my dog has mange i need help

Ashland, KY

#23 Aug 15, 2011
to needing help, you can use motor oil on the dog , it will get rid of the mange, and the manger will not come back it wont hurt your dog . we had to do that with one of our dogs . it work, after the mange is gone give the dog a good bath .

Waynesville, NC

#24 Aug 26, 2011
I do not have a pit bull now, but have in the past. I had to get rid of him because he was just too smart. HE would peel my back door back at the bottom and get out and run the neighborhood. I could not lock him in the house for no amount of time. He would tear up the carpets too. One time, I made meatloaf. He kept bugging me in the kitchen so instead of getting the scraps I punished him by putting the scraps in the oven and the leftovers in the fridge. I ran an errand and was back home in 20 minutes. Only to find that he opened the fridge, ate the leftover meatloaf, got out eggs and raw hamburger, got on the counter opened freezer, got out onions and bell peppers, got in cabinet and got oatmeal. He had that mess all over the house, busted eggs in the living room carpet.

So I gave him to a friend of ours. And the dog continued following his own rules. He would break out windows to get outside when left in the house. When left in the outside pen, he would dig underneath. There was no keeping that dog confined. But his personality was amazing.


#25 Aug 26, 2011
Are you sure you're not describing your boyfriend?
If he's good in bed, maybe you can overlook a few bad table manners (and doggy breath.)
swiss cheese

Asheville, NC

#26 Aug 30, 2011
The vet on enola road is a good place.

Morganton, NC

#28 Oct 10, 2011
Man you guys are all a buncha weak punks. Take a pint of mad dog 20/20 ,red kind....2 advil migraines pills, 1 box of kraft macaroni and cheese..and a soft pillow. Now go outside and BUST A CAP IN THAT STANKIN DOGS HEAD...walk back in and enjoy your mad dog take the advil and eat your macaroni and stop cryin like Bi#$%$#...
girlie girl

Spartanburg, SC

#29 Oct 18, 2011
My husband has the mange also!
bustin caps

Morganton, NC

#30 Oct 22, 2011
StankDoodle wrote:
Man you guys are all a buncha weak punks. Take a pint of mad dog 20/20 ,red kind....2 advil migraines pills, 1 box of kraft macaroni and cheese..and a soft pillow. Now go outside and BUST A CAP IN THAT STANKIN DOGS HEAD...walk back in and enjoy your mad dog take the advil and eat your macaroni and stop cryin like Bi#$%$#...
for a comment like that maybe someone needs to bust a cap in your ass.see i thrive on idiots such as yourself who think they are so bad.i would love to meet you i would hit you so hard your momma would fall skank punk.
Haha laugh

Lake Charles, LA

#32 Jan 7, 2012
I touch a dog an almost got mange so I prayed don't got it no mo
Monopoly NoMo


#33 Jan 10, 2012
Jesus don't cure the mange, igmo.

Bostic, NC

#34 Jan 17, 2012
My neighbor has put many pitts down. He hates the ugly things. As long as they do not crap in my yard I will let them live. We do not have children or I would help him take them out. It really does seem like chicken shit people, dope dealers and trash own them!
Big Pete

Morganton, NC

#35 Jan 17, 2012
Got something for him!!!!!!!

Plano, TX

#36 Mar 16, 2012
I have a min pin and a chuweenie they both have mange any ideas I cant afford a vet help

Raleigh, NC

#38 Aug 27, 2013
needing help wrote:
I bought a pitbull off a woman and she told me my dog has had its shots but now she has the mange real bad. we are not nasty people and my inlaws dog has it. So i think she might have come in contact with it through her dog. But anyways her eyes are swolen shut and her hair is almost gone. It got really bad this week. we didnt know what was going on at first but now know its the mange. I was told to dip her in oil, and mix sulfur and vasiline. i bought some happy jack stuff to dip her in, but shes getting worse. i just started using yesterday. Does anyone know any fast ways to cure her? I dont want her to die.
Happy Jack Mange dip might work but it isn't an overnight cure. It took a while for it to get that bad and will take a while to cure, if it's curable. There are 2 types of mange, and one is almost impossible to get rid of. My advise is take her to the vet, have it scraped and have them tell you what to do from there. And NEVER put straw or hay in a dog's house.

Lenoir, NC

#39 Aug 28, 2013
This thread is 2 years old. Why are you people posting? The dog is dead now.

Los Angeles, CA

#41 Oct 11, 2013
sayit wrote:
Try happy jack mange med sold at feed stores
They use crude on camels when they get mange in the desert.

Forest City, NC

#42 Oct 11, 2013

Morganton, NC

#43 Oct 12, 2013
No, god is dead but Dog Lives!

Long live Dog!
Seattle Girl

Edmonds, WA

#45 Dec 28, 2013
My cats came down with this. I live next to a "wetland" that I discovered is City drainage from the entire upper neighborhood - the pipe was hidden and empties into the lot next door. They illegally allowed the lot to be filled and now its a mudhole. Demodectic Mange typically does not cause itching. I even have gotten severe skin disorders and muscle tightness every time I work out there doing any clearing.

Anyway, my one cat was loosing mobility in his hind legs. I started getting a severe tightness in my hip - the same side on the right. The demodectic can affect entire organs and go systematic. What I did for him was water with some grey seasalt (not refined seasalt)- Real Salt brand. And unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar in water that I gave him by dropper. Careful not too much seasalt. You can check out Seasalt pet cures. I also sprayed him topically with Seasalt water and Apple Cider Vinegar in water (about 1 part to 2 parts water)...this really helped to reduce the inflammation. I started giving him complete B vitamins and Folic acid (the same as I had been doing), and I used DMSO applied by Q-tip, sparingly...and you need to trim the hair to get to the skin. Just a little dab here and there. DMSO is used in veterinary medicine, especially on racehorses. I bought mine at Suppersupplements. Please read up on it. Reduces inflammation, increases circulation and accelerates healing. Not only a skin issue in the deep layers, but the mites and confections cause a nutritional deficiency, similar to lyme disease. Or lyme disease is opportunistic for the mites to thrive. Seasalt has colbalt, necessary for B12 absorbtion and production. Not a fun thing to deal with but my kitty is getting better. Seasalt baths with a little ACV may be good for dogs. For my cat, I do it topically with a small spray bottle. Check out MMS for pets too (Sulfer).

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#46 Aug 7, 2014
Wow honestly I live in miami I have 2 pitbulls a french bulldog and a yorkie. The yorkie is the only one that attacks people or animals. She steals there food. I have come across hundreds of pitbulls and never seen an aggressive one. Im sure there are fighting dogs but those people arent exactly out walking them to the dog park. I guess if your that naive you can believe the bews when they say pitbull attacked but when you watch the video its normally a mut or lab or something that is def not a pitbull
Mark Prange

Clarkston, MI

#47 Aug 31, 2014
Lime-sulfur is easy to make and is deadly to mange mites.

Here is the recipe:

48 lb hydrated lime (or 36 lb quicklime)
80 lb sulfur
50 gal water

Boil outside for 1 hour. Stir plenty. Let it cool. Funnel it into bottles.

This is the concentrate. Dilute about 1:25 for putting on skin.

Stand the animal in a tub. Pour the dilute solution on. Soak the skin. Use a cup to pour the liquid on the animal over and over. Use a paint brush to apply it to the muzzle. NONE IN THE EYES! Don't apply it too near the eyes. Have freshwater at hand in case you need to rinse out the eyes. When he shakes his head, it can fly off his ears into your eyes.

Funnel the used slime-sulfur wash into a bottle for re-use.

Repeat the dip after 5 days.(About 6 per month).

The cheapest sulfur I get is 90% pure from a fertilizer supplier. It is in hard-baked clay pellets. It must be crushed before trying to dissolve it.

Dudadiesel sells nearly pure powdered sulfur online. 50 lb. buckets or bags.

Smaller quantities are on eBay.

Some oil refineries have piles of sulfur.

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