Brad Cooper - Fair and Just Trial? W...
Timothy McVeigh

Robbins, NC

#1334 Oct 16, 2012
Hey Ted and John Wayne and OJ and Charlie, guess what? I'm innocent too!!! I have no idea who blew up all those peoples.

Greensboro, NC

#1335 Oct 17, 2012
You can make you snide comments if it makes you feel better....but I think everyone knows tht there are INNOCENT people who get caught up in the system....and I think everyone is well aware that there are also people who are guilty and deserve to be in prison....the sad thing is the fact that there are also a lot of criminals running free....who also deserve *justice*....and no one knows who just might be next....We live in a weird and very wicked world....with all kinds or morans and idiots....

Robbins, NC

#1336 Oct 17, 2012
Competent, educated adults should be able to write in complete sentences and spell and punctuate correctly. Most children are able to do so by the second or third grade. "Morans" and idiots however, not so much. If there is a competent, educated adult out there, can you please tell us all just what is a "moran" is?

For all the innocent children out there please stay in school beyond second grade and get your education so you can attain a good position in life and not be left at home all day ranting and raving like a lonely, mindless lunatic.

Greensboro, NC

#1337 Oct 17, 2012
Morons and idiots...sometimes my fingers do not type what I mean for them to least it is not a DEADLY MISTAKE.....or a LIE.....that was made up.....I do not change my user id either or where I am some people must be ashamed of something for doing this all the time....are you afraid of th TRUTH??????

I hope and pray whomever killed NC will get exactly what they deserve....and in the can TAKE A HIKE......
Dean Wormer

Raleigh, NC

#1338 Oct 17, 2012
MiMi Moran, fat, drunk, supid and bitter is no way to go through life. What a moran.

Raleigh, NC

#1339 Oct 25, 2012
I beze illegal alien Ortiz Soto. I beze innocent too so gets me out of jail.

I know you luvs killas. I be buy you some tacos.

Greensboro, NC

#1340 Nov 7, 2012
Brad Cooper's APPEAL was FILED THIS WEEK......

IT IS ABOUT TIME.....and the attorney did a good job on it....

NOW....we all just have to wait and see IF JUSTICE IS GOING TO PREVAIL....

CORRUPTION AND COVER UP was indeed present from the time the 911 call was made to the CARY POLICE the CARY POLICE DEPARTMENT who made statements about the the cell phone which was erased during the investigation....

THOSE DAMN DUCKS and the 42 second GOOGLE SEARCH which was the only EVIDENCE that the JURY considered to make a verdict of FIRST DEGREE MURDER...

After so much GOSSIP which was allowed in court...(thanks to MAGOO for this) and so many people who couldn't keep their stories straight...BRAD COOPER was denied a FAIR AND JUST TRIAL...

So now we can only WAIT AND SEE IF THE APPEAL BRINGS ANY *JUSTICE* at all to a man who was FRAMED...

HOW CAN SUCH AS THIS BE ALLOWED IN A COURT OF LAW????????? Well, just take a look at those responsible for it...

THE NORTH CAROLINA GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEMBERS have been contacted....and it seems like they do not see a need to *make the laws better*...
Perhaps it is time for a real change...these people need to be REPLACED...
Still In Da Hole

Raleigh, NC

#1341 Dec 1, 2012
Well another holiday in da hole. I sho nuf do hate shower time. Accidentally dropped the soap yesterday. Man is my hiney sore. Now I wish I had not kilt her.

Greensboro, NC

#1342 Dec 1, 2012
The appealed has been FILED and hopefully here will be *FAIR AND JUST* judges who will see through all of the *CORRUPTION AND COVER UP* which took place in this trial.....those of us who support BRAD COOPER can continue to hope and pray or the trial sure did NOT provide.....there is a LOT OF CORRUPTION going on in WAKE COUNTY as well as in CARY, NC......Here is hoping that all of the jurors who participated in the trial thinks about exactly what they did/didn't do in this trial and I hope and pray that they are haunted by this each and every day.....this would indeed serve each of them right.....
Still In Da Hole

Raleigh, NC

#1343 Dec 2, 2012
Oh my hiney hurts so bad dis morning. Hope I don't get the AIDS.

Greensboro, NC

#1344 Dec 2, 2012
@Still in Da Hole

You had better be careful of the words you speak cause you'll never know which ones you'll eat.

What goes around comes around...this is really a very true statement. You just might be the next person who gets caught up in the system...and then you will know *firsthand* just how it works/OR DOESN'T...

Mchenry, IL

#1345 Dec 3, 2012
mimi and those that think that cooper is innocent.
I have written on here in the past.

I live in IL., and watched this case closely. Why.. because my husband at the time was the same person cooper was.
I related to everything. This story opened my eyes to move out and save my life.
I think B. Cooper and my ex have aspergers or are sociopaths. They are not normal.
No empathy. mind blindness. good at their jobs. My ex had a similar job.
good at looking innocent to others and bastards at home.
I understand why Nancy's house was a mess. He made her a nut. My ex was doing the same to me.

I related to all of it.
lack of empathy.
mind blindness.
mad the she was now badmouthing him to others.
I lived the same life.
I left to save my life knowing this could happen to me. I preach this story to other woman.
That you can't LIVE with them and try to divorce them.
My ex also thought I couldn't escape due to access to money. I figured out a way.

Yes - Brad did it. I would like to see the death penalty for people like him that planned this.

Put your time to better use by saving woman's lives. Telling them to move out from abusers like this.
They never believe their guy can kill them.

Still not solved; Karen Swift in TN. Same story....

Mchenry, IL

#1346 Dec 3, 2012
Sometimes I think common sense wins the case.
Common sense said Brad did it.
If you do not have common sense, then maybe you don't get this whole thing.
Still In Da Hole

Raleigh, NC

#1347 Dec 3, 2012
My tail is raw.

Greensboro, NC

#1348 Dec 3, 2012
There was NO EVIDENCE PRESENTED AND PROVED IN COURT THAT BRAD COOPER is is so very sad that the only thing was a 42 second goggle search, according to the jurors, which convicted Brad...and it was NOT EVEN PROVED in court that BRAD COOPER DID the google search....

It is sad when INNOCENT PEOPLE are indicted, tried and convicted....for crimes that they are NOT GUILTY OF....

OMG....but I guess you are one of those people who DO NOT NEED just have that *GUT FEELING* that he did it....
With people like this.....who needs *PROOF* anyway???????

Mchenry, IL

#1349 Dec 4, 2012
umm Mimi
do you think Scott Peterson is innocent too? do you fall for guys that look and act normal?
I saw a lot of evidence in this case. I watched it closely too.
His job - cisco.. router. I know that stuff too.
the phone. calling home to make it look like he talked to her. I understand how he did that.
the control. the money the passports.
He loved control for his crazy anxiety.
No empathy sociopath.

We need to save woman's live and tell them to not live with a man while divorcing him.
they pretend they are nice and they can kill you.

this story should be textbook for all woman.

these guys are great actors. while behind closed doors are real meanies!

brad did it. I wish there was the death penalty.

Greensboro, NC

#1350 Dec 4, 2012
Interesting that you saw *evidence* in this trial.....perhaps you can *share the EVIDENCE* with others....I bet you thought Mr. Michael Morton was guilty also....I think he served 25 years in prison....for also killing his wife as well....his son, about the same age as Brad's daughter told his grandmother that some mean hairy man was there and his daddy wasn't....and several weeks after she was killed someone used her credit card....but he was *GUILTY OF MURDER*....

So just because Brad had a job with Cisco made him a killer???????? Router and stuff too, the phone, calling home to make it look like he talked to her, the control, the money, the passports....OMG....from this you *decided* that Brad was GUILTY??????? according to the juror, it was only the *google search* which convicted him....

But I guess some of us just go on *gut feelings* or *gossip* or nothing at all....there are INNOCENT PEOPLE who are indicted, tried and convicted on NO EVIDENCE at all....and this is what happened to BRAD....there was NO EVIDENCE TO CONVICT HIM....period.
Still In Da Hole

Raleigh, NC

#1351 Dec 4, 2012
will you kiss my airy anal passage mi? it hurts so bad.
Still In Da Hole

Raleigh, NC

#1352 Dec 5, 2012
Please come and soothe my hairy sphincter.

Greensboro, NC

#1353 Dec 5, 2012
GROW UP YOU MORON*****You need your mouth washed out with SOAP....and just maybe you will choke on it....

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