Woman charged with theft, forgery

Woman charged with theft, forgery

There are 362 comments on the The York Daily Record story from Feb 29, 2008, titled Woman charged with theft, forgery. In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

York Area Regional Police have charged a partner in a real estate settlement company with forging checks totaling more than $85,000 and depositing them into her own bank account.

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Olathe, KS

#1 Feb 29, 2008
See there!!! ALL THEIVES and SCUM don't live in York City...( For the sterotypical commentators..) What a DUMB AZZZZ.... Sure, Shawn was thinking hard on THAT ONE...Let me write a few checks to MYSELF...(I'm sure not to get caught).... JUST as she closes her eyes REAL TIGHT in a dark corner and thinks she's INVISIBLE !!!!!!

Since: Jan 08


#2 Feb 29, 2008
Of course not - she took the $85,000 and GOT OUT!!!! hahahaha

Bensalem, PA

#3 Feb 29, 2008
Read this article which is found at:
http://kitchenerwaterlooproperty.com/blog/ . Notice the comment she makes about residual income. How ironic.
victimized again

Chattanooga, TN

#4 Mar 1, 2008
she was the president of Justice for homicide victims....... victim advocate victimizes victims......
its only just begun

Salem, OR

#6 Mar 3, 2008
what till the rest of the investigations are done. this is not over yet. The trees say it $400,000 +
animal lover

Portsmouth, NH

#7 Mar 5, 2008
My mother always told me: "every dog has its day".
Looks like this "bitch" is finally having hers...
How sweet it is.... Ha ha ha ha ha... I just can't stop laughing....

United States

#8 Mar 5, 2008

It makes you wonder if all donations were sent to her home address and in her name, as the website for JUST directs, and she is refusing to turn over financial statements and records as the lady on channel 43 said she was, where are all the donations people made in memory of their loved ones going? Did you see her get into that Jaguar on the news, with her Louis Vitton purse, my guess, the donations went there, along with that companies stolen money. Didn't her husband, Norbert Galis get charged with embezzlement a few years ago in Dauphin County?

You gotta be a sick individual to steal from friends, and to take advantage of a victim's rights group, if indeed that is what happened. I looked up her daughter's criminal record because I was curious about her statements to channel 8. She claims her mother isn't a criminal yet you should see this girl's criminal record. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Looks like a mother daughter team to me. And if that is her husband/ ex-husband who was charged with embezzlement...Just sick.I feel bad for that company and for JUST, and their families if indeed she is found guilty of the charges.

What a nightmare! And to think this woman is a realtor and has access to so many people's personal information, credit reports, bank statements...I bet this is going to be a huge case in the end...
lets stop her

Chattanooga, TN

#9 Mar 5, 2008
To move things along we need victims of Ms Galis to come forward.

Dover, PA

#10 Mar 5, 2008
Considering the rumors I've heard about how she steals money, then once caught screams rape/harassment/ affair, then proceeds to make life a living hell for those who accuse her, I can see why some people have not stepped forward.

As a realtor she had many chances to forge/alter her client's checks/documents, I expect we will hear from more people who suddenly realize they were taken across by her. Hopefully these charges will result in her losing her license and protect the general public. I doubt any Real Estate office will allow her to work for them now. They'd be crazy, and desperate if they did. And if any Real Estate Office would allow her to work for them, I think they should be held liable for anything she does to any client considering her past and the current criminal charges.

My heart goes out to the Just members. I can only imagine what the fallout from this will be if it is proven that she was stealing from Just as well as this other place. The news stations wouldn't have mentioned it if there wasn't a strong possibility she is going to be charged for stealing from Just, IMO.

What a pathetic individual if this is all true. And even if it is only true about the business she stole from, that is still horrible to steal from a small family business and put them out of work. All for money. Yes, and probably all to drive that jaguar.

United States

#12 Mar 6, 2008
She was just hired at EXIT Diamond of Lancaster.. Apparently EXIT is claiming they looked into the charges themselves and feel she is innocent...but they refused to call the police and talk to them about it and refused to call the auditors regarding the missing money, as they "didn't need to" and never once even spoke to Donegal members or anyone else involved. I guess Shawn Chambers Galis has spun a pretty story to have them go this far out on a limb and expose them so such a liability...
Wow, so when did a real estate company become investigators? She must be having an affair with these guys too, IMO... Yeah I'd really want to deal with a Real Estate Office that hires criminals...they must have secret knowledge that she is innocent of the missing money for JUST as well...wow they are going to be embarrassed when that hits the news...
Donegal SS

United States

#13 Mar 6, 2008
As a former employee of Donegal Settlement Services who is now without a job, no thanks to Shawn Chambers Galis, I feel everyone's frustration and am as sickened by all this as everyone else is. I have been privy to much more than the news reports, but can not disclose much of anything. However, as many have already said, this is not over and I believe there will be many , many more companies and individuals that we will find were taken advantage of either through her skills at forgery or straight theft.

I would encourage anyone who reads this to take it as a lesson learned. We here at Donegal were all friends and family, and she was one of us. She smiled at us everyday while secretly stealing and knowing it would eventaully cause us to lose our jobs.She maintained all bank/financial records and refused to turn them over when we asked so that we could balance our accounts. Again, as she was a friend, we just thought she was one of those types of people. We finally had enough of hearing that the bank called her again with a bounced check so we went and got all statements and copies of checks. And that is when we realized what was happening.

I can't describe what it is to have a friend do this. Betrayed, violated, all sorts of words almost describe the feeling, but not quite. All I can say is if you are in business with friends, know your finances and NEVER give one person total control of them. Looking back we see now we were stupid to have done that, but again, this is someone we trusted and knew as a friend. Friends aren't supposed to do this just so they can drive expensive cars and wear the latest fashions and stylish shoes...Greed is sick. Hard lesson learned.

My thoughts go out to the Justice For Homicide Victims Organization and what, I have a feeling they will soon learn...along with the other people, and companies she has used for her own monetary gain.
And Exit Diamond Realty never once spoke to us regarding her actions here that left a company broken and its employees jobless. They claim she explained everything to them so they believe her.
Amazing how this woman can manipulate people. I feel sorry for them when it hits the news that Shawn Chambers Galis a realtor with Exit Diamond Realty was charged with yet more criminal offenses....stupid of them to hire a woman like that but I would bet it was a man she convinced of her innocence. She was a way of twisting them around her little finger...We've ALL seen her do it here. But this is all just in my opinion.
animal lover

Pittsburgh, PA

#14 Mar 6, 2008
Stick a fork in her she's done..... She's finally going to get what she deserves.... Ha ha ha ha ha.... I still can't stop laughing....

Dover, PA

#15 Mar 6, 2008
i think she will get what she deserves but how long is this going to take? i mean she is arleady working at this exit diamond and able to screw people over...why would anyplace let her come on board with a criminal record is beyond me, especially a place that deals with the general public and there finances. has anyone heard anything about Exit diamond? I never heard of them and after she is done with them, we probably never will hear of them again. poor stupid people.they have no idea how there company name is going to get drug through the mud when she is nailed for even more theft
yes she is going to get what she deserves but how many people is she going to totally screw over and destroy their lives before they fianlly stop her? if all this evidence is out there that she stole from the charity then why haven't they gotten off there butts and arrested her yet. I don't doubt the evidence, and i know this all "takes time" but in that time she has moved on to steal from others.
gee, lets just let a sociopath, to borrow from somewhere above on ehre, loose in the general public and let her be a realtor and not take her license. those in charge need to do something about this creature. makes you think you can get away with stealing and forging names for profit when you can just be charged with it and continue on with your life as if nothing happened.

Chattanooga, TN

#16 Mar 6, 2008
I am scared for all the people she has wronged. A sociapath personality has no feelings. She can destroy lifes and never lose sleep. Narasistic personality. I am sure she is reading all these. Do you feel like a fool... of course not it isn't your fault it was your beauty that made these men throw themselves at you. It must be your sweet personailty that they threw their money at you too.. poor poor Shawn Galis she is so innocent she must be confused that all these bad people think these things are true... hold on I a have to puke! As for the Chambers family God Bless them... she scamed JUST with her brothers blood SICK out of respect for them I call her ms Galis.... I can't imagine the shame they must feel...... and betrayal... she is caught because she victimized victims and it is because of that others looked out for her and got a grip of her finances before it went more years. Once the state steps in I bet we will find out it probably is tied together. How much money did she donate out of her friends money that went to JUST. How much money did the JUST members really see... Where does the state stand. does anyone know

United States

#17 Mar 7, 2008
Well she now has her real estate license under Shawn C. Galis so she is no longer using the family name. I feel for them and this embarrassment on them once it all comes out what this sociapath, and her daughter have done. The family are great people from what I hear and what I know. There is always a bad apple or two.

Either that or she is disguising her name. She did dye her hair blonde recently to avoid looking like the picture the news had on with the dark hair. I'll see if DSS will make another comment on here. She can tell you more about what is going on and what the daughter has been caught doing now, truly a mother daughter team.

I am also worried about the people, the wtinesses, in this. She has been non-stop (and her daughter) harrassing them everyday with calls, letters, faxes, civil suits, complaints, and all sorts of things. Apparently this is what she does to force people to drop the charges. What she and her daughter do not realize is 1. These folks aren't going to back down, they aren't running scared like the men in her past and aren't afraid to stand up for the truth 2. Even if they wanted to, they can't. Hello, she stole incoming wires and funds from a title company that is underwritten by an insurance company ...this isn't just one person filing charges...wait till all the civil suits start hitting her!
Hopefully the JUST members won't let this tarnish an otherwise good support group. I hope once their charges are filled they can continue on with it.
animal lover

Herminie, PA

#18 Mar 8, 2008
What about the Galis family? How would YOU like having YOUR family's name associated in any way with that scum? It's a sin that she keeps using it when she's been divorced for over two years. It's just one more way she continues to screw THAT poor family. I won't be surprised if she skips out and starts all over somewhere else. Maybe Miami, Toledo, or some such place. Hoover, Chambers, Galis, what name will she use next? One can only hope that she gets what she deserves. Until then... I still can't stop laughing....

United States

#19 Mar 9, 2008
crazy stuff

Reading, PA

#20 Mar 9, 2008
I wonder is there a way you can sue someone to make them stop using their married name when they are now divorced? Especially someone like this trash who brings nothing but embarassment to it. SHe seems to think she is all that so maybe she'llsucker some man into marrying her, take his name, then ruin his life, But at least it wouldn't be Chambers or Galis. Or maybe she'll go back to using Hoover, one of her children's names. That would complete the mother daughter team I keep hearing about. Could you imagine the two of them locked up in the same jail cell....now I can't stop laughing...
can we talk


#21 Mar 9, 2008
She won't be in the same cell as her daughter.
To save herself she would throw her daughter and son under the wheels of the bus.
THAT is what a sociopath is about. One for all and all for me. Oh and by the way, the JAG is real but the Louie is FAUX just like her. And as for others coming forward. Anyone who has been involved with her in the past knows better. Stay anominous because if you catch this disease again it becomes time consuming and costly to get rid of.

Felton, PA

#22 Mar 9, 2008
yes, but staying anonymous really leaves these folks that got ripped off out there alone. I think now that they have stood their ground, if more people came forward they'd be protected by strength in numbers. She is going down this time. She and her daughter can intimidate these witnesses all they want, but it is a done deal. Now would be the time for others to come forward and at least show support for these folks (companies)and finally put these two dirty creatures away where they can't steal, harass, lie, cheat, intimidate, anyone else.
The daughter would throw the mother under the wheels of a bus as well. Hoepfully she'll soon figure out her mother is going down and save her own hide by running away.
What pitiful , poor excuses for human beings...
Drives a Jag but carries a fake Louie. Guess she only stole enough to pay for the Jag...

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