Common Core meeting in Tavares

Common Core meeting in Tavares

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#1 Jun 24, 2013
Jeb Bush pushes Common Core to ready our children for the New World Order.
He also pushes the Florida Parent Trigger Bill (which has tied twice in the senate) and other like bills in Texas and other states to empower parents to help him turn or public schools over to his Charter School Management friends.
Public Policy Committee of the Lake County Republican Party will host a forum on Thursday, June 27th, before 7pm at Tavares Community Center, 100 E. Caroline St. regarding Florida’s Common Core Education Standards for Public Schools (K-12)
The moderator is Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione. Pros and cons will be presented, then a panel will discuss the issues followed by questions and answers. Then there will be a straw vote. Recommended actions will be summarized for resolutions for State officials and others.
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#2 Jun 24, 2013
Common Core supporter’s former Lake County School Board Member Jim Miller; and Khori Whittaker, Director of External Affairs for Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future will be panel members.
In 2010, the Obama Administration offered $4+billion Federal “Free Money” grants to all states, called the “Race to the Top”. A requirement to APPLY for the grants was to agree to adopt Federally funded “Common Core” national education standards for public schools written in secret without public hearings or evidence of successful pilot programs. Two private groups developed the standards and were funded by the Federal government and grants from sources like the Bill Gates Foundation. Over 40 states agreed to adopt the unseen, unvetted standards to get Federal stimulus funds for public education. The adoption of Common Core was a Florida STATE decision and local School District Boards and staff were not consulted, but they have to implement the very expensive standards.
Common Core Forcing Marxism/Nazism on America’s Children
Common Core is a Nationalized Federal government takeover of our Education system which of course is against the law, as the Federal Government is not allowed to set any educational curriculum standards—a right reserved to the States. Least of all do they have the power to create a one size fits all complete take over of education on all levels. This is a States rights issue. The Federal Government has standardized the education curriculum that will apply to all public schools, charter schools, private schools, Christian schools and homeschooling. No one is safe from this new mandate. Common Core Standards are being mandated and implemented by the Federal Government via organizations such as National Governors Association, Achieve, and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).
What makes common core so dangerous to our children and us is becoming more evident each day. First of all, it is a one size fits all, education takeover. So, let’s say your child has a learning disorder. He or she will be left behind, as CC has no provision for helping those that can’t keep up.
The comparison of Nazism and Common Core (CC) are uncanny. One such comparison is that Nazism had Leaders and Master Teachers in the National Socialists Teachers League that visited schools and kept data files on Teachers. The Obama Administration funded 10,000 Master Teachers (MT’S) to train Teachers on CC and the MT’s will keep data files on students and Teachers. Students were taught to spy on parents and teachers. CC will have students as young as 5 participating in the evaluation of Teachers. In Nazism, the curriculum was rewritten to provide a Nazi (government) approved curriculum.. Common Core curriculum is being rewritten to provide a global approved curriculum.
Nazism kept huge data files on students and teachers and Common Core will data mine the students with over 400 different data points on each child, their family and teachers from pre-kindergarten to workforce…And one final comparison is Nazism had strong Teachers’ Unions (NSTL). We have but to look at how powerful the Teacher’s unions are in our country and only growing stronger in power and influence under this current Obama Administration’s unholy alliance with them at America’s expense and the expense of the education of our children.. The quality of the educational standards of our children has suffered at the hands of these Teachers’ Unions. Common Core is no different.
Truth About Education

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#5 Jul 28, 2013
Jeb Bush -Truth About Education
do your homework

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#6 Jul 28, 2013
Sunshine State News....

The blogs on the below link are a good place to get an education on the common core movement which has been hijacked bu Jeb Bush and his Nazi family and their minions. You will have to copy and paste the links on the blogs/
a good start

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#8 Aug 1, 2013
Now lets get rid of Jeb Bush and all his charter friends and his NEW WORLD ORDER COMMON CORE.
just watching

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#9 Aug 2, 2013
everyone should be watching closely what Jeb Bush is doing to education, not just here in Florida but around the USA

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#10 Aug 2, 2013
emails link the Bush Foundaton corporations to education officials in many states.

The Bush family training by those like
Karl Rover[r] will say this is all politics.

But how can they call it politics when the Bush's Obama and the Clinton's are all in this nice neat conspiracy together? It's not politics it's just plaim old fashioned CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF OUR SO CALLED GOVERNMENT!!!!!
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#11 Aug 3, 2013
Once again, Pam Stewart will take over as interim commissioner of education following Thursday's resignation of Tony Bennett. It's official. The State Board of Education met in emergency session Friday morning to announce Stewart as the temporary replacement for Bennett ”until someone is called to the $275,000.00 position permanently.”

She served in that role from Sept. 1, 2012 to Jan. 14, 2013, following Gerard Robinson, who resigned in August 2012 after just one year. Robinson cited family reasons for his resignation, though his tenure was wrought with controversy over the state's test-based school accountability system and failing scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

She began her career as a teacher in 1975, working as an elementary school teacher in Ward-Highlands. From there she went on to become a guidance counselor, district teaching specialist, assistant principal, and principal.

From 2004-2009 Stewart served as deputy chancellor for educator quality at the Florida Department of Education. She then became deputy superintendent for academic services for the St. Johns County School District. Florida records show her hire date as 10/18/2004 and her annual salary at $181,500.
In contrast to these outrageous salaries it should be noted that Joyce Dawley FDLE Special Agent in charge of the Orlando FDLE Office was hired by FDLE on 5/18/1981 and has an annual salary of $124,189.52. Something is definitely wrong with this picture!

It wasn't until 2011 that she returned to the state Department of Education and her annual salary at $181,500. to become chancellor of public schools.

Board member Barbara Feingold had high words of praise for Bennett. She said she was “disappointed” and “disheartened” by Bennett’s resignation. The sentiment was shared by other members of the board.

“I think we have a mess on our hands and we have an opportunity on our hands,” said State Board of Education member Kathleen Shanahan. She advised that the board meet before its next meeting, which is scheduled for September.
Here is where the problems for Florida’s teacher’s and students comes to play:

MEMBERS AGREED THEY HAD A STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE OF FLORIDA’S EDUCATION AND WOULD PERSEVERE WITH IT. They vowed not to allow Bennett’s resignation to throw the Sunshine State off course. REALLY!!!!!!!
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#12 Aug 3, 2013
“In less than eight months on the job, Bennett had already shown a flair for the ambitious. He continued work to put the national Common Core education standards in place. He began work on a reorganization of the Department of Education. And instead of waiting for poor school grades to be unveiled -- a mistake that tripped up his predecessor, Gerard Robinson -- Bennett acted to curb the damage when superintendents first raised warnings of a possible public-relations disaster.”
In May, school officials had to pass an emergency rule that lowered the passing score for the state's writing exam after the majority of fourth- and eighth-graders failed the FCAT.

Once again, Stewart takes over the temporary position in a time of serious transition for Florida’s schools, which are preparing to fully implement the national Common Core Standards for the Sunshine State’s students. Common Core is expected to be a higher level of learning for Florida’s students and will cause them to think more critically about classroom material. Common Core is expected to be fully implemented by the 2014-2015 school year.

In May 2012 - President Obama praised former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's education leadership at a Miami school. Nationally, both Republicans and Democrats are listening to Bush's education ideas.
Indiana education superintendent Tony Bennett was new to office and looking to make dramatic changes to his state’s schools. The biggest? Require third graders pass a state reading test or get held back. But the state lawmakers were hesitant. Ultimately Bennett was ousted as Indiana education superintendent and picked up by Jeb Bush and Rick Scott In January 2013 as Florida Commissioner of Education. He resigned Thursday August 1, 2013 after emails connecting him to orders manipulating grades of Charter Schools in Indiana. Bush and Scott pulling his strings had yet another controllable person at their fingertips.
In Indiana, Bennett and Gov. Mitch Daniels, both Republican, called in some help: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He pioneered the third grade reading requirement a decade ago.
“Jeb Bush has…a big mind and a big heart for education reform,” Bennett said.“I believed in my heart that he had a great blueprint.” REALY???? New World Order training for our youth!
Bush helped convince Indiana lawmakers to approve the plan. For the first time this year, Indiana third graders must pass a reading test to advance to fourth grade.
That’s just one example of Bush’s continuing influence in education, even though he no longer holds public office.[He just runs everything from his underground bunkers.]
Here’s another big one: Bush wrote the foreword to Mitt Romney’s education plan. Bush’s ideas serve as the basis for much of Romney’s plan. Romney even thanked Bush by name in his speech outlining the plan.
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#13 Aug 3, 2013
And it’s not just Republicans heaping on the praise. President Obama lauded Bush’s education leadership during a trip to a Miami school last year.
But as his influence has grown, many also blame Bush for shortcomings in the national effort to overhaul U.S. schools.
In Texas, Florida and other states, local school boards are revolting against standardized tests — the backbone of Bush’s data-driven student measurement.
Critics say he’s attempting to privatize public education, They point out his ties to companies that profit from education contracts. The list of Bush family ties to various educational initiatives is astounding.
They note that Bush colleagues are now spread throughout the education world. Brother Neil (Silverado Savings and Loan disaster fame) founded an online education company, Ignite! Learning. The Prentice hall World History book which laments the greatness of Islam is published by Bush’s colleagues at Pearson Publishing. Former Bush deputies run large charter school companies, sit on Florida’s board of education and work for the federal department of education.
BIO of MaryEllen Elia is Superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools. Elia began as a social studies teacher in New York.
Fethullah Gulen, lives in Pennsylvania. From there he runs a $25 billion international network. He is a prime mover behind the rapid Islamization of Turkey, and he urges Muslims to build schools to indoctrinate an entire generation. He is tied to hundreds of Gulen charter schools right
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#14 Aug 3, 2013
I recently heard from a teacher at a Gulen Movement school.“There are so many ethical violations occurring here every day,” he told me,“that it is hard to know where to start.” And worse, there is open support for jihad: When news broke of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings, several students defended the attack and expressed concern for the well-being not of the victims, but of the bombers.“They have also,” said the teacher,“expressed theories that 9/11 was a hoax and that Americans and the West are Islamophobic.”
Beyond that, the educational standards and priorities are abominable.“This school cares little for education and more for PR,” says the teacher. The administration, he says, doesn’t appear to have any background or training in either education or leadership.“Our vice principal has no idea what he is doing; this is evident in the fact that no one can ever find him, and he does not seem to know even basic information about mission statements, curriculum, standards, etc.” The dean of academics “does not even know what is in our curriculum, and he has frequently asked teachers to go easier so that students can get good grades.”
Bush is using the network and political muscle he developed while governor to push Florida lawmakers to try new ideas. Once tested in Florida, the ideas are shipped to other states.
“If it’s your playground and you have a chance to play in it, why not?” Oropeza said. So that’s what he’s doing.“The problem is he’s using Florida as a Petri dish.”
Simply put; Pam Stewart is just a well paid foot soldier and back up in place to carry the torch for those whose goals are to destroy. Tony Bennett like his predecessor he is a soldier of the establishment in place to effectively destroy the public school systems and replace them with various Charter School for profit management companies with connections to Jeb Bush and other members of the Bush family and their close friends. Like a game of chess they will simply move this king to a new location where if the people fail to do their homework he will continue to push the Common Core initiatives for his New World Orders handlers.
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#15 Aug 4, 2013
Posted at 5:15 PM ET, 12/ 1/2010

Sponsors tell story of Jeb Bush ed convention
By Valerie Strauss

If you have any doubt about the direction of where school reform is headed in this country, look at the sponsors of former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s two-day education conference in Washington, D.C.
The conference, which ended today, was the work of the Foundation for Education Excellence, Bush’s vehicle for staying at the forefront of school reform efforts not only in Florida but across the country (he says he’s not running for president in 2012 but a lot of people don’t quite believe him).
Big topics for discussion were charter schools, choice, innovation and technology. Bush drew to the convention state education secretaries, school superintendents and others, mostly people on board with today’s brand of education reform.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan gave the keynote speech today; the Republican Bush led a standing ovation for the Democratic Duncan, showing that school reform is, indeed, a bipartisan effort, if not a monolithic one.
Bush and Duncan agreed on a number of issues in a question-and-answer period after Duncan’s keynote address -- high standards, accountability -- but there were points where the two had differences, including federal support for private school vouchers.
Both called for the next Congress to quickly reauthorize No Child Left Behind, but Duncan urged changes to the law, noting that it was too inflexible and had led to the narrowing of curriculum in public schools as well as to lower academic standards as states struggled to meet unreasonable targets set by the law.
“This may be the one issue folks can work together on,” Duncan said, as he urged state education chiefs and others in the audience to lobby Congress to move ahead on NCLB.
What tells the story of the convention best is the list of convention sponsors:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Broad Foundation
The Walton Family Foundation
Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
McGraw Hill Education
Apex Learning
Susan and Bill Oberndorf
The Foundation for Educational Choice
Apex Learning
Barton Malow Design/Construction Services
Charter Schools USA

Big money, big business. That’s school reform today.
their uncommon core

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#16 Aug 5, 2013
The Common Core Bush Nazi brigade is having yet another COMMON CORE meeting. The people have become so educated on this NEW WORLD ORDER YOUTH MOVEMENT that many other states are backing out of this criminal conspiracy. In the article below they do not even name thos speakers at this event.

That is because Jeb Bush and so many of his BOLD REFORMERS have been identified and connected to the Muslim Gulen Movement and others that Bush and his family can no longer run from these facts available to the American people. COMMON CORE IS NOT ABOUT CHILD EDUCATION - IT IS ALL ABOUT CHILD PROGRAMING FOR THE FUTURE OF THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER.

Hey parents and teachers don't be stupid and in the dark - do your own homework on this Bush family education movement evidence in government business and other documents showing their connections to the charter school ownerships is right there for the looking!!!!!!
their uncommon core

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#17 Aug 5, 2013
Also for those interested in who is providing the refreshments as mentioned in the above article:

THE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION OF LAKE COUNTY, INC. mentioned in this article is comprised of:


Parents and teachers should inquire of these people as too whether or not they know what they are supporting? Have they done their homework on common Core or have they just signed on for the ride on from their handlers?

Teachers and parents need to know the answers to this.

These or our children whose lives and futures these people have seen fit to assume control over!!!

Hey, our children deserve the truth about what these people are planning for their future and what better time than right now before they get it fully implemented here and nationally, when it then becomes something like ObamaCare that destroys our education system and we still can't get rid of it!!!
tell the truth

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#18 Aug 6, 2013
The Charter School supporting rats that Jeb Bush and Rick Scott brought us from Indiana are jumping ship. Now we need to send Jeb Bush and Rick Scott packing with them! And no! We don't need CharLIE Crist and John Morgan running Florida again either.

Dale Chu, chief of staff to former Florida education commissioner Tony Bennett, resigned his post one day after his boss quit the department.
Chu came to the Florida Department of Education with Bennett from Indiana, where he had been assistant state superintendent, overseeing Indiana's education reform initiatives. He came as part of a team of Indiana transplants whom Bennett relied upon as some of his core advisers.
Chu's name also appeared on several of the emails that became the crux of an Associated Press report indicating that Bennett had changed the school grade of a charter school run by a political supporter. The story led to Bennett's abrupt resignation.
On leaving office, Bennett said he would recommend that the FLDOE retain Chu and Will Krebs, another of the relocated Indiana officials. He called them some of the most talented education leaders in the country.
So far, Chu is the only one to depart, FLDOE spokesman Joe Follick said. His resignation is official on Sept. 3, but he will be on leave until that date, according to his brief letter to interim commissioner Pam Stewart.
tell the truth

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#19 Aug 6, 2013
Jeb Bush and his Charter School movement friends have created the atmosphere of the “race to the bottom” attitude. In fact the names they give their corporations and the titles they give their programs and everything they say or do is usually found to be 180 degrees from reality.(race to the top means race to the bottom and so forth.) They want nothing more than for parents to be given the school choices with $12,822 of our tax dollars money in hand for each child, sure public education would collapse as we know it today but don’t worry they have a structure of Charter Schools management companies read to swallow up all those public schools. But don’t forget the taxpayers are still responsible for all “the whopping $34,503,434 in debt service for schools that were overbuilt and constructed/remodeled in the wrong place.$835 per child this year is to pay interest on projects that were spearheaded by Bob McKee, Jimmy Conner and their out of county (some out of state) contractor friends.

So, when the students flee to the charter schools can we at least keep the interest? If so their charter school management friends will only get each child in hand with a measly $11,978.

Who invented this charter school scheme anyway? Somebody comes in and with the right connections and support (that is why Jeb Bush wants the Parent Trigger bill) they get to take over a public school and the taxpayers still have to fund the facilities while the charter school management people get all the gravy. That scheme could only have been concocted by career politicians – Jeb Bush and his family comes to mind! They would love to say this is all about politics. Disgruntled parents and teachers just making trouble because they are scared of the “bold reform.” When you do your homework you will see this has everything to do with nationalization of our education system using their vehicle called COMMON CORE.

Right now many of the parents and teachers can not see the organized “bold educations reforms” aka mission to destroy public schools and give them to friends in high places “take over” in place.
If they can not see that now how can they be expected to determine the charter (private) schools they place their children in “are congruent with the values of their parents?” THEY CAN’T!

For instance if a parent lives in Tampa, Florida and seeks to place their children in a charter middle school they might find great reviews of one called NEW SPRINGS MIDDLE SCHOOL. A perfectly innocent and passive name for a
tell the truth

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#20 Aug 6, 2013
school right? But, a little research and they would find Tax records from 2008 showing that the "Sema Education Agency" loaned $520,000 to New Springs Charter School.
Who is "Sema Education Agency"? Sema is a Gulenist organization that also loaned a substantial amount to Fulton Science Academy and later forgave half the amount. The connections of Sema to the Gulen Movement are well documented!
Parents and teachers had better start doing their homework and educating themselves as to just who is the wolf that’s knocking on their doors – if not it will soon be too late and they will find themselves speaking in a foreign tongue.
Why does the public education system encourage failure? Because many of the very people we have put into place to manage “the public education system” really have a personal financial interest in these charter schools.
Those whose goals are to destroy our public education system and turn it over to the controls of those with leanings of THE NEW WORLD ORDER are many and well funded and well organized! It is bad enough that they want to destroy our public school systems but; to turn them over to those of the Muslim faith is unconscionable!
We can all learn that lesson from last weeks exposure of the simple little Florida Department of Education – Jeb Bush and Rick Scott facilitated the hiring of this band of Charter School friendly goons who were run out of the state of Indiana for fixing things to benefit their charter friends! When will the Bush charter school takeover goons move these suckers too next? Who gives a darn as long as they leave Florida with their tails between their legs!
The charter movement story that started in Indiana in the fall of 2012 continues to unfold in Florida.
Dale Chu, chief of staff to former Florida education commissioner Tony Bennett, resigned his post one day after his boss who brought him here from Indiana quit the department.
tell the truth

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#21 Aug 6, 2013
So far; Will Krebs and no telling how many more “low level” employees are on the Fl DOE pay roll while really working for the Jeb Bush- Rick Scott charter school takeover movement.

In September of 2012 Tony Bennett, was the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Indiana. He was elected in 2008. One of his largest donors was Christel DeHaan who owned Christel House Academy, a charter school in Indiana in addition to locations in India, Mexico and South Africa as well.

Bennett is an advocate of school vouchers and certainly no friend of public education. Like many of our Florida lawmakers and politicians, he has a personal interest in charter schools looking good from both philosophical and financial standpoints.
Christel House Academy was held out as a shining example of what charter schools could achieve and had consistently received an A rating on an A-F scale.

Just as the 2012 ratings were about to be released to the public it came to Bennett’s attention that Christel House had earned a C rating.
Heather Neal, then Bennett’s Chief of Staff sent a September 12, 2012 e-mail including the line,“Oh, crap. We can not release this grade until this is resolved.”

Later that day Bennett sent out an e-mail that read:“They need to understand that anything less than an A for Christel House compromises all our accountability work. At 8:31am the next day Bennett ended a long e-mail to Jon Gubera and Neal with the following paragraph:“If you can’t tell, I am more than a little miffed about this. I hope we come to the meeting today with solutions and not excuses and/or explanations for me to wiggle myself out of the repeated lies I have told over the past six months.”

Obviously the meeting was fruitful. The next morning Gubera sent an e-mail including the following two sentences to Will Krebs, Dale Chu, Bennett and Neal.

“Option one works. This would eliminate the HS points and ensure CH receives at least a B.” For those keeping score,(and it matters later in the article), Will Krebs
tell the truth

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#22 Aug 6, 2013
was the Director of Policy and Research; Dale Chu was the Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Then; In November 2012 Bennett was defeated for reelection by Democrat Glenda Ritz.

Fast forward - Shortly after the Indiana defeat of Tony Bennett Florida Governor Rick Scott named Bennett as Florida’s Commissioner of Education. Bennett brought Dale Chu with him as his Chief of Staff and Will Krebs as his Deputy Chief of Staff.

Tony Bennett is not without friends in high places. Just last week, his new boss Rick Scott told the press that Bennett was,“Doing a good job.” His charter school pushing friend and cohort; former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush said,“Tony started every day with the focus of creating a system that would equip kids to achieve their God-given potential.” WHAT??? JEB – WE CAN’T EVEN SAY “GOD IN SCHOOLS” REMEMBER!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

As for the value of Scott’s endorsement; after the AP located all those emails and the feces struck the aerator he accepted Bennett’s resignation on Thursday August 1st of the same week. Now Dale Chu has reportedly resigned effective September 1st but he will be on leave until that time! There must be some retirement benefit or something to bring about that magic date. No mention of Will Krebs packing yet but, the people of Florida need to clean out all of the criminals who have infiltrated our government offices and positions and send them all packing with their belongings back to where even in the hell they come from. Jeb Bush and Rick Scott need to go back to Texas and play with their hospital and oil friends and leave our Florida public schools alone.

Anyone who does not see this as clear proof of Republican greed, corruption and promotion of ignorance – in these pillars of today’s Republican Party – is simply not paying attention.

Do Republicans envision potential as the ability to manipulate the rules to achieve the desired outcome? Is this what is behind their vote results manipulation efforts?
tell the truth

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#23 Aug 6, 2013
When you donate enough to a winning candidate you can expect a return on your investment. And lets not confuse the issue the same criminals are manipulating the same issues with both parties. It worked for Christel DeHaan didn’t it?

And, if the people of Florida (and all other states as well) don’t stop these political criminals they are going to steal our public school under the name of “charters” and turn them over to their private management friends many of whom are Muslim owned or influenced.

We should all thank The Associated Press for bringing this conspiracy to light.

But, only we the people can bring a stop to all this culture of corruption that is conspiring to program our children and control our lives from the cradles to the graves.

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