Wow what an eventful morning.... If you ever run into an Emergency with your pet and you can't pay right up front for the visit, DO NOT go to this place. They would rather have "monies" versus the health and wellness of your pet.

Our dog has an ear infection and had a rough night last night. Our Vet is closed on the weekends of all things. I assume this is ear mites, however, he is uncomfortable nonetheless.

We called and asked if we could give them our credit card number and have them to run it in 2 weeks. They said "No" and that our animal can't be seen. So I assume him suffering over a fee is more practicle.

Last week - our dog, the same one that I'm speaking of got bit by a wasp that was on the ground and we took him here, because he was in pain and it was on a Sunday. Not even a week ago.

We paid our bill, as normal, and right now, we don't have enough funds to pay the $85.00 Office Visit and what ever the treatment will be. They refused to see him!

We are astonished that 'Money' is MORE important than the health of a pet that we adore and love. We could be like some people and not care about our pet and just leave him on the side of the road or not take care for him at all.

But we love our pet and we take good care of him and just because we can't pay everything up front this time, HE our pet, has to suffer until Monday morning when our Vet opens.

How pathetic and pitiful the logic of these people are. I realize that people don't pay their bills but we are not like everyone else. And we also, were willing to give them our credit card number to run it in 2 weeks. Of course, that's not acceptable either.

I will never return to this place for any future Emergencies what so ever. I guess they need all of their money, since they are building a new building on the frontage road.

Very very poor way to handle the health of an animal!!!!

We also told them how ridiculous this is and that we were going to post this on several websites. Of course, they cared about what we were saying, as much as they care about our pet.