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#28 Apr 25, 2012
and for the record garylee isnt leggs kid.
no one

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#30 Apr 25, 2012
they said he looks like a kirby. when charles brock is what i always heard was gary lees sperm donor.

Pineville, KY

#31 Apr 25, 2012
Yeah he killed a guy. Heard he was suppose to get the death sentence. I'm not for sure though. I don't even know why brittany his girlfriend is going to marry him. He's in jail for life, no future. Why would you want to marry sometone who killed a guy & can't be with day to day. Yeah understand they have a kid together, but that kid is gonna have it rough with just let alone kirby being its last name. All kirbys & denny's are is drug junkies, thiefs, lyers. Frankie is candice's father, I guess. Heck, her momma might have been just like her daughter, just grab a boy & say thats my baby daddy! lmfao. Don't you think its ironic that both gary lee's kids names are zaydon & braydon? Can you say too weird. They ryhme & errrthang.

London, KY

#32 Apr 25, 2012
Good luck 2 them, I am a Denny by marriage always been treated good, they are my family, always got your back most of them anyways.
did u know

United States

#33 Apr 25, 2012
why would someone wanna marry a cold blooded murder? he is the one that actually plulled the trigger on jackie. he doesnt deserve a wife much less children. those poor kids. he will never b a free man and dont deserve freedom. if i was on jury i would vote death penalty.
#35 Apr 26, 2012
did u know wrote:
why would someone wanna marry a cold blooded murder? he is the one that actually plulled the trigger on jackie. he doesnt deserve a wife much less children. those poor kids. he will never b a free man and dont deserve freedom. if i was on jury i would vote death penalty.
who did that prick murder?

Boynton Beach, FL

#36 Apr 26, 2012
justice wrote:
<quoted text>who did that prick murder?
Jackie bullock he deserves justice!
First off

Liberty, KY

#37 Apr 26, 2012
Wow, Gary Lee is actually a decent person and all you people talking crap about him obviosuly dont know him. I dont think he has to prove anything to any of you & how exactly do you know he is the one who did it? Because he is in jail for it..that doesn't mean 100 percent that he is in guilty. Another thing, why does it matter to any of you who zaydon's father is ^ in the above statements over half of you spelled CANDICE & JON'S names wrong so it doesn't seem like ur so familiar with them. I personally dont know Candice that well but I do know Gary Lee and think he is a good guy and regardless what any of you say my opinion will not change and no I am not a needle junkie or a whore he used to sleep with I am a friend simple as that. Another thing not all Kirby's and Denny's are needle junkies, thieves etc.. there is a few that have done wrong just like in any other family but the ignorant people are the ones in this town who judge the whole family by a few member's mistakes. All family's have people who do wrong in them just as the Denny's & the Kirby's. It's not ur place to judge them and I'm sure Gary Lee, Candice, Jon & Brittany have alot of other things to worry about than what a bunch of ignorant Rockcastle Countians have to say about them... Good Day :D
Another Denny

Bolivar, MO

#39 Apr 28, 2012
I'm a Denny too a extremely distant relative they probably don't even know I exist but fact remains you said all Denny's well I would love for you to quit being a coward find every Denny you can think of and express you views sense we clearly have done something to you cause this childish bullshit won't achieve nothing but talk about a Denny to there face and wind up on your ass like the rest of the world yeah all Denny's have a rough life but sum pussy who thinks he can brand an condem sa family isn't going to make it better for any of us so come find me we will talk sincerly Ronnie lee Denny

London, KY

#40 Apr 28, 2012
Yeah you are all TRASH!
another denny

London, KY

#44 Apr 30, 2012
what afaid ta share your name i may be trash but your a coward who fears comfrontation hiding behind their computer what a bitch

Pineville, KY

#45 Apr 30, 2012
the only reason why candice married jon was because he couldn't take care of her so her father offered to let them move in under one condition, which was marriage. He didn't want them living under his roof unless they were married. He thought it would be wrong in God's eyes. But, I guess her father thinks its ok for her to have a 2 kids before marriage, get completly drunk that she don't even know what guy she screwed the night before. She even got packed to her dads house because she was so drunk. But, he thinks his daughter is perfect. lololol. I can't believe she even married jon, he couldn't even support you & his kid & gary lee's kid.

Candice you need to do a few things:

1.Close your legs.
2.Have you ever heard of condoms or birth control?
3.Get off your butt & support your kids yourself instead of running to daddy.
4.Get it out of your mind that your hot.
-You look like your on drugs.
5.Get a dna test on your 1st kid.
6.You might wanna get checked for diseases, since you've been with so many guys.(jon, man I would do the same).

Pineville, KY

#46 May 1, 2012
^lmao, agreed.

London, KY

#47 May 1, 2012
you admitted it,you are TRASH!

Pineville, KY

#49 May 3, 2012
Wow, guys you are totally right about me! It's time to admit that I don't know who my baby daddy is. I know for sure its not jon's, so it has to be gary lee or the other billion guys I let screw me. Guess, I need to get in contact with Maury!
Miranda Harding

London, KY

#52 May 5, 2012
For one, Ronnie Lee Denny is not trash. He is the best person ever and my fiance' so just shut your fucking mouth about him unless you want your ass beat. And for two, you are a coward because you're too pussy to put your name on here and be a man or woman about what you say. Three: No not all Denny's are druggies or trash. I don't know Candice that well but I do know Tiffany and Bridgette and their moms, so I know none of them are skanks. Just because someone isn't a virgin at the age of 40, like you probably are, doesn't mean they're a whore or piece of trash. And as for the drugs-everyone tries them at some point in your life and if there's a Denny who does do them, you're obviously pissed cause they won't sell them to you or something. It's really immature for you to try and break up a marriage because you're mad one of them won't screw you. Shows how big of a whore they are considering they probably turned you down don't it? Why act like a bunch of immature little kids on here who gets mad and calls people names because they don't get what you want from them? Get a life and stop trying to ruin everyone else's. It's not going to work because no one believes a pathetic piece of shit like you guys on here badmouthing. If you have something to say about any one of the Denny's, tell them to their faces because I know they're not afraid to solve the conflict. And as for Ronnie goes, leave his name out of this. He is on here defending his family and has done nothing to any of you stupid bitches. You guys need to get a life instead of sitting on topix stirring up trouble and nosing around in everyone's business. As for anyone who wants to leave a nasty reply to what I posted, don't do it behind a computer screen. You know my name, because unlike some of you pussys, I'm not afraid to post it on here. So instead of running your mouth on a computer, anything you have to say about me or Ronnie, come say it to my face. Leave the Denny's alone. They're a good family and don't deserve all the rumors people spread about them.
You are stupid

Pineville, KY

#53 May 5, 2012
Here's a little side note to you, Miranda.

1.Ronnie put himself in this conversation.
-if you don't want people to talk about you, then don't put your self in the situation that wasn't even about you.

2.Your a girl what are you going to do?

3.Obviously your pathetic too, since your engaged to a denny.

4.Candice is a whore. So, is tiffany & bridgette.

5.Tiffany's mom is not a mother. She lets tiffany do anything she wants & lets her lying, cheating, nasty boyfriend live with them. & lets her smoke pot.

6.Candice screwed her cousin, gary lee & had a baby by him.

7.Jon deserves more.

8.I don't want candice or jon, ew. Candice has a disease. & jon is a nasty drunk.

9.Most of the denny's & kirbys are druggies! All they know how to do is cheat, lie, drugs, steal, kill, & be a pu**y.

10. They denny's are scared litte b's. If you have to use a gun/knife or get another to back u up then that shows how scared they are to fight by there self.

11. David Denny & Lois got away with killing Roy Fredricks! They got all them mexicans that lois & davids wife stephanie was screwing to kill him & then catch his trailer on chesnut ridge on fire.

12.Everyone know's how the dennys are, the only good denny is william.
Taylor M biiiitch

Pineville, KY

#54 May 5, 2012
My name is taylor what you gonna do about it!
#real talk

London, KY

#59 Jun 20, 2012
Ha, your funny cause everyone knows that bridgette and tiffany are ho's just like the rest, i mean really look at there family of course it makes since that they are ho's. and just to top it off they spread there legs to get there drugs and are pussy ass b!tches who are all bark and no fckn bite!

Lexington, KY

#60 Jun 22, 2012
Sounds like the Denny girls have a lot of Jealous people talking about them so they are doing something right

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