is atlanta a huge ghetto?

is atlanta a huge ghetto?

Created by bring back on Feb 24, 2010

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yes & blacks like it that way

it's worse since obama

gangbangers ruined atlanta


a little bit


Lilburn, GA

#149 Nov 15, 2011
i like turtles

Lilburn, GA

#150 Nov 15, 2011
all yall haters of atlanta have just been acting white for too long and im white

Lilburn, GA

#151 Nov 15, 2011
all yall haters have been acting too white for too long and im white and im saying this

Baltimore, MD

#152 Nov 16, 2011
raffleman2000 wrote:
<quoted text>
the problem is that you dont live here and u visited the most ghetto places in atlanta and yes atlanta is the fashion capital just dont go looking for fashion in the ghetto you smart ass
I was born and raised and lived in Atlanta all my life up until 3 years ago and I agree with everything she said........and yep I'm black. My only regret was that I should have left sooner than I did. That ghetto trash thug culture is EVERYWHERE there. And if you are a decent, single black woman looking for a husband.......forget about it. They come in limited, down low, thugs or playas. 1 out of 100 might be decent. Good luck finding him.

I have seen ghetto trash black people single handedly destroy whole neighborhoods......hell, whole counties for that matter if you look at Clayton County. Clayton county used to be a nice, country place where you could get away from it all but still have access to the city. Now it's gang, drug and thug central. You'd be a fool to buy a house there! Stone Mountain and Lithonia used to be mainly a hub for racist whites, eventually affluent blacks moved there and kept it up pretty good for years then the ghetto trash blacks moved in with their Section 8 vouchers and multiple kids by Kwan, Tyquell and Xante and their freeloading, broke, jobless boyfriends and have brought crime in full scale and just about trashed these areas. You still have some areas of Stn Mountain and Lithonia that are holding on hard but again, you'd be a fool to buy a house there! Ghetto trash blacks rule Atlanta becasue Atlanta attracts and promotes thug culture. They come in from all over the place.........New Orleans, St.Louis, New York, LA, Boston, Memphis etc and soon one will be moving in near you tearing things up!!!!
April Jones

Marietta, GA

#154 Aug 4, 2012
Atlanta is overrated and overhpyed. African Americans have an infatuation and an obsession with Atlanta. Black people move to Atlanta because of hype and because of towns like Jonesboro, Lithonia, Riverdale, College Park, Stone Mountain. I don't like any of these towns and I definetely don't like Atlanta. I don't understand once black people move here to Georgia from New Jersey and New York they bash both New Jersey and New York saying that Georgia is much better and much more prosperous than both New Jersey and New York. I don't think Georgia is prosperous at all. I'm really getting sick of both of those words Atlanta and Georgia. I'm getting sick of the Georgia Bulldogs and I'm getting sick of Georgia Tech and I'm getting sick of the Atlanta Braves, The Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta is a cesspool. I don't know what people see in Atlanta and why all of a sudden people are so interested in Atlanta and why everybody all of a sudden hates New York City. What is Atlanta getting that New York City doesn't have. I wonder what's with all this love for Atlanta.

Since: Aug 12

United States

#155 Aug 5, 2012
frustrated wrote:
I moved to Atlanta 7 months ago and I will be moving in a couple of months. The majority of the country views this city as the black mecca. There is still a slavery mentality in Atlanta. Your skin complexion dictates the way you are treated. There is a small percentage of African Americans who are wealthy, but there are more people trying to live the same life that the wealthy African Americans live. A couple of weeks ago I was listening to the radio and the radio personality was talking about a woman he saw walking through the mall with a gucci bag that was a year old. This city is so shallow and superficial. There is no real black unity that's just what image has been publicized to the rest of the country. There is a reason why some people say the dirty south. I enjoy listening to variety of different music, but the music scene is not very diverse. I am 29 and I retired four years ago. I have a house in Alpharetta and I am single. A lot of people don't understand how I can live here without a job or husband. I have encountered so much jealousy, envy, and hostility. I will be so happy when I relocate.

Since: Jul 12

Iowa City, IA

#156 Aug 6, 2012
beebee wrote:
<quoted text>
No Brodo the Dodo. You've jus been in ATL too long. Don't try to rectify such behavior on my part, it is what is eva it is! Acting white? You're ignant too I see. Nuances got that right. I don't have to like it or be labled as "acting white" b/c I disagree with ATL!. Every black person is not into weaves, fake nails, same sex relationships and ghetto fashions. That's not fashion, that's some hot mess! And they look jus like people expect them to look. Don't spread that mess outside of ATL, leave it right there where you all can appreciate it's! PAAAALEEEASE!
!st, you are not Black. You act like Black people are the only race wearing weaves, wigs,extension...Where have you been? What I don't like about people like you is that you lump all people in one category. If what a person does bothers you so much, stay the hell away from the. But they have the right to wer their hair any way they want, they can wear long nails if they like. What does that have to do with the way you live your life.
I get so tired of people always worrying about someone else. Take care of you and let whomever take care of them.
dre robinson

Lawrenceville, GA

#158 Jan 23, 2013
is the atl ghetto? hell yes! i live in lawrenceville, and its fairly quiet. but downtown atl- reminds me of brooklyn in 1986-everybody hates chris
Eric 2016

Texarkana, TX

#159 Jan 23, 2013
Well it's majority Black so doesn't that automatically make it a huge ghetto by default? Just sayin' facts or facts and the truth is the truth. Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Memphis, St. Louis, parts of Chicago, Detroit, are all heavily "colored" and are all heavily "ghetto."

Chicago, IL

#160 Feb 5, 2013
you think its funny that blacks are making Atlanta a dump? I guess now is when your going to throw out the race card!? I guess its easier to throw the race card out rather then admitting that your part of the problem.

Since: Jan 10

Location hidden

#161 Feb 5, 2013
funny wrote:
you think its funny that blacks are making Atlanta a dump? I guess now is when your going to throw out the race card!? I guess its easier to throw the race card out rather then admitting that your part of the problem.
Do you wish Atlanta was a copy of Detroit which was a boom town until their first black mayor ruined it? How about your hometown, does your heart swell with pride in the massive amount of murders you now have under Ron? Before Atlanta had a black mayor anyone could walk downtown anytime day or night without any fear of being robbed or murdered. Never let the truth confuse you with being racist. The truth shall set you free.


#162 Feb 5, 2013
grew up in atl in the 60's& 70's, it started falling apart in the 70's. moved from GA. went back to visit in 2010. that place has gone to the dog's...(and i don't mean bulldog's either)

Rome, GA

#164 Feb 5, 2013
Duh... Atlanta is the best city ever... If u want shot or you love having your door kick in then robbed and shot you will love it there. Also, if your hate white people because their gggggranddaddy might have owned your gggggdaddy think how we feel now we have to deal with all your bitching 150 years later.


#165 Feb 5, 2013
you're not just COLORED blind your on crack
freedom of speech

Rome, GA

#166 Feb 5, 2013
Stop taking this off. You ever heard of freedom of speech?

United States

#167 May 27, 2013
Atlanta is ghetto , straight up! They be rachet gurls twerking errywhere!!!

United States

#168 May 27, 2013
Atlanta is ghetto thoe, they be rachet girls twerkimg everywhere i go!!

United States

#169 May 27, 2013
So i go to le ghettoist school lol there aint any whites!! Frfr its crazy !! Like omg i mean im black but some black people oh em gee they are musty a.f !! And yeah


United States

#170 May 27, 2013
beebee wrote:
I visited ATL twice. I also visited Stone Mountain Ga. I could live in Stone Mountain but ATL, College Park, Riverdale area...aww Hell No! It's too "over the top" there! The women are all tattooed up, body piercings, wigs and tracks on their heads, they walk around in stellettos, and baby phat logos on their butts like that's the thing to do! Not all women but most look fake and trashy and the men got on doo rags and red shorts! RED!. It's an identity crisis there, the roles have seemed to "switch". Not hating on homsexuals but why would I want to live in a highly gay community? I'm a single, black, straight female! I'm sorry but to me it seems like the place to go if you just don't give a damn. And who lied and labled ATL the "fashion capt"? Says who? Where's the fashion? OMG! I was at a graduation ceremony and those fools wouldn't even stand when the graduates entered the auditorium, and the talked thru the entire ceramony! Folks were running up to the stage to take pictures of family, calling out their names, cell phones ringing, babies crying. One baby shitted b/c I smelled it and the mom didn't have sense enough to change it's diaper! WTH! I was embarresed for my people. I don't ever want to live there, it was terrible! If I was to live in Ga it would be on the outskirts definitely!
We are ghetto and we are proud (; whoop whoop !
Eric 2016

Dawsonville, GA

#171 May 27, 2013
Dey dunnit bees callin it dey dirty south for nuffin. Dem thugs, urban yufes, "teens", simians likeded it ghetto and keepin it real playa. Dey dun tow up places like Blacklanta, Nawlins, Detroit, Bmore, DC, Philly, Memphis, St Louis, Gary, Sh*tcago, etc. Dey ain't doin nuffin but keepin it real playa.

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