Where are the haunted places around h...

Pikeville, KY

#61 Mar 22, 2009
There is a place in Winchester, not to far from mt.sterling that's haunted, the call it Ghost Bridge. If anyone knows where the nursing home is *right off the interstate, go right then left at the light and if you go all the way down the road you turn down to go by the nursing home you will come to a dirt road and at the end of it is going to be a bridge that goes over train tracks. The story is a lady jumped off the bridge in front of an oncoming train. I"ve been there several times and it freaks me the hell out. The first couple times me and my friends were to scared to get out, because you are serioulsy in the middle of freakin no where. But the last time we went it was around 1 am and we saw a whit figure walking down the train tracks got almost to the bridge where we were standing and then disappeared.*
And also there are cars that appear out of no where on that road and then just vanish

West Liberty, KY

#62 Mar 22, 2009
amy-1 wrote:
I am in love with paranormal crap. Ever seen the glowing grave or check out my old house. haunted for 25 yrs that i am aware of. Harpers Ridge Rd. If i ever go bak i will take u with me. Have not been there since the last person died in the house.
Hey, I have been to the old house on Harpers Ridge. Is that the old house that was way back in the war and when it rains, you can hear a baby cry upstairs? I love that place and would love to go back there.Beautiful Home!

West Liberty, KY

#63 Mar 22, 2009
I know of an old cemetary on Bedford road...have to be careful in that one...the one on the right before you get to the bridge, going toward spencer.
Crystal M

United States

#64 Mar 22, 2009
iknow wrote:
I know of an old cemetary on Bedford road...have to be careful in that one...the one on the right before you get to the bridge, going toward spencer.
Hey! We ( my husband, 4 of my friends, and I) are meeting up Tuesday to go on an expedition. We go whenever I'm off of work. You oughta go with so we can check out this cemetary. What's the details on it?

Mount Sterling, KY

#65 Mar 23, 2009
I wanna go! You know, I drove out Stepstone Road and looked for the site of the old church, but couldn't locate it. Can anyone give me specifics? Also- that road is full of abandoned houses... Anyone know of any hauntings out there?
Crystal M

United States

#66 Mar 23, 2009
Mommacita wrote:
I wanna go! You know, I drove out Stepstone Road and looked for the site of the old church, but couldn't locate it. Can anyone give me specifics? Also- that road is full of abandoned houses... Anyone know of any hauntings out there?
We are leaving out at around 5:30 pm or so. We have to be back by 11 because my babysitter is still in school. I know where the church on Stepstone is, but we aren't going there. We are going to hit 3 different spots towards Nada Tunnel. If you wanna go, we'll meet in the Lowe's parking lot near the road by the bank. Hope to see you then!

Mount Sterling, KY

#67 Mar 24, 2009
If I can get away from my children, I would love to :) Where are you guys planning on going?

Manchester, KY

#68 Mar 24, 2009
my mind is haunted
Crystal M

United States

#69 Mar 24, 2009
We are going to Nada Tunnel, Devil's backbone, and to Chimney Rock.
Crystal M

United States

#70 Mar 24, 2009
Change of plans. We are going to Nada tunnel, 213 rock quarry, and anothet site that we haven't decided on yet.

Mount Sterling, KY

#71 Mar 24, 2009
Darn it- I can't escape the children1 You guys have fun!

Georgetown, KY

#72 Apr 8, 2009
Hey I've been going to Waverly twice a year every year for 4 years and i've onlt had one experience with anything there. What happened was, on the forth floor there are what the call shadow people. well supposivley if you walk down the hallway and then come back, the shaodw people are behind you. Well i walked down and came back real slow and everyone started freaking out. They said that everytime i would walk past a doorway, there was a shadow of a taller figure and everytime i went past a doorway, on the way behind me you could see it...scary stuff. But you better go visit while you can. They are trying to make it into a hotel. last time I was there, they had the dining hall and kitchen finished. It's going to be beautiful
Ghost Seekers

United States

#73 Apr 9, 2009
Check out our website http://ghost.seeker.team.tripod.com .

West Liberty, KY

#74 Apr 13, 2009
Hosts the most ghosts wrote:
I have already been to Waverly Hills 4 times. Looking for some new places locally. I have a paranormal group and we are looking for old 1800s buildings / dwellings, churches, grave sights, Civil War hideouts. You know, the usual.
they say that the conway cemetary on indian creek is haunted. heard a few stories about it from people who encountered it.

Clay City, KY

#75 Jun 3, 2009
gordon shumeway wrote:
crystal have you been down there? if so ever see anything, i'm not sure if i would ever want to. i may just freak plum out. are you one of the hunters here in town, if so, are there really anyplaces here thay maybe haunted. awhile back wkyt aired a story about a ghost that was caught on video tape in texas i think it was, if somebody done something to the video to make it look like a ghost then they are the worlds best, cause it was very real looking whatever it was.
Waverly Hills was a TB hospital in Louisville during the height of the outbreak. It was also a nursing home and a mental hospital before it was closed. It's privately owned now.
The 2 hour tour doesn't book up all that much but the 4 hour and 8 hour tours you need get well in advance.
It's a pretty crazy place. Mind blowingly huge. Many of the legends center around room 502 where a nurse supposedly killed herself, a boy named Timmy who rolls balls through the hallways and the 4th floor where many people say something grabs them and the "shadow people" move through the halls. And of course, the body chute.
I went to Waverly for the 2 hour tour last summer. Whether you see or hear anything or fell anything or not (almost everyone in our group did) it's still a very tense, frightening 2 hours. Personally, I felt something tugging on the back of my jeans on the 4th floor, saw the shadows moving, heard some stuff and have loads of strange photos. It takes awhile to shake the feeling the place gives you. On a side note, the body chute is pretty dull. Mostly just long and steep, and doesn't have nearly as much of a creepy history as everyone says.

San Antonio, TX

#76 Jun 14, 2009
Lucy Ray wrote:
In Means, at the Montgomery County/Menifee line is SAND MOUNTAIN. It has strange lights that move up and down the hill
Also at Slade, the Nada Tunnel is haunted by a man that was climbing and his rope broke, he was hit by a job corp bus
Sand mountain is directly in front of my house and Me and a couple of my friends still see small blue lights you can follow them but once you get close they dissapear.

Cleburne, TX

#77 Sep 25, 2009
ive been to Waverly... but not on an ivestigation. i went through a fake haunted house that was iside of it. it went through the first floor. all nite investigations are booked for 2009

Mount Sterling, KY

#78 Nov 29, 2009
Crystal M wrote:
There is a group in Owingsville called Ghostseekers. They are on myspace. As for Sand Mountain, the light of intelligence is true. It lead my hisbands uncle to the road when he got lost. He was hunting and it got dark and he got lost. Also, there is another story about Sand Mountain that I know a few people that have experiened it. My husband's family live at the base of Sand Mountain and has for more than 40 years. A white figure that is real (not ghostly), has been seen. My husband swears that it is a white sasquash. Over 7 foot tall and a baby one played in his yard with his dog. His uncle had an experience with the adult version of it, but won't discuss it because it freaks him out.
thats so weird, Crystal. you have no idea how many people i have heard tell me the sasquatch sand mtn story. i even looked on the web at stories all the way from GA and TN about sand mtn and white sasqutch sightings. one night after a friend told me of his families experiences with the white sasqutch i decided to go take a look with a group of people, and before we could get out of our cars and across the road a guy pulls up from nowhere and tells us that we cant go up there. im gonna check it out though, my aunt and uncle live at the top of the hill and said i could go back there at my own risk.
I Heard This

Mount Sterling, KY

#79 Feb 25, 2010
Is the Old Montgomery Country Club haunted?

Lexington, KY

#80 Mar 10, 2010
Jon - too funny man!
Now that could be really scary!

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