Mt Holly Twp is "unethical"

Mt Holly Twp is "unethical"

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Clayton Makar

Mount Holly, NJ

#1 Feb 9, 2011
I'd like to hear everyone's comments on this. I left a job to accept a job at Mt Holly Public Works (I live in town and it paid a little more..I'd also like to point out that I am a Veteran with 4 kids and all of the other things such as mortgage, bills etc also, that I was denied unemployment because of the following) So anyway, After 2 weeks of work which went just fine (showed up everyday, was on time, did what I was supposed to do, no problems whatsoever) The director of Public Works fires me. When asked for a reason, he wasn't even man enough to give me one, he just shrugged his shoulders at me (Because he didn't have a reason...How unprofessional and cowardly is this?) so I go to the Twp Manager Kathy Hoffman who says she will talk to him (acting like she is on my side) She never got back to me so over the course of the next 2 weeks I had left 3 messages on her voicemail because she wouldn't pick up the phone when she knew it was me calling (I happen to know for fact that she was there at least 1 of the times that I called) She never returned my calls.(How unprofessional!) So they replace me right away with some kid who has no experience whatsoever and just got his CDL so no driving experience either. I come to find out later on through another twp employee who is higher up on the ladder that they fired me so that they could hire this new kid because he knows someone on council. Now, While I was employed there, I learned alot about the twp, how it is run and some things about people such as the twp manager herself, how people got their positions, how tax money is being misused, special favors etc... I learned alot of this right from (one of) the horse's mouth. As for the new kid, I see him driving around with the plow up during the snowstorm when there is plowable snow (spreader not on either). More tax $ wasted. Apparently, they (twp) don't know how to run things for snow removal because this year, just like every year, the streets are HORRIBLE. There was ice on the streets for over a week after the storm had passed, the snow wasn't pushed back to the curbs (and still isn't) there was a car accident right down the street from me (most likely due to the fact that the end of the street near the stop sign was all ice..looks like the guy slid out into the other road, I hope he sues the twp) I am disgusted with everything about the way this town is being run, how they treat people, what they get away with , how they hide/cover up the things they do etc...I welcome all of your comments (with me or against me) I am a fair person with an open mind. I am honestly not being bitter because of what they did to me, I am just fed up with people with no integrity, no common sense, etc..People need to be held accountable for their actions...
Clayton Makar

Mount Holly, NJ

#2 Feb 14, 2011
No one has any thoughts on this???

Burlington, NJ

#3 Feb 14, 2011
Hey Clayton,
Sorry to hear about your problems with the township.I have lived in Mt Holly for the last 5 years with my family. I dont know any of the people you mentioned personally,but it wouldint suprise me to hear there is corruption at all levels in this town. Look at this guy William G. Dunn who runs the municipal authority in Mt Holly. He makes 193 thousand dollars a year! Now I understand that he has had that cushie job for 50 years now,so he feels he is entitled to that kind of salary. The Governor of our entire state who has a much,much,much bigger job to do makes 20 thousand a year less than this guy! Its no wonder we are so far in the red in this state,and police and fire fighters are being layed off like crazy.Follow the money! I will be honest with you Clayton, if I were you,I would not have left my current job to take a public works job no matter how tempting it was,because public sector jobs are the jobs getting the axe all over the state in this economy. I dont know if you'll find out why this other guy was hired in your place, because the twp manager and the others will just lie to you and cover their own backs, but you are right in saying they should be held accountable for their actions. I am a truck driver with my CDL like you, and I am fortunate to have had my local job for 11 years now, so I dont plan on leaving it no matter how tempting another job might look because I have two young kids, a wife and a mortgage to think about. If I can help you out somehow, let me know since we live nearby. Times are tough for everyone I know.

Burlington, NJ

#4 Feb 14, 2011
By the way, I know what you mean about streets not being plowed or salted very good this past winter.Even though it was a horrible winter with one storm right after the other, there was no excuse for the way many streets looked days and days after the storms. I work as a professional snow plower for my employer, so I took care of my own street thank God,but I should have back charged Mt holly for the time I put in,and for doiing THEIR job.

Mount Holly, NJ

#5 Feb 15, 2011
So agreed. Mount holly is the worst town i have ever lived in the cops are rude, mean if not abusive. I am handicapped have had issues with my neighbors cursing being loud i seem to always get yelled at for calling the cops. Being that my husband and I are disabled we have enough balance issues as is it and when the township was called about the plowing of snow I was told they don't have enough money for are street so I have to cancel most of my doctor's appointments when it snows worry about my daughter getting to school safely just driving off the side streets and can't get a bus for my daughter even though we are both disabled have no family here little friends. We have paid many fines here my husband got five tickets for tapping someone's car next door the cops allowed my husband to leave his family though when I called them on his motorcycle without a liscense this is just some stuff. I have fibro,nerve damage and some other medical problems that have gotten worse since i moved here. We bought our house yet people can trespass and we can't do a thing because we were told they can press charges for harrasement if we ask them to leave our property. I can't wait to move. This town needs a class action lawsuit and it waiting for one!!! I'm sorry to complain but we have had to much happen since we moved here 5 years ago and this is digusting were treating like crap! [email protected]
Mount Holly resident

Vincentown, NJ

#6 Feb 16, 2011
Once this economy clears up,If property values rebound, and my wife and I are able to sell our home in this crappy town,we will be moving.The township goverment is about as corrupt and uncaring about its citizens as can be.I'm tired of the lame police dept. not answering my complaints and seeing them fail to do their simple job of "protect and serve". I also read that story about the head of the municipals authority here in Town, Mr William Dunn making just about 200 thousand a year. Someone tell me how you can justify that kind of money from a public employee,who's salary is payed off the common workers back? I dont care how long he's had that job, 200K a year is too much of our money that should go to the state budget deficit!!!

Philadelphia, PA

#7 Feb 16, 2011
Sue them
Clayton Makar

Mount Holly, NJ

#8 Feb 16, 2011
Not plowing streets because of money issues is a BS excuse! It would cost much more if you fell, got hurt and sued them. Like I said, I learned quite a bit in the 2 weeks I was there. They are trying to save money by skimping on important things like plowing yet they can demolish the bench that was at the end of Pine street and replace it with some lame ass memorial sign and the same on the other side of the lower end of Pine where they put in that little walkway path for Womans auxiliary or whatever but dont take care of it and it is now an eyesore. Supposedly, the twp manager is the lover of the previous twp manager...You do the math. She was just a clerk prior to that. The public works director tells me that she is collecting money as the manager and clerk and possibly some other positions. She gave a huge raise to a fellow clerk after she was appointed as manager yet the assistant director of public works was demoted monetarily even though he's been there for like 20 yrs. They told him, take the demotion or be fired. The manager keeps her clutches on the budget of public works and probably other departments I guess so she can funnel money where she needs it. Because I will have you know, the public works garage is bare. Empty. I have more tools in my garage than they do. They have to beg to get little things that are needed. I was also told that when they work overtime for say a snowstorm, they are given a day off so that it works out that they do not receive overtime pay. Oh yeah, there's alot that people don't know. I will say that I do not know all of this to be 100% fact, I am just passing along info that I learned while I was employed there. If they are so concerned about saving money then they should stop doing stupid projects that do not benefit the town in any way. They can also take away the vehicles given to the council members and twp manager, These people do not need them for any reason at all. It's a total waste of tax money. The twp manager lives outside the town limits, I don't carer that it's only a few miles, it is unacceptable. Public works vehicle for director, I can understand for emergency weather like snow because it is used for plowing etc. although technically, he is not in the union and should not be doing the work because it takes jobs away from the union members. Where is the union? Well, everyone is afraid to file a complaint for fear of repercussions. I could go on for days...As for this gey, whats his name..Dunn? Thats just sick! NO ONE in this town should be making anywhere near that, you greedy @#$%^. That is A LOT of taxpayer money and you seriously do not deserve that. Your job may be important but just isn't that important and probably not that hard.
Clayton Makar

Mount Holly, NJ

#9 Feb 16, 2011
As for the Police force, I cannot complain. I think they do a great job overall. All of the hookers are gone, and the druggies aren't out like they used to be. I have gotten to know a few of them (police officers) and they are nice and go out of their way to help people, I have seen it in person, It was not me either. I am sure there may be one or two bad apples and just like everything else in the world, not everyone will get along so if you dont see eye to eye with them, it's not that uncommon. Hell, I know some of them are part time for years with no benefits but are working full time hours or more. That is BS that they are not hired on full time. You just don't treat people that way. I used to really be proud of this town until I learned of the "inner workings". The snow removal is disgusting, they really should be ashamed of themselves. Not so much the actual plow drivers per say because they are told where to plow, when to come in, "don't use too much sand" etc. So it's not totally their fault. I am not defending them in any way however, because I know I would have NEVER left the streets like that, I would have rather skipped my lunch break than leave the streets like that. Keep this thread going please. I hope they all see this. If anyone can find an attorney willing to look into this and possibly do something please let me know, I would be more than grateful along with many other unhappy residents. Let's put an end to these clowns that think they can just do whatever and not be held accountable. This is not right at all, It is not "Ethical" (There you go Kathy, there's your little word you like to use) You people make me sick, it is disgusting what you do and your time is coming. I will be there with a big smile on my face just like I was when I promised a Master Sergeant in the USAF. I sat through his court martial before he was stripped of his rank, kicked out and sent to jail. Your time is coming. Boz
Clayton Makar

Mount Holly, NJ

#10 Feb 24, 2011
I was sure I would get a few more responses after my last post or two (I had to split it up, it was too long) Chime in people..Walking away now isn't going to fix anything, I'd love to hear more from other residents, (good or bad) and anyone else who maybe has a similar situation they'd like to share no matter where they are from.

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