My boyfriend and I went there yesterday for the first time in years. It's good food for good prices. It's similar to a Frisch's but with a hometown feel. People who write bad reviews about this place could have had just a bad experience but I have to say a few things. Most of the time when my boyfriend and I go out to eat somewhere, the servers are pushy, annoying and sometimes give entirely too much attention to my boyfriend instead of equal attention. When a male and female are together, it's only proper to show the lady added attention. You never know who might be paying your tip! Our servers name was Nikki. She was very pleasant, very attentive to both of us, very kind and very professional. When she brought us our food, she said "ladies first" and handed me my meal. My boyfriend was appreciative and he said "of course!". Then when she brought us our dessert she said "i tried to make both of them pretty but the cherry slid down on this one, so Iím giving her the pretty one". As minor as that may seem to some people, it was nice that she cared more about the whole experience than trying to fish for a good tip from my boyfriend. I also noticed as we ate, she wasn't off to the side BS'ing with coworkers or playing on her phone like a lot of servers will do. She watched over all her tables and made sure everyone had what they wanted and needed. It was a pleasant experience and it only made me want to go back again. If she is working, I will definitely ask for her! I hope my boyfriend tipped her well. I was going to pay but he grabbed the ticket from my hands.
If anyone knows if her, please tell her thank you!