arrested for murder?
very sad

Manchester, KY

#46 Dec 5, 2011
whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Umm maybe because he had a prescription of pills and that is all they are ever after. Trust me, he wasn't giving his medication away. They planned to rob him and I MYSELF have heard two of them talk about robbing this person and that person and how they done it. Robbing them for pills. And yes, I spoke with his father and he was asked to come out to the house. Now you are trying to act like Jack was a bad guy huh? It doesn't matter what you wanna know. I know the truth. I have know Josh all of my damn life. HE robbed me at one point. I've heard his plans and his lies. So NO YOU DON'T KNOW as much as you think you do. Be glad.
No, i'm not trying to make Jack look bad at all!! I don't know any of them, but what I heard.

Science Hill, KY

#47 Dec 5, 2011
they dont have evedense against them than why are they still on a million dollar bond is that what someone in your familys telling you cause they dont want you to realize your never going to see big brother again unless you drive for hours and its behind a glass window?? if theres no proof and they didnt do it then they would have been set free today you cant just lock up inosent people and put them on a million dollar bond have you ever known anyone else in rockcastle to have a million dollar bond ever? no and i dont think someone who hasnt done anything sure wouldnt
just saying

Science Hill, KY

#48 Dec 5, 2011
to the sister, you would think that josh wouldnt be like a brother to you after all he did burn your dads trailer down, i heard him talking about it personally.
The Irate Republican

Campbellsville, KY

#49 Dec 5, 2011
justice wrote:
they should be hung on the courthouse steps,these lowlife punks need the worst possible things happen to them daily for the rest of their life wheather they did it or not,wouldnt be suprised if they wasnt the ones that did the same thing to j.b. hes like a brother to you,hes 23 and this makes the 19th time hes been arrested his stupid a$$ should have ben sent off way before he had the chance to be involved in this,i dont care how old you are dumb a$$.if you dont believe me look on the detention center at the past times hes been arrested and count them and the one that is your brother this makes 2 or 3 times and thats only because hes only been old enough to go to jail for a year, your 15 youve got about 3 good years before you stupid a$$ gets put in there,aint that when all of you start at 18, then rat and stay a day or 2 until your like the cameron who has ratted his way out 18 previous times?? hope he dont get to this time.and believe me your sorry brother and the scum that is like your brother are already rattin on each other.
Get bent dickface!

what a shame

London, KY

#50 Dec 5, 2011
Josh has never spent more than a couple months in jail at a time!
Never been outta St long enough to have spent yrs pulling time either.. poor naive little girl :(
The Irate Republican

Campbellsville, KY

#51 Dec 5, 2011
justice wrote:
she acts just like them to me , already saying the f*** word,daring people to say it to their face. was you talking like that at 15?? its bred in her she's no different sorry for telling her she will end up like them in three years in jail.. honey youll probably be in juvinile detention first,in a few months from the way you sound and then after a couple years of that then its on to big girl jail..look on the jb topic every one was saying just ask gary lee about who done it when he was killed he was bragging about it.that was a year ago,so no he didnt just start the only true missions hes been on is robbing,stealing and tired of this ,we too are tired of scum like him thinking they can do whatever they want and then people defending them i dont care how old they are or whose family they are from right is right and wrong is wrong and this girl is clearly wrong if my sister had did the shi$ this boy has done i would know she was in the wrong and i wouldnt be on here preaching about great they are.
Yeah, we can all see what kind of preacher you'd make! Cretin!


Richmond, KY

#52 Dec 5, 2011
So where did Hannah Hunsucker come in? I heard she was there but not charged.

Willowbrook, IL

#53 Dec 5, 2011
U know alot of ppl have opinions on this matter and somethings are facts but no matter what the ppl say on here the fact is jackie is gone and he was and still is a great man and I know he was no saint none of us are but the fact of the matter is he was a person a human being and nobody deserved to b done the way jack was done, and the difference between jack and the rest of the ppl involved is jack had a heart and for all the wrongs he may have made in the past he sure made up for them and he trusted bobby and I will never understand how a suppose to b life long buddy could or would let someone do this to him or b involved really makes u think bout alot doesn't it I love jack and I wish he was here with us all today and I hope that those all involved get what is coming to them

United States

#54 Dec 6, 2011
I'm curious if everyone would be so riled up if Josh and Gary weren't kirbys and camerons. Don't automatically assume their guilt based on their last names. Don't judge a whole family over a few doin wrong. I feel for the family of Jackie Bullock, I'm not saying Josh and Gary are innocent or guilty that's not my call but I think they should be judged simply by the evidence an not their names.

Richmond, KY

#55 Dec 6, 2011
I'm don't assume anything because of their families or names. We will see what happens. I believe 100% of what is being told about Josh because I know Josh. I don't really know any of his family. Anyone that knew Josh well knows what he is and isn't capable of doing. I was one of those people that was raised around him and that he trusted enough not to hold back on. I've heard everything. He told me about burning down his house before anyone else ever knew about it, except for some of his family and a few other close friends. He has told me about stealing pills, selling fake 30's, crushing up chalk and selling it telling people it got crunched and was already broken up, stealing from people, planning robberies, and yes I have heard plenty of times that he would shoot someone if he were to get caught and thought he couldn't handle them. He wouldn't think twice before he picked up a gun. Those are words from his own mouth. I've always stayed off to myself. I don't get involved in drugs and I don't do drugs, but I talk to everyone I see. I've always believed that everyone deserves the benefit of a doubt. After all, he never done anything to me, right? Right. Until now. Someone I loved is dead. Someone I know he had mentioned robbing in the past. Nothing new. It hurts that Josh would do something like this and I hate to think it, but I know in my heart that it is true. I've known him too long and was too close to pretend it isn't true or be in denial like some people are. I've taken up for him in the past and I now regret it. I've lost two people that I care about. Well at least one I care about and then one I used to care about. For everyone that really knows Josh, don't take up for him. Taking up for him when things go wrong is what has gotten him here in the first place. I have mixed emotions about it all, but I know what I know and I have heard what I have heard straight from his mouth. Nobody will change my mind. Maybe if you heard some stuff like this from his own mouth you would change yours? I already have. Time to move on.

Mount Vernon, KY

#56 Dec 6, 2011
If you people heard this shit he was giong to rob people for drug's or kill them WHY didn't you go to the COP'S and tell them? Why did you wait till JACK GOT KILLED THEN START TALKING ABOUT IT?JACK DIDN'T DESREVE THIS,MAYBE HE SOLD DRUG'S BUT WE ALL KNOW HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SELLS THEM.

Greenbrier, AR

#57 Dec 6, 2011
who is garys dad?

Mount Sterling, KY

#58 Dec 6, 2011
his Dad should be Gary legs Kirby notorious murderer and rat from way back!

Greenbrier, AR

#59 Dec 6, 2011
well-i guess-like father,like son.seems that that whole family is nothing but trash.

United States

#60 Dec 6, 2011
I noticed someone said that they may be involved in other unsolved murders. Do the cops think that they were involved in the Alcorn mans death and that man from livingston? I cant remember what his name was now but I remember reading about that. I think both have remained unsolved to date?
Bee real

Demotte, IN

#61 Dec 6, 2011
Bub singleton was the other guy .wasnt both bub and jb shot and robbed for their drugs? it wouldnt suprise me if they were involved i guess we will see how innocent these boys really are .

Richmond, KY

#62 Dec 6, 2011
WTF wrote:
If you people heard this shit he was giong to rob people for drug's or kill them WHY didn't you go to the COP'S and tell them? Why did you wait till JACK GOT KILLED THEN START TALKING ABOUT IT?JACK DIDN'T DESREVE THIS,MAYBE HE SOLD DRUG'S BUT WE ALL KNOW HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SELLS THEM.
Because this was a LONG time ago. He never done anything then AND I AM NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH THE LOSER and haven't been for years. He is way to gone to even try to be friends with and has been for a while. Point is - he had brought it up in the past and never done anything like it. As far so robbing people for pills, it was going back and forth for both of them and they were all doing it to each other. I didn't care which one got caught if any, because obviously I wasn't getting in their business. You don't know enough to talk there. The cops already knew what was going on BTW.
Just saying

United States

#63 Dec 7, 2011
Katie Kirby wrote:
You stupid low life people need to get your story right first , before every opening your mouth . But thats all you pieces of sh*t do , is get on here , don't put your name && run your mouth . if you want the REAL story go to the cops , you people got this completly wrong . In court today , they said there was no evidence leading to Gary Bobby Or Josh in this murder . There was nothing saying they did it . Except a few statements , && they said they probably got statements on them because the people who wrote them , were protecting someone else . So get it right ! && really grow the f*ck up . I'm 15 years old , && it seems like my maturity level is triple the size of yours . Yeah , i feel bad for his family , && friends , && yes i believe whoever did it should have time . But they don't know who it was . So id appreciate it if you people woul;d get my brothers name out of this . You don't know anything , your hsouldn't be judging or saying anything . Who has the right to do that , the cops .! Don't bring my father into this either . My last name , doesn't mean sh*t . Everyones family has bad parts && good . They can't lock him up for the rest of his life , when he isn't prooven guilty . If they wanna try that , im shur this case will go nation wide ! No , neither of them are "pus's" so hush . You can't even right your name on this site , so how about grow up , && look in the mirror , hunny you'll see a pus . Leave my familys name out of this , && Josh , he is basically a brother to me! So anyone who has something to say about them , come to there face , don't say it on here , causing more lies to be spread . It's not needed . && im truly sorry for Jackies family .
Well,well! The apple doesn't fall far from the old tree! You need your mouth washed out with soap and your little rear-end busted for using such language!!!
The Irate Republican

Manchester, KY

#64 Dec 8, 2011
Just saying wrote:
<quoted text>
Well,well! The apple doesn't fall far from the old tree! You need your mouth washed out with soap and your little rear-end busted for using such language!!!
And you need your dimwitted ass kicked for mealy mouthing a 15 year old child. I'd like to be there the day you attempt to bust that child's ass, you piece of shit! Just put your head back up your ass, where it belongs, and move on! Stinking HUYA Prick!


Pineville, KY

#65 Dec 8, 2011
Your all crazy.

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