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Mount Sterling, KY

#1 Jan 31, 2010
has anyone seen him??

Lexington, KY

#2 Feb 6, 2010
no and dont think anyone really cares to the piece of shit

Georgetown, KY

#3 Feb 6, 2010
Yeah all the time why? Who is asking?
yea yea

Saint Paul, MN

#4 Feb 7, 2010
Yeah he is down at the bar all the time while his woman is last night dancing and rubbing on other women...know wander his wife divorced him
Winchester Troll


#5 Feb 7, 2010
"Know wander",you've been snorting way to many Butt Bombs,someone should have cut you off long ago.
Should Know

Lexington, KY

#6 Feb 8, 2010
Unless any of you know him, don't talk shit about him. Jerry is a great guy and for the ones of you that THINK you know him, somebody should give you a reality check. You stupid bastards need to leave him alone!

Lexington, KY

#7 Feb 10, 2010
just like a said hes a piece of shit. everybody thinks he is so high and mighty because he works at the fire department. he aint nothing but a drug pheen and man whore. if you notice any of the few women that he gets thats worth anything leaves him because he winds up screwing them over by sleeping around with trashy women. just like yea yea said, he goes to the skanky bars that are here in mt sterling so that tells you he aint much, what other firefighgters do you ever see at joes or d&b, ecspecially if his woman is working and he cant keep his hands to hisself.
boy oh boy

Mount Sterling, KY

#8 Feb 10, 2010
yes he is a piece of shit, he is very mean to holly, he hits on her, calls her all kinds of names. he is soo mean to her babies too. he beats them and wont let them see there real daddy, he makes them call him daddy. all he does is cheat on holly with other women.
lordy lordy

Lexington, KY

#9 Feb 10, 2010
Well she knows what kind of guy he is, then why does she stay? If he is that mean she could hit the door fyling!

United States

#10 Feb 11, 2010
Maybe she believes that "third times a charm" :) let's see how long it takes for her to divorce him.
Crystal Goodpaster

Morehead, KY

#11 Feb 11, 2010
Do any of you have a real name? Holly and the kids sure don't act like they are beaten and abused when there around Jerry. I just wanna know what it is about you people that makes you think its ok to hide behind a screen name and try to start sh*t.

Lexington, KY

#12 Feb 12, 2010
Nobody keeps Holly's kids away from their real daddy but himself... He chooses to let another man take care of his kids... And just to let you know Jerry is damn good to her kids... He loves them and treats them as if they were his own... And yes they call him daddy and they call him daddy for a reason... Jerry is the only daddy that they know... They have been together since Holly's youngest was a little baby... And as far as Jerry hitting Holly... He has never laid a hand on her... They are a very happy family so i dont know why people have to get on here and try to ruin that! The both of them love each other and love them babies very much!
jerry burnham

Mount Sterling, KY

#13 Feb 12, 2010
ok...ive been reading all this sh*t about me, i dont care if people talk about me but when they start bringing in the people that i love is another thing!! no i am not perfect nor have i ever claimed to be!! yes i have done somethings in my past that im proud of but who hasnt?? i think people should clean out there own closet before they start on mine! as far as what some people have said about me hitting holly or being mean to her and her kids, people that really know holly and i KNOW THATS NOT TRUE AT ALL!! i have never hit her in anyway nor have i ever been mean to her! and far as the kids go...i DONT MAKE THEM CALL ME DADDY!! the kids call me daddy on there own free will!! they call me daddy cause im there for them!! i have NEVER kept there real daddy from seeing them!! he just doesnt call or try to get them!! i have NEVER beat the boys!! yes i do make the boys mind and be good! but thats far from beating them!! i love those boys just as if they were mine own!! holly and i take very good care of the boys, they have a very nice house to live in!! they most of everything they want and EVERYTHING they need! there is ALWAYS food in the cabnets, water for them to shower in and good clothes to put on there back!! holly and i are VERY HAPPY to be with each other!! they boys are VERY HAPPY that im there daddy!!! so if people want to talk sh*t about me they can!! but leave my family out of it!! and next time people want to talk sh*t put your real name on here cause i have!!!!
walmart man

Mount Sterling, KY

#14 Feb 12, 2010
I have known Jerry for years and years and I know his family, I can personally tell you that Jerry is a GREAT guy!!! It seems that some of you have some kind of personal agenda against him and are just trying to start some crap!!!

Jerry is a good guy and I don't hardly believe any of this nonsense crap your putting on here about him, lay off the man and his family!!!

Mount Sterling, KY

#15 Nov 21, 2011
your a sorry piece of shit you fucked me for 3 months and always was eager to hand over your 30's to me an anyone else that would lay down with your lard ass telling any poor pill whore like wendy (the tabe) how you would MAX US OUT at YOUR BIG IRVINE PAIN CLINIC which news flash you cant own shit that dosn't exist you give fake phone numbers along with your inflamed genital warts and oozeing herpie on the head of that very small peto YOU ONLY HOPED COULD BE CALLED A DICK tell big HOLL congrats on such a sexy beach such as your fat self GO TO HELL AN PLEASE GET A LIFE YOU PATHETIC LYING PIECE OF TRASH!!!!! ttyl lmao @ YOU
Fire department

Georgetown, KY

#16 Nov 21, 2011
Take pride in the finest of the department ? how does he even have a job there ? Wasn't him that was arrested yrs ago for faking to be a police officer ? How screwed up is that ? He has been hiding the fire truck while on duty ??? If our tax dollars are supporting this type of activity and the officials know ? watch out is all I can say !!!!

Georgetown, KY

#17 Nov 22, 2011
I sure dont want this type of Character on the Tax payers dollar ? Anyone that is out talking about opening a pain clinic ,buying stolen items, very sneaky person ,that could't tell the truth if he had too? Shame on our county for allowing this ! I do remember when that was on the news about him pretending to be a police officer ? Now how did he get to keep this job? Think everyone needs to get back to the letters to the editor on watching his daily trips in our county Firetruck ? While he is on the tax payers dollar ,he needs to be watched !!!

Nerinx, KY

#18 Nov 23, 2011
ive known jerry wayne for almost20 years.and this is the most pathetic crap ive ever heard . he adores holly and would never hit her or any other woman . he is a great father and provider . and if he didnt deserve his job well why in the world has he been employed for over 16 years.sounds to me like there are a few haters out there ! i understand your jealousy shit the man works an honest job -one in which saves so many lives! has a wonderful family a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful sons! he would do anything to help anyone if could. so carry on bash him if it makes you fill better just shows how clueless you really are ! i love ya jerry and i know what kind a man you truely are.dont sweat these idiots just enjoy the life god has blessed you with !
Ham I AM

Richmond, KY

#19 Nov 23, 2011
Did he not get caught and was allowed only to keep his job by the past fire cheif ? Thought so ? I think I will post that on here . Good person huh ,time will tell you think .

Mount Sterling, KY

#20 Nov 23, 2011
Ham I AM wrote:
Did he not get caught and was allowed only to keep his job by the past fire cheif ? Thought so ? I think I will post that on here . Good person huh ,time will tell you think .
i hope you never have to dial 911 cuz hed be the one saving your life ! think about that ! YOU ALL CAN TALK ALL YOU WANT ABOUT HIM ! obviously the people who talk dont matter and the people who matter dont care ! hed be flattered to know that you took time outta your day to discuss him lol if you knew him like i do YOUD KNOW HE REALLY WOULD LMBO hed consider it a pleasure to give others a break ! jerry wayne is a great man those who know him have no doubts ! i think this was all started by hollys ex hes ashamed that his boys call jerry daddy but you know what anyone can be a father it takes a SPECIAL man to be a DAD ! hes all that and a husband,son , cousin ,uncle ,friend, and a firefighter !!!! bet you wish you could fill those SHOES !!!!!!!!LOVE YOU JERRY !!!! HOLLY & BOTH THOSE BOYS !!!!!

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