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Maryville, TN

#245 Feb 15, 2011
McScootch wrote:
We used to go to a place called the Asylum in Knoxville accross the river from Pellissippi Hospital... I think it was actually an old dairy farm but we got run off from there many times... ahhh the old high school days. The place is probably a gated community now.
its still there ... but theres a mobile home down there beside it now i guess someone to guard the place ..i wonder if they have interesting stories to tell? they gotta be brave or crazy to be livin down there!
destruction of a person

Morristown, TN

#246 Feb 19, 2011
Dandridge tn. is a very haunted place in some areas especially in the downtown part. It is the second oldest town in tn. so there is a lot of history there. there is also a community of dandrige called piedmont where i personally along with several family members experienced some very strange activity.

Morristown, TN

#247 Feb 24, 2011
My restroom is hauted...by ghost logs!!

Morristown, TN

#248 Feb 24, 2011
Haunted I meant...

Mooresburg, TN

#249 Feb 24, 2011
Quit bring this MORRISTOWN CRAP on our white pine topix site. Stay on your own site, TRASH.

Strawberry Plains, TN

#250 Feb 26, 2011
I find this hobby funny but fun.

Maryville, TN

#251 Feb 26, 2011
wow vols calm down this is the morristown site they just go to near by cities wow callin people trash who pissed in your cheerios?

Morristown, TN

#252 Mar 5, 2011
hey i live in morristown and theres a haunted house on my buddie's road where i guess a baby died.. either way if that parts fake then thats okay but i can't deny what ive experienced.. ive had electronic devices turn on and things moving on their own. plus the usual apparition or moving shadow.. yeah creepy stuff
ger der

Hickory, NC

#253 Apr 26, 2011
does an1 no about the haunted house near the country club in newport. where a guy hung alot of black babies. i live near it and want to know the whole story but cant find it anywhere. alot of people no about it but dont know the whole story. some1 help

Morristown, TN

#254 Aug 15, 2011
ok i lived in a house on east aj in russellville across from mahle for 6 months never had no problems till the weather changed then late or should i say early one morning we started hearing noises like someone was trying to break in so my husband got up and checked all the doors he didnt see anyone.so he came back to bed and we just sat there in the dark listing but instead of hearing anything we started seeing lights flashing in the windows like flashlight so we called the law thinking there was someone outside messing with us when they got there they say that noone had been outside a few days later i woke during the night and just looked out the window and seen a train on the tracks that made absolutly no noise i say it was a ghost train then after that we often seen a women in the house on numerous occasions well i got on here tonight to see all the haunted places in morristown and russellville come to find out this place is somewhat across the street from morristown block which is known to be haunted by a woman and this woman happend to be the owner of the home i occupied in the mid 60s ...Russellville, Tn 37860 Click to post on facebook!

County: Hamblen
GPS: 36.252911,-83.205734
WebSite: None

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Location Description:

The business known as Morristown block was originally known as The Vaughn Block Company, which formed in the 1930s. In the mid60s, the company secretary, who was engaged in a romantic affair with the owner apparently committed suicide in the front office. Actually, it was widely assumed that Mr. Vaughn killed the secretary who was also his sister in law because of a possible pregnancy. People who have worked late in the office have been known to hear a struggle between a man and a woman and then a silence. Persons living across the street from the block company in the house formerly owned by the secretary have reported the presence of a woman who could be described as looking like Mr. Vaughn`s secretary. The spirit is not said to be evil, but very watchful, especially when the seasons change

Morristown, TN

#255 Oct 12, 2011
The morristown college definately has paranormal activity. I've spent days in there exploring every inch for anything paranormal and from the strange things that happened to us i can assure you it's haunted. There is also two jail cells underneath the cafeteria where I've heard screams, had one of the doors close and lock on me and a constant breathing feeling on my neck. Of course you might not be able to get to that now since some asshole burned it down. Perfect place to go for helloween.

Knoxville, TN

#256 Oct 12, 2011
has anyone ever seen or heard of strange happenings or sights in the Russellville area up around the Holston Electric office?

Portland, TN

#257 Oct 16, 2011
What about the Jeremiah lexer plantation in tolbatt tn near Knoxville? Is the story true or false? I can't find anything on it other than the attraction going on this Halloween. Anyone got some info?

New York, NY

#258 Oct 16, 2011
this is all scary!

Jefferson City, TN

#259 Oct 23, 2011
the house on murrel road is tore down if u wanna go somewhere haunted go to the sesabough tunnel in kingsport there are voices you can hear from the front end i went last night and i could feel theyre presents and also if u go and all u hear are voices talk crap to the guy known as bob it was said that he drowned his baby talk about his wife and the baby in a bad way and he will get pissed we did this and he screamed at us
Outta town

White Pine, TN

#260 Feb 14, 2012
The old Mcfarland house on Jarnigan. Speaking of Jarnigan, the cemetary. Anyone have a clue why there is a tree with a rope hung around it and the entire thing has been cememted?

Nashville, TN

#261 Jun 13, 2012
The Jeremiah Lexer stuff is 100% false. The site use to be a restaurant for the longest time when I was a kid. Nothing scary about it. Someone bought the site, and thought "Oh, we can use it for a haunted house, for Halloween." Nothing big.

Morristown, TN

#262 Oct 28, 2012
east second north street.....we moved into a two story house that is still there to this day as a child me and my other two sisters would play school.in the attic of that house we found a huge box of papers ,in them were a brown envelope with pictures of a baby layin in a casket ,with its face as though it was mauled by a dog.scared us silly.heres what happend next we moved from there to a house on west 3rd north,one day weird noises from the basement, a chillin experience we thought mom threw those pics away when we moved,something drew me to go downstairs even led me to the dresser the pics were in talking about screamin.I always wondered if that baby was tryin to show me something{spirit form} or had someone done something to her and never told it.

Morristown, TN

#263 Oct 28, 2012
morristown tennessee city cematary sherwood drive witch rocks in rocking chair under big tree .I was told that as a child i am now 41.my experience one evening close to dark we took a short cut through their to get home,it was me, mom ,brother ,and cousin.we met a lady dressed in a white dress with a vail over her face,walking a white poodle on a chain,mom even spoke to her she was so sweet yet disappeared into thin air,no one knew who she was.very creepy not decided if she was a ghost or real

Morristown, TN

#264 Jan 25, 2013
Morristown east high has a little activity happen at times like things getti ng moved doors closing but nothing really bad just normal things. Not even really sure if it was a hauting but at time you would get a real creepy feeling. But the all time most hauted place in morristown is the jeremiah lexer plantation and not just because frightmare is there but that plase has a bone chilling history behind it and when it was a restaurant my famly would go there quite a bit and I will never forget scared me and mom so bad that we refused to go back there ever when you see a shadow move across a wall with no one there it will send chills down your back.

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