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Mount Sterling, KY

#1 Sep 7, 2008
I knew them way back when. Are these 2 still married and here in Mt. Sterling?


#2 Sep 7, 2008
no she is with billy king now but i think he has the kids

Mount Sterling, KY

#3 Sep 7, 2008
Has she gone a little wooo wooo?


#4 Sep 7, 2008

Manchester, KY

#5 Sep 8, 2008
No, they are not still married. She is married to Billy King. Bill has full custody of the boys, and is now engaged I hear.

Mount Sterling, KY

#6 Sep 8, 2008
No, Tracey and Bill are not married. They have been divorced for close to 2 years now. Bill is indeed engaged to a wonderful woman from southern Kentucky and indeed has custody of their 2 children. Tracey married Billy King 3 weeks folowing the divorce(enough said).........

Mount Sterling, KY

#7 Sep 8, 2008
Bill and Tracey are no longer married. They have been divorced for about 2 years. Indeed, he does have custody of their 2 boys. He is engaged and very happy. Tracey did marry Billy King less than a month following the divorce(enough said).
I know him

Martin, KY

#8 Sep 8, 2008
Bill is a nice guy! Dont know her!

Mount Sterling, KY

#9 Sep 8, 2008
bill has always been a really nice guy and she has always been nuts. She left him for billy king when he has those charges against him and evrything. She is a constant liar and agian FUCKING NUTS. If you ask me Bill came out ahead glad to hear his is getting married bet he was more careful this time
married mom

Zoe, KY

#10 Sep 9, 2008
Their boys are real sweet. Hopefully this will work out for the best, for them. They really don't need people getting on here telling thier business.
sweet pea

Clarksville, TN

#11 Sep 9, 2008
ive known them a long time tracey has always been a great person and always taken damn good care of her boys while he was out golfing and fucking around on her i suggest you get the entire story before you start typing shit about other people. he is not the saint he wants people to think he is but......
mr studly

Clarksville, TN

#12 Sep 9, 2008
from what i hear bill has made a serious downgrade from tracey. i heard the girl he is with is about 300 pounds or used to be and that she has no personality. as for a mother who knows and it is a low blow to comment on children on sites like this. but you tell me that a 300 pound woman wouldnt be glad to just have a man look at her even if it is bill foley.
Hot Stud

Clarksville, TN

#13 Sep 9, 2008
What I have heard Tracey is a great woman and she loves her kids
Friend of the Family

Somerset, KY

#14 Sep 9, 2008
Well I must admit that the 3 latest posts to this non-sense have come from the "Lexington" area, and were all posted at the same time. I am sure that these 3 people, are in fact 1 person in deed. What a sad life you have, as you already know this but to share it with the world is another story. Your pitiful life should not be shared on topix, nor anywhere else. So here I am to clarify a few things for you.
1) NO I do not, nor does anyone know besides Tracey and Bill what exactly happened in their marriage. NOR is it anyones business. Fact is Bill divorced Tracey. End of that discussion.
2)Everyone has an opinion that they like to share of other people. We all know we should keep them to ourselves, but as humans we like to share them. If you know Tracey or Bill, you will have formed your own opinion of them both. Good or bad, it is yours.

This is where I start posting for MR. Hot Sud; Mr. Studly; Sweet Pea;
3) Tracey has always been a good mom? He's always out golfing, and screwing around? I believe from seeing his time sheets for the years past, he was at work 60+ hours a week while she laid on her ass and did nothing. So the man played golf once a week or maybe not even that much. Life isn't all about talking on the phone and laying on your ass. It's about family and the things you do as one. I never heard that Bill was a saint, nor that Tracey wasn't. Just that they were 2 people that couldn't get along, didnt love each other, and had a failed marriage. Happens to allot of people.
4)As for the woman that he is with now, yes Tracey she used to weigh, well not 300 pounds, it was actually 351. Now it is around 135. Downgrade? No I dont think so, and no one else does either. She is a good mother, person, friend, has been nice to you, and loves your kids. She has a good job, a beautiful house, provides for her children, and provides a hell of allot more for your kids than you do. You must have a very sad life to worry about what Bill is doing? Who he is with? Why does it matter that she used to weigh 300-400-500 pounds? She seems to make him very happy, happy enough for a big nice ring on her finger and his love. Not to mention the fact that the boys love her very much and are very happy with her. You should be thankful for that instead of running your mouth about her. As far as a 300 pound woman having a man to look at her, its not the outside dear Tracey, its the inside that counts. Your not Ms. America by a long shot. Dont degrade others because of their weight. We "big" folks dont have any trouble having men look at us, just as you crazy ones dont.
5) I am sure that Tracey is a good person, somewhere and at sometime. But dont bring the boys into the internet and all this. They can get on here and read this stuff. Bill has full sole custody of the boys for a reason, Tracey signed her rights away to them. I have seen the papers, in black and white. Leave it at that. He is a good father, takes very good care of them. Tracey is and always will be their mother. Nothing can change that. Just know all the nosey people there in Mt. Sterling that Bill Foley and his children are doing ok. As Tracey and Billy King are as well. Maybe you can keep your eyes out for the wedding announcement for Bill and his used to be 300 pound woman, give yall something else to talk about.

Have a good one.. Whats left of it..
insidernot by choice

Mount Sterling, KY

#15 Sep 9, 2008
first just let me say I wish I never knew anything about any of this. You want facts, I have them. Tracey met Billy king on a cubscout trip and let herself into his sleeping bag even though she was married and her children were only a few feet away, not to mention billy's son as well. a couple wks later she left bill and moved herself and the kids in with basically a complete stranger...who by the way has rape charges of minor going on and she knew this.
Let's look at that first...she knew him 2wks and moved her children in with a stranger and subjected her children to a world or hurt. that is irresponsible for one thing and selfish for the other.
She has had pain pill addictions for some time and neglectected her children on more than one occasion. No wonder she and billy king get along so well cause they lie for each other and try to cover up their addiction.
To set the record straight she hasn't been able to hold a job down for more than 2wks in at least 2 yrs. She does not have a beautiful house or anything for that matter. She lives with billy in a run down house on his dad's farm and does nothing to contribute to her children's lives whatsoever. BTW no way in hell does she weigh 135 and what weight has to do with I don't know but there is no reason to bash the woman bill is with because she used to weigh a lot Tracey prolly weighs 250 or more.
Tracey has done nthing but add confusion and upset to her children's lives. At least bill is stable and provides for them.
I don't know who you are to make any comments about them as you don't know me either. Bill from what I understand is doing quite well and she is still not working or contributing to her children just takin advantage of billy. From what I hear her and billy don't get along too well either.kind of hard to with a crzy person.
like it or not these are the to mention how hard this has been on billy's son who has been thru enough as it already is.

Mount Sterling, KY

#16 Sep 9, 2008
mr studly wrote:
from what i hear bill has made a serious downgrade from tracey. i heard the girl he is with is about 300 pounds or used to be and that she has no personality. as for a mother who knows and it is a low blow to comment on children on sites like this. but you tell me that a 300 pound woman wouldnt be glad to just have a man look at her even if it is bill foley.
what does weight have to do with anything anyway? really? that doesnt change who a person is inside. that was a low blow. i dont know who this tracy is or bill foley but i do know of a billy king, father of stephanie backs kids. im sure its one and the same.
insidernot by choice

Mount Sterling, KY

#17 Sep 9, 2008
it is the same but don't see what stephanie has to do with anything. Just in case you didn't know she and billy only have one child as their second son passed away. There is no reason to bring her or their children into any of this.
An old friend

Lexington, KY

#18 Sep 10, 2008
I have been out of touch for years, but knew Tracy & her parents many years ago. Her parents loved her & made sure she was well taken care of. I wonder if her life would have been different had her mother not passed away. It saddens me to know that she gave her children away & doesn't take care of them. She had so much potential when she was younger.

I hope & pray that she turns her life around.
nun yo bizwax

Georgetown, KY

#19 Sep 10, 2008
everyone goes thru a hard time and kids get it hurt...everyone gets hurt--we should hope and pray that everything turns out ok for all and quit doggin the parties involved--leave the kids off the internet! if u dont have nothin nice to say keep ur mouth shut!! bill's kids are big enough to surf the net and wouldn't it be horrible if their boys read all this trash talkin--think before u type!!

Olive Hill, KY

#20 Sep 10, 2008
Went to school with Bill [class of 88] HELL OF A GUY.Bad things happen to good people sometimes but when marriages don't make it you have to say that there was some fault from both sides .everything doesn't always work out.Bill good luck from an old classmate..

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