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#21 Jul 20, 2013
Check out the blog on these website titled:


That will give you the corporate connections with Gary Borders Armor Correctional Health Services president JOSE ARMAS, MIAMI, FL.

Jose Armas is a Jeb Bush cronie connected to many of the Bush schemes and particularly JEB BUSH's charter school movements.

What do you expect? Jeb Bush put Gary Borders in the office of sheriff and with his vote fixer chips he has kept this hom ped in office against all other odds. As long as Borders uses Jeb Bush criminal empire approved contractors all will be well in Border life. They first time he fails to do as his handlers instruct him to do he will be dealth with accordingly. Plain and simple facts!

All the connections to these criminals and their criminal empires are easily located by professional who know how to trace their names.
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#22 Jul 20, 2013
Check this out. ArmorGroup's corporate parent Wackenhut Services.

That explains how the new jail medical services provider is ARMOR and the new courthouse rent a cops are Wackenhut. Even though I think they use some other name like all the other criminals taking over everything.

They even operate like Gary Borders does. SEX FOR PROMOTION. HELL HE WANT EVEN HAVE TO TRAIN THEM!

Kabul U.S. Embassy Guard: Sexual
Deviancy Required for Promotion

Whistleblower Says Bosses Required Sex Acts
for Guards Seeking Best shift, Promotion

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#23 Jul 21, 2013
We always notice all of these private vendors seem to have several different corporate names – this one is just too good to be true. Check it out. This company ArmorGroup's corporate parent is Wackenhut Services. This is too good not to be true! Come on what are the chances that our morally challenged Sheriff Gary Borders would search the world over and find court house security guards provided by Wackenhut (or one of their off the wall corporate names) and a jail house medical services provider named Armor Correctional Health Services as his provider for inmate medical care.? When you throw in the known fact that Armor Correctional Health Services president JOSE ARMAS is connected directly to Jeb Bush and his charter school (privatization) efforts. Research “parent trigger” and “Common Core.”
The chances are somewhere between slim and none!
Especially when you ad in the factors of how ArmorGroup management runs it’s operation’s “sex acts to gain promotions or assignment to preferable shifts”[ come on this is a classic Gary Borders way of progressive management] homosexuality might not be against the law but sex for jobs; straight, homo or otherwise to achieve, promotions, and special deputy status is nothing less than criminal extortion not to mention all the civil liabilities placed on the taxpayers as a result of this way of progressive management ! and,
Even though “12 guards had gone public with their complaints” and “The State Department said it was investigating the allegations”[they failed to mention the part about “we take these allegations seriously” like they do when covered up sex crimes surface in Lake County] The State Department renewed its contract with ArmorGroup to provide security at the Kabul embassy last month even though there have been a series of complaints about its performance.”
Yea! Just like Lake detention deputies aka Lake jail guards (distruntled employee’s)“had gone public with their complaints” and as a result some were interviewed by the FBI in 2009-2010 regarding (then jail major) Gary Borders having sex with a jail inmate and giving that inmate a pick up truck. That inmate had even shared his story with his neighbors after getting out of the lake jail and his father had even made phone calls to authorities to complain that jail major Borders was still calling his son at home and wanting to date him.
No problem with all of this! The FBI left Lake County with their tails between their legs and swept it and a lot more to go with it all right under the rug!
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#24 Jul 21, 2013
Twelve Private security guards turned whistleblowers aka former and now disgruntled employee’s at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul come forth.
Private security guards at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul were pressured to participate in naked pool parties and perform sex acts to gain promotions or assignment to preferable shifts, according to one of 12 guards who have gone public with their complaints.
In an interview with ABC News for broadcast tonight on the "World News with Charles Gibson," the guard, a U.S. military veteran, said top supervisors of the ArmorGroup were not only aware of the "deviant sexual acts" but helped to organize them.
"It was mostly the young guys fresh from the military who were told they had to participate," said the guard, who talked on a phone hook-up arranged by the Project on Government Oversight, which first revealed photographs of the parties.
They were not gay but they knew what it took to get promoted," said the guard, spoke on condition that ABC News not publish his name.
The State Department said it was investigating the allegations and the circumstances surrounding the photographs which show naked and barely clothed men fondling one another. The guard who spoke with ABC News said the drunken parties had been held regularly for at least a year and a half.
The State Department renewed its contract with ArmorGroup to provide security at the Kabul embassy last month even though there have been a series of complaints about its performance.
In June 2007, the State Department warned "the security of the US embassy in Kabul is in jeopardy" because of "deficiencies" on the part of ArmorGroup.
Similar complaints were raised at a Senate hearing in June 2009 by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).
Sam Brinkley, vice-president of the ArmorGroup's corporate parent Wackenhut Services, defended the company's performance in Kabul.
"We are a guard company that prides itself in doing missions well," Brinkley testified.
Wackenhut did not immediately return requests for comment.
There is only one thing for certain around Lake County. Something is bad wrong here! And the good people who have worked around here way too long to just walk off and leave their careers are the only glue holding this hell hole together.
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#25 Jul 21, 2013
For the most part every word that makes its way to the lame stream media is nothing more than lying propaganda. For instance “they” recently announced the new courthouse expansion will open tomorrow July 22, 2013. If you would like to witness this “grand opening” you might want to be at the front doors of the new courthouse at opening of business tomorrow morning.
Courthouse rumor mill says all they are really going to do is open the Main Street doors and route everyone through the new addition into the existing courthouse.
Some say this “Rube Goldberg” new courthouse has got all kinds of design problems. Not the least of which is judge’s access from their “chambers” to the courtrooms.
Oh yea! If and when they ever figure out how to use it they will only be using it for civil court hearings.“They” forgot to build the tunnel under main street from the jail to get the convicts to the new courthouse; just like they forgot to build that overpass thing the promised from the parking garage to the new courthouse.
Can’t wait to find out what else they forgot! And don’t blame all these missing things on the fact that “look at me” Jimmy “the great” Conner “the mouth of Lake County” takes credit for cutting this cost of this project.
A little birdie (insider disgruntled employee) says the Lake taxpayers real cost of the courthouse building alone was around $90 million dollars!
We can now ad that cost amount to all the others they have used $40 million; $45 million; $46 million and now $90 million.
And, the ole hag from the out of town rag thinks the people who “ruin” Lake County are having trouble coming up with a lousy $1 million or so to renovate the “old”“hysterical” courthouse for her buttie “the shuriff?”
Sounds like we have a “new hysterical courthouse” to worry about now. Worry about how “they” are going to scheme the $5 million annual strokes on the bond debt for this “Rube Goldberg” new courthouse.

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#26 Jul 21, 2013
FDLE is "coming" back to do a 2nd investigation into the snakeland police dept sex scandals. old timers called thqt "licking your calf over."

Guess these wimps were so busy getting their rocks off they forgot they were supposed to be there investigating possible sex crimes the first time.

It is a damn good thing the people of Florida don't get all the "services" from this gestapo that we pay for. We would be up to out eyeballs in their ignorance!!!
look for this one

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#27 Jul 26, 2013
To show up here in Lake County. Hundreds of others do, they know they are protected by the pedophile in chief!

And if they somehow get caught they will fire the police that cuaght them and turn them loose!

To blond haired blue eyed boys
Vermont on edge as officials warn boys aged 12-13 to be on alert as pedophile rapist is getting out of jail on Friday
Blond-haired, blue-eyed boy aged 12-13 considered at highest risk
Timothy Szad will not be on parole but is required to notify state where he lives
Szad's parents went back on plans to allow him to move into their house after public outcry ...

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#28 Jul 30, 2013
This is terrible, when private medical messes up its still the taxpayers who will suffer. Rosco P. Coltrane strikes again.

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#29 Jul 30, 2013
And what does Borders need a million dollars for the old courthouse for? What is he gonna renovate it for? It's not like he's gonna use it.

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#30 Jul 30, 2013
With the Clermont sub-station where most of the growth has been latgely Borders has already got more square feet of buiding space than the needs or has sense enough to operate.

The old courthouse project is not about making more space for Borders and his "staff" it's about Bob McKee needing to get more money for his contrator friends. You will see every small (few million here and there) project they can imagine come about now that they have stolen the big kittie blind with all the millions for schools and downtoen buildings.

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#31 Jul 31, 2013
Well the Sheriff signed the contract with Armor Health Care yesterday. The county better start putting money aside for the inevitable lawsuits that are going to occur due to poor medical care by a company more concerned with saving money and not medicating or properly treating inmates.
Alabama Indictments

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#32 Aug 1, 2013
Everything ties together. The Armor Group is connected to the Bush Dynasty. Also if you will remember Gov Scott's Lt Gov resigned because of her connections to the veterans internet scam. In Alabama they were passing laws to outlaw all but the charity bingo halls which the mafia owned and controlled. Insiders say the FBI done their jobs in Ala but then the indictment got fixed when it got to Eric Holders. Who knows for sure.But people on the ground ain't stupid they inow what's going on. Question is how long are they going to put up with it.
Alabama Indictments

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#33 Aug 1, 2013
Feature article shows all these criminals have to do to get "unindicted" is take a trunk load of cash to the right people!
same criminals

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#34 Aug 1, 2013
Jipped wrote:
Well the Sheriff signed the contract with Armor Health Care yesterday. The county better start putting money aside for the inevitable lawsuits that are going to occur due to poor medical care by a company more concerned with saving money and not medicating or properly treating inmates.
All these armor business connections is owned by the same group of criminals that is running everything else here and around the world as well. They paid $7.5 million in fines for their sex parties and never missed "a circle jerk."

Don't sorry, soon they will be running the jail.
same criminals

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#35 Aug 5, 2013
most all of these privatized vendors are own by the same bunch of crooked stockholders. this one is well connected in KY and florida as well.

Lake jail will be the same way with the deaths as a result of the ignorance of the cheap hires that can read cursve. The good thing is the victims can still sue both Borders and the LCBCC, who is really responsible to run the jail.

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#36 Aug 28, 2013
With the new company coming in Oct. 1st, they have already told Kevin that his services are no longer needed. Now waiting to see if his buddy Gary gives him another job that he's not qualified to have.

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#40 Sep 26, 2013
Well medical is now private, come next year when Rosco has to trim his budget by another 5% I see him getting rid of his jail deputies for a privatized jail. Way to go Rosco.

Eustis, FL

#46 Sep 30, 2013
Sheriff Coltrane strikes again. The supervisors for Armor have been at the jail all weekend watching how the nurses do things. They are going to have problems cause they are already putting these non-convicted individuals lives in danger by not giving them detox meds when they come in addicted to drugs or alcohol. And to show a completes waste of tax payer money the nurses are being told they have to conduct a pregnancy test on every female inmate even the 70 year olds that get brought in. Rosco has a 3 month option to drop out of this contract hopefully he uses it. But knowing him he's going to be too busy out there chasing them Duke boys.

Eustis, FL

#48 Oct 19, 2013
Well on the 17th the city police chiefs and Major Mass had a meeting at the jail complaining about armor sending out all these inmates to the hospital tying up local police officers. So know armor is tying up officers at the hospital which means that there are less officers now patrolling the streets. Great going Sheriff Coltrane.
see see

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#49 Nov 14, 2013
Well numbers missing on these blogs show mucho comments have been removed. The media looking after their boy Borders cause he's looking after these sick minded selves huh? Scratching backs and scratching crotches like the cockroaches they are.

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