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#41 Jun 11, 2010
god bless u dan

Mountain Grove, MO

#42 Jun 11, 2010
thank you for calling 911. She is my cousin and I love her i dont have anyway of getting ahold of her mom and dad but its nice to know that people care. If you would like to go to the funeral it is tommorow at 10a.m. at Mtn.Grove HighSchool. Kodi Marie Rust had just had her 18th birthday and graduated. Please keep Brandi John Brian Kimberly Logan Taylor and all her family and friends in your prayers. We all miss her dearly. And again thank you for calling 911. Even though her life was lost we are greatful... Also the police and most every one on the scene said even if she had her seatbelt on it would have been the same outcome...
~Holly Keehner

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#43 Jun 11, 2010

I wish I could go to her funeral. Unfortunately my dad is in KU med in KC and I am on my way there now. He has internal bleeding and they cant figure out where it is coming from. He has gone from a 36 to a size 32 in the past month. So my oldest son and I are on our way up there to pick up my other 2 kids and spend the weekend there. But thank you for inviting me. If you could please relay my deepest heartfelt sympathies to family.

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#44 Jun 11, 2010
If anyone is wondering why it looks like I am posting from various places, when I am in hotels or in my truck like I am now (dont worry my son is driving....but do pray for me lol) I use my iphone and connect to the 3g network to get internet services. I live in Kissee Mills, just outside of Branson
be blessed

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#45 Jun 12, 2010
tamsthots wrote:
<quoted text> Dan, my name is Tammy Helms and I am the daughter of Norman and Diann Rust,(which is Kodi's grandparents) I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally from the bottom of my heart for staying with Kodi, and calling for help. I would love it if you could talk to her grandparents and father-John Rust. If you would email me at the following address I would like to give you my parents address and possibly a phone number, considering the circumstances, I do not want it put on this page. Thank you again and may the lord richly bless you and yours for your kind actions. [email protected]
so glad to see that this site is being used for good. My prays are with you and your family, I know John a little bit, I hope that you all may find piece. As for Dan I pray for strength for you what you did is very hard to do but you did, and for that thank you. I have been in the ems world for some time, and it is not easy. If you fill that it is hitting you hard don't be ashamed to ask for some help. I think talking with her family may help. Again my prays go with all of you.

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#46 Jun 12, 2010
Kodi was my cousin and I was heart broken to hear that she had passed I just want to thank dan for being there for kodi. no amount of thanks coud ever be enough to express my gratitude you are truely a good person

Willard, MO

#47 Jun 13, 2010
Kodi was a wonderful friend to me...i wasn't one of her personally close friends but if i need someone to talk to she was there...she will be loved and prayers and thoughts are wt her family...but hay shes were she needs to be right now!

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#48 Jun 14, 2010
all the reports of her moaning and moaning is false, i know the emts that worked the sence and she never regained consicounious, so please before you post all this stuff, get the facts

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#49 Jun 14, 2010
you should be thankful that you were there at the right time, otherwise it could taken some time for her to be found, a big thank you , and hope your dad gets better,our payers are with you and your family
hey friend

Burlington, IA

#50 Jun 15, 2010
Dan stated he heard the moaning and groaning way before the EMT's ever got there. Are you calling him a liar? Maybe YOU should get the facts before posting!?!?!

Brooklyn, NY

#51 Jun 15, 2010
OK...I stated my coworker heard her make a couple of very faint moaning noises. I believe him 100%. She was completely unconcious and never moved. I hesitate to say this because I don't want to offend anyone in her family that may read this but, I have heard from others and Gary stated it to, that sometimes when a person is dying they will make slight noises. I will not get caught up in back and forth of what's true and what isnt and what happened and what didn't. We were there and everything I said is the facts as to what we saw and witnessed. If you choose not to believe something that is up to you.

The simple fact is a very beautiful young lady lost her life in a tragic accident. The only reason I said that part was because I was in shock that she had died. Up to that moment I wanted to believe that she was going to be OK.
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Cameron, MO

#52 Jun 15, 2010
friend wrote:
all the reports of her moaning and moaning is false, i know the emts that worked the sence and she never regained consicounious, so please before you post all this stuff, get the facts
Just so that you know you do not have to be conscious at all to make a moaning sound. The emts that told you that she never regained conscious where correct, but what you did not understand is what I just told you. We see this in the field all the time that is a fact so what Dans friend can very well have happened. So please don't accuses Dan of lying

Lawson, MO

#53 Jun 16, 2010
Isn't an argument starting over something like this just a little bit morbid.....or is it just me?

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#54 Jun 16, 2010
I agree "wow". Thats why I said I wont get caught up in it. I originally started this thread to find out what had happened to her. I didn't want to sit there all night wondering until the morning news. Now it should nothing more then a place for folks to leave positive comments about Kodi.
Family of Kodi

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#55 Jun 16, 2010
To Dan I agree with you 100% and if it wasnt for your post some of us would still be wondering if she was alone or if she had someone by her side. Thanks to you and your friend she had someone there with her so thank you to you and your friend. I am so glad that there are still a few good people in this world that would stop and help a complete stranger.. So once again Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and our prayers are with you and your friend and family's.
friend of kodi and brandi

Everton, MO

#56 Jun 17, 2010
I want to thank Dan for calling 911. Im glad there's still a few good people in this world. Thanks alot again.

Trimble, MO

#57 Jun 19, 2010
Kodi was a wonderful person and my best friend, I was the car in front of her when she wrecked because she was following me to her boyfriends house. She wasn't on her way to Springfield, They were going to air evac her from plumbers store and they never lifted her in the air. Everyone please pray for her family

Trimble, MO

#58 Jun 19, 2010
I dont know who "Dan" is, but I turned my car around when I didnt see her in my rear view mirror anymore and I am the one that called 911. Me and my friend that was with me found her while I was still talking to the dispatcher on the phone. 2 guys showed up which that may be "Dan" but we told them we already called 911. Those to guys left when they heard sirens. Please if you dont know the whole story then dont try to act like you were there. That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. To try to find your friend because she wasn't in the truck so you had to search through a hay field yelling for her, when just 10 minutes before we were both putting gas in are cars at Caseys and reading to cook dinner for all of us.

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#59 Jun 19, 2010
AJC...I am Dan that was there. I drove the Durango that stopped. There was a gray haired guy with me as well. That should confirm to you who I am. I didn't post anything about you guys here for 2 reasons.

1 I didn't know if you wanted anyone to know who you were or to made public that you were involved in the accident.

2 When I started this thread it was simply to find out the condition of the girl. I was not looking for any type of credit for stopping to help. I just didnt want to wait til the next day to read about it in the papers. I have asked a couple of people in private emails if they knew who you guys were as I felt you deserved credit for stopping.

As far as calling 911 goes, you said after I called that you already had. But the operator that answered acted like it was news to her. But honestly does it really matter???

We did not leave until the ambulance showed up. We asked if they needed any info from us. They asked if we saw the accident, we said no, they said we could leave.

Your post though seems to reflect an attitude of wanting to start controversy. If you are in fact the young man that was there and not repeating second hand information that you've heard then I would hope that would have the respect for your friend not to turn this into an unnesacary arguement. It should remain a place for people to leave kind thoughts of Kodi. Nothing else.
a friend of ryans

Lawson, MO

#60 Jun 19, 2010
i overheard her friend amanda talking to someone that she was texting. i guess that they were going home to ryans house and she text amanda(cause thay were following each other) that she was goin too slow then put an lol in, amanda looked back and didnt see kodi so she turned around and went bk and found sad how this stuff happens. the last she heard from kodi was lol...

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