my dog has mange i need help

my dog has mange i need help

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needing help

Morganton, NC

#1 Aug 28, 2009
I bought a pitbull off a woman and she told me my dog has had its shots but now she has the mange real bad. we are not nasty people and my inlaws dog has it. So i think she might have come in contact with it through her dog. But anyways her eyes are swolen shut and her hair is almost gone. It got really bad this week. we didnt know what was going on at first but now know its the mange. I was told to dip her in oil, and mix sulfur and vasiline. i bought some happy jack stuff to dip her in, but shes getting worse. i just started using yesterday. Does anyone know any fast ways to cure her? I dont want her to die.

Zebulon, NC

#2 Aug 29, 2009
my dad used to pour burnt motor oil on dogs that got the mange. I remember it working.

Morganton, NC

#3 Aug 30, 2009
Burnt motor oil worked on Tracy.

Oxford, NC

#4 Aug 31, 2009
SWAT wrote:
Burnt motor oil worked on Tracy.
Yeh, but it made her fat and dumb.
Third String American

United States

#6 Sep 27, 2009
A mixture of sulphur, burnt motor oil and kerosene. Make a thick paste, rub it on good keeping it away from the eyes. This should dry the virus or whatever it is that causes the mange. My uncles used it for years on their dogs and when were kids we had a shot of it also.

Johnson City, TN

#7 Sep 27, 2009
Braxton wrote:
Shoot the damn thing Only cowards and dope dealers have those damn dogs!!!
I have two pit bulls and i am neither a coward or a drug dealer. The breed has nothing to do with the fact that some a--holes don't deserve the right to own dogs and make their dogs mean. i let my shi-tzu and my 6 yr old daughter play withthem and they don't do anything but play.

Johnson City, TN

#8 Sep 27, 2009


#9 Sep 27, 2009
I get the mange on my palms every time I whack it. I guess Mom was right after all.
How embarassing.
Dr Hoot

Lawndale, NC

#10 Oct 1, 2009
You caught the mange from your dog. Your behavior is in question!!!!!

Anderson, SC

#11 Oct 3, 2009
I thought i had mange on my JuNk so i drained the oil from my van and poured it on my genitals. It turns out its herpes do you think itll work the same way?

Nebo, NC

#12 Oct 13, 2009
Quit sleeping with that damn dog, that's where you passed on the mange. Hell, thats worse then Micheal Vick!
De Scribe


#13 Oct 13, 2009
Nothing is worse than Michael Prick. I caught Satan's chlamidia from him. All I got from my little Scruffy was itchy scratchy scales. I just loves him. bff

Morganton, NC

#14 Oct 21, 2009
There is a prescription drug that will CURE mange in dogs. It is called Ivermectin, which had been developed for use in cattle. My dog had mange so bad I took him in to have him put down when the vet told me he could cure it, and he did, and that was 6 years ago. It is expensive and must be put in the food for three months to kill all eggs, etc., but it was worth it. Ask a vet about it.

Since: Aug 09

Morganton, NC

#15 Nov 10, 2009
Wow, I can't believe people spend all that money on motor oil and sulfur. I can't imagine how horrible and unhealthy for the dog that can be. There are two types of mange: demidex and sarcoptic. Demidex is very hard to treat (would need ivermectin or special weekly dips). Sarcoptic is the same as "crabs" or "scabies." It is contagious to us. That is very easy to treat: go to the veterinarian and get a dose of Revolution. It is a flea, ear mite, heartworm, intestinal parasite, and mange medicine. It goes on the back of the neck. You use it once a month (like Advantage or Frontline). It is not too expensive either. I mean really...who would put motor oil on a dog for crying out loud?!

United States

#16 Mar 30, 2010
Try happy jack mange med sold at feed stores
it works

La Porte, TX

#17 Apr 22, 2011
ok it does work so does bearing grease the red kind basically it suffercates the mites and helps condition the coat through the process this was very common in the small towns in the country where they din't just give away their money to some vet i had one treated once by the vet and he needed to be put down after a few months of vet care it never help the poor guy i should of went old school and help him you city people are so weak.
I love my pitbull

Paramount, CA

#18 Jul 11, 2011
Braxton wrote:
Shoot the damn thing Only cowards and dope dealers have those damn dogs!!!
F@#k you Braxton pitbulls aren't bad dogs it bad people that make other people hate them

Cocoa Beach, FL

#19 Jul 31, 2011
yea i agree pitbulls are really friendly dogs when their raised like a regular dog should be.. theres just people out there that are just.... i dont know but i got 2 pitbulls and are regular dogs to me i never see them going crazy or bieng aggressive its just their really smart and can be trained easy and alot of time are really big and strong idiots want to be macho with them and make them be mean n aggressive alot to have them used to bieng that way its not the breed its the IDIOTS WITH NO BALLS TO TRAIN N FIGHT THEMSELVES ITS EASIER FOR THEM TO LET THE DOG DO TOUGH STUFF stop bieng brainwashed that pitbulls are this devil dog that wants to do nothing but attack people children and even other dogs !!!!!

Cocoa Beach, FL

#20 Jul 31, 2011
man my pit doesnt even really like to play tug of war with me. hes big as hell but with a really cool and mello personality

Waynesville, NC

#22 Aug 2, 2011
Do you people honestly not care what image you project to the world? I searched Morganton, NC for a different reason but it pulled up this topic.. All I can say is wow!!

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