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Morristown, TN

#1 Apr 15, 2010
There are some very rude people that work at interim healthcare. Being rude and unkind is not good business. Has anyone else had a bad experience with this company?

Morristown, TN

#2 Apr 15, 2010
concerned wrote:
There are some very rude people that work at interim healthcare. Being rude and unkind is not good business. Has anyone else had a bad experience with this company?
Well you wont have to worry about that long...soon it will be a Government worked that will be seeing you

New Market, TN

#3 Apr 16, 2010
Patients will end up in nursing home (where we all know they receive such better care there.) But not taking up for Interim, you will find there are some rude people at all places-home health, nursing homes, hospitals, Doctor's offices. And that is just in health care. Want to talk about rude people in other areas, retail stores, public offices, churches. My point is there are some rude people everywhere you go. In my opinion, Everybody has less respect today than they have ever had even for themselves. I bet you can't go 1 single day without running into a person that is rude to you (unless you stay at home and not even speak to anybody on the phone. I hope you don't think I'm rude cause I'm just stating my personal opinion.

Morristown, TN

#4 Apr 16, 2010
You are right about that, it is almost like businesses do not care if you come back or not. I just thought interim was going to be different than dealing with some of the other health places. I am just disappointed.

Morristown, TN

#5 Apr 16, 2010
I used to work at Interim and had to leave due to personal reasons but I found the management to be very kind and understanding throughout my employment. Was this a nurse or just someone who answered the phone who you felt was rude? Maybe someone was having a bad day.

Morristown, TN

#6 Apr 16, 2010
I know what you mean.I heard about a cashier in a store being rude and the third person in line was
trying to think of a rude comment to answer her with
when the woman in front of her asked if she was having a bad day. The cashier broke into tears, "Yes, my husband just got laid off and I found out
I"m pregnant." So we shouldn't judge anyone until
we learn what is wrong....just give everyone the
benefit of the doubt.

Morristown, TN

#7 Apr 17, 2010
no excuse for being rude, I don't care if your dog died, don't take it out on customers.
right on

Morristown, TN

#8 Apr 18, 2010
I agree no excuse, if people keep letting rude and nasty attitude go, these businesses will keep thinking they can get away with it. Management will keep not caring just as long as the money rolls in. A lot of places act like you can complain and something will be done, then the complaint stops with the people right under management. The same people keep right on operating as usual. I think a healthcare facility should have a better attitude especially when you are dealing with a sick person and their family.

Seymour, TN

#9 Apr 18, 2010
Sometimes it's the customer or client that is more rude than the employee they are talking about. Most of the people you meet any more are rude disrespectful, and backstabbers. Just look at most of the posts on this site. See what I mean?

Loxahatchee, FL

#10 Apr 20, 2010
Did you bring it up to the management/owner's attention or just complain on here about it? Because what I find is that if I encounter a problem and speak to the owner they usually take care of the problem and speak to the person. If you don't let management (or owner) know there's a problem how can they fix it????

Maybe the person was having a bad day (everyone's entitled to that every now & again) but maybe it was just a miscommunication where you took something they said the wrong way and the person didn't mean it to come across rude..... my husband says I do that all the time-- when Iím in a bad mood!

All the dealings I've had with Interim HealthCare have been good and all the people I've spoken with are very kind, caring and receptive/responsive to feedback.

I wouldnít hold one incident against a companyÖ.now if I brought it to the ownerís attention and it happened again then thatís another issue. But you didnít mention what you did to try to get the situation corrected, so unless you did something, other than complain here about it, then I think thatís being rude.

Morristown, TN

#11 Apr 20, 2010
the managers at interim private duty are rude and completly unprofessional...that sets the tone that the staff follows.

Morristown, TN

#12 Apr 20, 2010
witness wrote:
the managers at interim private duty are rude and completly unprofessional...that sets the tone that the staff follows.
Sounds to me like you are just an upset employee or former employee. You should have spoke with the private duty director. She is very kind and understanding and would have attempted to correct any problems or issues you had.
Greys fan

Johnson City, TN

#13 Apr 20, 2010
I love the people at Interim private duty. They have taken great care of my son for a long time. The nurses are great and when Ihave had problems I have called in and talked to the private duty people in the office and they have all been nice and taken care of everything for me. I think wondering is right, you must be an upset employee or former employee. i think they don't tolerate bad employees, so maybe you should look in the mirrir before you start posting bad things about a good company.
rock on

Morristown, TN

#14 Apr 21, 2010
I work at Interim Healthcare as a private duty nurse. I have found the private duty management staff to be very easy to deal with. Everyone has a bad day every now and then. I am sure if anyone at Interim was rude that had to of been the situation. Although, that does not excuse rudeness. I would contact the private duty director and speak with her regarding the incident if your complaints are legitimate and are still bothering you. I am certain she will take care of your problem.

Morristown, TN

#15 Apr 21, 2010
As a former employee of interim I can honestly say that interim gives 100% to their clients. I personally know the owner and the director of nursing over private duty and their main objective it to treat people with kindness and professionalism. When the owners started this business their main goal was to hire the best in the business so that their clients and their families were treated with respect and given the best possible care. If you feel that you have been treated unjustly, or if someone has been rude to you then you need to take it to that persons supervisor and make them aware. I assure you it will be handled with respect. If I had not moved out of state I would still be with that company. My advise to you, concerned, is to take your complaint to the director of nursing instead of just leaving a post on a web site.

Morristown, TN

#16 Mar 10, 2012
noexcuse wrote:
no excuse for being rude, I don't care if your dog died, don't take it out on customers.
I don't know where you live, but I find everyone to be human where I am. 1. I was acused of being rude one time, and everyone else there understood it was a joke, except for the one that complained. Oh well....but since you cannot look into someone's heart and extract what they really mean, it is hard to quanify what rude is. 2. I have found that some people do not respond to normal tones and being forceful and rude is almost necessary in order to get your point across. 3. sometimes time does not allow you to be kind. I had a customer in trouble and another customer thought I was rude because I could not attend to her minor complaint that could easily wait. So all in all, there are reasons that someone could be perceived as rude, and if you spent a lot of time working with JQ Public, you would know that.
Marry Beth

Pompano Beach, FL

#17 Mar 17, 2014
most often the person complaining of someone being rude to them is the person that was the most disrespectful.

laughable how rude people seem to believe everyone has to take it from them.

Come into my business with a crap attitude and disrespect my business, employees or other customers and you'll feel a sharp pain from my boot kickin your ass out the door.

Businesses don't need terrible customers that do nothing but complain..and no the customer is not always right..think someones been rude to you, best check yourself first
Witness too

Sevierville, TN

#18 Jul 7, 2015
I worked in home health for years. I pray daily that when I quit caring for people that God place me in another position. There's no need for rudeness. If your job is to care for others you should be especially considerant of the family that receiving your services AND paying your salary.
I am a witness to both kinds of service by Interim home care providers, as a visitor in a patient home. An assistant named Katy is an excellent provider. On the other hand a girl named something like Chantel is the definition of rude and went so far as to lie about a caregiver in the home. I hear the nurses are good but I would not use the service because of the way this problem has been handled. The caregiver has not received a call back from management including someone named Melissa or Cathy.

United States

#19 Jul 7, 2015
The nurse practitioners are good too !

Pinehurst, NC

#20 Aug 13, 2015
Interim Nurses in the Pinehurst, NC region present themselves with degrees and credentials that they do not always have. Be sure to investigate who is taking care of your loved ones.

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