"What do you expect from a pig but a grunt and why are you surprised when you hear the noise"...and the beat goes on at lenovo with cuts in 2006, 2007 and 2008 which will contine into 2009. lenovo may say they are creating more jobs and moving / consolidating into their 3rd building at "ThinkPlace" in Morrisville but the real goal is to continue to get rid of the long time employees who moved over from IBM in RTP. Wow... it is like a junkie rush once you start the process of cuts the executives pat themselves on the back for "saving money" and have to do more and more rather than look at their own compensation / benefits plans which are not the same as the non exec personnel. But if the going gets tough the execs just jump ship with their golden parachutes. What a greedy bunch and no exec at IBM, lenovo, Nortel nor elsewhere is worth the signing bonus, stock options nor unrealistic base salaries they "earn" and I say "earn" very loosely. They do not earn the money nor produce the results they only play at "strategy and vision/mission" statements or "mantras" that change as the execs come and go. I remember the old slogan of "No Excuses" on banners at IBM posted by the idiot exec Bob Moffat. Most of those who knew him also knew what a womanizing and self absorbed turkey he was and guess still is now.