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Since: Jul 10

Morristown, TN

#26 Sep 8, 2010
Bridgette Courtney Trent this is Jessie Mu'F***** Smith....Ya that's right me and Tasha got married and have a life now and i have a beautiful son now and she is expecting!!!...My child is perfectly fine an is loved and is clean an don't get poopy diapers left on him!!...As i recall Tasha has stomped your ass an me and my mother has tried you sat at the red-light and starred straight ahead so how is that for you would take care of who talks about you! And Tasha told me that you told her you thought i wanted to f*** you....Wow HELL NO if i wanted a girl i would not sleep with you if you was the last one on earth my tongue would rot off and fall to the floor!!! So as for you being tired of people hiding their names we aint you know who we are you know where we live an if you cant remember i know you can just ask Billy since i still talk to he swears he cant stand you but who knows!!!!!!

But peace if ya want to get a hold of me just come to me or get on here!!!!
Love, Jessie Smith
One proud Mother!!!! <3
shawn farmer

Jefferson City, TN

#27 Sep 13, 2010
i think its funny how people have no lives that they have to been on this corny f****** website posting comment like lil f****** kids you guys are all f****** retarded lol this website is a joke and nobody begged for this 100 ft make yourselves sound bad lol and ive been tappin this a** for a good while have been tested and guess wat b****es its CLEAN imagine that those are my kids b****es ive got papers to prove it wanna see them come to my house and to you benji and tasha those are my kids they are nothing to you guys so delete thier pictures and quit telling people you are anything to them you arent s*** and this whole thing I LIVE FOR GOD s*** its good a very good cover up im glad it makes you feel better lol i hope you lil kids reply to this lol i mean its not like you have something better to do ill bet money to any queerbate that somebody will reply PEACE

Jefferson City, TN

#28 Sep 13, 2010
i know bre on a personal level and tasha benji and jessie havent been around for over a year and they cnt say anything about her or her kids and its funny how she has kids first and then you guys follow trying to be as good as she is wow you guys got married thats so good for you you lil girls will NEVER be as good a mom as bridgette is so quit trying you will just make yourselves look dumb and embarrass yourselves all over the web
Near the Water

Morristown, TN

#30 Nov 9, 2010
Bridgette a good mom?????? You people have got to be smoking crack!!! Good mothers don't leave their children with just anyone and leave them without necessities. She is just like her mother. Dirt.

White Pine, TN

#31 Nov 9, 2010
ok so once again my name is not hidden im sick of this stuff all together why dont you all get a life and grow up and stay outta mine. you guys dont wanna show or names but yet you wanna talk smack about me!! Im pretty sure the last comment was put on here by Kathy! not many ppl know anything bout my mother so just keep her outta it better yet ask for my number and talk shi* to me or meet me somewhere!!!!!!
o pshh

United States

#32 Nov 9, 2010
Bridgette wrote:
ok so once again my name is not hidden im sick of this stuff all together why dont you all get a life and grow up and stay outta mine. you guys dont wanna show or names but yet you wanna talk smack about me!! Im pretty sure the last comment was put on here by Kathy! not many ppl know anything bout my mother so just keep her outta it better yet ask for my number and talk shi* to me or meet me somewhere!!!!!!
and then ur trashy tempered self can just go back to jail. Trashy ho.get a life. F*ck get a job and take care of ur damn kids the only posative comments I see on here about u are ones u or your ppl put up here. Get a clue dummy the outside world thinks u suck as a mom and at life.

White Pine, TN

#33 Nov 10, 2010
and once again you hide your name!!! the only to brave ppl on here that would put their name is the ppl from my past that i know do not like me and thats ok but you still see they didnt hide their name. and if you have a child dont you think u need to be taken care of it instead of being a immature low life putting someones business on the internet and i do got a job thank you! and me going to jail is none of you dam* business. and you need to learn how to spell dont get on her trying to talkin crap when you need to learn ur grammar haha so funny!!! like i said all you guys wanna bash me as a mother but yet you dont wanna tell your real name yeah thats mature!!! all you guys can talk bout me but leave me children outta it!!! im pretty sure the person im talkin to right now has my number but to afraid to put themselves out there am i right or am i wrong. ive made mistakes and i know what they are like for example yes my grandmother has help taken care of my kids but i dont force her to not the least bit. and no one on here understands how my oldest is over my grandmother but the ones that see how she does with her mammaw. so do me a favor and stay off this page because i think its quite funny how no one has said anything since september then some stuff goes down and boom here is a comment left!!

Morristown, TN

#34 Nov 10, 2010
Just curious, are your kids with you? Your ip shows Jefferson City and I know that your grandmother's home is in Morristown. So.... yep what I figured, they are with her.

Grow up, be a mom, and help your grandmother out instead of her doing it all. I heard you want even help her around the house. Lazy skank, just using her for a babysitter!!

Morristown, TN

#35 Nov 10, 2010
ok yeah you know what ur right were just gonna stick with what you say but um no actually i live here in morristown and my kids are right beside me with their father wanna talk some more shi* and that isnt even ur real name!!!! and i dont live with my grandmother and 2 is that any of ur business did you give birth to my children no you didnt!!!! all of u ppl need to get a life everyone that gets on topix does nothin but bash someone! its not ur place to put someones name out on a dam* website. but anyways im over this im sick of letting you ppl get the best of me. but i hope you learn something and may god bless you.
o pshh

Morrison, TN

#36 Nov 10, 2010
I need to be mature and I'm spreading ur business???ur ass was in just busted...everyone knows u went to jail...over assault... very mature ...I guess lil bridgette is a bad ass... I know I'm smarter than u I'm sure u really dnt want me proof reading ur shit... topix isn't a place to be proofreading...its a way of trying to feel better about ur sorry self. did u even graduate highschool?? I doubt it. U were to busy tryin to have babies,like the damn skanky person u are wanting and trying to have babies u dnt even take care of, pathetic. And I just like talking shit no I dnt want you to have my name,yes u know who I am but no I am not friends with u nor do I have ur skanky ass number. And I dnt want it either.. I dnt know who u think I am but I can assure u I'm not. Loser skank no one likes u.
shawn farmer

Morristown, TN

#37 Nov 10, 2010
ok you people really need to get a life bridgette knows what she has done so leave her to be. she doesnt need you guys to put it out there for her and btw everything that has happened between me and her is also not your guys business i gave forgiven her and thats all that should matter. no were not the greatest parents buy no one is. name one set of parents that wont ever say they havent made mistakes a parents then you guys can keep disrespecting us as parents. bridgette doesnt have much help from me but i make sure my kids have what they need i work night shift sleep during the day til 4 i dont have much time for my family but i will be the first to say chloe is stuck on bridgettes mammaw and her mammaw is sick and chloe is what brenda wakes up for everyday. bridgettes trying to make her life right with me and the kids but as long as she knows she has people like you checking up on this dumb website will make herself push harder just to prove every single one of you wrong so thanks.

Since: Nov 10

Morristown, TN

#38 Nov 10, 2010
Let me make this very clear!!! I just found out that this is on here. Danielle, told chris today and he just told me. If you don't believe me, you can ask anyone at my house. I was shopping for a new refridgerator yesterday and went with my MOTHER to play bingo last night. I do have your number and if I have anything to say to you, I will call. Will not put dirty water on here. What is going on with us is no ones business. So, you can leave my name out of this. I am not afraid to post my name. You can do a background on this and they will tell you where it was started from. Anything else you want to say to me or about me, call me!!! You have my number.

Young Harris, GA

#39 Jan 12, 2013
Does she have stds ?

Morristown, TN

#40 Jan 14, 2013
Unknown wrote:
Does she have stds ?
More than likely.
know her

United States

#41 Jan 14, 2013
I went to school with this trailer park Jerry springer group of people. She is crazy and shawn did something right finally. left her. That's all that needs to be said.

Lockhart, TX

#42 Jan 25, 2013
Does she have std?

Morristown, TN

#43 Jan 29, 2013
Ever heard of birth control? Tubal?
ShEnEeDsAwAkEuPc AlL

Middlesex, NC

#44 Apr 1, 2013
I wonder who the father is of baby #4 on the way? I heard she was sleeping with 4-5 guys when she got pregnant. I think she's a low down pos, she don't take care of her kids now. Women like her needs to be shot. Bringin kids into this world And let their family take care of them while they get the income tax & benefits off the kids. It's a downright shame. Will she ever grow up?

Travelers Rest, SC

#45 Apr 1, 2013
Why don't you keep your nose on your own face. What Bridgette and Shawn do is none of your business. Bridgette has stepped up and is a damn good mom to all her children and seeming how I am her Aunt and around her, Shawn and the girls alot I would know. As of the baby in the way, Mikey, he is none of your business. Anything else, call me, we can talk. Thanks

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