Truck's flat tire causes multi-car ac...

Truck's flat tire causes multi-car accident

There are 60 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 8, 2007, titled Truck's flat tire causes multi-car accident. In it, Newsday reports that:

A dump truck blew a tire on Sunrise Highway Thursday afternoon sending the truck through the center median and hitting a car driven by a teenaged girl, the Suffolk police said.

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Philadelphia, PA

#48 Jun 8, 2007
relax wrote:
another affect of iresponsoblity compani owners should not be leting normal pl drive trucks that size it not only illegal but dangerouse to others as you see here. bc it he realy had a driver lisence he know he has to stay on the right lane driving the speed limit and most important he has to check his truck every time he drive it. i know that pl speed down the road but its a highway if pl want to drive slow they need to go through the towns i dont want to sound mean but driving on the highway it scary espcialy if u dont know where your going.. dricer please lissen dont cut pl off bc ur in a rush there always the excuse that traffic was heavy that all it the matter of ur life and someone elses

Philadelphia, PA

#49 Jun 8, 2007
Scott wrote:
To the people who wrote the article:
2. I am not sure what state you are in, since the article does not mention it, but in most states it is illegal to obstruct traffic and drivers are legally required to observe slower traffic keep right laws. Anyone driving slower than traffic in the left lane is breaking the law. This law is for safety reasons. See the next point.

5. For those of you against immigrants, you should research your family tree and find out what country your great-great grandparents are from. I bet they were probably not Native American. So you are offspring of immigrants too, like it or not. If the anti-immigrant people had their way when your great-great grandparents were born, you would probably be living in Poland, or England, or Germany right now. So have a little heart and read your history.
On Point 2: If I'm going 55 (speed limit in most places on the east coast) in the left lane and you are trying to pass me, YOU are breaking the law. Except, on the local Interstates, drivers must stay out of the leftmost lane to allow the state governers to pass freely at 100+ MPH. It's the law. Make way for the King!

Point 5: Yet another obfuscating liberal douchebag. People are against ILLEGAL immigration. Get it through your heads once and for all!

Huntington Station, NY

#50 Jun 8, 2007
HOW DARE that company send that driver on the road with no licence, that company should closed down. They should be sued!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Prisco

Huntington Station, NY

#51 Jun 8, 2007
i got hit rather hard because i had to jump into the drivers seat and pull the wheel to the right to avoid a head on collison with a truck 4 times my size. In doing that i took the brunt of the accident although my girlfriend (Laura Ficco) was on the impacted side. I have a broken elbow, staples in my head cuuts threw out my body and 15 stches in my left arm covering a large gash.

Huntington Station, NY

#52 Jun 8, 2007
I know the SCPD have a full time Public Affairs office and issue faxes on calls like this, but how come there is never any mention of the fire department (North Patchogue)that puts out the fire on both the truck and his leaking gas (on all the westbound lanes of Sunrise and the service road) and transports all those patients (North Patchogue, Patchogue and Holbrook ambulances)to the hospital?
And we're doing it all as volunteers.
Brian Curry
Public Information Officer
North Patchogue Fire Department

Brooklyn, NY

#53 Jun 8, 2007
Brian wrote:
I know the SCPD have a full time Public Affairs office and issue faxes on calls like this, but how come there is never any mention of the fire department (North Patchogue)that puts out the fire on both the truck and his leaking gas (on all the westbound lanes of Sunrise and the service road) and transports all those patients (North Patchogue, Patchogue and Holbrook ambulances)to the hospital?
And we're doing it all as volunteers.
Brian Curry
Public Information Officer
North Patchogue Fire Department
Oh how I would love to see paid FD's in both Nassau and Suffolk.

Huntington Station, NY

#54 Jun 8, 2007
Now that I vented about the FD and EMS not getting credit, let me tell you somethings about this accident.

It was just a freaky thing, but NPFD was literally right across from where this accident occured putting out a car fire at St. Joseph's College.

The "dump" truck was actually a roll off dumpster truck heading east and it had a blowout. WE heard it explode then heard the sickening sound of metal crunching. We actually ran to the south service road a few yards away and saw most of this whole thing unfold.

The westbound landscaper green pick up truck had a small trailer behind it and as the truck hit that, it jacknifed coming to a stop straddling the center median guard rail. Alledgedly, one of the landscapers was in the back and was thrown. They did not stick around.

Another westbound white pick up truck got creamed on the drivers side and ended up across the lanes.

A westbound BMW got hit, jumped through the divider between the westbound express and the westbound service road coming to rest on the grass. That driver had chest pain.

The roll off truck who was in the eastbound Sunrise lanes went through the center divider and ruptured his gas tank spilling gas (which then ignited) across all three lanes of the westbound express, then smashed through the divider between the westbound express and westbound service roads spilling more gas (which was also ignited) across the service roads two lanes before crashing into the furtherst north guard rail.

There easily could have been more cars and fatalities here. I saw some very close calls with other cars and trucks to avoid this bad MVA.
Beach Bum

Bronx, NY

#55 Jun 8, 2007
first of all from a truck drivers view,It was a rolloff truck which empty wieghs approx. 17-19 tons.20 yards of recycled concrete on said truck would be gross 35 to 40 tons.Tire doesn't have to be bald to blow out,have had fairly new tires blow out.front tire blows out ,takes out maybe steering components and air lines for the air brakes,which in turn air drops below 60 psi and automatically locks all brakes and now you have absolutely no control.And for the people whining about the speeds,you cannot say you have never sped!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Pointer

Stony Brook, NY

#56 Jun 8, 2007
Blue Point Fire Department responded as well...

Englewood, CO

#57 Jun 8, 2007
The gutless politicians should raise the limit on lie & sunrise to 65, then require consistent enforcement rather than the selective, ticket quota-based enforcement we have now.

Since: Jun 07

Bronx, NY

#58 Jun 9, 2007
Joe wrote:
<quoted text>Here is the law. So don't think you are getting smoke blown up your wazoo. A police officer must observe the violation (petty offense) in order to enforce it.
NYS Criminal Procedure Law:
S 140.10 Arrest without a warrant; by police officer; when and where authorized.
1. Subject to the provisions of subdivision two, a police officer may
arrest a person for:
(a) Any offense when he has reasonable cause to believe that such
person has committed such offense in his presence; and
(b) A crime when he has reasonable cause to believe that such person
has committed such crime, whether in his presence or otherwise.
2. A police officer may arrest a person for a petty offense, pursuant
to subdivision one, only when:
(a) Such offense was committed or believed by him to have been
committed within the geographical area of such police officer`s
That's fine, but obviously it's the criminal that is getting away with taking advantage of the laws. If he doesn't get caught then it's ok. I insist we have unmarked cars on the road to blend in with the regular commuters. EVERYDAY I am witness to reckless drivers breaking the laws, yet not being witnessed by police officers. AGAIN, I stress, when they see a police officer with radar, they behave.

Let's save lives and set an example. This road rage has become the norm. If I didn't have to commute to work everyday, I wouldn't get on the roads unless it was an emergency.

Since: Jun 07

Bronx, NY

#59 Jun 9, 2007
Effigy of the Forgotten wrote:
<quoted text>
stop whining - get out of the way, and dont use your cell phone while driving
Where did you get your license or do you even have one? The roads of L.I. are not racetracks and speed limits are posted for a reason, to keep people safe. I hope someone you know isn't a victim of one of these accidents. A vehicle is a weapon when in the wrong hands.

Obviously you're one of the reckless drivers on the road, or you are completely blinded by the amount of reckless drivers on the roadways lately. I don't look the other way when I see a crime being committed. There should be more good samaritans like me and less careless people like you. You can use a cell phone to call in an emergency.

Since: Jun 07

Bronx, NY

#60 Jun 9, 2007
paul wrote:
<quoted text>Where have you been for the last ten years? 70mph is now the unofficial speed limit on the expressway and sunrise. The police know that anything less will produce gridlock, that even a mean spirited moralist like you might not enjoy!Relax,guy,modern cars can be driven safely at twice the speed of those of the past, so stop being a one man road block and go with the flow!!
Paul from Port Jeff -

Laws are made to keep people like you behind bars. One day you will be driving your safe, fast new car and driving over 70 mph and whalaa, an accident, and more than likely, the car you hit is not as well equipped as your fancy new car! The driver doesn't make it. His family is heart broken a parent will lose a child and guess what you won't get to where you are going, but you probably will be a survivor, and will need to live with this on your conscience for the rest of your life. If you have ever taken a driver's safety class, you will learn that it takes at least one car length for every 10 miles per hour you drive to stop your vehicle. If you are traveling at 70 mph, you better have at least a 7 car distance between you and the car in front of you. I'm sure you're the guy that's been tailgating me and trying to get around me, only to end up one car ahead of me in a traffic jam or a red light. So does it pay to do 70 mph? Get real!!! You live in a selfish world where it's you before everyone. I'm sure your mother would be proud!

Since: Jun 07

Bronx, NY

#61 Jun 9, 2007
Scott wrote:
<quoted text>
I was linked in from another non-local news website, and when first looking at the article page, there was no obvious indication where Newsday is located. I thought it was a general news website, not a local news website. There is a Hempstead Highway in Houston and there is also a city called Hempstead in Texas. I know of several places called Suffolk, all in different states. I think there is a Manorville in PA. So the locations given are not always clear, although some mentioned are unique to New York.
On closer look, I see it's somewhere in New York. But it still would be good to mention the state somewhere considering that it is not obvious that is a local New York news site when you link into an article from some other website.
And, true, I could figure it out, and have, but it is still poor writing considering that your website is visible to people all over the planet and news aggregator websites link to your site and reprint part of the story on Non-local websites.
Of course, in the end, I was just lazy and did not want to Google the place names. But it's still wise to write your articles in such a way that non-locals can instantly understand the story without having to look things up, especially when the articles appear in non-local websites. It's just good writing style.
Houston - yes, we all make mistakes and can get lazy, but don't be so hard on yourself. After all, you drive on TX roads, which are of course bigger and have many more lanes than the roads of LI, NEW YORK. I've recently visited there and boy are the driver's aggressive. You're right in that it doesn't matter if it's Sunshine HIGHWAY, or Sunrise HIGHWAY, it's still breaking the law!

Slow down America and get legal.

Since: Jun 07

Bronx, NY

#62 Jun 9, 2007
PS TX I forgot to mention that the speed limit on this stretch of highway is 55 mph. I noticed where I was in TX it's between 65-70 as the norm. That's fine for you guys that have 7 lanes as opposed to 3 lanes here, but the highways are still backed up during rush hour! Soon they will be building super highways with tolls as an alternate route! Imagine who came up with that idea???


#63 Jun 9, 2007
General Zod wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree, that's why I didn't slam you. The local paper here called "Newsday" sucks and you hit the nail on the head by noting that it's not good writing.
Newsday prints incorrect info to often. I was in this accident in my wifes BMW convertible. I was hit broadside by the white pick up in the center lane of the highway, and pushed off of sunrise, through the fence, accross the north service road and up onto the shoulder. By the grace of GOD, I saw that dump coming through the center guardrail and had a split second to hit my gas instead of the brakes. Newsday thought the dump hit me on the service road. The world is full of misinformation.I'm just happy to still be here !

Clermont, FL

#64 Jun 10, 2007
They got that information from their freelance photographer.
They sure didn't ask the North Patchogue FD.
Glad you did ok, from our vantage point at the Saint Joseph's College parking lot there were a bunch of near misses. Glad you're okay


#66 Jun 10, 2007
" It's just good writing style. "

Lets just say that when reading an article that lacks "writing style", it is from either Long Island Newsday or New York Newsday.

I believe they have 6th grade students reporting the news on most day.

Hoffman Estates, IL

#67 Oct 20, 2008
Look self -centered asshle I understand you being mad but don't fuckng be such a biget racist pig because the person was illegal judge by their actions not by their race you prck
Darren from patchogue

Brooklyn, NY

#68 Oct 21, 2008
Jennifer of Manorville wrote:
I commute daily from Manorville to Holbrook and back using Sunrise Highway. I am outraged by the majority of motorists on the road that use Sunrise Highway as a raceway. If a car is driving at the 55mph speed limit, they feel it necessary to tailgate, honk, and basically try to side swipe you so you move out of the way as they're driving at least 70 mph.
I have tried to contact police to report the worst of these drivers, but I'm sure by the time they arrive on the scene, it's too late.
Also, the policemen that park on the median of Sunrise Highway using radar, is not an effective way to catch the dangerous drivers. It is so obvious that they are parked that the drivers have enough time to slow down.
In hazardous weather, it only gets worse. SUV drivers think that their luxury vehicles do not skid so they can speed past you at dangerous speeds and many times, the safe drivers need to swerve out of the way of the speeding vehicles.
Why not treat reckless drivers with the same offenses as attempted murderers. At the speed these drivers are using, it's most certain that when they do get into an accident, an innocent person will die.
Let's save lives and make sure our roads are safe to drive for us and our children.
I'm 45 years old and have never been so afraid to drive on the roads on Long Island.
My suggestion, have unmarked police vehicles driving on the highway, so that they can witness for themselves the majority of hazardous drivers on the roadways and let them know what they're doing is wrong by fining them severly.
Hopefully this will make a difference.
Sounds like you have a problem.If you are being tailgated you are probably blocking traffic in the passing lane.if you are in the right lane which is designated for slow moving vehicles you should be fine .By not letting Traffic pass you are causing road rage if you check the NYS DMV rule book you will see that you must stay to the right unless passing.A vehicle will tail you and push you out of the way if you are clogging the highway----Good luck

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