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Morristown, TN

#1 May 17, 2008
Where does everyone go to church. Where would you recommend? How do you believe?
A local girl

Morristown, TN

#2 May 17, 2008
We have a new pastor at Buffalo Trail Baptist Church and I would highly recommend that you visit there. We have a variety of activities for children and youth. Come visit and learn more about our Heavenly Father.
Watch Dog

Morristown, TN

#3 May 17, 2008
Rocky Valley (New Market) Mt.Vale (Jeff City)
just me

Morristown, TN

#4 May 18, 2008
Friendly View Baptist _ Morristown
Heavens View_ Morristown
Oak Hills_Jefferson City

Morristown, TN

#5 May 19, 2008
West View Baptist Church
Thomas Ceruze

Morristown, TN

#6 May 19, 2008
That scientology church in knoxville!

Morristown, TN

#7 May 20, 2008
Think all pass on the scientology. If it doesn't teach about Jesus, I am leaving it alone.
Child of God

Morristown, TN

#8 May 20, 2008
First Baptist Church Morristown. We have a wonderful new pastor that is really shaking things up and a GREAT children's program. FBC Morristown is one of the most friendly churches I have ever attended.

Morristown, TN

#9 May 20, 2008
St. Mattress
oh grow up

Morristown, TN

#10 May 21, 2008
Wondering, you are a joke. Grow-up

“Live, Love and Laugh”

Since: Apr 08

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#11 May 21, 2008
How about Church of God? Where are some spirit filled churchs in or near Morristown?

Morristown, TN

#12 May 23, 2008

Nashville, TN

#13 May 23, 2008
For those of us who are non-believers, wondering is funny. How many people go to church and end up sleeping through the sermon anyway?

Hermitage, TN

#14 May 23, 2008
Even for the "believers" I think "wondering" is funny. I think sometimes believers don't think God has a sense of humor. I give him a little more credit.

Morristown, TN

#15 May 24, 2008
Hi, I'm looking for a spirit-filled church in Morristown, too.
Non-believer, you have a valid point. There are a lot of people who go to church and snooze, but my opinion on this is at least if they wake up they are in the right place to hear a word they might need!
You're entitled to your opinion, too, non-believer, and my only comment to you on your choice is that one day God may very well call you in and I pray when He does you'll have ears to hear. For many years I didn't have ears to hear, and if you have ever read the Bible, there are many references to having ears. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea in thinking if you get saved, life will be a barrel of roses. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Once you start living the life, it seems like the enemy and his brood come out of the woodwork to trip you up. The worst days I've ever had were the Sundays after church when there was nothing but strife in my house. It seemed like the more I went to church, the worst it got, but I didn't faint. I wanted to faint dead away and say,'forget this...I didn't sign on for this,' but I trudged through. Since that time, I have seen the awesome power of God work in my life and I stand amazed every day! I can't tell you enough what the Power of God can accomplish. I don't know anything about your life or the things you've been through, but I know my life and it has been wrought with turmoil and trouble. I've had cancer, other medical problems, seen a business close, see my kids go through drug problems and pregnacies and be homeless and think they know it all and not listen to when I try to help them. I've been out of a job only to see God give me a job I couldn't have gotten any other way. I've seen Him give me something to drive I couldn't have gotten any other way. I've seen illnesses healed and family trouble quietened. You can be skeptical about your own life, but I'm here to tell you, and I pray for you to have ears to hear me...I was skeptical, but now I believe in God's goodness with all my heart, soul and mind. Jesus is alive. I never thought I was worthy to read the Bible and I didn't understand it. You can't understand it unless God gives you the wisdom to look at the words and see the meaning. You can't go by what Joe Blow tells you...look it up for yourself. The Words cannot speak to those who will not look them up. Here's my final thought; you're going to get from God what you invest....seed time and harvest. When you say a mean word to someone else, it'll be like a boomerang and come back to you. When you treat someone bad, you'd best believe you'll get it back. On the same token, when you treat someone with kindness, you'll recieve kindness and when you freely give your help, you'll get help when you need it.
By all means, don't rely on what I have said....check it out for yourself. Ask God to give you understanding if you want understanding, but if you ask it, you'd best believe you'll get it. If not, you might as well not ask, because you'll get nothing.
When I got my car to drive, I told someone God gave me the car and the person rolled his eyes like,'yeah right, and I can fly.' I asked him didn't he believe God could give me a car? He said,'God never gave me a car.'
I asked him if he ever asked for a car and he said no. I asked him what he's done for God and he said nothing, but God didn't do anything for him. He claims to believe God made the world and the mountains, but yet, he does not believe God can do something as simple as get me a car. The car was not free, but it was very affordable and very nice.
What a shame when people who claim to believe in God do not believe in His awesome power! Don't you think?
A Christian in Morristown

Morristown, TN

#16 May 30, 2008
As I posted once before - Trinity United Methodist on Wilder street is a great church! It is a medium size church with a great youth group, children's program - wonderful choir - pastor, etc. I have grown up in that church and have visited others throughout the years and wouldn't leave it for anything! You would be quite welcome and we would love for any of you to come and visit us!

United States

#17 May 30, 2008
A Christian in Morristown wrote:
As I posted once before - Trinity United Methodist on Wilder street is a great church! It is a medium size church with a great youth group, children's program - wonderful choir - pastor, etc. I have grown up in that church and have visited others throughout the years and wouldn't leave it for anything! You would be quite welcome and we would love for any of you to come and visit us!
Hey if this is who I think it is I can't believe you are still up. Do you know who I am? If so I will talk to you tomorrow.
jerry ensley

Morristown, TN

#18 May 31, 2008
Parents living in Morristown and Hamblen County with young children whom they wish to grow up in a good church are very lucky indeed. Neither the city nor the county is lacking for good churches which are filled each Sunday morning by good Christian people. That is one of so many good things I like about living in Morristown and Hamblen County.

We have large churches, small churches and many in between sizes to take ones pick from. My friends, Dr. David McNeil and Dr. Haskett, choose the large church of Manley to attend while my friend, Dr. Charles Lindsey, attends the large First Baptist. Good friends, former Criminal Court Judge, Eddie Beckner and his lovely wife, Carolyn, choose the much smaller Cherokee Hills Baptist and my wonderful friend and plumber, Doug Johns and beautiful wife, Teresa, attend the small Statem Gap Baptist Church. My topix friend, Morningside Resident goes out of the county to Bean Station and my sweet wife, Tina and me, attend Morningside Baptist when I feel well enough to attend. So, in my long winded way of getting my point across, there is a church in Morristown or Hamblen County to fit the need of each and all who wish to worship on Sunday. There is even a good church for my good friend, Beth Ann, who feels that she must worship on St. Mattress each and every Sunday. Someday when the fiery flames of Hades start nipping at her lily white, she will wish she had chosen a different path to trod upon while she was on God's good earth. It will be then that she will be SHOUTING--Oh dear God, why did I Not take the advice of my wise old friend, JERRY ENSLEY. But by then, it will be much too late for my very nice friend by the name of Beth Ann whom I have tried to save over and over but it just was not to be. What a shame. She was such a wonderful baby sitter for my wonderful children. At least, Beth Ann, I say think you for that. Oh woe are we.
Effacy of Prayer

Brentwood, TN

#19 May 31, 2008
Parents picking thier kids religio is tatntamount to CHILD ABUSE.
Give kids time to grow up, learn to think for themsleves, and leave the final choice in their hands.
People can say "well my child's a Catholic" whi not go ahead and say that the baby is also a democrat or a repiblican or that the child will only ever own an American car (This last one I would especially avoid).
Please Don't Pray for Me
The John Templeton Foundation awards an annual million-dollar-plus prize officially known as "the Templeton Prize for Progress Toward Research or Discoveries About Spiritual Realities." If the contradiction "Spiritual Realities" doesn't ring your bullshit detector, it's time for a serious tune-up.
Under the leadership of Dr. Herbert Benson, the same foundation forked over 2.4 million dollars to scientifically test the effects of prayer by three Christian congregations on three groups of heart-bypass surgery patients. You can read the four-page Templeton synopsis or the abstract from the American Heart Journal of April 2006, but here is a short summary from the synopsis:
Some patients were told they may or may not receive intercessory prayer: complications occurred in 52 percent of those who received prayer (Group 1) versus 51 percent of those who did not receive prayer (Group 2). Complications occurred in 59 percent of patients who were told they would receive prayer (Group 3) versus 52 percent, who also received prayer, but were uncertain of receiving it (Group 1). Major complications and thirty-day mortality were similar across the three groups.
Whoops! Looks like prayer did nothing for Groups 1 and 2 and actually hurt Group 3. Maybe it was the performance pressure on the folks who knew they were being prayed for. Maybe the selected churches didn't have their total prayer mojo going that week. Maybe Satan jumps in and messes with the intergalactic prayer thoroughfares when he knows a watershed prayer experiment is going down... Who knows?
I do know that if the experiment had gone the other way, the believers who roll their eyes and explain condescendingly, "God doesn't like to be tested that way," would have embraced the results like grim death.
Speaking of which, when I'm face to face with the grim reaper, instead of praying for me, whether you tell me or not, just drop a couple of million from the Templeton Foundation in my doc's back pocket.
This story is related eloquently by Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion under the heading "The Great Prayer Experiment" beginning on page 61.
I am Saved

Morristown, TN

#20 May 31, 2008
Effacy of Prayer. My children are Christians and I am very proud of this. One day you will need prayer and God. I have no further time to waste arguing with you.

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