Jonesborough, TN

#1 Mar 11, 2009
General Sessions Court For Wednesday,February 27, 2009.
People With Names Similar Or Identical To Those Listed May Not Be Those Identified In This Report.

Joseph Daniel Accetta, 71865/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer, 71865-B/ No Ins

Timothy James Adgate, 72015/ DUI/ Dep Dunn, 72016/ VICL

Justin Travis Allen, 71866/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Clarence Buddy Arnold, RO Smith, 71906/ DUI 2nd/ Dep Hieronymus, 71907/DORL 3rd, 71908/ Driving While Restricted

Tammy L Arnold, Try, Plead, Waive, Dismiss Fallin, 71308/ Child Endg/ Ptl Shupe, 71306/ DUI 1st

Danny Joe Bailey, 71946/ DUI 2nd/ Thp Brewer, 71947/ DORL

Jeanie R Beach, 72137/ DORL 1st/ Dep Dunn, 72136/ Light Law

Anthony Beltran, 72274/ DUI 1st/ Dep Dunn

Justin Douglas Bennett, 72187/ Reg Viol/ Thp Brewer, 72187-B/ Light Law, 72187-C/ No Ins, 72187-D/ Unreg Veh

Jim Lee Birchfield, 72132/ Passing In NO Passing Zone/ Dep Dunn

Jeremy J Bollman, 71995/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Jeffery Dean Brinker, 72002/ Muffler Law/ To Have Fixed, 72002-D/ No Ins/ To Have Ins, 71868-C/ No Ins/ To Have Ins

Melissa Lynn Brown, 72230/ Shoplifting/ Food Country

James George Brewer, Carter 1:30, 71740/ Burglary/ Sgt Hieronymus, 71741/ Assault

Clifton David Brown, 72090/ Reg Viol/ Thp Brewer, 72090-B/ No Ins, 72090-C/ Unreg Veh, 72091/ DOSL, 71863/ Muffler Law, 71863-B/ No Ins

Richard Jason Bryant,*DA To Give Clerk Correct Address Of Victim, RO Smith, 71350/ Illegal Poss Or Fraudulent Use Of Credit Card/ TB Dismissed

James Lee Canter, RO Smith, 72221/ Fug From Justice (VA)/ Dep Roberts

Brian Neil Christiansen, 71993/ Speeding/ Thp0 Brewer

Timothy Reed Church, To Have Attny, 71848/ Assault As DV/ Dep Dunn, 72198/ Violation Bond Condition

Charles Joseph Cook, See If Lawson Can Take, Lawson, 72267/ Domestic Assault/ Dep Brown

Jonesborough, TN

#2 Mar 11, 2009
Daniel Clinton Cranford, 71932/ Fin Resp/ Dep Dunn, 72079/ Failure To Report Accident, 72080/ Leaving The Scene Of Accident W/ Property Damage, 72078/ Reckless Driving

Patricia S Cullinane, 72033/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Ronnie Dale Curd, 72310/ Assault As DV/ Dep Dunn

Zachery Scott Dean, To Have Attny, 71594/ Agg Assault As DV/ Sgt Hieronymus

Davey Allen Dugger, RO Smith, 71662/ VICL/ Dep Dunn, 71661/ DUI 1st, 71664/ Muffler Law, 71663/ Violation Open Container

David Michael Dugger, RO Smith, 71742/ Burglary, 71743/ Agg Assault

John Kenneth Eisenhower, 72030/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Ashley Debra Faney, 71622/ DL Viol/ Thp Brewer

Matthew C Fredell, Fallin, 71523/ Maintain A Dwelling For The Sale Of Sch II/ Agt Mccloud, 71521/ Poss Sch II For Resale, 71522/ Poss Drug Para, 69588/ Vandalism/ Dep Hatley

James Wendal Grayson AKA Jamie Wendell Grayson, Fallin, 71294/ Assault As DV/ Dep Dunn

Nicky R Gentry, Try, Plead,Waive, Fallin, 71698/ DUI 1st/ Dep Dunn, 71699/ Poss Of Handgun While Under The Influence, 71705/ Hunting From Motor Veh/ Twa Jones, 71704/ Hunting Closed Season, 71703/ Hunting From Public Road, 71702/ Coercion Of Witness/ Inv Eller, 71701/ Simple Poss Sch IV/ Dep Dunn, 71700/ Felony Reckless Endg W/ Firearm, 72386/ Coercion Of Witness/ Inv Eller

Travis Keith Gentry, Fallin, 71680/ Burglary/ Inv Eller

Charles P Greer, 72127/ Resisting Arrest/ Sgt Hieronymus, 72126/ Agg Assault On Officer, 72125/ Agg Assault As DV

Melissa Dawn Greever, 71979/ Simple Poss Drug Para/ Thp Brewer, 71978/ Simple Poss Sch VI, 71977/ Light Law, 71977-B/ Fin Resp

Minnie Louise Griffith, State To Notify Officer, RO Smith, Try, Plead, Waive, Dismiss, 69822/ DOSL/ To Have DL, 69823/ DL Viol, 69283-B/ Reg Viol, 69283-C/ Fin Resp, 69823-D/ Switched Tags

Shirley Colleen Guinn, Pro Se, 71549/ Assault As DV/ Dep Roberts

Chris Dean Guy, 72139/ Seatbelt Law/ Dep Dunn

Richard C Haight III, RO Smith, 71816/ DUI 1st/ Thp Brewer, 71817/ Seatbelt, 71817-B/ Left Of Center

Genny Elizabeth Hale, 71992/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Laura Ann Hampton, Pro Se, 71729/ Viol OP/ Dep Dunn

William David Harmon, Fallin, 71580-A/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer, 71580-B/ Open Container

Fredrick Larry Henley, For TBI Cert, Street, 70273/ Agg Assault As DV/ Dep Dunn

Pamela Mae Hicks, Try, Plead, Waive, Dismiss, RO Smith, 71954/ Poss Sch II For Resale/ Agt Mccloud, 71956/ Poss Drug Para, 71955/ Maintain A Dwelling For Resale Of Sch II

Wilson Franklin Hodges, Fallin, 72131/ Assault As DV/ Sgt Hieronymus, 72138/ Violation Bond Conditions/ Dep Hughes

Neil Patrick Johnson , 71976/ DL Viol/ Thp Brewer, 71976-B/ Light

Jonesborough, TN

#3 Mar 11, 2009
Carey Leigh Johnson, State To Notify Victim, Fallin, 71066/ DV/ Dep Hieronymus

Michael Anthony Johnson, 71711-B/ Fin Resp/ To Have Ins

Norma Jean Johnson, 72771/ No Ins/ Dep Dunn, 72225/ Failure To Report Accident, 72226/ Leaving The Scene Of Accident W/ Property Damage

Jon Clay Jordan, 71996/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Krisha Ann Kelly, 72036/ No Ins/ Thp Brewer

Blu N Key, RO Smith, 71591/ DUI 3rd/ Dep Dunn, 71592/ VICL, 71593/ DORL 1st

Cindy Marie Kincaid, 72031/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Tara B Lambdin, TBI Cert & Jud Div, 72159/ Assault As DV/ Sgt Hieronymus

Samuel Dewayne Lawson, 71975/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Denise Margaret Lewis, 72268/ DUI 1st/ Sgt Hieronymus

Jeffrey Wayne Lipford, 71988/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Michael David Luster, 72297/ Speeding/ Thp Nienast, 72297-B/ Light Law

Brent Mead Lyons, TBI Cert & Jud Div, Fallin, 70776-A/ Speeding, 70776-B/ Light Law

Janie Lee Mann, Lawson, 71739/ Assault, Commission Of Felony/ Sgt Hieronymus, 71738/ Burglary Of Motor Veh

Christina Louise Mars, Try,Plead,Waive,Dismiss, Fallin, 71215/ Agg Assault/ Dep Dunn

Natalie E Mcconnell, 71311/ Amd No DL In Poss/ Pymt Compliance

Douglas Gary Mcfadden, Fallin, 71354/ DORL 1st Dui Related/ Dep Dunn, 71353/ DUI 2nd

Katherine Francis Mcfadden, Fallin, 71913/ Disorderly Conduct/ Sgt Hieronymus

Gale E Mcglammery, 72034/ Reg Viol/ Thp Brewer

Brian Dale Morefield, Try,Plead,Waive,Dismiss, Fallin, State To Notify Officer, 70407/ Criminal Trespassing/ Susan Williams

Katherine Mae Morgan, State To Notify Officer & Sheriff, RO Smith, Prelim, 71310/ False Report/ Dep Hieronymus, 71309/ Agg Perjury

Teresa R Moretz, TBI Cert & Jud Div, Pro Se, 67679/ Worthless Check X’s 2/ Mtn City Rx

Robin Nannette Mullins, For Mental Exam Results, RO Smith, 71667/ Agg Assault As DV

Geoffrey Paul Nelson, 71986/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer, 71986-B/ Reg Viol

Gary James Norris, State To Notify Victims, Mcewen 1:30, For Hearing, 71327/ Harassment/ Robert Olen Jr, 71328/ Telephone Harassment

Kirk A Norris, See If Carter Can Take, Carter, 72199/ Simple Assault/ Greg Lipham

Sarah Melissa Oliver., 72179/ DL Viol/ Dep Dunn, 72179-B/ Seatbelt Law

Sharon Michele Osborne, 72347/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Chad Evan Pennington, 71901/ DL Viol/ To Have DL

Jonesborough, TN

#4 Mar 11, 2009
Justin Wayne Pike, 70193/ Amd To No DL In Poss/ Pymt Comp

Richard B Poteet, 71892/ Cruelty To Animals/ Dep Cress

Lisa Gay Price, 72348/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Matthew Stephen Postal, 72184/ Dl Viol/ Thp Nienast, 72184-B/ Light Law

Chadwick Blaine Potter, 72182/ Light Law/ Thp Nienast

Timothy E Prince, Finney, 71998/ Light Law/ Thp Brewer, 71998-B/ Fin Resp, 71526/ Poss Of Drug Para/ Agt Mccloud, 71525/ Poss Sch II For Resale, 71568/ Burglary/ Ptl Norris, 71567/ Vandalism, 71566/ Poss Stolen Property, 71565/ Theft Over $5000

Kevin Proffitt, To Have Attny, 71685/ Simple Assault/ Rodger Watson

Patrick Puett, 72185/ Speeding/ Thp Nienast

Angela Rennee Reece, 72130/ DOSL/ Sgt Hieronymus

Bruce Edgar A Reece, 71862/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Johnny Glenn Reece II, 71205/ DOSL/ To Have DL, 71255/ Seatbelt Law/ Thp Brewer

Julia Coffey Richardson, 72038/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer, 72038-B/ No Ins

Brent Craig Rice, 71990/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer, 71990-B/ Window Tint, 71990-C/ Reg Viol, 71990-D/ Fin Resp, 71991/ DOSL

Destiny Dawn Roark, For TBI Cert & Jud Div, 70334/ Theft Of Property/ Ptl Norris, 70645/ DL Viol/ Ptl Hoak, 70645-B/ Reg Viol, 70645-C/ Fin Resp

Donald Harold Roark, 71974/ Traffic Control Device/ Thp Brewer

Stephen Franklin Robbins, 72087/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Jerry Wayne Roberts, 71931/ Fin Resp/ Dep Dunn, 71931-B/ Due Care, 71930/ VICL, 71929/ DUI

Peggy Jane Seatz, 72181/ Light Law/ Thp Nienast

Samantha Ellen Shaver, 69419/ DORL/ TO Have DL/ No Further Cont

Jonathan Mitchell Shelton, RO Smith, 71476/ Evading Arrest By Foot/ Dep Dunn, 63436-V/ VOP/ Hart

Julie M Shelton, Ro Smith, 71590/ DUI 1st/ Dep Cress, 71608/ Vandalism To County Property/ Rose Hammond

Jessica Renee Shortt, Ro Smith, 71509/ DUI 1st/ Sgt Hieronymus, 71510/ Fin Resp, 71510-B/ Due Care

Kelly Leigh Simcox, 71999/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Matthew C Sluder, 72064/ Reg Viol/ Dep Dunn, 72064-B/ No Ins

Jeffery Bruce Snyder, 71802/ Fin Resp/ To Have Ins

Walker Franklin South, 71737/ Fin Resp/ Dep Dunn, 71737-B/ Left Of Center

Robin A Stout Stanley, 72200/ DORL 1st/ Dep Dunn

James H Stanton, Ro Smith, 71821/ Shoplifting/ Save- A- Lot

Ollie Trent Stewart, RO Smith, 69962/ Agg Burglary/ Inv Woodard

Aaron Allen Stout, 71984/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Christopher Nathan Stout, 71983/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Taffi J Taylor, Carter, 71686/ Assault As DV/ Dep Hughes

Timothy Michael S Taylor, Diversion Dismissal, Pro Se, 68647/ Underage Consumption, 68649/ Assault On Officer

James Howard Townsend Jr, 71985/ Reg Viol/ Thp Brewer

Sandra Darlene Terrell, 70325/ Assault/ See Order/ Def To Pay CC/ Def Nna If Cc Pif

Larry Hite Thomas, Try, Plead, Waive, Dismiss, Street, 69265/ DUI 2nd/ Thp Brewer, 69266/ VICL, 69267/ DORL, 69322/ Open Container, 68430/ DUI 2nd, 68429/ DORL, 68428/ Seatbelt, 68428-B/ Failure To Maintain Control

Shane Towles, State To Notify All, RO Smith, For Prelim, 72262/ Agg Burglary/ Ptl Fritts

Crystal Dawn West, 71987/ Speeding/ Thp Brewer

Rachel M Williams, 72197/ Agg Assault/ Sandra Smith

Stephanie Mae Williams, 72180/ Tinted Tag Cover/ Thp Nienast, 72180-B/ 10 Day Address Change

Irmo, SC

#5 Mar 14, 2009
Another waste of space in Johnson County.
Mike Rich a piece of shit.
""Michael Glen Rich, 23, 1029 Chestnut Drive, Mountain City, was arrested Wednesday afternoon by CCSD Dep. Mike Townsend on a warrant charging him with violation of probation. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on March 16.""

Irmo, SC

#6 Mar 19, 2009
cant wait to see Kenny's name!

Johnson City, TN

#7 Mar 20, 2009
be less people going to court and less people in jail is pot was legal
Katherine Morgan

Jonesborough, TN

#9 Mar 23, 2009
Seems like a loser to me!
loving it

Richmond, VA

#10 Mar 23, 2009
your name has been in there what yo talking about?
Katherine Morgan wrote:
Seems like a loser to me!
Hell ya

Johnson City, TN

#11 Mar 24, 2009
Stephanie wrote:
cant wait to see Kenny's name!
There SHOULD be a lot more names on here if the law was doin their job.I ain't talkin bout the speeders either.I see that Sgt. Hieronymus speeding all the time and she is in her private vehicle.I also see cops going fast in the Schoold zone so why is their name not here? This Sheriff Dept. has employees who tell certain people that they better lay low cause they are being watched.I think that Reece needs to reevaluate his employees.
loving it

Richmond, VA

#12 Mar 24, 2009
i think reece needs to get the hell out of there.


#13 Mar 24, 2009
Stephanie wrote:
cant wait to see Kenny's name!
you wont as long as he is a cooprative informant

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