respect the walmart cashiers!
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New Wal-Mart Cashier

Pico Rivera, CA

#45 Aug 16, 2011
I recently moved back to CA and I am college educated. All of my experience is in education and there are no teaching positions to be had, they are actually laying off in many districts. This left me to apply at retail stores where I have no experience. One of the places I applied to was Wal-Mart and they hired me as a cashier. The economy is awful, as we all know, and no one applies to Wal-Mart thinking about it as their dream job.

It's a job in the meantime until something better comes along. I know people who have their masters and are having difficulty getting a job. My point is there are all types of people who work at Wal-Mart and to degrade them is wrong, in my opinion. I enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart because of their cheap prices and the quality has gotten better.

I always try to be nice to the cashiers who help me because of the people who are needlessly rude to them. I do admit that I make the cheesy jokes too. I keep reading such rude things on here about Wal-Mart employees, I will be walking in their shoes soon and before you judge them, maybe you should too. Like I said, it's not my dream job but it will help me and my family get back on our feet.

United States

#46 Nov 12, 2011
Wow... I am also a Lumberton resident. You think you have it bad try being a waitress I stand on my feet for twelve hour shifts holding heavy trays and running back and forth for everyones so called “needs” oh did I mention I have Cancer? So then I have to hear the typical sterio types and all the stress u guys have you come and take it out on me ! How about that! Cause now your kids have aggervated you your husban , wife , other people, job, school, doctor, church, your traveling and tired and or stress and just don't want to cook! Well well guess who gets to deal with all of you after being at the doctor not sleeping with kids and haven't eaten in a week ! Yea that's rite me! Not only do I have to keep a smile on my face sick as hell I have to run back andforth to get a spoon ur kid dropped and it became a game. Or ur tea isn't hot enough or wait u ate almost all your food and hated it and now u want a refund hahaha how pathetic ! I'm not only a track star, cook , rehab counsouler , doctor , lawyer , thearpist, flirt toy, childs mother , I have to be your venting toy. Sooo I do my job with a smile and do it well like a slave and what do u leave me on a party of five fifty dollar check five dollars ? Are u kidding me do u know how much I make a hour ? 2. 15 a hour ! That's sixty dollars for one hundred and eighty hours a week. Oh and I do pay taxes so my check becomes 96 cents a hour. Thanks! A break lol what's that? Maybe if I'm lucky I can sit kneeled for two mins listening to all ur problems and get a dollar. Think before u complain. Socity is a bunch of ass holes! Far and few care as I hold a huge tray runing to their tables. I don't even get a thank you! I'm human u know. I am not a drunk or do drugs I am a cancer paient! So think the next time u want to complain about others or ur job it could be waayyyy worse ! Some people don't have a choice and weren't born with one like others. U couldn't live one day in my shoes not one.

United States

#47 Nov 12, 2011
Sorry ment to say one hundred and eighty hours in two weeks.

United States

#48 Feb 19, 2012
Lumberton resident 3 wrote:
WOW!.........Another Walmart Shining Star!.....So far, that's two.....And so far, the customers are all idiots, and rude.....Makes you wonder, eh?

I really wish u would stfu u ignorant as hell yo I know u gon let them people vent if they want to stupid

Temecula, CA

#49 Sep 24, 2012
Lumberton resident 3 wrote:
Hmmmmmmmm......It seems the only people here are Walmart cashiers and NON Walmart cashiers......Tell me again, WHO started this thread and attacked WHO in the first place.....Hmmmmm..........And to Walmart proud: If you actually READ my posts, then you saw the part where I said Walmart has put mom-and-pop stotes out of business, leaving the consumer with far fewer choices.....Now, instead of asking why I continue to shop at Walmart when I detest the average Walmart sales associates so much, maybe you all should wonder why so many of you APPARENTLY hate Walmart AND the customers so much, yet continue to work there.....If the pay is low and management sucks so badly, then wouldn't Burger King be a much better choice?.....I mean, common sense SHOULD dictate here, right?.....And to Michigander again: Ouch....Your words did real damage.....Not only am I abused by my wife at home, I am low on the totem pole at work....Yes, your words really hit me hard......You are very creative with your insults......Wow, I certainly hope you don't call me dumb or ugly, or say I eat my boogers.....I'd be crushed.......LMAO ..........Now again, to all you fuc*-ups, please go back to the original post and see the hatred that spewed forth from the fingertips of one of YOUR cohorts....The thread was not named "Walmart cashiers suck."
long story short, we are in a very bad economy and some of up are stuck in the only job we could get at the time and due to walmart revolving scheduling we are unable to realisticly apply for other jobs and if you are a product of divorce and had been a stay at home mom this is the "bone yard' for many women of that fate. The bottom line is we do it to feed our familes regardless of the insults such as this guy seems to love giving.....

El Monte, CA

#50 Oct 11, 2012
walmarts best wrote:
First off, let me start out by saying im a cashier at the lumberton walmart. People come into the store in cell phone trances, paying absolutely NO mind to the cashier handling their money. THey don't even aknowledge we exist. They dont know whether their own card is debit or credit, and if just ONE person knew how to use to debit/credit machine I would be in shock. Im not complaining about every single one of you, but 75% are downright ignorant. DO NOT put your heavy cases of water up onto our belts or your stupid 50 lb bag of dog food in front of us and expect us to lift it. some of us, including myself are small people. You have NO idea how hard it is to lift those things for 9 hours a day when we have codes and there are easy stickers that peel right off that you can hand us. ALso, when you see a light on, yes there's somebody there but don't you think we need a break too? we've probably already been there seven hours and its completely rude to just walk up and throw your things on our belts just because you know we have to come back. No. this doesn't mean im lazy, IM TIRED. There have been plenty of times when i closed the store at 11 30 and had to come back in at 6 30, not counting my drive home. And please, dont run up to me and say idiotic things such as "OH you look like you need something to do. Ill keep you busy." Are you fucking retarded?! The sad part is, we have to smile 24/7 or its bad customer service. we get a tiny mat under our feet, never get our breaks on time, and when we finally get 2 seconds in peace, somebody runs up saying idiotic things like "you look bored" Also, please refrain from your stupid jokes. No, if it doesnt scan its not free. No, we're not having fun. No, the customer behind you doesnt want to pay for your damn paper towels and soap. You have NO idea how old that gets. We hear it at least 15 times a shift. And please, handle your children. We cant do our job with them sitting on the cart wheel or playing with the debit machine. its SO annoying! and if theyre screaming and crying, be a parent! i know none of the cashiers/csms want to hear it and lord knows the other customers dont either. If the prices ring up wrong, DONT SCREAM IN OUR EARS ABOUT IT! 99% of the time YOU picked it up from the wrong place where it was most likely misplaced by another extremely ignorant person. If the prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. Learn how to match up the upc's on your items to the upc's on the shelf. Problem solved. Also, Please check to see if the light is on or off. DO NOT stand in a cashiers line when their light is off when youve been in the store for an hour MAXIMUM and weve been there for nine. We'd love to go home and get some rest too! look people we're all tired. we all have to support ourselves and just because im a walmart cashier doesn't give you the right to disrespect me. I thank all the customers who have respect and dont treat us like were the s*** in their toilet. im a very friendly cashier. i ALWAYS great my customers and am one of the fastest, if not the fastest cashier in the store, therefore i promise ill have you in and out, but please dont make my day any harder than it has to be. For all my other cashiers and csm's who put up with the bs that goes on in this store, but never say anything about it, just know that we all feel the exact same way, and for the customers who come up to me and actually say HI HOW ARE YOU? first, you guys rock. you have no idea how nice it is to hear that for a change!
A freaking men, this is all So true!

Edmond, OK

#53 Dec 20, 2012
you have some good points but having a few bad experience with some lazy people doesnt give the right to think every employee is lazy. some people bust there ass some people are nice 24/7 when you get people who are rude or try make bull crap stuff like a crockpot that is 50 bucks was 15

United States

#54 Apr 2, 2014
All of my jobs since High School have been PT customer service jobs where Ive had to put up with some ridiculous stuff, verbally abused and some occasions, but for the most part general rudeness. The main reason I can hold down one of these jobs is that I realized I wasn't some doormat who needed to take customers disrespect all day. If your going to be rude to someone who works at a White Castle drive-thru do not be surprised to find your soda overfilled, which in most circumstances will spill on the inside of your car or lap providing me with entertainment, yet the rude customer would assume it was an accident because of there contempt for us lesser beings. At Walmart that I had to do was overfill some rude customers bag with heavy items so that it would break at some point from there departure from the store and there return home. ^_^

United States

#55 Apr 2, 2014
Lol jk im not that bad ^_^
Im Just ME

Loganville, GA

#56 May 31, 2014
Hey everyone. I am a now three going on four month Wal-mart employee. I have experienced all kinds of things from rude customers to rude employees, and management. When I applied for the Job I knew I would face these difficulties because I have lived long enough to learn that every one wont treat you with respect and like you. It is horrible to have a bad day and then have customers disrespect you and treat you horribly, but it also sucks to have a bad day and have a Wal-mart employee to disrespect you. We are all in the same boat here, the key is learning how to deal with normal life situations. I see it from both sides and I agree with both. Yes Wal-mart has its ups and downs but when I chose to work there I chose everything that comes with it. There are crappy customers, there are crappy employees, but Self Examination solves a multitude of issues.

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