Is it true Linda Dietrich has been Fi...
jerry ensley

Morristown, TN

#21 Jun 2, 2008
a mom wrote:
Jerry are you a teacher in Morristown Tn.?
Yes, I taught and coached at East High during the late sixties and early seventies and then I went to the Central Office where I served all of the schools and a large number of poor children. I did that for 29 years and it is where I first met Ms. Dietrich. The last five years I taught at the Miller Boyd Alternative School and retired two years ago. I now deliver medicine to the elderly and shut in people in Hamblen County for a local drug store and I love the job. I went from helping the young to helping the eldery. Those older people are always glad to see their "Medicine Man" coming to see them. They have a lot of stories to tell me and I am a very good listener.

Herndon, VA

#22 Jun 2, 2008
jerry ensley wrote:
<quoted text>
BE SURE YOU WARN McScootch that you have a Black Belt! No cheating Ex-VOL.
Hey MCSCOOTCH--If you do not know what MATS of Morristown is, I bet our friend, The Ex-Vol in FL, does not know anything about it either. In view of this startling educational fact, I hope you two will stick to discussing politics, something you both are both wise about. I do wish for you to know that I talked to our friend in Jacksonville at length last evening and she certainly does speak highly of you, my friend. She will be coming back for a visit to Morristown sometime soon and the two of us will be expecting you, dear Sir, to break bread with us at some evening meal. Do I make myself clear? ENOUGH SAID, CASE CLOSED, UNTIL THE END MY FRIEND.
I will have to take a rain check on the July invitation. A much as I would enjoy breaking bread with both of you, it isnt ment to be in July.

My wife and I are expecting our first son on July 18th, so my presence is required here in Virginia.

I have to admit, I also think highly of ex-vol and you, Jerry!
Ex-Vol in FL

Lake City, FL

#23 Jun 2, 2008
<quoted text>
My wife and I are expecting our first son on July 18th, so my presence is required here in Virginia.
Well, as excuses go, that's a pretty good one. Maybe next time.
jerry ensley

Morristown, TN

#24 Jun 2, 2008
Yesterday, when I wrote a post about Linda Dietrich, I pretty much said my feelings regarding the job she did was not as "some" others felt about her. During the years I worked out of the Central Office for our school system, I would have several Titles but never got paid any more for any of them. I was always paid the same as a classroom teacher. Being a certified public school social worker, for a good number of years, I was the Title l Home/School Coordinator. During those years, I also had to deal with the truant problems in the Elementary/Middle Schools. This required that I attend Juvenile Court each Wednesday. During the years I was not in the classroom, I did a lot of social work for the indigent children in the system and I am satisfied that I did a darn good job but I did not do it all by myself. They called themselves members of the Lions Club and all of the other service clubs in Hamblen County that helped make my job very worth while to a lot of little kids. And yes, there was Billy Ray Lee, gambler, who once helped me with a young boy. How could I forget the times I called on Linda Dietrich for a little advice and help. That is the Linda Dietrich whom I shall remember as she goes off to something better, of this I am sure. While others may bad mouth her all they like, I will always remember the help she gave to me on my job with the school system. Good Luck to you Linda D. I will not forget you and you will always have my THANKS.
I am Saved

Morristown, TN

#25 Jun 2, 2008
Jerry, I have known Linda for a long time also. I will have to agree with you that she use to be very helpful and concerned about the people that needed help. However, I can tell you that in the past couple of years she had changed. I have been disappointed with her responses in the past year or so. I have always had a great deal of respect for Linda, I am not sure if she was just burnt out or what. I wish her the best of luck at her new job and have no ill feeling toward her. I just hope that things will improve at MATS with new personel coming in.
jerry ensley

Morristown, TN

#26 Jun 4, 2008
I am truly sorry to hear what you have negatively to say about Linda. It is good to know that you, too, once knew the Linda Dietrich I knew who was good for MATS and the only one I knew. I will admit that I had the pleasure of dealing with her about five years into her tour of duty at MATS.
I guess over the long period of time she was at the helm of something good our small and wonderful little town has to be proud of, she may very well have reached the point that she was suffering from job related burn out. More and more good and excellent school teachers are doing the same thing(retiring early) at a much younger age and that is too bad. I guess a better word would be sad than bad. Oh how I wish the kids ofyear 2008 could be more like the students of the sixties and seventies. There is no more a rewarding and enjoyable job then teaching school when you have good students who wish to learn and are respectful to their teachers. In the sixties and seventies even the parents were more supportive than they are now. Thank goodness there are still many good students and parents and they do make up the majority. Heaven help this country if that were not true.

Hopefully, things will work out for the best at MATS and it will continue to be something all of Morristown can be proud.
Helper of Homeless

Morristown, TN

#27 Jun 7, 2008
I know for a fact, the best thing that's EVER happened to MATS is Linda leaving.
I don't care what the reason, a lot of prayers have been answered.
Now the homeless can be helped without it having to glorify Queen Linda!

Morristown, TN

#28 Jun 9, 2008
The best thing that ever happened to MATS was that it was opened. Through the years many wonderful people have worked there. I have an opinion too. My opinion is that Linda Dietrich brought the house and mission to a lot of people. She may have angered some along the way because the truths she told made them feel uncomfortable, but she was always an advocate for the homeless.

Perhaps seeing something from the outside the detractors have a misperception. I saw things from the inside and I saw a lot of good. Specifically what incident makes you think that Ms. Dietrich did not have the good of her fellow man in her heart? Maybe that could be addressed here in this forum rather than a vague comment about Ms. Dietrich's character.

Unless you walk a mile in someone else's shoes you are wrong to make an ill-informed assessment.
Helper of Homeless

Morristown, TN

#29 Jun 9, 2008
I worked with and around Linda for the past 15 years. Her greatest concern was herself. She even got the MATS Board to pay for her to go to college and she talked them into sending her all over the US "to learn more about homelessness" when the agency COULD NOT afford her trips.

I think you need to check her last two staff evaluations by her Board. Then you will see why she is gone! Of course her constant lying did not help either.

As I said before, MANY prayers have been answered by her departure.

Morristown, TN

#30 Jun 9, 2008

Morristown, TN

#31 Jun 15, 2008
Saw her picture in the paper today - is she ever going to leave?

Morristown, TN

#32 Jul 6, 2008
Helper of Homeless wrote:
I worked with and around Linda for the past 15 years. Her greatest concern was herself. She even got the MATS Board to pay for her to go to college and she talked them into sending her all over the US "to learn more about homelessness" when the agency COULD NOT afford her trips.
I think you need to check her last two staff evaluations by her Board. Then you will see why she is gone! Of course her constant lying did not help either.
As I said before, MANY prayers have been answered by her departure.
I hear from employees of MATS that clients are getting better services now that Queen Linda is out of the picture.

I wish the MATS staff and clients ALL THE BEST!
Rebel Yell

Morristown, TN

#33 Jul 8, 2008
Clients are not getting better services. It is a mental institution and has gone to pot.......and cocaine and whatever else drug someone can use.

They are letting people in who are testing dirty for drugs and who are not stable on any medications for their mental illnesses. Get ready for it to go down even further with the idiot in charge.

She is a dry drunk, two faced, and hippocrite. The board got what they wanted and are in for it.

Morristown, TN

#34 Jul 8, 2008
I went to make a donation the other day and all of the staff has changed. The turnover there is ridiculous. The poor guy who helped me unload the stuff could barely walk.

The house was really dirty and all the people were just sitting on the porch. The woman in charge was sitting right up there with them just smoking away. Every time I drive by the folks are just hanging out.

It is such a joke. I won't donate again. I am going to take my things to the central services.
sorry about your loss

Hamilton, OH

#35 Sep 23, 2008
According to the article below, it sounds to me like Linda Dietrich is STILL doing good things for the area of East TN even thought some there can't seem to appreciate that. To all those who are slandering without knowing what they are really talking about, didn't your Mother's teach you that "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Unfortunately, when one is in the public eye, they are always subject to criticism. Also, many of us donít realize what we have until we lose it. I agree, East TN has lost a great treasure and thankfully Cincinnati has gained.
Great grant: Episcopal women give $25K to Central Services
By Melanie Lallier, Tribune Staff Writer
Through the efforts of Linda Dietrich, former M.A.T.S. director, and the Episcopal Church Women of the Lakeway Area, Morristown-Hamblen Central Services received a substantial grant last weekend.
The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee, Charles G. vonRosenberg and East Tennessee United Thank Offering Coordinator Elizabeth Steiffel presented Barbara Simmons, the executive director of Morristown-Hamblen Central Services, with the $25,000 grant and a certificate at the annual meeting of the ECW at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Knoxville.
The United Thank Offering is funded through donations of Episcopal churches throughout the country. Twice a year coins are collected in a blue box and sent to the regional diocese. The coins then make there way to the national church and are divided among various communities.
This year East Tennessee was awarded two separate grants. Central Services received $25,000 and the Bradley Initiative for Church and Community in Cleveland received $20,000.
The grant was written for Central Services to install cameras as part of its Working for Change program. Working for Change provides opportunities for people in this area to learn the skills needed to hold jobs, including dressing the part and keeping a pleasant attitude.
The cameras will allow Central Services staff to review participantsí performance. Working for Change has been Central Servicesí biggest project since moving to its new location.
"This is something we never would have been able to afford," said Simmons.
Simmons was somewhat surprised to receive the grant as the application had to pass not only through the East Tennessee diocese, but through the national diocese in Washington D.C. as well.
The amount of grants requested far outweighed the money available.
"Iím really pleased that we were able to be a part of Central Services getting this $25,000," said the Rev. Scherry Fouke of All Saints Episcopal Church in Morristown.
Fouke made it clear that full credit should go to Dietrich for writing the grant.
"The bottom line is that this little infusion of $25,000 will be a great help to Central Services," said Fouke. "Weíre talking about our friends, neighbors and families here."
For more information about the United Thank Offering, visit .
Just saying

Jefferson City, TN

#36 Sep 23, 2008
Wait, the above poster is from Cincinnati, OH, which is where Linda relocated. I may be rushing to judgment here, but one could assume that it is Linda herself or someone speaking on her urging.

That doesn't negate the article itself, or the good work that she has done for the area. I am grateful for the ministry of MATS and the work she has done. Personally, however, I do not care for her much, and have found her actions can be self-serving. She can also be very vindictive. Again, this doesn't cancel out the good she's done. It just illustrates that an individual can do good things, but doesn't really have to be likeable to do them, at least imo.
Florence Jean Castleberry

Morristown, TN

#37 Sep 23, 2008
WHOA THERE!!!!!!! The poster can have a server anywhere in the world for that matter. Maybe the article was sent out to someone she knows or goes to church w/ in Cincinnati. Maybe the poster is one of her new acquaintances up there. There are several options.

Linda Dietrich would NEVER EVER tell someone to write a note on this forum to serve herself. Why would she even care anymore? She is in a wonderful new position close to her birth family. OUR LOSS IS THERE GAIN! YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT. She did a lot of things she never got credit for in this town and the fruits of her labor are still gonna benefit a lot of folks even w/ her in another time zone. That is a true benefactor.

No, I ain't kin and I was never married to her. I just can tell you that she definitely did more than she ever got compensated for. We were a much better place for having her in our midst. She is a genuine giver.

MATS has gone to weeds since she left. Drive by. Ask them if they are paying the electric bills. Ask if they are operating at any professional level in the "administration" that is now in "charge". Ask Food City or Wal-mart when they last received payment on the accounts.

If MATS was a true ministry of God, the forked tongue devils currently in place would long be gone. They may not pay, but their children and grandchildren will.

I have observed Ms. Dietrich's actions for years both on the inside and outside of her social circle. I can tell you that if she would have been more self-serving she would have left us years ago. She put blood, sweat, and tears in to this town and we owe her nothing but gratitude. If you knew of what you spoke you would be on your knees thanking God for putting her in our lives.

It IS only your opinion, and you are entitled to it. I am sorry that you truly did not know her, for you have missed out on being touched by an angel.

Look in to your heart and ask what it is you have done for this community. I hope that you will take this as a challenge to step up and actually do something besides be a negative detractor from one much greater than you will ever be.
sugar or chocolate chip

Morristown, TN

#38 Sep 23, 2008
isn't your tongue forked as well? would seem so by your varying posts on topix.
"They may not pay, but their children and grandchildren will"
i suppose since you have no children this doesn't apply to you but you should also at least try to practice what you preach or is it just all about the BBQ?

Morristown, TN

#39 Sep 23, 2008
Florence Jean Castleberry wrote:
Look in to your heart and ask what it is you have done for this community. I hope that you will take this as a challenge to step up and actually do something besides be a negative detractor from one much greater than you will ever be.
Judge much? In looking around at your other posts, you don't leave the impression of the most stable, reliable lady. That, and it sounds like you're actually the one who didn't know Ms. Dietrich, LOL!

Morristown, TN

#40 Sep 23, 2008
I think Flo Jo is funny. Flo, you are entitled to your opinions. I may not agree, but I like to hear what you have to say and how you say it. ROFL. Especially if it riles up the natives.

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