Carrie Startson


#1 Jun 13, 2010
does anyone know this woman? Anything?
Senior MHHS


#2 Jun 19, 2010
She's a teacher at the high school. Why?


#3 Jul 2, 2010
I know Elena Green Haeberle. She is an English teacher at MHHS She is divorced has a son Dante, and a Brother Markus.
Anything else you would like to know?
Debb Carlson

United States

#4 Jul 19, 2010
I know a friend who knows this woman. Yes she is a teacher at Mountain Home Idaho High school. She has been there for quite sometime. She even graduated from there. Her Moms name is Katie and she has a brother Markus.
She married about 12 years ago and divorced. They had a son named Dante.
I hear She is now engaged to be married and is pregnant with her second child.
Is this what you needed?
Maybe you should call her. She is in the phonebook or contact her through the high school. They will know how to reach her.
Hope this helped.
Carrie Startson


#5 Jul 20, 2010
Yes, that is her. Looks like she finally got out of that no-win relationship with that married man from Texas. Does anyone know who the lucky guy is and when the wedding is? When is the new baby due?
Shes a drag


#6 Sep 5, 2010
Heard things about this woman that I wouldn't even write on here.
Any woman who would lower themselves enough to date a married man and tries to get him to leave his wife and children need to remember this one thing.
You may be alble to lure a man through the mind in his penis but one day that same man will tire of you and your neediness and will go looking for another and it will be you who is cheated on.
Shame on her and whomever the man is she is dating.
I hope the woman that you have disregarded, the WIFE, takes him to the cleaners and leaves him and you with nothing.
You have to have a pretty low opinion of yourself if you knowingly date and get involved with a married man.
Teachers are supposed to be looked up to and this woman leaves a lot to be desired. I hope the school district knows about this and they do something.
I dont want her teaching my children, ever.
Shame, Pure Shame.
I Was informed about this by three teens who know this woman from school and it's something that a mentor like a teacher should not be doing.I was shocked that the school has not stepped in and let her go. And now she is having an illegitimate child.
With all the forms of birth control this has to have been a trap.
Nice way to trap a man.
Grow up. The students you taught are more mature than you are.

Boise, ID

#7 Oct 10, 2010
Hello there "Shes a drag"
Oh, where can I start with what you posted about this amazing woman. First off before you run your un-informed mouth how about we have a chat.
These three students who you heard it from are who exactly? Probably students she failed and are trying to get back at her by lying about her in any way.
And saying the school district should get involved? Are you a moron as well? How does HER personal life have anything to do with the school district. She is a fantastic roll model, one that I have looked up to for years and repect beyond words. If the school district where to step in, which they would not do, because they aren't as stupid as you, the community would just back her up and keep her in her position.
Another thing, do not ever even hit at the fact that you think one of her child is a mistake. So what if she wasn't married at the time of having it. You backwords, red neck hick. It is the twenty first century. Join us, or get lost. No one cares what you have to say.
Keep up these slanderous remarks and I will bring this to the attention of the school district, and the authorities, these students that you heard it from will be the ones who are in for it though, and you.

Boise, ID

#8 Oct 10, 2010
I apologize for my misspellings, I was so mad I couldn't even think straight.

Yorktown, VA

#9 Oct 10, 2010
I feel that libel and slander are things that should be taken seriously, I also believe that before any word is accepted as truth that it should be verified. Accepting idle talk from random teenagers just because they've associated with someone is in no way a start to a valid argument. One should always have proof before they start an argument, lest thy seem fools, yes?

I have never met a student of Elena's that hasn't respected her. I've even met quite a few whose live's would've been significantly for the worse without her presence. She's an active community member, a mentor, and in one student's case, a life saver. I have met few people in the world, as I've lived coast to coast and overseas, who have ever been as honorable as her. Even now I can return to a town I haven't lived in for several years and feel at home with a woman who only taught me for two years. This is something I would adore for my children to have.

And attacking someone's children because you cannot justify attacking them is a sign of the lowest class. For someone who seems to feel so righteous, you have forgotten many of the greatest teachings of life: Forgiveness, and Judge Not. Frau Haeberle has honored these rules as long as I've known her.

And for others, please refrain from dishing out personal information on a person without regards to their privacy or what the seeker may use it for. Here is a heretic looking to cast stones and you deliver to them an innocent woman.

Sincerely yours.
Concerned Citizen

Boise, ID

#10 Oct 10, 2010
"She's a drag"-
It's very obvious to everyone here that you a nothing more than a cranky old woman who has nothing better to do than gossip about a perfectly nice person who has done nothing to you. I was just wondering if you are a drag queen? That is fine, to each his or her own. But next time read the form before you type. That was the area for your name, not the title of your post. But you were probably too distracted trying figuring out how your computer worked and of course, the concentration it takes to type with only two fingers. I would also like to point out that you clearly state that you have only "heard things" about Elena. If you were to actually talk to her you would see how wrong you truly are. As for getting the school district involved, that would be a very bad idea. They have absolutely no grounds to fire her. If they even tried to she could sue them for wrongful termination as well as YOU for slander and defamation of character. Her private life and activities are her business. As long as she does not conduct those activities on school grounds there is nothing they or you can do about it. Her "illegitimate children" as you so eloquently put it, are loved more by their mother and others than you or yours ever will be. Next time you decide to post rumors that were propagated by "three teens" check the facts. Karma goes after liars too.
The law


#11 Oct 12, 2010
I have no idea who this woman is but I do want to state facts to those on this forum.

Slander is the oral communication of false statements that are harmful to a person's reputation. If the statements are proven to be true, it is a complete defense to a charge of slander. Oral opinions that don't contain statements of fact don't constitute slander. Slander is an act of communication that causes someone to be shamed, ridiculed, held in contempt, lowered in the estimation of the community, or to lose employment status or earnings or otherwise suffer a damaged reputation. Slander is a subcategory of defamation.

The statements above are not slanderous since the facts of the case are true.
We are in America people and there is also a thing called Freedom of speech which each of us have a right to our own opinions.

So, as to the law, unless you can say that the things stated in fact, were not true they are slander but from what I am hearing here if the facts are true then there is no legal definition of slander.
Get your facts straight before you start throwing around the law.
Eye On Elena

Whitesboro, NY

#12 Oct 13, 2010
Community leaders, including teachers, medical providers, clergy, military and law enforcement officers are generally held to higher standards than other citizens. This standard often extends past their professional duties into their private lives. They hold a position of trust in our society and therefore, more is expected of them. Many leaders, past and present, have seen their downfall caused by issues that are not illegal, but immoral.

Courts have consistently held teachers to a higher standard of conduct than most employees because of the nature of the work they perform. As the United States Supreme Court said in Ambach v. Norwick, 441 U.S. 68, 78-79 (1978):

“Within the public school system teachers play a critical part in developing students’ attitude toward government and understanding of the role of citizens in our society….Further, a teacher serves as a role model for his [her] students exerting a subtle but important influence over their perception and values.”

Role model: somebody to be copied; a worthy person who is a good example for other people.

No one said that single mothers cannot be good role models. However, even in this day and age, I doubt many people would condone adultery.
Shes a drag

Whitesboro, NY

#14 Apr 1, 2011
Heard the Cow dropped her calf.
The truth hurts.
Committing adultery, does not a good role model make!!!

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