respect the walmart cashiers!
waLmarts best

Burton, MI

#23 Dec 16, 2009
well, when Im writing an essay for class, or emailing a professor, THEN ill type the correct way. But this, my friend, is a stupid forum, not anything important. So you can just keep sitting on your computer, refreshing your page and coming back to this website to see if anybody else has argued with you a little bit more, and im just gona keep laughing. You're clearly just offended, or you wouldn't take the time to keep arguing with an EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD Walmart cashier! Also, you want to call people trailer trash, but get pissed off and offended when people say you have a low end shitty job. Give respect to get it, which is the whole reason I posted this asshole. Get over yourself. I'll be here an awful lot for the holidays, considering they already fired all of our seasonal help. Fantastic, now I get to listen to more people like you bitch at me about the long lines.. Hey be thankful Im there, or you'll never get out. You dont know how it is to work around people who dont respect you, when youre just trying to earn an honest living. I dont understand why people cant just be more laid back and not expect so damn much out of us.
waLmarts best

Burton, MI

#24 Dec 16, 2009
Oh, also going back to my post. I said 75% NOT all. So, if you're not one of those customers, why the hostility?
Lumberton resident 3

United States

#25 Dec 31, 2009
Yeah....Sure....I'm pissed off.....LMAO..... I think it's pathetic, actually, that a miserable Walmart cashier would have the gall to come here bashing the customers, then get bent out of shape when they come here to bash back.....In my world, when someone smacks me in the face, I usually strike them back....It's the way the world works, genius.....Next time, try NOT posting what you think of the very people who essentially pay your minimum-wage salary, unless it's to thank them for their patronage....Good luck in the real world when (and if) you get that two-year degree from community college.....Just don't forget who pays your salary.
the bartender


#26 Dec 31, 2009
your all flagged ! whats wrong with you people ?
Lumberton resident 3

United States

#27 Jan 1, 2010
the bartender wrote:
your all flagged ! whats wrong with you people ?
Well, I guess being flagged doesn't mean much, eh?
Wally world cashier

Layton, UT

#29 Jan 25, 2010
To original poster:

I understand the need to vent about the frustrations of work. But this probably isn't the place. I prefer to pick a friend or family member. They listen, sympathize, and I feel a little better afterward.

Other thoughts:

To preface this I am a 20 yr old male, paying for my Twin-Turbo Mustang, and saving up money for college.

I am a cashier at the Centerville, UT Wal-Mart. And I have to say it is great, for the most part. I transfered to the Centerville location from the Vernal, UT store.

First let me say that the Vernal location has alot of problems. It is the leading Wal-Mart in sales in the western region of the US. People come from all over the area, so you get a wide variety of people. You mostly get oil field workers and their families. The store isn't the cleanest or very well organized. I was basically ignored by the vernal management, never greeted by any other employee, and got a disgruntled customer every once in awhile. Not too many complaints, but not the optimal situation.

I am so glad I transferred to the Centerville location.(just for reference, Centerville is about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City). The management is so nice and caring towards its employees. I am always noticed and greeted by fellow employees. I have friends and good relationships with other cashiers, CSS's (customer service supervisor, former CSM) associates from other departments, and members of management.

I do understand the frustrations of previous posters. But being in the customer service line of work I have learned alot of valuable lessons. The biggest of all is patience, I try to put myself in the customer's shoes. I try to have each customer leave my checkout stand with a smile. I have had a couple of unsatisfied customers, and all you can do is apologize for the inconvenience, offer them the oppurtunity to speak with a manager, and a find a way to rectify the situation. Yes, sometimes customers pass the point of no return and will not be open to your apologies or offers to help, and you just have to let them go. I've had plenty of good compliments and am being moved up to the customer service desk after only 4 months at wal-mart. I'm not trying to say that I love Wal-Mart and plan to stay there for a long time, but you can do very well for yourself in a short time with hard work and a good attitude.

As a customer of Wal-Mart and other stores. Alot of things are frustrating, long lines, incorrect prices, unkind cashiers or other employees, but just like I said as an employee putting myself in the customer's shoes, the same can be done putting yourself in the employee's shoes. They could be having the worst day and you would never know.

All in all, no matter which side you are on, it all comes down to your attitude and the way you handle each situation. Let things roll off your shoulders and don't take life so seriously!
Walmart sucks

Camden, SC

#30 Feb 3, 2010
I would rather do manual labor for 14 hrs than work at walmart for 4 hours where customers treat you like crap. Thats why i quit. And until you work at walmart you dont know what it like. If i had to work there any longer i would shoot my self
Walmarts best

Burton, MI

#32 Feb 16, 2010
hahahaa well im outta walmarts wrath. onto a better job and ill never set foot in a walmart again. and lumberton resident 3, go back to your ghetto ass town and keep shopping at cheap ass walmart cuz u make such a low amount of money that you have to live in LUMBERTON. its a slum if you didnt notice, and when your shitty ass walmart products break, which they all do, remember where you're shopping and think of what low price low quality means. just like your house. haha F%*& you and any other customer who has those views on innocent teens trying to make a living.
Walmart Cashier


#33 Mar 7, 2010
As a new cashier at Walmart, I do agree with this Walmart Cashier, and the treatment of this person who responded is an example of the treatment you get as being a Walmart employee. It is bad enough that you don't have the best working conditions, but then to be treated poorly by some customers makes it worse. It is a demanding job, and yes, customers don't know the difference between credit or debit half of the time. Funny.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#34 Apr 8, 2010
I have a complaint about the customers from India who often shop my Walmart store then decide they don't want something in the checkout line. If you didn't want it, why did you pick it up in the first place? This occurs all too often among those from India for the trend not to be something cultural. I'm sorry if I have offended someone - Work there and discover the truth for yourself if you do not believe me...
Jim Tokle

Justin, TX

#35 Apr 9, 2010
As a fellow Wal-Mart cashier (of three months as of today, actually), I find it's the black women who "change their mind" on items more often. The worst are the black women who want you to sub total their order every several items to see if they've gone over their limit, and then proceed to tell you they don't want any of the other items on the belt. Seeing as I don't care about my job too much since I'm moving this summer anyways, I've taken to just piling their shit on the belt of one of the unopened registers and going home at the end of my shift instead of taking my returns back.

Burton, MI

#36 Apr 18, 2010
haha^^ sooo true bout the jig black ladys
Walmart Cashier


#37 Apr 19, 2010
I have been cashiering at Walmart for a short time, but kind of agree with the original Walmart cashier. However I do like the job, because time fly's. People love to complain about the lines, but hey they all want to save money including myself. There are long lines because everyone comes there. I had one lady complaining to me that she is tired of being searched at the door, like it's my fault, while she said there are other stores like Target she can go to. Hey go there then. One customer got mad because her coupon would not go through, it's not our fault, if we put through the wrong thing it comes back on us. I'm just an employee working hard. But we have to be perfect all the time. Most customers are nice, but if you have s slow down some people get mean. It's not easy working there, if a customer leaves a bag it's our fault. Well times are tough and I consider myself lucky to be working.

Sonora, TX

#38 Jul 23, 2010
I work at Walmart in Texas. I am eighteen years old and going to college. College was paid for because of the many scholarships I earned. I work as a Walmart cashier because I need to learn work ethic. My generation is lazy. We do expect a paycheck for little or no work. I don't want to be lazy. I work my butt off as a cashier. I dress nicely and fix my hair, which literally nobody at Wal-Mart does. The front end people show up frumpy, do a frumpy job, and complain about how they get treated with no respect. I get treated with respect. I am fast and I can get you out of the store quickly, I am friendly, nice, but not annoyingly so. I may not WANT to be at Wal-Mart on a Friday night, but YOU could not tell by looking at me. Cashiers, get some work ethic. That is the real world. And yes, if you THINK you deserve a better job, you better make some changes. Your frizzy ponytail and torn t-shirt give off a slobby vibe to future employers.
The docker

United States

#39 Sep 27, 2010
Hahah I love walmart... The people there are hilarious... Lumberton is white trash only in sunny Brook country estates and white hall... Which most likely all the walmart employees are from.. I would be pissed to if I worked at walmart.... I have to afford my twin turbo mustang hahaha what an idiot
usedtoworkatwalm art

Mount Holly, NJ

#40 Sep 29, 2010
I used to work for that it isn't rocket science. but it's a real pain in the ass.

And according to the over zealous "Lumberton resident" you can clearly tell Wal-Mart Lumberton does not attract the classiest, or the most polite of individuals.

Now, knowing that "Lumberton Resident" is now well and over this topic, I would suggest you do as I did.

Find a job you're happy with. Wal-Mart is only paying you above min. wage, and it only looks like they're "paying well" because they pay you every two weeks. It's like not having your favorite food, but only once every ten years, no matter where you get's going to taste delicious.

I sold jewelry for that place, they're racist, discriminatory, and Terry the store manager is a sad poor example of what Wal-Mart finds to be "leadership material."

I sued that store. I won. I sent myself to school, where I am NOT a rocket scientist, but it's a degree in a passion of mine none the less. If you still work there best of luck....then again if you still work there, perhaps it's time to be a bit more wiser with your time, money, and your job.

Lynnof Walmart

Lebanon, PA

#41 Oct 12, 2010
Let me tell you. I have worked for walmart for 10 years. Overall i like my job. I get paid Good for it too. See all you Walmart people the secret is if you do your job you will get paid well.

I make triple the min wage plus.

I must be in the few stores that has good management. I love our team.

Yes i do get customers that make me scream but you live with it.
Lynnof Walmart

Lebanon, PA

#42 Oct 12, 2010
let me add i donty live or work in NJ just came across this site.

United States

#43 Oct 18, 2010
Walmart bunch of monsters

United States

#44 Oct 30, 2010
Lumberton resident 3 wrote:
Yeah....Sure....I'm pissed off.....LMAO..... I think it's pathetic, actually, that a miserable Walmart cashier would have the gall to come here bashing the customers, then get bent out of shape when they come here to bash back.....In my world, when someone smacks me in the face, I usually strike them back....It's the way the world works, genius.....Next time, try NOT posting what you think of the very people who essentially pay your minimum-wage salary, unless it's to thank them for their patronage....Good luck in the real world when (and if) you get that two-year degree from community college.....Just don't forget who pays your salary.
I'm a cashier, and while I agree with some of what the previous people are saying, it's also OUR job. We get paid to deal with people we probably hate. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I know what you're going through.
As to this Lumberton fellow, I agree with some of what you're saying to. No, being a cashier is NOT a rocket scientist's job, but you shouldn't put it down. As a cashier, we handle your money, and we can and most of us probably will screw you in some way. Also, you seem to have a problem with pointing out other's grammatical errors, when it seems that you don't know how to use modifiers, you're using "text lingo," and you don't know that an ellipsis is THREE periods. Not fifty-five million.
No disrespect meant to anyone!

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