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Chambersburg Public Opinion - Letter to the editor: Banning gun...

There are 29 comments on the Public Opinion story from Dec 19, 2007, titled Chambersburg Public Opinion - Letter to the editor: Banning gun.... In it, Public Opinion reports that:

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Indianapolis, IN

#1 Dec 20, 2007
HEAR,HEAR! Finally someone with sense! Here's another log to throw on the fire....1974 brought a total handgun ban in Washington D.C.,I believe 1975 brought a handgun ban to Detroit. 30 years of the most ridiculously failed social ezperiment and the Anti's are still waving that flag....worked like a charm,huh? I'll keep sending my money to the NRA.
Deputy Dawg

United States

#2 Dec 20, 2007
Walking out of a state House session discussion on another topic is not the answer either.It's clear the Philly crowd hasn't a clue about stopping "gun" violence. Our speedy governor hasn't a clue gun per month, or a state full of different gun laws are ridiculous solutions. Until we get more representatives with common sense things will never improve. And the solution includes more than legislation as it is a moral, not a gun, problem...broken homes with absent fathers, lack of respect for life, a culture glorifying violence.This situation calls for real leadership, not tantrums, to work at the root cause of the problem.
two cents

New Wilmington, PA

#3 Dec 20, 2007
When a shooter kills multiple people in a public location, the gun banners fill the media with crys to ban guns. No one bothers to point out that if more persons were allowed to carry weapons, and persons at the scene had been armed, the shooter would either have been shot or possibly had second thoughts about even attempt such an act. If he had been near me, I would have taken him out as soon as I scene him with the weapon.

Sicklerville, NJ

#4 Dec 20, 2007
Absent fathers in Philly is the problem, not guns. Remove guns and they will go back to the older system of knifings. These folks have no respect for life, because dad is not in charge! Philly and our silly Harrisburg folks will make zero progress on this issue until they get over the PC hurdle and indentify the real problem!

Manahawkin, NJ

#5 Dec 20, 2007
The War on Drugs has produced even worse results. Now "the underworld and crooks" are joined by terrorists and drug cartels in dividing the profits. There is no shortage of drugs, outlawing them did not work and will never work. The War on Drugs ruins lives and criminalizes otherwise good citizens, keeps the prison system full of non-violent citizens(profitable) and makes for long over payed careers in law enforcement, doing the same thing over and over and over again, with the same results. Expecting different results is called insanity. For an accurate perspective go to ,the web site of former judges, DEA agents,prosecutors, narcs and others that spent their careers fighting the war on drugs and learned the truth. See what is being kept from you at
What Up

Chambersburg, PA

#6 Dec 20, 2007
I believe in the 2nd Admendment. I do think though when a weapon is stolen or lost it should be reported to the police. I will tell you though outlawing guns will not stop the killings.

United States

#7 Dec 20, 2007
We look at the street gangs cruising around carrying guns. Evidently, that is perfectly OK with most Franklin Countians. It only becomes a problem when they start shooting.

One solution is to take the guns away or make it very painful to be caught with one. We can't do this because of the "carriers" that feel they also need to strap on that pistol to go to Grandma's or to church.

What is the difference between the gangs and the carriers? Is it intent? How do we measure that?

If we can't take away the guns, make owners take a test - like a driving test. They will need to prove that they can actually use a handgun. If we teach them to shoot straight, at least the gang bangers will shoot each other instead of innocent bystanders.
Marineman Warfbg Pa

Needmore, PA

#8 Dec 20, 2007
100% correct!!! People need to be held accountable for their actions. The Dems have controlled Philly forever...and just look at the mess it is!! Aparently the voters lack the mental capacity to see what is going on, or maybe the ballot boxes are stuffed!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#9 Dec 20, 2007
Aren't most major cities run by Democrat mayors?

Don't you thuink it might be a big city problem and not a political one.
Deputy Dawg

United States

#10 Dec 20, 2007
Dave from Energy,

Yes, Philadelphia is a Democrat power and money base. We have to run "gun" laws throught the state legislature because individual cities cannot enact laws in this area. This is a case of incompentent legislatures from Philadelphia crying to the state taxpayers to fix THEIR problems instead of shouldering the burden themselves, and they don't need more gun laws. Guns aren't the problem but they are incapable of realizing that fact.
Marineman Warfbg Pa

Needmore, PA

#11 Dec 20, 2007
Dave from energy.....should we then get rid of big city's? They have been allowed to deteriorate for so long, that the task of returning them to what they should be is a monumentus task. Just like their public transportation systems..the public that ride them should be charge fares that will pay for the service they are receiving, not all the taxpayers. I would be willing to pay if I had access to public transportation but I don't. Or..give me a tax break on the vehiche I have to purchase, maintain, insure and replace when it expires.

Washington, DC

#12 Dec 20, 2007
I think we are not looking into the real problem. Its not the guns its our society. We are walking a very thin line between fantasy and reality with our young people. I know because I'm young, I've played the video games and seen the movies. It is a simple case of garbage in and garbage out. Enough "Grand Theft Auto" and for some, it becomes difficult to know what real and whats fake. Have you ever played that game? Ridiculous!
We used to be taught morals as young it's "whatever makes you happy". In most cases thats fine. But what happens when "what makes you happy" is to go into your school and start shooting? The problem is with the deteriorating American family not the guns.
Just a thought

New Bloomfield, PA

#13 Dec 20, 2007
What is the ratio between the number of people that drive cars and the number that lose their lives in a car accidents versus the ratio of people who carry guns or own guns and the number of people who die because of a gun shot wound? The numbers look great in the article but what do they really mean, think about how many cars are on the road. With all of this, I do not disagree with the authors opinion. But think about the numbers used in the article.

United States

#14 Dec 20, 2007
Cars do kill..maybe they should have some more regulation too. People are far too obsessed with this mode of transportation and seem to think they're invincible while in one. Cars also encourage/make necessary poor urban development and promote isolation.

Since: Dec 07

Chambersburg, PA

#15 Dec 20, 2007
Did I miss something? Who said they were banning guns???

Stop over-reacting people, NO ONE IS TAKING YOUR GUNS.
Yougottabekiddin g

Lansing, MI

#16 Dec 20, 2007
Good short common sense letter.
You have to remember that the real reason leftists want to confiscate privately-owned firearms is because they don't trust power in the hands of citizens. It's the same reason leftists want to constantly raise your taxes; they don't trust you with your own money.

Landisburg, PA

#17 Dec 20, 2007
Did I miss something? Who said they were banning guns???

Stop over-reacting people, NO ONE IS TAKING YOUR GUNS."""" "

Coppy-- You may be technically right, but to legislate requirements to own and carry without written permission of God Almighty amounts to the same thing.

I know you're not that dense do what's the purpose of your post in the first place.

Landisburg, PA

#18 Dec 20, 2007
Dave of Missouri --

Are you writing in jest? Your comment is a joke.

Gangbangers that you speak of are either too young to legally own a gun or old enough to have a felony conviction -- either way there are already laws on the books to restrict ownership to them.

I know Missouri is rural, but really, what do you think Franklin Countians have here? Another Philadelphia?

Since: Dec 07

Chambersburg, PA

#19 Dec 20, 2007
Sundance wrote:
Coppy-- You may be technically right, but to legislate requirements to own and carry without written permission of God Almighty amounts to the same thing.
I know you're not that dense do what's the purpose of your post in the first place.
No, I'm certainly not that dense; but these letters I keep reading about everyone flipping out over "leftists" taking their guns seems to be an over-reaction. Honestly, i don't think much about the gun control issue because I don't own a gun. I do know it's a constitutional right and that right will never, ever be taken away.

The NRA is huge; probably top 5 most powerful lobby group. Maybe top 3. Gun ownership has enormous grass roots support. Leftist and democratic political candidates support individual gun rights. The citizens of Washington, DC were the ones who voted to ban guns from their city. I know, I know, they're all leftist wackos and I agree that constitutional rights shouldn't even be taken away at a local level based on a majority vote.

That's like saying that Chambersburg, PA no longer has free speech because a majority of it's residents voted to not have it anymore.

So I'm with you guys here, but I have to question the outrage and fear of gun control. This issue just comes and goes; a politician introduces gun control legislation and the gun-owning community reacts like it's Armageddon. The fact is, your guns have never been taken and they never will.

There are a lot of leftist, pro-gun Democrats. I understand the fear of those against guns in large cities, but the fact is that rural America will never have their gun rights taken away. So whatever Washinton DC or Philadelphia does, I wouldn't concern yourselves with too much.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#20 Dec 20, 2007
First, don't yu think it a bit strange that I started posting from MO and then for IL? Maybe, this comment program is making it up as it goes. I never typed in a location.

Second Sundance, OK big deal here, lets talk about gang bangers over the legal age and not yet arrested. Now, what law keeps them from carry a gun?

To Marineman, first if you are a marine, thanks for your service to our country.(Unless you are some superhero that lives in the ocean or swims real fast). Since we can't get rid of big cities, maybe their problems need solved a little differently than in rural America. Maybe one solution is a localized gun law that makers carrying a concealed weapon illegal (outside of law enforcement, security personnel,. etc)

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