This man claims to have a gift... Do ...

This man claims to have a gift... Do you believe?

There are 288 comments on the Citizen Tribune On story from Feb 14, 2006, titled This man claims to have a gift... Do you believe?. In it, Citizen Tribune On reports that:

Subscribe Here 1609 West 1st North Street Morristown, TN 37814 423-581-5630 This man claims to have a gift... Do you believe? Denise Williams, Tribune Staff Writer Bobby Drinnon claims he has a gift.

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Dayton, OH

#123 Dec 28, 2007
I worked with Bobby in 1973 at American Enka. We were around each other a lot in those days. I didn't see him for several years. I saw him at the City Lights night club some time ago. He didn't know me from Adam. If he had a so called gift, you would think he would be able to tell me who I was. Why wasn't he psychic in 1973. This is no gift from God. In my oppinion, he is a very good con artist that tells people what they want to hear. He gets paid a lot of money from stupid people.

Morristown, TN

#124 Dec 28, 2007
Watch Dog- He is saying that if you believe it is a choice, you are out of date with your thinking. So out of date that you may subscribe to the beliefs of racist groups. No one would choose to be gay. It is a very hard lifestyle. I was referring to choice in my post along the lines of someone could possibly fight their real feelings their whole life and be completely miserable, but it would be possible to not act on the desires. Again, being gay is not a choice, no one would choose to be gay, longterm.

Miami, FL

#125 Dec 29, 2007
Watch-Dog wrote:
People saying being "gay" is a lifestyle makes others a bigot or maybe a KKK member???
I don't even understand this statement???
If you want to do whatever gay people it.
Don't call other people names and try to "force" your LIFESTYLE on us.
If you're a male (and gay) you already know whats in store for you in the years coming. The big A.
Live fast brother, you time is short here on this earth. You'd be better off trying to find better things to do than calling Lou a bigot.
Enjoy Yourself......
Read what he said first. He said it is a CHOICE.
No one chooses to be gay. It is just they way they are genetically put together.

Morristown, TN

#126 Dec 29, 2007
anon wrote:
<quoted text>
I sickens me that people still hold this view today.
You are nothing but a bigot and are no better than a KKK member.
I am far from a bigot, family member is gay, he says it's a choice, says he chooses men instead of women, lives every day feeling as if he's choosing to sin because his heart/conscience tells him it's wrong but he likes it, so he still chooses that lifestyle. I don't make things up, there are many gay men/women who feel this way. Do I love him any less? No. Do I make bad choices every day? Yes. Does God see him any different than he sees me? No.

Miami, FL

#127 Dec 29, 2007
lou wrote:
<quoted text>
I am far from a bigot, family member is gay, he says it's a choice, says he chooses men instead of women, lives every day feeling as if he's choosing to sin because his heart/conscience tells him it's wrong but he likes it, so he still chooses that lifestyle. I don't make things up, there are many gay men/women who feel this way. Do I love him any less? No. Do I make bad choices every day? Yes. Does God see him any different than he sees me? No.
If he links it is a choice and he is choosing to sin, then he has some mental problems and needs to see a psychiatrist.

Morristown, TN

#128 Dec 29, 2007
You can say that again, point made.
Audrey Mahoney

Scottsdale, AZ

#129 Dec 31, 2007
I have known Bobby Drinnon since 1977. During this time, I have had the pleasure of getting appointments with Bobby for hundreds of friends. Why, because they needed that special information which Bobby gave to each of them. As I moved around the country and made new friends, I introduced many of them to Bobby via the telephone. These meetings with him were so instrumental for each of them. I personally have had several appointments with Bobby over the years as has my sons. What a blessed wonderful person he is. He is not a con artist, he has a gift. I also met Mary Whittaker before I met Bobby. She certainly was a gifted person. If you get an opportunity, by all means go see Bobby. I have kept in contact with him in all my travels and he is one person you can trust! No one should depend on anyone else for their life. Bobby is simply someone to provide guidance and validation in your life's journey. You are in charge of your destiny. Make your decisions wisely.

Morristown, TN

#130 Dec 31, 2007
You're one should depend on somebody like Bobby Drinnon.
You're right also about him not being a con artist, he don't twist anybody to call him or see him. Like I posted this week....he's on the same page as was Jim Bakker years ago.
Like going to the County Fair- like what you see you check it out.
You tell him your problems....he tells you what you want to hear.(Pay The Piper)

Morristown, TN

#131 Dec 31, 2007
Watch-Dog Completely on target.

Lebanon, TN

#132 Jan 5, 2008
Well, that was not my experience at all. I didn't tell him anything. He talked the entire time about me and proceeded to tell me everything about me. Not general information, but very specific things. Names of people around me, health problems, family members, etc. No way he made it up and hit all of it. Very on target and very correct about me. I was very skepical going in and thought it would be just for fun. I was totally blown away and amazed at the accurate information. I found him very kind and spiritual and he helped me be more spiritual. I would go again in a second.
Several of my friends have gone and he has helped to prepare them for very difficult situations coming up in their lives. He is only there to help. I think he is very genuine.

Knoxville, TN

#133 Jan 7, 2008
I do believe that people can have special abilities. I went to see Bobbie Drinnon several years ago. Unfortunately, not one of his predictions have become reality. I also saw Pat Sisson with the same results. Perhaps there are some people whom psychics are unable to read and I have the misfortune of being one. It is quite sad as I would love to have the guidance. Perhaps one day I will be fortunate to find a psychic that is able to read me.

Morristown, TN

#134 Jan 7, 2008
Maybe you didn't pay enough ???
rainbows and sunshine


#135 Jan 23, 2008
motownmoma wrote:
How about his love for rainbows, rhe worldwide symbol for gays?
So anyone that likes rainbows is gay or lesbian?? My husband would love to hear that. I love rainbows, but am in NO way homosexual. Been married 23 year.

I would think that Bobby would call his ability more a curse than a gift, he was raised in church and has had this ability from a child up.

I can somehow relate to Bobby though, I used to have dreams that somehow came true. I couldn't control who they were about though, and they were not usually pleasant. It got to where I didn't tell anyone about them as they would look at me weird and all. I have been a constant church goer all my life and battled against the dreams. I don't have them often now, or if I do I can't remember them. Some say I had a gift, I considered it a curse.

All that said... I have an appointment with Bobby in 2010. I want to meet him just once, then I can give an opinion of him.

Los Olivos, CA

#136 Feb 5, 2008
Yes, Bobby is a very loving, caring and incredibly intuitive individual. He has told me many things that have already happened and I'm sure many more that will still happen. But he is also a lot of fun! He and his wife took me out in a limosine driven by a friend of Bobby's in Nashville years ago and he was absolutely crazy! We had a great time until we went to a club and got locked out of the limosine. We managed to get it unlocked and were back on the road when his wife's pepper spray leaked and burned all of our eyes. What an experience! He was funnier than most comedians. It was truly a night to remember and I will always treasure the memory. Bobby has the gift of making everyone he comes into contact with feel loved and special.

Morristown, TN

#137 Feb 6, 2008
my brother went to school with booby and my mom said when he was little, he would say things and yes they did happen, but bobby and my brother were small children, the grown ups alsways laughed, but after a look back they new, he new, but grown ups will always be grown ups, sometines they realy can't see. they are to busy taking care of us.

Morristown, TN

#138 Feb 6, 2008
bobby told my step son he would make it in the intertainment world, only if he quit drugs - he is still on drugs - nolan neal - when he gets off the drugs then he will make it.

Pioneer, TN

#139 Feb 19, 2008
I have tried everything I can think of to reach Bobby Drinnon. If you have a phone number, please e-mail me at [email protected] . Thank you so very much!!! Melissa

Knoxville, TN

#140 Feb 19, 2008
I've always been a very scientific thinker. Previously, I've never believed in the validity of in Los Angeles, you could see bogus psychics everywhere. However, my parents can vouch for Mr. Drinnon's ability. As young adults, both my parents saw him in a time of need. Thus far, all his statements, made a quarter of a century ago, has come true. From where my parents would eventually live, changes in their career to the tiny nuances in their marriage, all of it was accurate. Hopefully soon, I will have a chance to see him like my mother did before me.

Like others, I'm not entirely certain what his gifts really are: whether they be highly sensitized intuitiveness, strong psychic skill,or even the probability that people make what they hear reality. But it really doesn't matter as long as he is helping people live their lives a little easier. And from what people have reported from their experiences with him, I'm very happy to hear that he is leaving such positive profound marks in the lives of total strangers. Hopefully one day I will be able to help others in such depth and intensity as Mr.Drinnon.
just a thought

Church Hill, VA

#141 Feb 19, 2008
How much does Mr. Drinnon charge for a session?

Miami, FL

#142 Feb 20, 2008
just a thought wrote:
How much does Mr. Drinnon charge for a session?
Enough so that he can con you.

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