Deputies respond to Downing-Clark dis...

Deputies respond to Downing-Clark disturbance, arrest 20

There are 54 comments on the Calhoun Times story from Jan 6, 2010, titled Deputies respond to Downing-Clark disturbance, arrest 20. In it, Calhoun Times reports that:

At approximately 10:20 p.m., Monday night, Jan. 4, Gordon County deputy sheriffs responded to the report of a disturbance at the Downing - Clark Center Inc., a juvenile resident treatment facility, located at 1773 Trimble Hollow Road in unincorporated Gordon County.

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DCC Educator

Cartersville, GA

#21 Mar 4, 2010
I am probably lowering my character and integrity for getting on this forum and posting a comment, heck, I needed help to find this thing so not many people could know about it. I just want to say that I have been "Blessed" to work at DCC for the past year and having those wonderful young ladies in my classroom and the others as well. These young ladies inspired everyone one of us educators, everyday was not easy but it isn't at any school, trust me. The young ladies I saw each day just needed nurturing, and positive attention and they responded like any young adult in America. I know that the educators love and care for these girls deeply, we taught them hard everyday with high energy and enthusiasm and they always responded with proof that they were progressively learning. I PRAY each day that God takes care of these young ladies and that our paths will cross theirs and they will have become successful in life...and I know they will. I also want to say that our Principal, MM has been a tremendous role model and mentor in my life and someone I will always cherish. Thanks to all educators and staff that I worked with, you too have been a "Blessing" to me.
lettin the truth b known

Calhoun, GA

#22 Mar 4, 2010
i know first hand what its like at dcc yeah alot of the girls came along way and i'm so proud of them for what changes as better young ladies they made. i know this job could have been better in many ways but what place couldn't use some change. the worst part is people don't understand what it's like for youths to threaten to harm staff or threatened your job because they are in good with some of the head people, or what it's like to have a youth if you even looked at her she'll attack you. as far as being out of ratio that wasn't issue state law is one staff to seven youth. when staff is really one to five youth at dcc. Due to the risk of some girls threatening to run or trying to harm others there wasn't always alot for the girls to do other than being on the halls and separated. i want it to be known that mrs. cindy told the police the night of the "riot" to go ahead and take the girls if we couldn't get them under control and they didn't calm down. then we were threatened that charges would be filed if we talked to the girls about that nite. the worst thing is the girls wanted to talk about to get there emotions off there chest and we had to basically ignore them or change the subject about something that really upset them and this made some girls act out. mrs. cindy didn't do fair with all the supervisors and behavioral refs some were treated better than others. i loved my job with a passion and i felt like i did my part as a human when i watched a youth grow and change so much for the better. my time has came to an end but it was a fun ride the whole way, even on the hectic days. at the end it is all about the girls, how they are feeling, how they turn out, and the changes they are going through. so what im saying no matter what happens with being unemployeed the girls still got the worst end of the deal. alot of them learned to trust, love , and care for the only family they had at the time whether it being staff or other girls. AT THE END I LOVE ALL YOU GIRLS AND HOPE YALL BE ALRIGHT AND KEEP YA HEADS UP.


#23 Mar 7, 2010
I loved working at Downing/Clark! I am sick to see this facility closed. Ms. Cindy and Kelly had a vision and expected their employees to share that vision. Reading these childish comments let me know you cared nothing for the girls; only your pay check! I feel mistakes were made on the night of the riot, but they were ones we could get through. To some of us this work had became part of our lives. I pray for the girls, and hope in a small way that we employees that truly cared made a difference in their lives. I would work for Downing/Clark again if given the opportunity. I loved my job!


#24 Mar 7, 2010
I work for Downing/Clark and I know there were mistakes made the night of the riot.There was nothing that we could not correct.Ms. CIndy and Ms. Kelly had a vision, and they expected their employees to share that vision. Reading the hateful insults from some of you has made me sick. I gather you did not care for the girls; only that paycheck. It takes a special person to work with some of these girls that for me is a big part of my life. These youth were priority, and not your petty feelings. I am heart-sick that DCC is shutting down. I am goung to miss the girls so much. Ms. Cindy and Ms. Kelly are fine ladies that cared, and I pray they open up again. I loved my job, and hope another opportunity preasents itself for me to work for them again. God bless them and the beautiful girls that we have had to say goodbye to.

Cartersville, GA

#25 Mar 9, 2010
I Loved this place as well but it really needed to be shut down. It was run with rogue intentions, Cindy Downing is a sick individual who had no vision for this place. I thought Kelli Clark did but I have recently discovered the only differences between Kelli and Cindy is that Kelli was smile in your face while Cindy frowned in your face. Girls were not given meds for numerous occasions, the "riot' was toatlly out of control...look at the videos, they speak for themselves. Downing Clark is finished, no one at no tiome will ever grant this place anything dealing with youth. Stay tuned you are aboiut to hear some more news about lawsuits against DCC by some former employees.

Rome, GA

#26 Mar 10, 2010
people please get a life,find a job.With everything going on in the world DCC is your only topic you just have to blog.You have to answer to your own GOD one day for all that you do slander and all.DCC is a good place the girls were not in harms way like they were when they were out on the streets.It's just to bad that people are so closed minded that they couldn't see beyond their own hate that this was a safe haven for young ladies who have been through so much.I seen how the animals were so theraputic for the girls I seen the trips the smiles on the girls faces when trained people worked with them who knew what they were doing.some people worked with the girls with empathy passion for teaching some people came for a check who could not even remember how to say a childs name correctly.So with all this said before you blog answer this question what kind of employee were you?
Rachel Merrell

Jasper, GA

#27 Mar 15, 2010
I WAS A RESIDENT AT DOWNING CLARK CENTER.. i had a good and bad experience there i got close to and built up good relationships with alot of people ther including youth and staff! throught the entir thing i had gottin vist every weekend with my mother and family. i know and understand there are alot of thing there that could of and should of been changed but shuting down the place has torn hurt ruined and caused a lot of pain to the girls and youth there! alot of the girls that got arresseted had no reason for instince saying chesseburger it was bizzar!!!!there were girls there from ages12 to 17 it was torn!! write me [email protected] love you and miss you!!!
Rachel Merrell

Jasper, GA

#28 Mar 15, 2010
If You Know Where The Videos Are Located Please Contact Me at [email protected] thanks lots of love=]

Athens, GA

#29 Mar 24, 2010
I was a girl at dcc for over a year i was very unhappy and im very sure all the other girls were too!!honestly the only good thing about dcc is the staff they help you and talk to you when you need someone to talk to im not saying all the staff but ms.monique ms.alexis ms.beadie ms.jessica mr.jon that is just a few of them!!!they helped me through all my problems i love all of them sooo much and i miss them terribly!!!if you have any questions or comments e-mail me at: [email protected]

Cleveland, GA

#30 Mar 29, 2010
To those of you who posted negative things about Mr. Joseph, realize he did not know what kind of mess he was walking into. Please do not forget that DCC had two othe incidents (one that temporarily closed the place down) before Mr. Jospeh and Ms. Vickey arrived. I saw all of the hard work Mr. Joseph and Ms. Vickey did for you girls. Did Cindy Downing stay up all night to put together Christmas for you girls. Did Cindy Downing show up on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day to share the day with you. I watched Ms. Vickey and Mr. Joseph show up early and leave late almost everyday. This place has been pretty much shut down twice in the last 3 years. The staffing has completely changed in that time (with the exception of a few) yet the problem remains the same. You all might want to think before you start pointing fingers. Shame on you all!!!
Don't forget all of the false promises Cindy made to all of you. What about the phone calls she promised every girl on campus the night of the riot? Did you ever get to make those calls?
If Cindy suddenly had a change of heart and is now more involved it is because her back is against the wall. It won't last long.

Ringgold, GA

#31 Mar 31, 2010
From what I have read it seems as if the place is likely run by idiots..... present and past. How can anyone expect the girls there to recover when the examples they have working in the facility use public forums to act like trash. Good show.
good show

Acworth, GA

#32 Apr 2, 2010
Joseph is a nice enough guy but not effective as a leader. He was in over his head but he did care about the kids for sure.

Good show you are right on. DCC can thrive but people are going to have to grow up.

thinkaboutit- its amazing you are in Dahlonega, GA that's where Joseph and Vickey live now. Thank goodness Vickey spelled her own name right!! HAHAHAHA!!
kayla H

Atlanta, GA

#33 Apr 26, 2010
i think that cindy was not so good but look at what she had to deal with some girls hitting staff and if i was cindy i would 10-13 some of them but she gave everyone a second chance that is good as much as i didn't like it there it wasnt the place it was my problem with foster care i felt more like home than jail we got to relax there although it is shut down it is still alive today i think about DCC all the time and tell my story..i enjoyed my self there...DCC is still together!!!they havent splitted us up tottaly!!
kayla H

Atlanta, GA

#34 Apr 26, 2010
its funny how the people that didnt live there dilike it but the kids did i didnt mind it i felt like i ran DCC lmaooo
You go girl


#35 Jul 28, 2010
Does anyone know if DCC got their license back to re-open. I heard they had a hearing with the state. Does anyone know how that turned out?

Marietta, GA

#36 Aug 23, 2010
I know the last post was months ago, but I would like to add my opinion. I am not shocked at the end results of DCC. I was one of the first employees to get hired at DCC when they opened in late 2005, early 2006. I started working there January 2006. I ended up quitting NOT because I was in trouble or threatened to be fired but due to the unethical practices of this facility.
There were plenty of times that other co-workers and I were asked to falsify documents by Cindy and Kelly. I have witnessed girls being held in the isolation room for 24 hour periods. Even girls that were NOT on the appropriate levels were able to work in the kitchen with KNIVES... this is when the FIRST riot happened in April 2006 that no one knows about because we were told clean things up so it will not look like a riot occurred. The girls actually pulled the knife they retrieved from the kitchen on a staff member and threatned his life. They attacked other staff members as well. Naturally, the staff called the police and then Cindy. Cindy rushed up before the police came and were upset with us because we called the police... WHAT!!!
After quitting this job I was hired as a social worker for DFCS in Gordon County. While ON-CALL, I received a callfrom a police officer stating he found 3 girls from DCC running across I-75 interstate trying to get away from DCC. The girls ran away at least 30 monutes before I had gotten the call and DCC still had NOT called the police...Uh???
I am not here to bash DCC, but I AM ONLY SPEAKING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I understand that ppl make mistakes, but some things are unacceptable when you are dealing with girls who have such severe emotional and behavioral problems. Falsifying documents, covering up riots, coercing employees NOT to report a riot or assault,giving out NEEDED clothes ONLY has an reward, and many other things are NOT accepatable. If you choose to defend this type of practice then that's fine, but I am HAPPY that the girls are hopefully in a SAFER, POSITIVE environment.
Aioshi Abrion Orsborn

Jefferson, GA

#37 Nov 11, 2010
I may as well put my opinion too, right? I lived at Downing Clark also. I admit I complained while i was there,as I did at everyother place that wasn't "MY HOME"...But the second I was sitting in county jail freezing the shine off my relaxed hair,(which DCC purchased)I was begging to go back. I realized there are so many less fortuanate children in the world. Yes the food was horrible, and yes "SOME" of the staff were too, but I have had some of the best times ever there. Mr.Carl,Ms.My homie that always wore the fye hair w/ the monroe piercing and all tha fye shoes,Mrs.Melinda,Ms.Christie, Ms.Chamille,Ms.Nesha,Mr.David (forgot your last name,but you are a pre-school teacher)Lindsey,African guy whos wife made wings,Homeboy that look like Mr.Potato Head,Ms.Alexis,Mr.Bryan,ms.esh a,ms.jennifer,ms.amanda, ALL THE AFRICAN AMERICAN STAFF(EXCEPT BYRON)Yall made my stay wonderfullll!!! I love yall!!! And to The two sisters whom created this place "KEEP DOING WHAT UR DOING" God bless yall!!!! The rest of yall grow up!!! Oh yea, and I dont know why there needs werent met!!! I shopped my butt off while i was there and never smelled, nor had nappy roots!!! So if ya hair was nappy or if ya was smelling, Its your own fault!!! FACEBOOK "Aioshi Orsborn" [email protected]!!!
tiffany jennings

Dalton, GA

#38 Nov 17, 2010
i was a client there for three years and it was okay i made alot of friends with the staff and kids. if you dont know miss kelli dont talk about her she was kool and i know one thing that alot of people said that she married her husband for money she not that kind of person you may think she is but shes not. and when every body got there close it come from the center and the owners so get to know some one before u talk about them <3 and i did not real have any one to call family so i had some friends there that i called family and they were great!!!!=} keep ur head up


#39 Jan 9, 2011
waterduck wrote:
I want to know more about this place. Are the girls there really getting the help they need? Are the staff good people? And whats the deal with Cindy Downing? Most of you say she's awful, is it true?
No! There are so many lies being told about DCC! I have worked there for three years. We cleaned everything all the time. The girls were treated with the utmost respect. Were there problems? Of course, but we are trained to handle whatever happens.I was ther the night the law came and scared the girls. They ran from them, not us.DCC is a wonderful facility for fun, school, and friends. You may have a disgruntled employee every once in a while that was reprimanded for not doing their job as the rules state. You have to deal with this and maybe let them go. I think this is where a lot of untruths are coming from. Never has a girl been without her meds for days, that is a lie! Believe me I have been there for three years, and this facility is great!
imma do me

Dalton, GA

#40 Jan 23, 2011
i also worked there for 3yrs , i was worked the day shift and had left for the night when this so called "riot" broke out. those girls were never treated like ppl are saying ,they got away with alot because the owners were so caring and giving . alot of the girls that have ever lived at dcc are on facebook and deveryday they talk to me and tell me how they miss the place and the staff
!! we had some fun times at dcc and yes there was times thing kinda got rocky but we handled it , the staff were trained and if stuff popped off it was up to the staff to control it and of course you have staff that got scared so the girls would know who they could push over and who wasnt gonna let them break rules .. its not the owners fault that things would happen its the staff that should not have ever worked there because they were too scared to inforce rules to the girls and thats why that day i worked and NOTHING went wrong , but when the second shift full of scarey staff got there the girls knew what they could do !! and if you dont believe that ask the girls that have commented on here they will tell you its the honest truth !!

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