Moving to Moultrie GA..
Been There

Ponchatoula, LA

#21 Oct 27, 2009
I wouldn't keep a pet rat there!

Kendallville, IN

#22 Nov 16, 2009
i wouldn't keep a diseased rat there.
Proud Moultrian

Brookfield, GA

#23 Jan 6, 2010
As in all towns, there will be people that love it and people that hate it. Looks like you will just have to experience Moultrie for yourself and make your own opinion.

My opinion is that I love Moultrie. I was born and raised here. My children were born and raised here and they are respectful, caring, healthy, well adjusted, productive, law abiding citizens of Moultrie.

Of course, as in all towns, there are good neighborhoods, great neighborhoods, bad neighborhoods and really bad neighborhoods. And all of these neighborhoods have a mixture of all races.

I own a home in a very nice, upper middle class, fairly new (less than ten years) subdivision. There are blacks, whites, a hispanic family and an Asian family living in the subdivision and we have never had any trouble out of any of our neighbors. They all keep their yards neat and tidy, take care of their property and respect their neigbors. We look out for each other's property when we know that a neighbor is not home and report anything that we may view as suspicious.

If I were you, I would contact the Chamber of Commerce. They should be able to give you information on housing in Moultrie.
I So agree

Cicero, NY

#24 Jan 9, 2010
Why on earth would anyone EVER consider moving to Moultrie Ga?? I made that HUGE mistake many years ago, Then found me a pretty lil Moultrie girl... And brought her home to NY with me, Even she could NOT imagine returning to that HELL HOLE!!

Pelham, GA

#25 Jan 24, 2010
Repulsed: LOL, you do not have a clue what you are talking about. absolutely do not have no idea what you are talking about. Moultrie has one of the lowest cost of livings, taxes and unemployment in the area. Not to mention one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Who cares if Lowes and Home Depot gets tax breaks, the amount of money they bring into a community far out does any breaks they get. Not to mention the jobs they create from construction, and employees. I am sure the people who have a job there are very happy to have it and those companies in Moultrie. They pay taxes that are used to pave the roads you drive one, the firefighters and police etc. Same goes for your property tax. I bet you would be the first one to complain about a road needing paved, but you don't won't to pay taxes. Besides that a company like Lowes and Home Depot is not going to open up shop just because they get a tax break. They built their stores in Moutrie because they saw the need not for the tax breaks you idiot.
Wal-Mart Shopping Center: 99% full
Old Food Max Center 99% full (Southwest Community Action Council purchased the whole think and moving their headquarters in there)
Winn-Dixie shopping center 95% full (new store just opened this week)
Belks Shopping Center: 95% full
Roses Shopping Center: 95% full
Statom Square: 100% Full
Rowland Drive Center: 99% full
Colquitt Square (NEW) 2 new business just opened with 3 more coming soon.
Northlake Village: Recently completed with 3 to 4 business on the way that will occupy the whole thing which makes it 100% full.

So where are all these empty shopping centers you speak of???

You are nothing but a sad, cynical person, it must suck to be you.

Moultrie, GA

#26 Jan 30, 2010
Fuhck Moultrie:O
Why the hell would you want to come here..
It sucks serious assxD
Mr Grammar

Kendallville, IN

#27 Feb 7, 2010
[QUOTE who="Dol
Colquitt Square (NEW) 2 new business just opened with 3 more coming soon.
Northlake Village: Recently completed with 3 to 4 business on the way that will occupy the whole thing which makes it 100% full.
So where are all these empty shopping centers you speak of???
You are nothing but a sad, cynical person, it must suck to be you.[/QUOTE]
Don, you stupid (d)uck, you better get on your bicycle and ride by Northlake Village and Colquitt Square. Where's all the new stores that were supposed to open ? You village idiot ! Just because it's built doesn't mean they will come. You look like a fool !!

United States

#28 Aug 24, 2010
There is no public housing to speak of
but some of the apartment complexes do
work with the state as far as subsidized
rentals. If you intend to look for work
locally, forget it, unless you are a migrant field hand.

Moultrie is a town full of gays, lesbians
and bi-polar bi-sexuals. It is a town
where you can be a little-boy buggerer
and still be a respected member of the
community if you are wealthy enough.
The only place to shop is Wal-Mart,
Hibbetts sport shoe store and the occasional little speciality store
on the square which are usually overpriced.

You're better off looking to Thomasville.
Even the southwest part of Albany is
better than Moultie.

Fitzgerald, GA

#29 Sep 23, 2010
Maybe if all of you foul-mouthed racist moved out of Moultrie it would be a better place to live. Better yet...if you truly hate it that bad...THEN MOVE!!!!! of course you probably can't because you have a job...since all the jobs are so TERRIBLE here you shouldn't have a hard time finding another one somewhere else out of town. I love my Moultrie Community.

Kathleen, GA

#30 Oct 11, 2010
I've lived here 15+ yrs. Here's my view.....CAN'T wait to leave. If you are high class white or redneck white then you are probably happy here. If you are any other race you have to deal with racism and hate on an almost daily basis....and for those that say blacks and mexicans are criminals you'll also find that they have been victims too.
The owners of Jalisco Mexican restaurant had a shoot out with someone armed and the wife got shot in the face. A few years ago an entire Mexican family was murdered in their home for the 2 older children to come home and find their parents, grandmother and little brother murdered execution style. Can you even imagine the therapy those children needed after that? Does anybody even care???!!! A Mexican woman was killed by a white drunk driver. She died along with her boyfriend and 2 of her 3 children (one of them was a little 3 yr old boy). He's white so they did NOTHING to him. A little boy lost his life because he was stinking drunk and they did nothing to him!!!! So shut up about crime being commited by blacks and mexicans only. Get the damn facts.
I hate this place. If you aren't white you will not be happy here. I've never seen some much hatred in one small town in my life. I'm leaving as soon as humanly possible. I'm surprised KKK isn't based here. Somebody needs to warn the good people to take cover and then drop an atom bomb on the rest of Moultrie. Damn racist, roadkill eating, crossbred rednecks and high class snobs....damn you all to hell and back!!! May worms eat your insides slowly.
Old Radio Guy

Kendallville, IN

#31 Oct 12, 2010
Dont hold back JaD. Do you or do you not like Moultrie? Moultrie has its good side and its evil side. Like every other town anywhere.

Kittanning, PA

#32 Oct 12, 2010
Old Radio Guy wrote:
Dont hold back JaD. Do you or do you not like Moultrie? Moultrie has its good side and its evil side. Like every other town anywhere.
:) I just seriously needed a rant. I have good friends here but lately my family and I have been treated like garbage (by a LOT of people) and we try not to bother anybody. I tend to hold things in. You know what can happen when you do that....explosions are bound to happen. I apologize if it sounded over the top but I had to get rid of the stress somehow.

United States

#33 Jan 7, 2011
Johnny Reb wrote:
Read the Moultrie Observer before coming here. Crime is out of control. Mexicans and blacks are destroying this once sleepy Southern town.
Im a mexican yal dump *** white people wont work in the fields like We do!So stop talking bout us n black people ! Cause We betterThen yal!

Moultrie, GA

#34 Apr 21, 2011
Oh, God in Heaven above, please get me out of this town with my family and sanity intact. Please, please, please.

Moultrie, GA

#35 Jun 1, 2011
If you dont deal drugs or just dont careMoultrie is not the place the apartments are full of trouble and some of the managers dont care or are the biggest trouble makers and dealers

Macon, GA

#36 Jun 28, 2011
Moultrie is HORRIBLE. Especially for teens and young adults! Everything there is so out of date whether its related to fashion, music, or pop culture in general. I don't even think they have ONE top 40 radio station out of their, probably like 10, country and rap stations. That tells you right now what kind of people live here. There are NO nightclubs whatsoever, no where to hang out, no good places to shop. NOTHING...and from what my family and other people around them say, the crime is horrible for a town that size, seriously. I WILL admit, most of the people in the community are really close knit here and I like that in a town, but other than that...this town is horrible. According to my mom, it was once a good place.:/

Nashville, GA

#37 Jul 10, 2011
Moultrie, is going to hell fast.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#38 Jul 11, 2011
When you compare Moultrie To other towns I feel it has more to offer as far as Safe places. Albany has really gone down its horrible, meigs, pelham camilla all dried up. Its all in the area you pick and how you live your life and who you hang out with and where you hang out. Who says you have to live in Moultrie. Doerun isnt much of a town its small but not far from moultrie, they have a housing project, they have some older homes that dont rent so high. There is also places in the country that are not so high. As for the tax well thats cause Ga decided we dont need homestead extention but you arent talking of buying and if so the tax isnt as bad as other counties. Dont listen to the crap about all the crime, yes we have some but its not like alot of places. Yes we are growing many business have came here and still here in the past few years, sanderson chicken plant, national beef, lowes, home depot. Walmart has plans for a new store. There is work if someone wants it. AS for the mexicans and such its sure not as bad as some towns and leave them alone people are you going to work the fields I dont think so. Ppl grip about the mexicans but they enjoy a salad and veg or a tomato on a hamburger. Come on ppl who mislead folks. We are a pretty decent little town. Come and you will see, good luck!

Nashville, GA

#39 Jul 11, 2011
You sound like a big fat white woman.

Williston, FL

#40 Jul 11, 2011
If you like this town you are probably rich and white. One of the rest of us gets killed by a white person and he/she only gets a slap on the wrist. A white guy was driving drunk, killed a family of latinos (one being a 3 - 4 yr old child) and what happens....5 yrs. That's what he gets for killing mother and her baby!

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