What happened?
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Pikeville, KY

#1 Oct 5, 2009
I tried to put another subject up but it must not have taken.
I have read the posts that have been placed on here about our family and our family problems.
You have talked about me, my mother, my children and just about everybody in my family.
At the risk of sounding blunt...It's none of your business!
To the family on both sides of the trouble you only make things worse by getting on here and saying things that should be kept private within the family.
Weather you like me or not if you are truthful you will agree with me that this thing has gotten wayyyy out of hand.
Everyone here has some things that if the truth be known about their life, they have done some things that they are not proud of.
Yes me included!
What has happened?
How could we let satan get such a hold on us?
What happened to the love of God?
Everyone wants to play the blame game.
We know that the devil is to blame for it all.
Before you even post it I am not pretending to be holier than thou. I am just wanting to try and put a stop to this junk.
Let me put it like this.

a driver is speeding down the highway.
a child walks out in front of them and is hit and killed.
who is to blame...the driver for speeding or the child who should not have been in the road?
What difference does it make...the child is just as dead!

You see what I mean? Satan is to blame for all of this.
My dad sang a song "The family who prays" and I feel that this is where we have gone wrong.
Maybe if we had gotten together as a family on a regular basis and just had prayer this may never have happen at all.
We get things like this going if we forget about God and do things our own way.
I love everyone in my family, my children, my grandchildren, my mother, and my brother, my nieces and nephews.
It doesn't matter what anyone thinks I know my own heart and I know where I stand with God.
People have let too much hate come into their lives.
Kinda makes me think of Yoda on star wars...anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering.
How many are suffering now because of the hate?
Mothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren.
Weather you believe me or not, I go to sleep at night with my mother and my brother on my mind. I ask God to fix it somehow.
How many souls are going to suffer for this?
Is it really worth someone going to hell over?
There is not one soul that should go to that place.
But people have so much hate in their hearts that they would want someone to go there. This is not Gods way.
Anyone who would want someone to go to hell is not of God.
Anyone who would try and keep this kind of hate going is not of God.
Don't play the blame game, it doen't matter what someone else does as long as we keep our integrity with God. The song my dad sung has this line in it.

Satan has parted
Fathers and Mothers
leaving their children like orphans to stray
but the family who prays
never shall part

You see...satan is to blame. Let's get rid of the hate people...let's get the Love of God working again in our lives.
Hatred, drugs, alcohol, bad children, bad parents, Godless society, money, power, there is nothing present or to come, no power seen or unseen, no principality, I am persuaded that there is nothing that can separate us from the Love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Don't get on here and try to put me down I have enough of that from myself. If you do you are only giving satan more ground to seed his hate.
Please leave my mother alone, she has enough heartache to deal with.
Let us turn back to God only he can put a stop to this madness.

To my entire family...

What Happened?
What tore the love away?
If we look to the true depth of the question we will find the true answer is the devil and the answer to our problem is God. Anyone who does not want God to fix it is of the devil. Now look at your own life and you will see the real truth. Who do you follow? Do you spread seeds of hate or seeds of Love?

Johnson City, TN

#2 Oct 5, 2009
Well said.

Georgetown, KY

#3 Oct 5, 2009
very well put, some people will never get over this though. Im glad to see that one person in the taylor family has not lost their head. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!

Elkhorn City, KY

#4 Oct 5, 2009
Jessie that all sounds good but come on who could get together with you and pray without you ramming your opinions down everyones throat. you think your opinion is the only one that counts,well thats not the way is supposed to be, a church is made of different oppinions and beliefs. and your job is to just love people for who they are and encourage them to keep working for god. tell them the bible and let them have there own opinions on the bible. salvation is not about traditions passed down, but its about the love of god.have you ever thought your way just might be wrong and you could be hurting alot of people by your opinions and traditions. its not working for you, just look at your family and church. it just pulls people and families apart. try just loving people and keep your opinion to yourself ,love will go farther the opinion anyday.
thank you

Johnson City, TN

#5 Oct 5, 2009
Jessie wonderful message. I agree that people do have their own opinions and interpret things different but one must always stand true to the words of the bible and it appears you have.

Pikeville, KY

#6 Oct 5, 2009
Thank you all and I mean ALL, for your opinions of what I have said. The devil has ripped this family down the middle and I call upon all praying Christians to remember us all. I expected to see some negative postings about me, I knew that would come when I put up this post...that's alright God is my strength.
I believe this with all of my heart, if we (Gods Children) put our faith and prayer unto God that this can still be fixed. This is not my opinion this is my faith and belief in God!

Sister Donita Stiltner has ask that we get together at the church tomorrow night and have prayer (tues oct 5th) Not about what is going on in the family, this is something that she feels the need for in Gods people and I agree with her. I invite everyone who reads this to come and be with us in prayer. No preaching or anything like that. She just felt the need for the church to get together and just have prayer...and at this point I and my family can use all of the prayer we can squeeze in!

Elkhorn City, KY

#7 Oct 5, 2009
to whom ever judged this as mean that was not my intent, i was just saying unless the bible comes out and mentions specific details on thing being wrong we should keep our opinions to ourselves, sometimes it can really hurt and tare down gods people. the bible say's let the wheat and tare grow together and god will do the seperating. and he doesn't need any help from man.when men do the seperating they rip up the good wheat along with the bad.

Elkhorn City, KY

#8 Oct 5, 2009
and by the way thats the problem in the churches today to many people jumping to conclusions and trying to do gods work and be the judge. i'm glad that god is the one who will judge us all and again not man

Pikeville, KY

#9 Oct 6, 2009
I didn't realize that you could do that...I had seen it but didn't know how it worked...thanks for the info.

Pikeville, KY

#10 Oct 6, 2009
Just for the record let me say this about opinions. I know that everyone has different opinions, that is part of the free will that God gave us from the very beginning. The free will to believe as we want. However, we must realize that with free will comes responsibility. I have spoken with atheists who tried to convince me that "I made up God so that I would not have to take responsibility for my actions." My response was that God says that we are responsible for our actions. That is where repentance comes in. When we use that free will to go against what he has told us not to do, that is when condemnation sets upon our hearts and we need to repent.
I do preach the love of God to the people. I also tell them that I know that not everyone will agree with me. I know that my "opinions" are not always the right one. I have already admitted that there are decisions that I have made that were wrong. If I were a perfect christian I would already be home with Jesus.
Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we get the commandments from God to follow? I give my opinions about certain subjects of God and the Bible but there are things that are "chiseled in stone" (to coin a phrase). I have never ask anyone to join a particular denomination of church or to accept a particular belief of the Bible, what I ask people to do is repent and give their heart to God.
How could you ask anymore of someone to do?
For those that are Christians, I ask of them to put God at the center of their lives don't just fit him into your life fit your life around him.
This is not opinion this is the way of a child of God. Should we not put him first?
But I guess this is all just my opinion right?
Something to think about

Ransom, KY

#11 Oct 6, 2009
A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct.But a man of understanding delights in wisdom.
Very Well Said

Anderson, SC

#12 Oct 6, 2009
Pastor Taylor all your comments have been very well put. VERY WELL PUT. May God Bless and Be With Your Family.
just wondering

Elkhorn City, KY

#13 Oct 6, 2009
well pastor jessie if you don't push your opinion on anybody then why did i hear about a rumor that you asked your deacon to step down because he got his family a swimming pool, and because his 16 year old daughter was wearing makeup. and the members of the church wasn't even asked about it, is this just another one of those taylor rumors or what.just wondering

Pikeville, KY

#14 Oct 6, 2009
This is a church affair.

Elkhorn City, KY

#15 Oct 6, 2009
i totaly agree with (just wondering), and i also heard the same thing. is this true or not.
just wondering

Elkhorn City, KY

#16 Oct 6, 2009
jessie i'm not trying to cause trouble for you, i was just wondering if you realized that you do voice your opininons a little to strong sometimes, even your own son on the thread titled (david taylor) said that he didn't agree with you and that he has his own opinions and beleifs and that he didn't agree with all that religious crap that people shoved on him all the time. so just maybe if WE quit being so opininonated all the time that maybe WE would see more of our family and friends saved. (NOTICED I SAID WE)
hey there

Ransom, KY

#17 Oct 6, 2009
the only jessie i know is jessie slone in that family and he dont go to church so who is this jessie?

Pikeville, KY

#18 Oct 7, 2009
As I stated that that is a church affair and I will not discuss it online.
And yes you are trying to cause trouble else you would not have even ask about it here! If you were a member of the church all you need to do is come to me and ask me about it and I will discuss it with you.
As far as my son is concerned he makes his own choices.
Let's look at it this way, if everyone had the same opinion then there would only be one denomination.
Now if you really want to get into a discussion about religious beliefs, please start another thread for that. This topic is about prayer for a family that is in trouble!

Pikeville, KY

#19 Oct 7, 2009
hey there wrote:
the only jessie i know is jessie slone in that family and he dont go to church so who is this jessie?
Taylor family
just wondering

Elkhorn City, KY

#20 Oct 7, 2009
i was just asking a question. but once again somebody thinks they know how people really feel and there intent, and you don't call this judging. ok. well don't worry i've said my peace, but don't be surprised if other people voice there opinion on this matter, this may be a church affair, but this is a small community and when something like this happens it makes the church and the people going there look bad. thanks for replying back to me anyway, and i hope things work out for your family. god bless you

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