Date Set for Michelle Michael's Murde...

Date Set for Michelle Michael's Murder Trial

There are 148 comments on the WBOY-TV story from Feb 22, 2007, titled Date Set for Michelle Michael's Murder Trial. In it, WBOY-TV reports that:

Posted Thursday, February 22, 2007 ; 05:52 PM Updated Thursday, February 22, 2007 ; 06:17 PM Trial was moved to Kanawha County earlier this month. via WBOY-TV

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A Lot

Conroe, TX

#43 Aug 2, 2008
There's a big difference between "reasonable doubt" and a "speck" of doubt.
LegalSystem wrote:
It's funny how many people in this country are in jail because jurors do not know what "reasonable doubt" really means. Based on the evidence in this case, there is absolutely know way one cannot have doubt. Let's look at why. One all the evidence is circumstantial. Two, a Life insurance policy of that size really isn't that much! Three, Where is the proof that she did this? It is merely speculation and a theory. This along would cause anyone to think perhaps someone else may have caused this murder. Four: the evidence about the fire and it not being noticed until two and a half hours later. My opinion, it was a prime example of the prosecution needed someone to blame (she may have done it) but this is about the integrity of the judicial system. Jurors do not understand what reasonable doubt means! If you have doubt as to if someone else may have done this.. and clearly in this case, this has to be the final thought, then this is reasonable doubt and she should have been freed! At least until more evidence appeared. I about the integrity of the Judicial System. It is clear to me that most people are just not bright enough to figure out what the judicial term "reasonable doubt" really means. Look it up in a legal dictionary.
So many here appear just to judge based on what the media showed. The problem is that you are easily manipulated. I'm so sick of watching cases where they should have never been brought to court in the first place due to a lack of evidence. Prosecutors need to be held accountable. Look at the Duke Lacross case, I bet many of you thought they did it too. The truth is that you are far too quick to prejudge. And one day someone just may accuse you of something you never did and your name will be smeared even if its never true. Stop judging unless the evidence is clear. In this case it just cannot be clear due to the fact that there are too many unknowns, lack of definitive proof, and questions in the air.
One who was there also

Hagerstown, MD

#44 Sep 24, 2008
If you were there in the court room and you say that she showed emotions then you were not in the right court room. She had no emtion what-so-ever unless it was showing how angry she was about being proven a liar. I was there also and I could see her a plain as if she were right next to me. Her lawyer did not present any new evidence in her appeal. And if there was new evidence don't you think he would have chose to use it instead of using the same evidence that he tried to use in front of Judge Stone. She is Liar and a Cold Hearted Woman who believes that she can get away with killing her husband. If only she would finally admit what she has done then maybe she wouldn't have to suffer as much. The only reason she was given Mercy is because the jury wasn't as inhuman as she is.
One who knows wrote:
This message is for "she did it, in Va". Were you there in the court room or are you basing your accusations on what you saw on TV? The media only showed you what they wanted you to see! I sat there in the court room and YES, she DID show emotion. Those of you who are only going by what you saw on TV, get a life! You know NOTHING!!!
PS... Did you all know her appeal was granted??? And there is new evidence in the case?? Did you also know that her kids were NOT taken from her like her crazy ex husband was hoping for??
Again... she'll be out soon...:O)
One who was there also

Hagerstown, MD

#45 Sep 24, 2008
If you think that Jimmy would have commited suicide then you did NOT know Jimmy at all. And if your such a good friend of Shelly's then you would have even said such a thing. Jimmy was one of the most Caring, Loving, Religious and All around good guy. As for your good judge of Character assumption you are not. If you knew Jimmy at all then you would also know that he would never in a million years have done that to his family or his children. You need to stop saying things that would belittle his character for he is Not here to defend himself,(like she is) and evidently she can not because she is as guity as they come. And I did know her.
friend of Michelle wrote:
I believe she is INNOCENT!!!!! of the nicest people I know......It's amazing what can happen after the world gets so caught up in the drama...well Shelley was raised in a great family and was always quiet and a sweetheart besides the fact a down right good catholic girl....I think Jim committed doubt about it.......But that's just my opinion, I'm a pretty good judge of say what you want,most of you dont even know her!!!!!!
One who was there also

Hagerstown, MD

#46 Sep 24, 2008
This is response to One who knows. The website is a crock. The Michael Family is not and never will be the ones who started this site. Shelly's Family consists of The Goots Family and they are the ones who set this site up for her. NOT Jimmy Michael's Family. It would be nice if they would retract the message that says the Michael Family want justice for her because they have already received some justice with her behind bars! Would however be nice if it was without MERCY. But it just goes to show you that most people aren't as inhuman as her. You all need to fix your website to say the GOOTS Family want justice!!!!
WV Metro News

Morgantown, WV

#47 Sep 25, 2008
High Court Says No To Michelle Michael

The state Supreme Court has refused to take up the appeal of convicted murderer Michelle Michael. The former Ruby Memorial Hospital nurse was convicted in July 2007 for drugging and burning death of her husband Jimmy.
Michael's attorney Tom Dyer asked the court this week to fully consider the appeal. Dyer said the paralytic drug used in Jimmy Michael's death could have been purchased by anyone over the Internet and the trial judge erred by not allowing that testimony in the trial. Dyer also claimed the defense was handcuffed when it wasn't given the identity of a person making a key phone call to police three days after Jimmy Michael's death.

The Supreme Court voted 5-0 not to consider the appeal.

Michael was convicted for first-degree murder with mercy and first-degree arson. She was sentenced to life in prison with the chance for parole after 15 years on the murder conviction and 20 years on the arson conviction. The prison time runs consecutively
One who knows


#48 Sep 30, 2008
I, as well as so many others still believe that Jimmy did himself in and then framed Shelly for it. He was under so much stress with his ex wife and then to learn his current wife was having an affair with his good friend. He wanted to end his life and he wanted Shelly to be blamed for it. The truth will come out soon. Shelly DID NOT kill her husband!
WV Metro News

Morgantown, WV

#49 Sep 30, 2008
One who knows wrote:
I, as well as so many others still believe that Jimmy did himself in and then framed Shelly for it. He was under so much stress with his ex wife and then to learn his current wife was having an affair with his good friend. He wanted to end his life and he wanted Shelly to be blamed for it. The truth will come out soon. Shelly DID NOT kill her husband!
Your opinion does not support the facts of the case. Jimmy had no carbon monoxide in is blood and no smoke soot in his respiratory system. If he would have set the fire first, and then injected himself with the drug, there would still be signs of CO and soot. The reported drug would have taken several minutes to completely stop respirations. How will the truth come out soon? We're all ears.
Motown Joe

United States

#50 Apr 18, 2009
Chick is guilty!
Wish I knew her

Suitland, MD

#51 Jun 29, 2009
She is to hot to be a killer...
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Not guilty


#53 Oct 28, 2009
I don't believe she did it either. I think he commited suicide.

Wytheville, VA

#54 Oct 28, 2009
Do you also still believe in Santa Claus?
Not guilty wrote:
I don't believe she did it either. I think he commited suicide.

Wilmington, DE

#55 Nov 19, 2009
Motown Joe wrote:
Chick is guilty!
I don't know the people and have only read and viewed the information on television. However, the overall character and intergrity of Shelly has to be called into question when looking at the evidence. She appears to have a problem with lying, loyality, and thinking of long term consequences. She had already been through one divorce --- what if her children had been exposed to another? I cannot determine her guilt or innocence, but most people cannot just dismiss a pattern of behavior that just may have escalated.

United States

#56 Nov 21, 2009
It's a last ditch effort to draw attention away from herself by claiming her attorney (s) failed to represent her. What else does she have? I agree 100% that her overall character and integrity has and will come into play. For those who don't know, a show called "snapped" is on Sunday night with some recent updates. Watch her interview with the police, you can see that she thinks she is smarter than they are and lies to them about several things. She has some serious mental issues. I predict that when she exhausts all of her efforts to prove her innocence and save herself, she will finally implicate her former lover whom she has protected all along.

United States

#57 Nov 21, 2009
Oh by the way, I think it was proven at her trial that suicide was not possible.

Lillington, NC

#58 Nov 22, 2009
I must say hiflyer you are a hypocrite.
how can you say she is a liar and does not think of long term consequences but then turn around and say the reason she killed him was because she didnt want her kids to have to experience another divorce.. isn't that thinking of long term onsequences... and the 500,000 wtf her and him together would make that amount if not more a year. he was worth more dead than alive. he probably only had that policy for if something did happen to him she would have the money to take care of business. and didnt he have the same drugs at his job.. how do you know someone he worked with didnt do this him
they spent so much time trying to slander the lady that they'll maybe never know who realyy killed him.
i just want to know how do you set your house on fire.. while you're at work.. how is it that 2 hours later after you let your house it catches on fire.. it just doesnt make since. i belive if they cant even say how the fire was really started she shouldnot even be inprison. whatever happened to innocent until proven otherwise. i guess its just easy to blame her because she cheated in him.. once.

United States

#59 Nov 23, 2009
I think you may have me confused with someone else who posted on here although it does not change the facts. One thing you are right about, you are innocent until proven guilty, which she was convicted by a jury.

United States

#60 Nov 23, 2009
If you have a hint of a brain you would have to come to the conclusion that she is guilty. I strongly agree that sooner or later she will point the finger at the boyfriend. Again, if you followed the case, at the very least he knew about it. She has remained silent on the boyfriend simply because if she implicated him, she would also be admitting guilt. Read between the lines on this case. It's a pathetic last ditch effort hoping someone will find a technical error drawing attention away from the real issue of MURDER.
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Surrey, Canada

#62 Apr 11, 2010
I just finished reading the True-Crime Novel by John Glatt about this tragedy...

I am interested to know what the state of this are now, present day... Has Shelly Michael filed another appeal? Or what about the Writ against her lawyer?

Does she still maintain her innocence?

The novel mentions briefly a package that Jimmy Michael rec'd with sweater & a note about his "whore wife" (as quoted by the novel)... But the novel never mentions if this was brought up in the trial? If it was ever discovered who this came from? If it was really one of Shelly's sweaters? Or was it the woman's sweater who sent the note? Interesting....
I know she wasn't on trial for adultery, but the novel mentions that she only had one affair on Jimmy - however if this is true - then that would lead one to believe that this may have come from the wife of Bobby Teets? If not, then this brings to light that Shelly was unfaithful more then this one affair - and is another mark to back up her seemingly despicable character.

I just found this novel captivated my attention & I couldn't put it down... While I find it hard to believe that she is not guilty - there is some doubt as novels/media etc... are always only letting you know what "They" want you to... I guess the only people that know for sure are Jimmy, Shelly & God...

Santa Rosa, CA

#63 Apr 11, 2010
PEOPLE.........I read Playing with Fire!!!!!! She is as guilty as they come!!!!!!!!!! All her lies made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!!!!And she was sooooo cold!~!!! No emotions!!!!Keep her locked up and while ur at it!! Throw away the key!!!!For other mens sake!!!

Las Vegas, NV

#64 Apr 14, 2010
If you are not convinced that she is one cold blooded mean bitch which killed her husband - I don't give a hoot why - you are a brain dead retard and that's all there is to it .You intelligence level disqualifies you from expressing or even having an opinion .

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