Studies show hot white women like bla...

Boston, MA

#130 Jun 27, 2012

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#131 Jul 4, 2012
Lonely wrote:
<quoted text>
Tell you what, at one time I had a guy like you, who was a wonderful husband and father to our children, I got in my head that the grass was greener, I was bored, I walked away from him, gave it all up, and to this day I have never found another one like him. I am now older, lonely, have had my share of flings, and what I would not give if I could go back, but I cannot. He is gone now forever. Your wife needs to really look hard at herself, and appreciate what she has. One day it could change forever. If only women and men would love each other, be faithful, and stop thinking the grass is greener, because believe me, it isn't..your family, your husband, is the most precious things you will ever have in life. Sometimes the old saying "you don't know what you have until you lose it", is so very true.
It is human nature to believe that "the grass is greener on the other side" and youre right in all that you said. Good post.
mr cool

Minto, Australia

#133 Jul 16, 2012
im not white nor black, i have a dick, im sure if you use it wise she will enjoy it. its not the size ,

Charlotte, NC

#134 Jul 16, 2012
Black men and white men also date beautiful black women, and this whole topic is stupid because you should date whomever you love. Color should not have a damn thing to do with it. It's a shame that it's 2012 and still prejudice. Damn folks, get a life!
Educated Black man

Cleveland, OH

#135 Jul 18, 2012
get real wrote:
<quoted text>
With the exception of Heidi Klum, white women who date blacks are low-life trash.
u r just mad. If a white man sees a cute white girls on the arm of a strong black man, he feels inferior. the white man has always thought that he is king and the ruler of the world. The white man has never brought peace wherever he has gone. He has destroyed cultures and kicked & removed ppl from their land. The tide is changing because even now white women realize this.


#136 Jul 20, 2012
I'm Australian woman and never have been attracted to the black folk here (Aboriginals/Torre Strait Islanders) but my god the ones all in America are to die for!So appealing for me.. I never ever see men like that here..

I'd be in BIG trouble if I were there and would easily be led to the dark side.:D

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#137 Jul 31, 2012
Carissa wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm a white girl and I would never have anything to do with a black man relationship wise. I'm not racist, but I would never even consider dating or anything of the like with a black man. So your statement, "Every white girl passes me wants me" (whatever that translates to) is a joke. Just letting you know, have a great day.
There is just something sweet about a bunch of black men that white men don't have. Take the president or Mohammed Ali - As a black man I can assure you that it hurts me to see a white girl with a handsome black. Those that get one of us have to do face lifts because the older we get, the more we shine. The white woman though, shrivels up & is hard to look at when undressed.
In the long run, the black man is far better off with the black woman, thy booth look good when they are old. The white man too. But old 45+ Hispanic & White women are really bad looking. No shape etc.
Ms Worker

Morristown, TN

#138 Jul 31, 2012
Yes they do, and your point is?

Dallas, TX

#139 Aug 8, 2012
This is stupid, anyways most women are more attracted to money than anything.

“cute country GA peach”

Since: Aug 12


#140 Aug 13, 2012
currently i'm dating a black man but I wouldn't compare him to all the other black men I've encountered. sex of course is important but it has nothing to do with color. all black men are not the best lovers in bed trust me I know a few that couldn't please anyone.

Lumberton, TX

#141 Aug 28, 2012
if they breed out white women they will have to go back to ubangis i guess
Let there be peace

Middletown, CT

#142 Sep 3, 2012
Black boy knows wrote:
<quoted text>
you are trash. I can take your girl from you anytime I want. Every white girl passes me wants me. Ya any girl I want is mine.
Now I know that the guy who said white women who date black women are trash which definitely isn't true. But instead of acting angry and boasting, just tell him you don't agree with his opinion. He doesn't seem like a good guy so just don't encourage him.
lion inlove

Rome, Italy

#143 Sep 3, 2012
get real wrote:
<quoted text>
With the exception of Heidi Klum, white women who date blacks are low-life trash.
atleast u called ur kind '' low-life trash''u knew they're

Gastonia, NC

#144 Sep 15, 2012
John wrote:
I live in New York City and I have been here for MANY YEARS. I can tell you a fact. Latina, White, Asian women of New York City go wild here for black guys. There are so many gay white men in New York City and the women all go for black men because they are the most masculine I guess.
White guys nowadays think acting gay or metrosexual is the way to be, but women are not turned on by that crap.
It's mainly because black men don't do that hippie, metrosexual, gay stuff, only white guys do that, and women are not into it.
Thats not even true I lived in NY and black and white couples arent even that popular there like down south suprising since the south is more racist


#146 Sep 19, 2012
Oh and I forgot HAHA Halle berry is engaged to a white guy HA that's what I thought

Tucson, AZ

#147 Oct 2, 2012
HMMMMM wrote:
Studies are beginning to show that attractive white women are more attracted to black men than white men. The studies state most white men are at a disadvantage in the bedroom and with words. Black men will soon be dating all attractive white women within the next few years. Most heavy set white women and Spanish women will be all that is left for the white man to chose from.
Professor Johnson states that soon our culture will change as most kids will be mixed in color. The white man will be dating heavier women and the black man will be dating all the beautiful white men. Professor Johnon then stated he may change the color of his skin.
What a crock of s***. Are you sure it's not a parody created by an african american individual, because I would do it for s***s and giggles. It IS very hilarious that this is what people actually think and it would be incredible parody fodder. Sorry, but I find it comical.(The funniest comedians only speak the truths of life.)
The truth

Columbus, OH

#148 Oct 6, 2012
Lets be honest, black guys chase white women because black women are ugly. Every time I see a white girl with a black guys she's fat and nasty, brothers gotta have that fat azz.

Holbrook, NY

#149 Oct 10, 2012
Race is Usually a good topic to go to if you wanna throw all logic out the window and sound ignorant. The topic of this thread sets the negative tone. All of this is based on media-driven stereotypes so if your not attracted at all to someone you know that's fine, but to just say "I don't date because....I was raised not to....blah blah" you just sound like a fuckin idiot with very little awareness of the modern world and Im sorry for your close-minded upbringing

Sincerely, random black guy

United States

#150 Oct 10, 2012
White boy knows wrote:
Go ahead and take my girl. You and her can go live in the hood while you sell crack .you can buy her a fly 1998 caddy with some wheels on it. She will pop out a couple of your kids so you guys can get wick, food stamps and free health care. She can go visit you in prison after you do a drive by . So go ahead take her , I'm sure the ghetto is what she dreams of. BROTHER!
That is so fn racist. So that must mean that your mom is your girl & your dad is her brother & you all live in a trailor/meth lab & have 3 teeth combined, kids running around barefoot in a muddy ass yard w no grass & livestock. And youre probly all on disability bc youre illiterate as f#ck. And its wic dumbass

United States

#151 Oct 10, 2012
get real wrote:
<quoted text>
With the exception of Heidi Klum, white women who date blacks are low-life trash.
Stereotypical as hell.. Actually, studies prove that most white women that date black men were either molested as kids or raped at some point, which is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. Walk in someone shoes before you judge buddy

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