murder at my apartment complex
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Morgantown, WV

#23 Jun 20, 2011
try this i am denied the right bathroom i am transsexual woman this is a hate crime why in order for me to get hormones and surgery i must use the womens restroom. religion doesnt give u the right to complain to office to deny me rights, do u pray in the bathroom do you worship what about my rights as a pagan or the liberal christens not only that the jim crow law i am not black but since the idea of race is a group of people then would apply to my people, its illegal to make a blacks only so to make me use men or unisex here would apply i am told to use mens i mean i could go on i was assualted. but glbt really have no rights as a disbaled person who won on being transsexual again this is a state and federal problem now. i been stuck with a bigot they did nothing said meditation what the hell i been psychological abused a roommate. not only that they dont do anything about drugs or illegal roommates and everybody hates me because i complain u dont have said rights on this. this might be why we had a violent crime here the drugs, the district can be added with adding and beddinng, fasitating etc of the drugs but no sane judge would charge them with this they are private business that looks the other way and can say legally we cant kick druggies out. what can i do nothing on the bathroom issue i mean i can call lambda legal but that no gurantee the laws suck, i mean i could sue based on medical condition but again i try the letter approach if that doesnt work then maybe stronger tactics. i dont want to because i fell the manger fells for gays but doing her job we loose an advocate for gay rights.

Morgantown, WV

#24 Jun 20, 2011
you have no intergrity those who work for a business and see illegal action and defend them. theirs laws that proct employies dumbass. and my guess a shooting is either a hit or drugs or casing for robbery. logic poor idiot, both my major history and my religion teach use your head. if you use mindfulness and watch your area well its not rocket science bubba. i seen with my eyes the drugs and the druggies 1/3 are hardcore gangsters, 1/3 are hippies/druggies/acholics. and the idiot who said how do you know dont gossip on crimes well dumbass i take it your work for antichrist well are you a cop hmmm etc apartment complex when they call the cops are given so much like the public so u know as much as i do. and the dumb ass saying we have rights here in motown wv. you smoking the bad shit get off it. remmber gary walden they did nothing on the sex scandels of sexual assault but when he threw acid in the eye of a goverment worker that became a state/federal crime. the district gets away with shit because they are not in the city ie they belong to the county. i was involved with gary walden when it happened no i wasnt living female at the time . he hired crack dealers, he rented to crack dealers i saw a family terrorized , i was terrorized. technically the department health can shut this place down not gonna happen because of the heavy drinking and drugs its a health hazard but again politics not going happen. so ya renters have ape shit no power, i cant get out my lease because of a bigot, they have rights. the landlord wants money he loses from both me and the bigot. to those who work at the district its a crime not to report a crime a seroius action. this is why i have little paitence with landlords.

Morgantown, WV

#25 Jul 10, 2011
i have roommate who is domestically emotionally abusing me. since i am white he is black and i am transsexual the law and landlord say deal with it wtf. so if i kill him then i am not legally responsible because that what you are saying he aloud to do it i have emotional problem and blame he triggers me he in control he knows i have problems under law he at fault. he acts like he own the apartment and i am a guest that wont go away sorry the dsitrict owns the place the goverment tells the peole what to do. what funny district said he gone when lease is up and i tell him that and he like it not going happen. actually in medation he said he be gone last month, ironically the manger didnt right this but rembers it sadly this would be here say. why is he still here he a sociol path he gets off emotional hurting me. he like i am muscle fat ass who does nothing man , but a scrawney femine man who can and will defend herself has done so and almost killed someone ask my brothers friend. a asian man who is scrawny can kick a muscle man, its about wisdom and force not muscles to win fight.i tremble because i am afraid of consequence losing apartment,jail,excution by state,lychning by blacks when its not racial motiviated he the raceist i am not. and how is it right for a black to be raceist but whites now thats illegal wtf.

Nottingham, PA

#26 Nov 13, 2012
I can't believe any of you actually attend the University... Your use of the English language and spelling is HORRIBLE!

Fairmont, WV

#27 Nov 13, 2012
pissed off trannie tenant wrote:
well i am transsexual male to female, and well the district is violating my rights as a renters, my rights as a perso and my other rights being a protectected person. i am disabled found disabled as a transsexual with other mental issues regardles what ssi says on transsexuality as a disblity. so i am being emotional abused by other roommates they have a tv in common area regardless being theirs i pay rent for it to. they dont like trannies and i know they dont go to church but if i press ncaap would come out in support of these black roommates, i have nothing agaisnt another race or religion but when you push emotional assauslt on me thats legal crime and break lease. so if i wanted i could contact a gay lawform have them on the news and have settlement in my interest it cause to much pain for me. so one roommate was living illegally in house and the other allowed him to use his key. i told manament tammy she said she will get both out. i find out the one letting the other use the key was still on lease so i went to ask the office they treated me as a trouble maker told this is how it is to rent with roommates. wtf i have rights i dont care if u have money or power my rights are equal to yours. cops a while back said that the district at least on my part were doing illegal things in my part. its a nice neighborhood, nice complex but corrupt. i my electronic keys dies and they charge me a maintaince fee, my toilot every once in awhile stops up and i am charged wtf why isnt this figured in the lease isnt this fraud.

so i am history major i was going go grad school for this i studied consitional law so these laws are supreme over federal,state,local. so if these are violated then i can somewhat work like law student i never said i was lawyer or law student i just have some law knowledge.on walden he did same to me he doesnt go through magistrate to evict he owns cops as i am sure that the district does. i am also sure that the district knows what goes on but dont care its about the dollar god. next time i rent its single i did roommates because of mental health reasons.

So you are a what?
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Martinsburg, WV

#28 Nov 13, 2012
The same as you Shelly, the same as you! I can damned well guarantee you that intrigues you...Shelly!

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