Carlton Palms Abuse Article Is Very Good

Carlton Palms Abuse Article Is Very Good

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#1 Nov 4, 2012
Victims Advocates thank Lauren Ritchie for this great article highlighting the institutional abuse of those who can not defend themselves and demanding the State Of Florida stop this abuse.

We encourage Ms Ritchie to join other victim advocates in highlighting the well documented violent child sex abuse cases reported over the twenty years of operations of the Green Isle Boys Ranch,and more especially the last five of which the present sheriff of Lake County tried so hard to keep hidden from public view, but when all else failed faked up a resolution for. Abuse is abuse. Children and those who are incapable of defending themselves and animals alike require others to look out for their best interest because they can not and it is mandatory others keep them free from abuse.

Nothing can be worse than being abused and then having to live with the fact that even those who publicly claim to be our saviors are nothing more than abusers themselves who cover up the acts of others instead of protecting those who can not protect themselves.

It seems every day now more and more people are realizing just how many helpless people and kids are being abused at the hands of those who claim to be doing good for them. More and more people are beginning to ask how powerful people can cover up this abuse and walk scott free and laugh about it.

Remember every one of us has been a child and many of us will someday become elderly and infirm and unable or incapable of defending ourselves. If in that condition wouldn't every person want someone to honestly care and be concerned about their possibility of abuse?

All victims of abuse (human and animal)deserve justice for that abuse in a timely manner. Zero tolerance for abuse and those who conspire to cover up abuse should be job one in the greatest nation on earth.
Gerald S

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#3 Dec 4, 2012
Carlton Palms a Lake County home for developmentally disabled people is demanding a court hearing to contest state allegations that it failed to protect its residents from being kicked, punched and choked by staffers. Florida's Agency for Persons with Disabilities filed the complaint against Carlton Palms Education Center last month after four abuse incidents, three of which resulted in arrests of its employees. In the complaint, state officials charged with monitoring the home threatened to ban Carlton Palms in Mount Dora from accepting future clients.

Update on Carlton Palms - Just yesterday December 3, 2012 a common sized dark GMC type van pulled up to the parking lot of the Golden Corral in Eustis and unloaded at least 12-15 developmentally disabled people. It was impossibgle to count them because of the disorganization. It was also impossible for other patrons of the Golden Corral to determine who if anyone was supposed to be in charge of them. Every last one of them appeared developmentally challenged!

They totally disrupted everyone's meals. When a couple of elderly couples tried to seat at a four top next to "their party" one got verbally violent with the people because they were sitting to close to them.The waitress had to intervene and halt an altercation. No Carlton Palms supervisor was obvious in the group!

Some people say the taxpayers are paying as much as $100,000. per year to house each one of these people. If that is true the taxpayers are not getting their moneies worth and the developmentally disabled people are not receiving the proper attention from their supposed to be staff. Just to begin with moving that many people in that small van is a traffic hazzard (not enough seat belts, etc)and due to their frailing and flipping and flopping around could easily cause a crash bringing death and disabilities to themselves and other innocent persons.

No one will do anything about this because the owners are at least in some fashion caring for these "developmentally disabled people" that no one else wants to be bother with. Albeit very poor care and very expensive to the taxpayers!

We should be wondering about a trip like this that costs an average of ten dollars per head and causes so much disruption to mostly retired peoples lunches. I for one will never go back. Not because of the "developmentally disabled people" but because like so many other children they had absolutely no supervision!

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#4 Dec 23, 2012
Lake home for disabled settles abuse complaint by agreeing to changes


Gary Borders won't let his sexual intellectual detectives investigate sex crimes becaue he's afraid the victims will name him as #1 suspect!


By Erica Rodriguez, Orlando Sentinel December 20, 2012

A Lake County home for developmentally disabled people agreed Thursday to videotape common rooms at its centers and make sure its employees obey the law and report abuse as soon as they witness it.
Carlton Palms, the Mount Dora home where employees were accused of punching, kicking and choking residents, agreed to the improvements as part of a settlement stemming from an October complaint that detailed four accounts of resident abuse.
Three of the cases resulted in felony arrests of employees. The center also faces at least two lawsuits alleging abuse.
The complaint was filed by the state Agency for Persons with Disabilities, which is charged with monitoring the home and initially sought to ban Carlton Palms from accepting future residents. The home received about $24 million in Medicaid money for 89 residents last year.
Carlton Palms said in the settlement that staff training procedures met or exceeded state requirements, including training about abuse, neglect and emergency strategies.
It agreed to have a videotaping system in all residential common areas and keep all recordings for at least 30 days. The home agreed to install a prototype by Thursday in two rooms and in all rooms by June 1 or face losing future residents. The home also promised its employees will agree in writing to call the Florida Abuse Hotline as soon as they witness or suspect abuse.
Such reporting, however, already is required by law.
Sylvia Smith, legislative director for the advocacy group Disabilities Rights Florida, wrote in an email that she hopes the home has done more to protect residents than what's in the agreement.
"While such a system may provide some protection for residents, it cannot guarantee more compassionate care or a life free of abuse and neglect," she wrote. "Employees inclined to abuse residents will learn places to abuse residents where the view of a camera cannot reach."

[email protected]
upset ex employee

Lake City, FL

#5 Mar 12, 2014
I seen some devastating things while employed at this facility. it warms my heart to see someone finally stepping up and speaking out they did those kids so wrong I pray that the center get better.
all smoke and mirrors

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#6 Mar 13, 2014
upset ex employee wrote:
I seen some devastating things while employed at this facility. it warms my heart to see someone finally stepping up and speaking out they did those kids so wrong I pray that the center get better.
They have reported 3-4 people arrested for abusing people at Carlton Palms, but if you chek the court records you will find all but one of the cases was either immediately dropped by some judge or the state attorney or was never filed to begin with.

One newspaper report last year said Ken Mazik had 89 persons there for which the government was paying him $24 million a year to house. He spreads that wealth with enough politicians to keep the DCF and everybody else off his back. The sheriff covers up all the reports of sex crimes like he did his Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes for years. DCF admitted all the abuse last year but said they had decided to leave the 89 people there because moving them would be too traumatic! Guess if you spread around enough $$ to the right people like Ken Mazik and his cronies does a little physical and sexual abuse on victims like these is not defined as traumatic anymore.

All the various government agencies and systems are controlled by those who pump the money into the right politicians. The abuse of humans at the hands of the captors is well accepted as long as the right politicians are collecting their fair share of the billions of tax dollars flowing to people like Ken Mazik.

Google that name and you will find he is the man who got congress to change the laws and drop "non-profit" and allow "for-profit" corporations like his and many others to collect our tax dollars to house and care for those who can not care for themselves and their loved ones.

You see what we got, another corporate money man wrapping the criminal politicians around his finger by feeding them "Ben Franklin's."
secret or top secret

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#7 May 2, 2014
A lack of candor also can hamstring a child welfare agency’s ability to justify adequate funding, Mattingly said.“If you are not being open and honest with yourself about your failings, it’s hard to see how you could expect a public legislature to provide you with what you need to go forward.”

Said Ryan Duffy, a spokesman for Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford:“The whole point of the [reform] bill is to reduce child deaths, and if we don’t know about them, we can’t do anything about them.”

Questions about DCF’s openness with child death records arose as early as the winter of 2013, though records suggested the effort to clamp down on public information did not gain steam until several months later.

In February 2013, during the investigation of the death of a Lake County infant, Matthew Condatore, a DCF supervisor named Stephanie Weis announced “new rules” for the reporting of child deaths to agency administrators.

Matthew’s death was particularly troubling. Only months before he died, workers had been told in two separate investigation that the 11-month-old’s mother left the children for “days at a time” while she consumed a host of drugs, rendering her an unfit caregiver. The Condatore home, a report said, was “disgusting, filthy and dirty,” with bugs and roaches crawling everywhere. The first investigation was completed without DCF taking any action; the second remained open when the child died.
Matthew’s mother passed out while bathing him on Feb. 15, 2013. The boy’s 8-year-old sister found him floating in an overflowing bathtub. His mother, whom a report said was “messed up” at the time, lay unconscious near her dead infant.

“No gory details go to [headquarters] regarding the deaths unless they ask for them,” wrote Weis, a community services director, in an internal DCF email. Referring to Matthew’s death, she wrote:“I think this got everyone excited and we are where we are now — hair’s on fire.”
“Our incident reports need to be factual, clear, and to the point — no dramatization of the events. We need to look like we know what we are talking about, and we’ve got it under control.”

Beginning last year, the Herald reviewed hundreds of critical incident reports that detailed child deaths. This week, the newspaper reviewed 177 new reports. The cases include a child who drowned in an open septic tank, and a teenager who hanged himself in the woods — after DCF had declined to investigate two prior reports concerning his family, and was looking into a third at the time the boy died.

Until about wintertime, most reports were filed within days of the death, as DCF procedures require.

But sometime around November, records show, DCF Southeast Region death coordinator Frank Perry stopped filing formal death reports for the counties he oversees.

Riverview, FL

#8 Jul 7, 2014
Anyone with information on carlton palms who worked there or has personal knowledge, PLEASE post here

Riverview, FL

#9 Jul 7, 2014
upset ex employee wrote:
I seen some devastating things while employed at this facility. it warms my heart to see someone finally stepping up and speaking out they did those kids so wrong I pray that the center get better.
Please post again. I would love to speak with you.
ex employee too

Hayti, SD

#10 Sep 17, 2014
Tweety22 wrote:
Anyone with information on carlton palms who worked there or has personal knowledge, PLEASE post here
What type of information are you looking for and why?
anne gillard

Myrtle Beach, SC

#11 Sep 22, 2014
Tweety22 wrote:
Anyone with information on carlton palms who worked there or has personal knowledge, PLEASE post here
I worked as a case manager for a resident at the farm part of carlton palms I never saw anything that even hinted of abuse it is a very difficult place to work as all of the residents have a violent history I am sad to hear about the abuse. I have a child with down syndrome myself

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#12 Sep 23, 2014
Complaints detail abuse at Lake facility for disabled
October 26, 2012
A Lake County halfway house and school for severely disabled people is in trouble after a series of complaints that residents were being beaten, choked and dragged across the floor.
The incidents were detailed in a complaint state officials filed in court this month along with a petition that Carlton Palms Education Center stop accepting new patients.

Complaints that the center's staff abused disabled residents are nothing new to the home, which is tucked away in a remote orange grove just outside Mount Dora. Other complaints, dating back to 2010, detail incidents of a staffer knocking out a resident's tooth, a resident being tripped and another beaten over the head with a plastic bin until bloody.

Records with the state Agency for Persons with Disabilities, charged with monitoring the home, show that since 2010, the center has had at least eight cases of confirmed abuse. At least three of those cases this year led to felony arrests.
Law-enforcement reports, as well as complaints filed by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, tell of disabled people who were bruised and battered by employees. Arrests have been made on some of the abusers, but court records show cases dropped or drug out.
Despite all the abuse, state officials say the home, which last year received $24 million in Medicaid payments, is still safe for the residents there. Removing the 89 children and adults supported by taxpayer dollars, they say, would "unnecessarily disrupt" their lives.
"We don't want to accidentally cause more danger to them or any adverse situations because we tried to do such a large action all at once," said Jonathan Grabb, senior attorney for the agency. Grabb said the agency has boosted monitoring of the home this year since it reached a settlement agreement in February for a previous abuse complaint.
The home agreed to provide extra training about abuse, neglect and exploitation as well as fire employees involved with that abuse, according to the settlement.
In statement issued by Advoserv, the company that owns the facility, Chief Operating Officer Bob Bacon wrote that the employees involved in the cases have since been fired and staff members are trained in approved intervention techniques.
The home was established in 1987 by Ken Mazik, who sits on the board of the facility's parent company in Delaware, GI Advo Holdco Inc. Mazik is also listed as the president or director of several Mount Dora-based companies, according to state records.
Mazik could not be reached for comment about his relationship with Carlton Palms.

KEN MAZIK just like MEL SEMBLER used his money and influence to the right politicians to change the laws to increase his cash cow cash flow- BOTH ARE CHILD ABUSES EXTRAORDINARE and do we need to remind everyone about the SEX ABUSE at the Mt. Dora NATIONAL DEAF ACADEMY and SHERIFF BORDERS, MEL SELBLER’S AND DONALD S. BROWN’S GREEN ISLE BOY’S RANCH aka BRIDGES OF AMERICA suppressed sex abuse by Borders and the so called State Attorney “I can’t find anything wrong” Bradley Eugene King?

Check the political contributions of KEN MAZIK locally, state and nationally and you will find just like his fellow criminal and pervert MEL SEMBLER he rewards all of the right people to keep his houses of horror’s in operation against all odds. DCF has tried before to close all these organized child abuse facilities down to no avail. They have enough money to pay off the criminals in power and keep right on abusing our children and killing our children.

United States

#13 Sep 23, 2014
Just watch the results of the faked up investigations by Sheriff Gary Borders and SA “King Brad” offices in the death of 14-year-old autistic girl Paige Lunsford. If they do anything at all it will be like JESSICA LUNSFORD they will pass another worthless law and name it after her!

Officials were Flown to Resort in Florida to lobby for this facility
Even before he won a significant change in the nation's child welfare laws, Mr. Mazik had much success lobbying the government officials who decide where to place troubled children and how to regulate their care.
The public wards now in Mr. Mazik's care include those in a 52-bed center that he opened without a license in the mid-1980's in Mount Dora, Fla., 25 miles northwest of Orlando. It went unlicensed by the state for years, because it imported children from other states, under government contracts, but took none from Florida, said Kingsley Ross, formerly the state's director of developmental services.
Carlton Palms is what's known as a comprehensive transitional education center, the only one of its kind in the state. It is supposed to provide training, education and treatment to people with severe behavior problems. Some also have medical conditions that require round-the-clock care. The niche designation means the facility can charge a significantly higher rate for certain Medicaid-funded services.
A little-noticed change in federal laws engineered by its founder, Kenneth M. Mazik. The change has opened the way for for-profit orphanages to compete for the billions of dollars that the Government spends each year to support poor children who are taken away from homes judged unfit. It comes at a time when many experts predict that welfare changes will push thousands of children from their homes and into the care of the state.
Historically, only foster families or nonprofit institutions, mostly charity-based, were eligible for this money. It is now the last unlimited pool available for poor children.
The change was made without debate, unlike other measures in the sweeping welfare legislation signed into law. Through the efforts of the company, a single word --''nonprofit''-- was deleted from an obscure paragraph of the 400-page bill that dismantled six decades of poverty policy. That small alteration is swelling the wave of business interest in the poor that has swept national corporations traded on Wall Street as they move deeper into sectors traditionally left to religious and philanthropic groups, public agencies and mom-and-pop operations.

''My whole bottom line argument is if the state decides to send a child to a facility, if they like the track record and the cost, what does the form of ownership have to do with it?''
W. J. Hindman, who founded Youth Services International, goes further, championing for-profit orphanages as places to turn poor children into taxpayers and adding,''When you attract business and industry, you attract capital.''

Youth Services International is under federal lawsuits here in Florida and other states for abuse of the juveniles in the custody. Here in Florida facility administrator’s have been sued by “victims” who have been taken the administrator’s private home bedroom’s and sexually assaulted. One facility is under suit for a lesbian taking girls to her home for recruitment and training!

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#14 Sep 23, 2014
Every juvenile prison in Florida is privately owned and operated by insiders of our “syndicated criminal government.” Florida has 18 PRIVATE Florida Department of Children and Families - Community-Based Care Programs receiving MILLION’S every year! The Fifth Circuit is called KIDS CARE the CEO is a well connected insider whose salary remains top secret!

They have the eminent power to take away the children born to those in their care and adopt out or sell those babies. All under secret rituals aka adoptions before judges whose character leaves a lot to be desired to say the least. All adoption files are sealed forever to all non-involved parties.

What Is Community-Based Care?
Community-Based Care is a comprehensive redesign of Florida's Child Welfare System. It combines the outsourcing of foster care and related services to competent service agencies with an increased local community ownership of service delivery and design. This innovative statewide reform increases accountability, resource development, and system performance.

Program Description: The department's community-based care initiative has captured the interest of the nation by actively negotiating and contracting with respected local, non-profit agencies to provide child welfare services in their local communities for children who have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned. Communities coming together on behalf of their most vulnerable children demonstrates what community-based care was designed to do: transition child protective services to local providers under the direction of lead agencies and community alliances of stakeholders working within their community to ensure safety, well-being, and permanency for the children in their care..

This innovative new system includes key features that address common problems and challenges in child welfare systems, such as;
• Contracting with, local lead agencies through competitive procurement to engage community stakeholders in designing their system of care, and to develop and maintain a service delivery network within their service area.
• Formation and support of Community Alliances of local stakeholders, community leaders, client representatives, and other agencies funding human services. An Alliance may cover one or more counties, as determined locally. Duties of Community Alliances include, but are not limited to joint planning for resource utilization, needs assessments and establishment of community priorities, determination of local outcome goals supplemental to state outcome requirements, and community education and advocacy.
• A formal process was developed for assessing and preparing local Department units and Lead Agencies to safely transition services from the state to the local provider network. The Department's Readiness Assessment process utilizes an external team of Peer Experts to assess the development of the local infrastructure and transition plans, as well as provide technical assistance to both parties prior to initiating transfer of any services.

A statewide network of comprehensive, community-based care agencies have been equipped to manage and deliver services to Florida's foster youth.

United States

#15 Sep 23, 2014
September 23, 2014 - LAKE COUNTY, Fla.—
Carlton Palms Educational Center is facing problems again, this time over the death of 14-year-old autistic girl Paige Lunsford.

Lunsford died in July of last year just two weeks after she was admitted to the Lake County facility.

In a 22-page report, Florida Department of Children and Families investigators blamed Lunsford's death on medical neglect and inadequate supervision at the hands of Dr. Robert Lynch and nurse Bonnie Clugston.

Channel 9's Mario Boone has learned the Lake County Sheriff's Office has turned over its criminal file on the incident to the state attorney, who is considering a charge of manslaughter against caregivers.

One Carlton Palms employee told Boone that the findings weren't a surprise.

"I feel, as a caregiver, the concerns are not being heard from the executive perspective," the employee, who did not want to be identified, said.

Carlton Palms receives millions of dollars in state (and federal) funding to house and care for people with special needs.

Since 2001, state investigators have received nearly 150 complaints of abuse or neglect.

There's a pending recommendation by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to fine Carlton $10,000 and halt intake of new patients.

"I agree, and until they fix the problems that are going on now it's going to continue to happen," the employee told Boone.

"Can Carlton Palms be saved? Can the problems there be fixed?" Boone asked the employee.

"They can be saved," the employee said.

Channel 9 reported on the center in July when an employee was accused of intentionally dousing a student with hot water, causing second-degree burns and blisters.

United States

#16 Sep 23, 2014
Concerned about Domestic Violence high salaries while shelters are in great need. Tiffany Carr $326,000. salary as CEO of a minor non profit with exclusive rights to distribute DCF Domestic Violence funds. Her assistant hauls in a reported $290,000.
Office of Domestic Violence Program Sr Management Analysis Supervisor Renee C. Starrett answered our inquire to Governor Scott by saying,
"Please be assured that we have evaluated spending by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence including executive staff salaries, and are satisfied that their administrative costs are less than one percent of state contracted funds."
We can't help but wonder if Governor Scott is aware of the answer given about salary abuse with State of Florida Funds.
Somehow top employees a small private company are each allowed 1% of the total cost of all shelters of $31,000,000 to distribute the funds! It appears to top state officials that a private company has stepped into the distribution of funds and skims 1% for the top employee and 1% for her assistant, according to Federal Tax 990 filing.
DCF gives funds to a private company and at that point salaries double and tripple the DFC Secretary's annual salary and that of his Deputy. See below.
Below are DCF appropriate salaries for your position as senior management, and other DCF employees. Non profit is not a license to abuse spending of state funds. Perhaps a non profit is too expensive a choice to be involved in the distribution of state funds.
Reasonable Salaries with much greater responsibilities
* DCF Secretary $140,000 annual salary
* Suzanne Vitale Deputy Secretary, 128,000 annual salary
* Senior Management Renee Starrett $70,000 annual salary
One percent would be excellent if Ms Carr's enterprise actually earned the funds or even raised the funds putting on fund raisers. In fact the state of Florida gives her company a fat $32 million check and she gives it out to 42 shelters. Of course that is a simplification but accurate.
A very small staff in a single office could distribute and coordinate this fund Each of the shelters has a director and the extra funds would go directly to the families.$250,000 for the entire staff budget could easily distribute and coordinate the funds distribution of the state funds. That is .0078125 of 1%. The tax payers of Florida will look into this issue. We will poll the shelters and determine if they would rather have Ms. Carr receive the extra $250,000 currently passing to a "wind fall" to Ms Carr. Salaries should be audited in the distribution of state funds creating a more reasonable distribution system for tax payer funds. If the top two salaries exceed $600,000 combined, an audit will likely turn over more excess and waste. If Ms Carr can be paid at this level what other expenses might be excessive. It may be time to take away the exclusive opportunity that has been given to Ms Carr's private company by past legislation.
It seems that Governor Rick Scott and every person we talk with, is not concerned about the excessive pay Ms Carr is allowed by DCF, as the head of such a small private organization.
Across the state private citizens donate diapers and needed items to these desperately needy families at domestic violence shelters, while the salaries take funds that should go to needy, as the legislature intended and the tax payers of Florida intended. Senators pass $60,000,000,000 budgets but never would consider taking $326,000 salary plus benefits for themselves.
It would appear that the State Funding does not justify spending over $300,000 for a director of a 501 c3. An examination of the tax return 990 shows the combined salary of the top person T. Carr and her assistant tops $600,000.
Apparently Ms Carr has stated that she would not mind if her salary would be cut to a reasonable amount. We think perhaps $70,000 $100,000 might be appropriate for her level job.

United States

#17 Sep 23, 2014
We will ask the legislature to introduce competitive bidding into the process of handing out state funds. 1% of legislative funding amounts is not appropriate.
The Senators who appropriated the funds make closer to $30,000.(above the table!)

We will have to look closer. One group should not control the funding by tax dollars to domestic violence groups around the state.

Florida Non Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document NumberN11000010627FEI/EIN Number611664714Date Filed11/15/2011StateFLStatusAC TIVE
Principal Address

Registered Agent Name & Address
Officer/Director DetailName & Address

BUSH, COLUMBA [As in wife for JEB BUSH]

Title Director

Title Director

There is no doubt when the Bush family gets there arms in the cookie jar all the way up their elbows, their friends get rich, they get richer and the tax payers get poorer and poorer every day.
These people do not care one thing about abused women and children. All they care about is just more scheme to defraud the taxpayers and anyone else dumb enough to throw their dollars in a pot with a Bush and their partner Rick Scott holding the handle.

United States

#18 Sep 23, 2014
And wonder just how much the CEO of Kids Central Leaders in Compassionate Child Welfare Services big fat salary is? Rick Scott ordered that deleted from the website!
Meet the members of Kid Central’s leadership team by reading the bios below. You’ll discover a tremendous group of child-welfare experts dedicated to serving our area with the very best community-based care services possible.
John Cooper, CEO
John Cooper is a recognized human services leader known for developing a strategic vision and following through to achieve results. John has an extensive human services background with management and performance improvement experience. He is a results-oriented leader that uses an integrated approach to implementing management systems and internal processes to drive organizational excellence. He believes in strong community and external stakeholder partnerships with a focus on collaborative networking and to achieve desired outcomes. John was appointed as the Department of Children and Families Assistant Secretary by Secretary David Wilkins in August of 2011. He served as the DCF Regional Director for Central Florida for four and half years prior to the appointment. John has worked for the Department of Children and Families in several different capacities; starting as a child abuse investigator, supervisor and manager, Deputy Director of the Florida Abuse Hotline, and District Operations Administrator.
John is active in his community and serves on several local boards and coaches youth sports. He has coached girls fast pitch softball, boys little league, and flag football. He has been married for 14 years and is the proud father of two girls and two boys. John enjoys outdoor activities with his children; boating, white water rafting, and swimming.
John was born in Pennsylvania and later moved to Florida earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from Florida State University and served in the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer.
Disgusted Former Employee

Leesburg, FL

#19 Sep 29, 2014
Tweety22 wrote:
Anyone with information on carlton palms who worked there or has personal knowledge, PLEASE post here
As a recent employee who resigned the beginning of September this year, I can tell you that it didn't matter how many times I reported abuse, NOTHING happend. I genuinely cared for my residents and advocated for them. They are human beings and didn't deserve the mistreatment they were given. No matter how old those adults were, they were still someone's child and Carlton Palms was being trusted to care for them. It is my GOAL to have this place shut down! I was out of there when I realized that nobody was going to do anything about the abuse.

Riverview, FL

#20 Oct 1, 2014
ex employee too wrote:
<quoted text>
What type of information are you looking for and why?
I am pursuing them for abuse of my son with restraints that they were not authorized to use.

Chicago, IL

#21 Oct 6, 2014
Get 'em tweety. If we were to give the families $100K plus a year to care for their disabled loved ones, we would save money and these people would be treated with love. Instead, we give millions to for-profit leaches who pay employees minimum wage to babysit those who are most at risk. Good care isn't cheap and cheap care isn't good.

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