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Lancaster, CA

#54 Jul 23, 2012
No Thank You. With all the slander slinging, I wouldn't fit in, I'm allergic to lawyers

Lancaster, CA

#55 Nov 28, 2012
Red you are a biggggoooottt of the worst kind. you are spouting bul--hit and expect everybody to believe it. your 1992 statement is garbage. OSO didnot exist in 1992 as a town council they were a committee and they werent elected or sworn in. SHUT UP

Acton, CA

#56 May 30, 2013
Say Helsund you change your screen name to "AdventureJan" because you lost an argument to a female

That still doesn't hide the fact that you are a lacky for RS.

Acton, CA

#57 Jun 27, 2013
The original OSO committee was formed from 4 households comprising 4 properties near the OSO pumping station.(not half way across the valley)

They wanted to stop pumping ground water to the Aqua Duct. They had no election , no officers, and no council. they were a committee for the removal of the OSO pumping plan.

Your illustrious leader couldn't get an election started because nobody wanted to deal with him, so he found the old book from OSO and declared it legitimate and proclaimed a town council.

Funny that when it came time for an election last November(2012) there was no election. I wounder if GC, RS, and JS are going to run for election in 2013.

Acton, CA

#58 Jul 3, 2013
FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2013

By Jan Olof Hellsund, former
Oso Town Council archivist
After reading Jim Hoerricks' OpEd, "NAT Teams and Neenach" (The Mountain Enterprise-June 7, 2013), I need to address quite a lot of misinformation. I was there. That a public official like Mr. Hoerricks could characterize a lively discussion as a "shouting match" says something. As head of the West Valley County Water District (not elected, but appointed by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich), perhaps he is not accustomed to authority being challenged.

Mr. Hoerrick characterized Richard Skaggs' complaints about zoning abuse and the L.A. County Nuisance Abatement Team (NAT) activities as being selfishly motivated. I observed something different. Mr. Skaggs was making a general complaint on behalf of his neighbors and himself Because first-person testimony is the only kind accepted by government types, he had no option but to describe his own case.

Mr. Hoerricks chose not to mention the numerous affidavits delivered to Mr. Hickling (field deputy for Supvr. Antonovich) and the L.A County District At'torney's investigator (he provided no business card, so let's call Mr. Hickling and Mr. Smith flipped through the numerous affidavits, then casually dismissed them as whimsical and or delusional. My imagination whisked me to Paris circa 1788. So much for following protocol. Regarding Captain Horvath's request that Oso Town Council residents contact him directly, I would have posted it conspicuously to if we had been told.

We weren't.

Now comes the meat of Mr. Hoerricks' OpEd: Is it possible that Mr. Hoerricks, as an Antonovich appointee, might object to Oso Town Council developing a Community Standards District (CSD) capable of exerting more local control over our unincorporated' area? If this results in less tax revenue flowing to L.A. County, might this be a compelling reason for county employees to object to this plan? "Some of us in Holiday Valley don't want to see the Oso Town Council represent us ...," wrote Mr. Hoerricks. In a democratic process, such as that used by Oso Town Council, people vote. There are winners and losers. That can be a harsh truth, but Mr. Hoerricks is invited to attend Oso Town Councl .meetings with his Holiday Valley neighbors if he is interested in helping to define the Fortunately, NAT abuse has diminished significantly since that 'disastrous' meeting with Mr. Skaggs, so apparently something useful happened. In addition, cases flied on behalf of Oso residents by Rosamond attorney Olaf Landsgaard have been settled or decided against the NAT. This may not be what Mr. Hickling, Mr. "Smith" and Mr. Hoerricks would have preferred. Is this why Hoerricks is still obsessing about that meeting two years later? Perhaps

L.A. County got a taste of what can happen when neighbors conspire to benefit their own community.
And this CSD foolishness is just more of the same. God forbid that residents of the Western Antelope Valley gain more control over their own lives!

Acton, CA

#59 Jul 3, 2013
FRIDAY,JUNE 7,2013 news article

NAT Teams and Neenach
June 1, 2013
Dear Editor:
I read with some interest your piece ("Valley Voices-Neenach explores remedy to LA. County's NAT squads," May 31, 2013, The Mountain Enterprise] on the upcoming meeting of the Oso Town Council on Thursday, June 6, 6:30 p.m. at our clubhouse in Holiday Valley.

In 2011, I was invited by Oso Town Council members Richard Skaggs and Karl Humphries to meet with Norm Hickling [field deputy for Supervisor Michael Antonovich), a representative from the Los Angeles CountyDistrict Attorney's investigators and several other county employees.

That meeting was a disaster.

I was there to help with the Nuisance Abatement Team (NAT) issue. T4e meeting devolved into a shouting match between Oso Town Council President Richard Skaggs and the building and safety employees, over zoning issues on Mr. Skaggs property. In my opinion, people with zoning issues should know the rules and then ask for a variance if they need one. Upon hearing the amazing stories of "storm troopers in black" descending upon unsuspecting and innocent local residents,.I sent an email to an old college classmate who used to head the Los Angeles District Attorney's Public Integrity Unit. He referred me to Captain Horvath. I asked him about reporting misconduct. He said for me to give the
Oso folks his number and for them to call him directly if they have even the slightest complaint about his people. That was almost two years ago. Understanding what CSDs (Community Standards Districts) are and aren't, then reading the invitation from the Oso Council to homeowners, I'm confused. They intend to create a CSD to lower zoning, animal control and other county standards. I don't think they can do that. Some of us in Holiday Valley don't want the Oso Council to represent us for reasons such as this. I wanted to give your readers a little background about the situation out here, and to note minor offense at your paper's. mention that the "NATzi" tag has .been used for those in law enforcement who are only on these· teams because unarmed folks from building and safety and other county agencies
[feel they] have been threatened by local miscreants.

Jim Hoerricks
Holiday Valley, Neenach

Hoerricks is writing as an individual homeowner. Captain
Horvath has retired. If you have a complaint about conduct
of a NAT officer, contact Captain Pat McPherson, L.A.
County District Attorney's Code Enforcement Unit
Elizabeth Fine

Bakersfield, CA

#60 Jul 26, 2013
Part of last night’s Oso Town Coucil was devoted to the feuds among a number of town councils. It is certainly a matter of concern.

Oftentimes fights erupt when a person who wants to divide two people begins to spread lies about each other to each of them. That person, we’ll call him the “Third Party,” approaches Frank and says:“Did you hear what Mark said about you? He said you’re a liar and a cheat.” Then Mr. Third Party goes to the Mark and says:“Do you know what Frank said about you? He said he’s always hated you and will make sure you lose your job.”

Voila! A fight breaks out, and Mr. Third Party, who started it, stays in the shadows all too happy to see the fight escalate.

Is there someone who stands to gain from a fight between the Fairmont and Oso Councils?

A good way to find out is get both sides sitting across the table from each other. First ask each of them at what point did they feel good about each other, and let each of them answer the question.

Then ask each of them in the presence of the other:“Who was the first person to tell you such-and-such….”-- and let the truth reveal itself.

“It was Chuck who told me you said I was a liar and a cheat.”

“Chuck!? Why he was the one who said you threatened to get me fired from my job.”

Things are then sorted out and clarified, and the friendship is saved.

How about a round (or square) table, Oso and Fairmont?
I was there

Los Angeles, CA

#62 Jul 28, 2013
Boy that was a slug fest that bald headed fool sure mad a mockery of the meeting. He makes all sorts of accusations and won't let anybody clarify the subject

What a Kangaroo court

Simi Valley, CA

#63 Jul 29, 2013
boy that bald fat short Napolian type that was running the 07/25/13 meeting sure is an egotist.
He was insulting everybody and thumping his chest at the same time. It was a waste of time to go there

Los Angeles, CA

#64 Aug 21, 2013
So Pat, are your new pseudonyms "I was there" and "resident"? Are you still using the names Mongol, Shirley, and Granny?

Rosamond, CA

#65 Aug 29, 2013
Fire Barrel associates will hold a meeting at location #3 to discuss the possibility of a harassment and slander suit against a specific group of people.

The public meeting will be at 10:00pm at the "location #3" on Friday Aug. 30, 2013. This meeting is for Fire Barrel associates only and all others will be rejected.

BYOB and Chair

Whittier, CA

#66 Nov 6, 2013
what were the election results
found in paper

Rosamond, CA

#67 Dec 20, 2013
Mountain Enterprise states that Steve Fox swore in the Orig. Antelope acres council and OSO at Azteca restaurant. Where the heck was the announcement. Kind of being secretive aren't we.
Rosamond resident
OSO Resident

Rosamond, CA

#68 Sep 6, 2015
I see that the OSO town council has posted a meeting video that admits all of its misgivings toward the solar companies. It even implicates them in the Gintas lawsuit. Need to remove the crooks.
&li st=PLEr76FfBFvQEFHZ6p6LSgslBq2 m2Gm9Ct
OSO Resident

Rosamond, CA

#70 Nov 19, 2015
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 3:20 PM
Subject: Question

Please post these questions

-> The OSO Town Council Foundation has not had an election since 2013 which is a violation of their By Laws and Charter.
->The President, Richard Skaggs has been in office for 4 years-- Their By Laws state his term is only for 2 years.
->The VP, Stan Anderson, has been in office for 2 years and will be out of term soon if not already.
->Secretary Joe Stambeck has been in office for 2 years and is coming out of date quickly.
->The treasurer Rodnina Hellgren Quit coming to meetings.
->Member at Large, Walter Ligman resigned at the end of his term.
->Stefan Budesti resigned at the end of his 1 year term. Benny Moore also resigned at his term end.
-> As of this time, the OSO Town Council and Foundation has no Board Members until an election can be completed

My question is:
How can this organization function as a council when there are no legitimate members????
Why hasn't there been any elections?????
Why does the President want to be in office for life??????
Why are members appointed by the Pres. without a vote of any remaining members??????
Can they legitimately receive money if they are not current in office?????
Why are they using public money to sue everybody?????
coffe drinker

Rosamond, CA

#71 Nov 25, 2015
Thursday Nov 25, 2015 I was at the Omstar Plaza getting some gas and coffee and I was told the OSO foundation is having a meeting this morning. I am under the impression that the present members were out of "election" and none of them had any authority to receive money from the fund nor do any of the x-members have any authority until an election is done. As I was drinking my coffee I noticed that the discussion "thru the window" was at times very heated and argumentative. I hope these people are not wasting our public funds.

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