Your opinions on the immigration laws?Here is my opinion. I'm so sick of hearing about the arizona immigration law. I think arizona should have the fullest extent of the immigration law cause like they say arizona is the gateway for illegal immigrants. What makes me mad is that they are saying now with the whole racial profiling and discriminaiton towards hispanics! Hello! The us is discriminiating towards all the other foreign countries by not giving them free healthcare, welfare, government assistance, etc! Hispanics come into our country and dont need to learn english because the us provides stuff for them in the spanish language. Look at labels on food, the automated systems, and documents available in spanish. They dont do this for any other country! Other immigrants who come here legally, have to work for their citizenship or green cards or visas, while hispanics get away with being here illegally for years. I work retail and the hispanics allways speak to me in spanish as if i understand! Hello i have blonde hair blue eyes! And what makes me mad they will not give forth any effort to try and communicate to me otherwise exept talk to me in spanish as if i understadn. any one else will try and use gestures or point things out to try and communicate. I lived in arizona and found out the reason why car insurance is so high is because those illegals are the contributing cause to hit and runs cause they dont have insurance or a license and to car theft. They are also the ones up on that list with credit card fraud and stealing identity. What makes them so special to get all these priveleges and then now we want to crack down on it? I'm so tired of my tax money going to them to help them live while i'm struggling financially but get no support from the governtment. I commend those hispanics who do come into this country legally and work just as hard and work for their citizenship adn pay their tax dollars. Not those illegals who get paid cash for landscaping, tree cutting and other jobs that they can get away with so their is no paper trail. I think arizona should sweep everyone and deport all those illegals so our tax moeny doesnt go to them and goes for other things like paying teachers more money for example.