?? This is predatory lending, obviously.
I agree, If you screw up your credit you'll have high finance rates. They dont have grandma rates. My credit suxs and I've got a loan through them, the key is to pay extra each payment to pay it off faster, therefore less in interest is being accrued.

United States

#37 Jan 14, 2014
I made arrangements to send them a post dated check and they cashed it as soon as they got it. I called and the lady told me there was nothing she could do about it!.... 4 days later they tried to cash the check again so I called again. The guy I talked to said there was nothing they could do about it and also told me they always try twice. NOBODY SEND POST DATED CHECKS TO THIS PLACE!

Arlington Heights, IL

#38 Mar 5, 2014
I've been with RAF for 1 year. I had an issue when I switched jobs, therefore I had to miss a payment and the rep was so understanding. She worked with me and told me that if I ever have issues to let them know and they'll work with me. So here's my advice. Make your payments on time every month and when you fall on hard times, they're willing to help. Even though the APR is high, we have to understand that this is for credit building. I had terrible credit and they got me into a nice truck. Hopefully within a year it will be paid off. If you can't stand them that much, hand your vehicle back and go elsewhere.

Portland, OR

#39 Mar 8, 2014
Ya'll is stupid! If you want to complain about high interest rates then fix your credit report before you get a car loan. I have had reliable for 1 year, been 1-3 days late about 4 times without a single phone call to remind me. Most of them they were closed on my payment day, but then once I forgot the following Monday. And not only did they never call me... or say anything to me when I did come into pay but they have been asking if I need other loans / money. They are always nice.

Portland, OR

#40 Mar 8, 2014
CCLLPP wrote:
I made arrangements to send them a post dated check and they cashed it as soon as they got it. I called and the lady told me there was nothing she could do about it!.... 4 days later they tried to cash the check again so I called again. The guy I talked to said there was nothing they could do about it and also told me they always try twice. NOBODY SEND POST DATED CHECKS TO THIS PLACE!
Ummm... dude... really... I would like to know 1 place on earth that will accept a post dated check except a personal party like a friend or a relative.

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