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#143 Apr 2, 2009
You should check out Ghost Seekers at . They have checked out things for me. Good group of people! I know two of them and would go through them again. They don't charge anything either.
Conlee Pettimore

Mount Sterling, KY

#144 Sep 7, 2009
I've seen some unusual lights over the Levee area, does that count?

Mount Sterling, KY

#145 Oct 5, 2009
I grew up on the levee and lived there for 22 years and then moved to Sawmill Road and traveled levee to get home for another 3 years and have visited my family every weekend for the past 10 years and have never seen anything unusal on this road except for the people that think they are competing at Nascar. People need to slow down and stay away from the alcohol - that is when innocent people get hurt. I myself had an accident on Levee because a woman decided to let her children stand up in the car instead of be in car seats and she turned around to swat one of them and hit me head on. I was lucky but I was being cautious. Everyone needs to pay attention to what they are doing. Trust me it will save lives.

Sunnyvale, CA

#146 Oct 5, 2009
The house across from Barnes is haunted an there is a woman in a white dress that walks that creek and a headless man family was raised on levee seen many thing the house across from barnes is evil that for sure alot of thing have happened in that house in the past!!
anonymous alcoholic

Mount Sterling, KY

#147 Oct 5, 2009
ghost wrote:
<quoted text>
"the Can Man" has a name! its tommy and he is not what we saw! i dont even know what we saw but we did see it! There was 4 of us that saw A man walked right across the road and just "disapeared" and even though it may sound crazy who knows but i know what i saw and i havent seen it again since but I did see something that night!
i know exactly what your talking about. it happens within a mile of the car lot. ive seen the man on several occasions. the first time it was raining, and he just stood in the middle of the road like he was trying to get us to stop. we slowed down, and he just blinked away into thin air. other times he is standing on the edge, or the center line like he is trying to hitchhike, but when you get within say 70 or 80 feet of him he vanishes. no sign whatsoever. he never shows his face. it scares the crap out of me every time!!

Salyersville, KY

#148 Oct 7, 2009
never senn anything

Kansas City, KS

#149 Oct 9, 2009
Bobbie wrote:
<quoted text>Cross over what. If you see ghost the only think that it can be is a demon, go to church read your Bible that will tell you what it is there.My brother was killed on Levee Rd in a car crash. 30 year ago.The Bible is the only think that explane the spirte world.
So, by this illogical explanation that you have spread out, that would mean that the "Holy Ghost" would be a demon then, wouldn't it? I think you need to treat your Bible study as just that, and NOT an interpretation of every earthly experience. The Bible was written and produced as a guide for a spiritually enlightened lifetime and not to be taken literally. If it were, the Catholics wouldn't have taken over 30 books out of it's original contents. The Bible holds within it's original text, secrets of the Church and secrets to our world in terms of practicality of worship and many other stories of strange encounters. The Dead Sea scrolls are still being held by the Cathoic Church. There are many things in this world that cannot be explained, and anybody that thinks that we are the only thing that exist in this world is an arrogant fool.

Since: Oct 09


#151 Oct 10, 2009
Im 20 years old,lived on the levee my whole life. Never seen no damn ghost, maybe some drunk teenagers.
born and raised on levee

Winchester, KY

#152 Oct 19, 2009
the graveyard on the hill is the martin family grave yard. i was born and raised on levee and have seen the glowing. it was explained to me that it is a reflection of light coming from behind the grave from a light way back off the rolling hills. that farm was my great grandparents farm and they started the grave yard it is very peaceful up on the hill. who really knows but i dont think it is actually glowing just a reflection of light. to robbies mother i knew your son and he was a good person, we went to high school together i really hate what happened i wish you all the best and hope you find peace. im sure he is with you each day in some way keep your memories close to your heart and know he was a great guy and is now working for the man above. the lord needed another angel!! you will be in my prayers... i have known alot of people that have passed on that road. god bless all those who have passed on this road.

Since: Jul 09

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#153 Nov 15, 2009
I have lived in the Levee since 1971, and to this date have never seen anything on the Levee Road. I have traveled that road day and night. Never saw a thing.

Mount Sterling, KY

#154 Nov 17, 2009
I lived on levee for most of my life and i have seen a man in a white t-shirt. I have seen him twice and both times he was running around a curve in the road but after the curve he just disappears.

Lexington, KY

#155 Nov 18, 2009
Rave to the Grave wrote:
the Glowing GRAVE !!!! whoooo Booooo.
the grave stone itself doesn't not glow, there is polarized lights in front of the stone that makes the stone look like its glowing.
Conlee Pettimore

Mount Sterling, KY

#156 Nov 19, 2009
There are at least 6 graveyards I know of within a mile or so of Barnes Grocery. Lots of restless spirits roaming around the Levee I suspect.

United States

#157 Nov 21, 2009
menifee female wrote:
You should check out Ghost Seekers at . They have checked out things for me. Good group of people! I know two of them and would go through them again. They don't charge anything either.
How can Ghost Seekers, who call themselves ROPE now, be good at anything? They are an ignorant bunch of Jeffersonville morons. They were all in Special Education in school, which means you are stupid

Bedminster, NJ

#158 Nov 23, 2009
i would like to know what in the hell ur talkin about because my uncel got killed on tht road.
anonymous alcoholic

Mount Sterling, KY

#159 Nov 24, 2009
courtney wrote:
i would like to know what in the hell ur talkin about because my uncel got killed on tht road.
theres alot of occasions where people see someone along side the road, and when you approach them they disappear. levee road is very freaky late at night. ive seen these things myself.

Herndon, VA

#160 Mar 26, 2012
ILY U wrote:
I used 2 live on Cream Alley Rd. off of Levee, & I alwayz seen, felt & heard things! Not only human spirits but animal spirits as well! I'm not sure of how 2 explain this, but there had been times dat I wuld have dreams of a war in battle, goin' on behind my house! & In the dreams, they were shootin' thru my house! & there is this 1 time in particular that I will neva 4get... Rite b4 My Mamaw passed away, I wuld alwayz sleep w/My bedroom door closed! Then @ nites I wuld hear, wat I thought was a game playin', goin' off in da middle of the nite! Everytime I wuld get up 2 look inside my dresser where the noise was coming 4rm, it appeared 2 be located in a diff. part of my room! & when I started sleepin' w/da door open, it stopped! My radio wuld go off every morning @ 12am whether I was home or not! Another time, was that I had went 2 bed early 1 nite... I was sleepin' in a fetus position facin' da middle of my room when all of a sudden, I felt as if sum-1 had laid in da bed next 2 me, rolled me over 2 where my nose wasn't even an inch 4rm da wall.@ dat time, I was soo terrified! I laid there very still as I felt sum-1 or sum-thing breathe on the back of my neck! I finally got enough courage 2 quickly turn over 2 c if n-e thing was there & I noticed a black figure of a man standin' in my bedroom doorway, & a white cloud lookin' thing that appeared 2 look like an angel hoverin' ova top of it! I was goin' 2 run 2 My Mom & Dad's room which was rite down the hall, but I didn't know wat wuld've scared me the most- takin' da chance on runnin' thru the door & it touchin' me or me fallin' thru it?? I had screamed 2 da top of my lungs 4 my parents/siblings but no-1 said they culd hear me! I juz went back 2 sleep & tried 2 convice myself that I was juz imagining it all! I also heard Lil' kids laughing, baby's cryin' & da channels on da t.v. wuld change on it's own! Da ceilin' fan in my room wuld alwayz turn itself on or 2 another setting w/o me touching it & no I didn't have a remote 4 it!... LOL! But I juz hope that everything that was there then, is laid 2 rest now!
2 "HOPALONG"- My condolence & prayers are w/u & ur family 4 ur father's loss! I lost my real father back in June 07' & It is still hard @ times! It was hard 4 me 2 accept the fact that he was gone at 1st, but then I had come 2 realize dat he is alwayz goin' 2 be w/My Lil' Brotha & I, as well as My children no matter wat, & he's in a better place now!!...:)
. I could really write a book about all these!

Waco, KY

#161 Mar 26, 2012
Conlee Pettimore wrote:
There are at least 6 graveyards I know of within a mile or so of Barnes Grocery. Lots of restless spirits roaming around the Levee I suspect.
Where are the grave yards? I would like to know because I live close to the store.

Herndon, VA

#162 Mar 26, 2012
all my life wrote:
The black panther is true, I was 16 in 1976, and saw and heard it on several occasions, was nothing to hear it at nite time, sound like a lady crying. As far as the ghost stuff goes, someone is smoking some very good weed or something,,,no such thing on the Levee.
. My Papaw always said he heard a panther when I was a young girl and in the 70s I was standing at my kitchen sink and I saw a big black panther walking real slow about a hundred feet from my house.I didn't move until I saw it go into the woods and unto this day I still watch for it when I'm out on the farm.And I'm sorry but I don't live on the Levee but in Montgomery Co.

Dahlonega, GA

#163 Mar 28, 2012
Do you know anything about the Menifee monster?

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