mt dora police department

mt dora police department

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jim jones

Eustis, FL

#1 Jul 18, 2010
this is true, the police department has been "expanding" the truth for awhile. they do what they have to make it them look good at a cost to others. dirty politics of this caliber shouldnt be in a small town like this..its a shame what the brass of the pd has done to the city and their own department
Jesse james

Eustis, FL

#2 Jul 25, 2010
MDPD is a very CORRUPT department.If that is what you want to call it.Is is ran by Lt. Robert Bell and Chief T. Randall Scoggins.Corruption breeds corruption.Ask,Lt.Robert Bell Who is paying for his apartment?Mount Dora was a very Quaint town Until Scoggins came in town and tried to change MDPD to Hogan's Hereos.
Mikey knows

Tavares, FL

#3 Jul 27, 2010
I guess now days MDPD is NOT the place to learn how to be an honest Police Officer.After all..Aren't cops suppose to "Protect and Serve the community"? Alot of people in the City Limits of Mount Dora wish that the "OLD" Chief was back.
Sounds like MDPD is a disgrace and someone should do something?What bout the Sheriff of Lake County?
Can't he suggest something?
Trouble in Paradise

Eustis, FL

#4 Jul 28, 2010
Who is the "MOLE" at the moment?
Who is taking alot of the heat, for what Scoggins and Lt.Robert bell should be held accountable for?
All of the honest and hardworking police officers with integrity at the MDPD are walking on eggshells.
Holly Smokes

Eustis, FL

#5 Jul 28, 2010
Welcome to "Hogan Heroes" This is a classic example of Scoggins & Bell.
FYI...Scoggins? Look familiar?
Gee Wizard

Tavares, FL

#6 Jul 30, 2010
Is it possible that Mount Dora Police Department gave Robbin Mayfield a marked unit to go "RESCUE" a family member?Once again MDPD is allowing a "Civilian" to take a marked patrol car "OUT OF JURISDICTION"?
Chief Scoggins? Why?Are you wasting taxpayers money?
Johnny Be Quick

Tavares, FL

#7 Jul 30, 2010
Oh, Oh, where have you been?That ain't nothing new about Scoggin's and his crew.If you are in the click? You can get away with pretty much "Anything".Ask current employees that continue to walk on very thin ice.
Am I correct

Miami, FL

#8 Jul 30, 2010
did mayfiled take a patrol outta state too?
How about That

Tavares, FL

#9 Jul 30, 2010
That is correct.Mayfield did indeed take a city paid car out of state.Mayfield gets to take a city paid car wherever she may waana go!
Last I checked Mayfield is not a police Officer in any state.
Good Ol Boys

Tavares, FL

#10 Jul 30, 2010
Of course, Robbin Mayfield gets to take a patrol car wherever she pleases...She is part of "Good Ol Boys"
The real truth

Tavares, FL

#11 Jul 30, 2010

As I did in the other post I feel it necessary to tell the REAL TRUTH. I am close enough to know many of the fine men and women working for MDPD I have heard some of the idiotic comments you IDIOTS are spewing.

1. Robin Mayfield has never driven a marked patrol car and to say she drove one out of state is IDIOTIC

2. If you are serious about wanting the "old" chief back. Surely you are not talking about the complete IDIOT (like you) norman warren. The chief that was stalking a woman and was followed by the lake county sheriffs office for months. the one that used to be a dog catcher and after leaving became a walmart mall cop

3. Attend one of MDPDs xmas parties and witness the good work ALL of the men and women are doing I have been to two of them and have witnessed it myself

4. You speak of 'corruption" why dont you come forward with evidence, because there is none, ask the crazy people who attempted to dig it up in the past

5. I know of Lt Bell and Chief Scoggins and there are not two other people in the city that care more about the agency and the city of mount dora then the two of them

6. You speak of the "Good Ol Boys" if they are the people that are performing at a higher standard and there are many, then maybe the ones who dont perform are the "Not so good ol boys". If there are some that think they deserve special treatment because of their longevity, education or anything else you IDIOTS can think of, then forget it I dont think the chief is that kind of leader.

7. Dig down deep into your idiotic selves and look in the mirror. Ask yourself, why am I really spewing this trash, is it because you are not performing, not happy with yourself or just choose to spend all of your time being an IDIOT.

In these times that a small group of agenda driven crazies are dismantling our once great city, people that actually care should be banding together to fight against this group and take our city back. They dont care about the city, the employees or the citizens, they care about their own self serving agendas. Help the Mayor and others take our city back and quit the lies and unsubstantiated accusations.

I know those are big words, so let me put it in a way you IDIOTS can understand. If you dont have anything constructive to say, shut the F up!!!

It is hard enough on the men and women of the MDPD in these times with no raises, less police officers and legislators who dont care about them to have you IDIOTS spewing. I wouldnt want to be out there facing the criminals of today and having to read you IDIOTS dumb#*@& comments.

And that you IDIOTS is the REAL TRUTH!!!
I only speak the truth

Atlanta, GA

#12 Jul 31, 2010
Oh I am sorry, you are right it wasn’t marked, it was an unmarked Crown Vic.

You have a lot of nerve calling out Warren for stalking ANYBODY when, you, yes you Lt. Bell do it on a weekly basis. Whether it’s some young girl whose panties you are trying to get or the “criminals” you continue to harass.

Christmas party? HA! If I want to see you IDIOTS drunk all I have to do is go to Rod-e-ho or Macgregors.

Evidence of corruption? Impossible with a corrupt Lt and chief who swwep everything under the rug.

You are correct, sir, the chief is not any kind of leader, look what he lets Bell get away with.

I am spewing the truth because the hard-working citizens of Mt Dora need to know what their tax dollars are really paying for.

Raises???? Shouldn’t you have an above average performance to get a raise? Maybe with Homich and Eppich the council has FINALLY caught on!!!!
Time For Changes

Tavares, FL

#13 Jul 31, 2010
How sad that even Lt. Bell admits that the City Of Mount Dora is not the same.Yes,it is time for a change...
Lt. Bell and Scoggins? feeling a little heat? Why? did it take a week to even respond?Because both of you know? the "Corruption" needs to stop.

Robbin Mayfield did take a "CITY" vehicle out of the State of Florida with your knowledge.
Do you want to dispute that fact?

Isn't true that "SOME" of the MDPD employees got raises? After the budget cut?
Would you like to dispute that Lt. Bell?

I don't think you have a leg to stand on when it comes to the "Corruption" Lt. Bell, "YOU" are a big problem, with "Why" the department is run in the manner it is ran..Which we all know "NOW" that it is better to keep our mouths shut!!! retaliation from you, or someone who is up your ass that particular moment!! Is that a accurate or fair statementto say?
The "FOLKS" in Lake County are not blinded by Chief Scoggins or Lt. Bell anymore.
How many years did it actually take?
Let the truth be known...
Mother Goose

Atlanta, GA

#14 Jul 31, 2010
All around the Mt Dora PD
The citizens were chased by the weasel.
The citizens thought 'twas all in fun.
Pop! goes the weasel.
A $20 for ok info,
A $50 for a biggie.
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the weasel.
Up and down Lincoln Ave,
In and out of Eagle 1,
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the weasel.
Half a gram of white stuff for your nose,
Lt Rob will make it a half a ounce on the report,
Change it up, falsify the charges and nobody will know
Pop! goes the weasel.

Eustis, FL

#15 Aug 1, 2010
There are a few great officers that still work at MDPD.
I too know Robert Bell and am NOT surprised at all of these "BLOGS" against Robert.Robert is a liar and a manipulator, and most of all a backstabber,and you can ask several people who know him, male, or female,they will tell you the same.BUT just be aware that Robert is such a great liar you should stay away from him.
Chief, and Deputy Chief know all about Robert.
Anne was smart enough to distance herself away from Roberts bizare behavior.The fact of the matter is,it can be PROVEN that Chief Scoggins allows this type of bizare behavior from Robert.I encourage you to ask the Chief to ride along with a few different police officers day and night that work at MDPD.Robert has stated to a few employees recently that if we are not happy then we need to get the F** outta here.Robert? why do you continue to backstabb everyone?And continue to call half of MDPD police officers names?
Ask Anne and half of MDPD what names Robert calls the mother of his few own children.
Ask Wade,Nick,Keith Taylor,and former Sgt. Flanary about what all the women Robert would call them,most of the women still work at MDPD.. Ask the "NUTTY Bitc**s" the truth about who sleeps with who? Including Robert while was still living with Anne.
We need an HONEST Chief that will stand behind all of the police officers.Not the ones he likes.

Eustis, FL

#16 Aug 1, 2010
What the Hell is going on in MDPD?
Common Sense

Orlando, FL

#17 Aug 3, 2010
Wow! You people are silly! I was clicking around the internet and found this "blog". What is this, a site for disgruntled people who received tickets or got fired from this place? Anyone who would waste their time writing something negative on this crap is clearly a loser! And I guess that makes me a loser too for writing something about them. Get a life people! Especially those who aren't even policed by these people. Now I have to go do something productive for 10 minutes to replace the 5 minutes I wasted on this.
I pity the Fool

Atlanta, GA

#18 Aug 4, 2010
It wouldnt be silly if you werethe victim
Wondering Why

Eustis, FL

#19 Aug 5, 2010
It is only obvious that the Common Sense blogger either is a friend of someone mentioned in the blog.Or really does not know how MDPD operates.
It may be a good idea for that blogger to take a ride thru Lake County and take a cruise thru the City Limits of Mount Dora and talk to a few current police officers or for that matter any city or county employee of Lake County.See for yourself what the word" on the streets are.
Some people are not afraid to tell the truth about MDPD.
Let the facts and the truth be known about MDPD.

Leesburg, FL

#20 Aug 6, 2010
Gee Wizard wrote:
Is it possible that Mount Dora Police Department gave Robbin Mayfield a marked unit to go "RESCUE" a family member?Once again MDPD is allowing a "Civilian" to take a marked patrol car "OUT OF JURISDICTION"?
Chief Scoggins? Why?Are you wasting taxpayers money?
A marked car? Did you not see her get out of a maroon expedition on the camera. Get your facts straight moron

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