William Derek Church
Frankly Opinionated

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#269 Feb 23, 2014
William Derek Church and Kiaya Louise Church, aka "The Liars of Lenoir", you've talked of religion, of God, etc. Has your preacher had anything to say about you not repenting, not apologizing for your transgressions? Jesus forgives, we do not.
Must be difficult for you, knowing that you have a woman whose scruples are so low as to be alright with a guy who lied like a rug to her, to her children, to his family, to the public. But I guess that you are familiar with "bottom of the barrel" scrapings, aren't you.
Personally, I wouldn't spend a night with a woman who would accept a liar, but then I have a different respect for honesty than you do. How does it feel to be so cowardly as to not stand by what you claimed you would do to a an ol' fart like me. Not enough spine to stand up for yourself, you damned sure could not live the Ranger creed of "I will never leave a fallen comrade". You couldn't save yourself, let alone your comrades. That takes spine, guts, mental strength, and you are lacking in all of that, and have proven it here at Topix Lenoir, at This Ain't Hell, in e-mails to me, and in your refusing to respond. You are beyond sissy. You are just plain coward. It won't be soon, but I so look forward to "being in your town". Have either of you liars put your names into goooooooogle lately? You are stars, I tell you, STARS!
Marine 1stSgt

Washington, MI

#270 Feb 24, 2014
Good morning William Derek Church (google hit). I'm waiting for my coffee to finish so I can fill my thermos and head off to work. I know, that thing you and your blushing bride have no part of, being recipients of the largesse of parents and we the taxpayers. I would take Irritated Vet up on his offer. I really would. Much better for you to pass the swag over to him than face someone who takes it personally, like your cousin-in-law. If you are going to be TV famous, let us know here on the blog so we can all see it. That'll be nice for your Mom and Dad, to see their parenting failure displayed for the world to see. And you brought it on by your refusal to do the right thing. You could still end all of this just by turning in the swag. Heck, I'd be happy if you did what you have done so far, and had your wife hand it over. Boy, she really traded up, didn't she?

Since: Jan 14

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#271 Feb 24, 2014
William Derek Church the Liar of Lenoir. Phony Ranger, Airborne, SSG, Combat Vet, Veteran, and Purple Heart Recipient.
You have 3 days to GROW some Balls and Sense. Do the right thing and turn that stuff over to Irritated Vet. Then you will be able to get on with your sorry existence.
You will never ever be able to wear that stuff around Lenoir again as everyone already knows your a FAKE, so you might as well just do it.
Army Medical

Deridder, LA

#272 Feb 24, 2014
William Derek Church,
I am off to work today so that your free ride will continue!
I will update you as the day progresses.

Las Vegas, NV

#273 Feb 24, 2014
Well, well, well. William Derek Church, another glorious day in His creation. The moment of Truth is soon coming, Willie. Try and find some spine, and do the right thing.

And hit the frickin' gym, tubby!
Army ATC

Cloverdale, IN

#274 Feb 24, 2014
WIlliam Derek Church, look what happened to one of your Brothers in Fraud. Follow the link to see what's happening to him. This could be coming your way very soon. You'll be as famous as you always wanted to be. Your tall tales of wartime derring do, your lies and deceit, will spread across the airwaves for all to see. So it won't be just thousands whoa re laughing at you, it will be millions. You could stop it all simply be doing what has been demanded of you. Admit to our lies, point by point and turn over your clown suit, all the unearned awards and anything else military related to a local VFW, American Legion, or other veterans organization. It makes no sense to hold on to it all. No one believes you ever served and anyone who sees you in your clown suit will either laugh hysterically at you or be come very angry. So what's the point? Give it up and save yourself and you family any more shame and embarrassment.


Mountain View, CA

#275 Feb 24, 2014
Army ATC in #274 wrote "...Admit to our [sic] lies, point by point ...."

He meant to write:

"...Admit to your lies, point by point ..."

You knew what he meant ... I just want to defray any waste of energy on your part trying to parse that phrase to your benefit.


--ghp (RGR 14-80)
Frankly Opinionated

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#276 Feb 24, 2014
William Derek Church and Kiaya Louise Church; a couple of comments above mine, Army ATC refers you to a link. Just in case you are too thick,(In the head, dumbass, I am not talking about your waistline here), I will explain it in a little more elementary language so that perhaps you won't miss what his message is. The link that he offered would take you to a post, that has a news teaser. That teaser comes from a TV new station in Connecticut. Are you following me? I will offer the link to a news item used on the nightly news tonight. This is about a fellow poser, another liar like you are. We alerted this station, they followed up, and now his name is mud,(as it should be). Do yourself a favor, go to this link, read the news report, think things over, and ask your self and your spouse if this is really the way you want your story to play out. Check this, and instead of Greg Banks, put your own name in, and see what you think:
You have my e-mail address, you know how to reach the staff at "This Ain't Hell" blog, you know how to contact your in-laws,(The MAN and his wife, who are actual parts of the military community). You are the master of your destiny, and you have only yourself to blame or to credit with the outcome of events.
Time's a wastin', put down that day old donut, and get busy big boy.
Army ATC

Cloverdale, IN

#277 Feb 24, 2014
Thanks for the correction, ghp. I fat fingered the hell out of that post. Yes, I did mean his lies. Doubtful he'll take it to heart though. William Derek Church has ahead that's as thick as a brick and twice as hard.

Since: Jan 14

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#278 Feb 24, 2014


YOUR NEXT !!!!!!!!!!

Hickory, NC

#279 Feb 24, 2014
Yes, Frankly Opinionated, You are correct. William Derek Church and Kiaya Louise Church (ding, Google hits) know how to reach the MPSSG and I. Her mother has our address (we got a Christmas card 2 months ago) and since we are 'family' by definition they know how to find us on FB to communicate (since they deleted us from their profiles).

I have offered many times to be the intermediary and pick up the uniforms, beret and especially the medals/ribbons/awards. My offer still stands. I'll even be glad to go with Irritated Vet to the meet, just so we can collect these items.

And just adding my two cents here, I know there is usually some small dishonesty in a relationship, little things that you can get passed (like I said how much I loved UFC fights when we were dating .... totally not true! but he liked it, so ...). But to have someone mislead me so much that I am married to a complete stranger .... yeah, no matter how much you LOVE someone, without honesty and trust, love cant hold a relationship together. And I have enough self worth and appreciation to know that anyone who would deceive me that much, can never be what I need in a partner because he would never consider me and my needs before his own. Which is what a good husband/partner does.

On the other hand, a woman who would cheat on and leave her military husband while he was serving .... she deserves what she gets. And I hope he gave her something Ajax wont wash off!!!!!!!!
Marine 1stSgt

Washington, MI

#280 Feb 25, 2014
Good morning William Derek Church. So are you up and about ready for another day? It's 5:30, and I'm off to work in a minute. Like I said, a nasty thing you and your blushing bride want no part of. That thing your Dad probably did for a lifetime. I can see it's getting ugly for you. You're new bride "forgave" you, but you know she's thinking "What in hell did I do? Gotta make the best of my screwup!" But your lack of courage in doing the right thing causes us to keep the screws tight! Have your mom and dad seen the poster yet? They probably always knew what you are, but to have it so publicly proclaimed, you, their failure, must be a real kick in the crotch. It doesn't have to be this way. Just give up all of the swag. Including the t-shirt that got all the girls at hooters to call you hon (they'd do that anyway, part of their job). You didn't earn it, just give it up. Just think, that could be the catalyst to you turning your life around and actually being somebody on your own merits! I doubt it too, but it will get us off of your back.

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#281 Feb 25, 2014

William Derek Church, you will be next in the spot light, it just takes some time. Time is something we have plenty of. No matter how long it takes, you will be hounded by the truth until you finally come clean. So if you want to live your life having everyone who knows you laughing at you feel free to keep up the Charade.
Only 2 Days to make up your mind, then you will have the chance to turn it all over to a verifiable recipient.

So the ball remains in your court, just as it has been all along.

William Derek Church, PHONY Ranger, Airborne, Sniper, SSG, Combat Vet, Vet and Purple Heart Recipient.
Post your Apology detailing all of your claims being a LIE. Turn over all of your Military items, Medals, Ribbons, Badges, Berets, and Uniforms if you ever want to be rid of the Hell you have brought upon yourself by being a LIAR and COWARD.
Frankly Opinionated

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#282 Feb 25, 2014
Just a short note this morning, William Derek Church, because I am heading out to volunteer some work to someone deserving of it.(Strange words, eh? Work, Volunteer, Deserving)
One of the old war strategists, Sun Tzu, says that "Revenge is a meal best served cold". Knowing that this whole mess will slap you upside the head, and that the longer it takes, the harder the slap will be; gives me great satisfaction.
You see, I know that you know, that one day, somewhere, possibly in a very embarrassing situation, you will be forced to face this mess. I pray that it is with a very large audience, and that your humiliation is great and ongoing.
Have a dreadful day, and be sure to keep the curtains open just a bit so you can see who is pulling off the road out in front of your hovel.
Oh, and both you and Kiaya Louise Church need to keep an eye on eachother, There is no honor among liars, and surely you would each lie to the other if it served you.
It must suck to be you two.

Las Vegas, NV

#284 Feb 25, 2014
William Derek Church, how ya doin' today? Are you getting enough donuts? Remember, try to leave some for your new bride.

Did you get that haircut yet? You wanna be all Imperial Storm Trooper strac for when the news cameras show up.

Enjoying the heat yet? If not, don't worry, there's a whole lot MORE closing on your position.

You can end it all, you know what to do, but will you? I doubt it, Honorless cur that you are, so enjoy the shame and disgrace.

You worked(!!?) really hard for it.
Real Ranger

United States

#285 Feb 25, 2014
Haven't been on for a while, but haven't forgot. What's the status update on the poser?
Army ATC

Cloverdale, IN

#286 Feb 25, 2014
William Derek Church, did you check out the links we posted to the story on Greg Banks? That clown has lost everything because of his lies. His friends are gone, his career ruined (not that you would know anything about work). If you haven't, I would advise checking it out. Obviously you don't have a career to lose and any friends you may have had will have already abandoned your lying cowardly ass, but you are receiving government benefits fraudulently. While the local news may not be too quick to jump on a story about a cowardly valor thief, when they suspect you may be stealing government benefits they'll be all over you like stink on dog shit. Then the police get involved and you'll most likely end up in jail. Wonder what your cow...I mean wife, will do then? Think she'll lovingly wait for you to get out of jail, especially after Bubba and his jail house gang have had a go at your pudgy ass? It's in your best interest to let it go now. Admit publicly to your lies, stipulating to each point. Hell, it isn't like everyone isn't already aware of your lies and cowardice. Turn in all military related items, that includes the clown suit and medals (especially that Purple Heart), to either the good folks who have offered to pick it up or a veterans organization like the VFW or American Legion. Do it now before the local news and then the authorities get involved.
Frankly Opinionated

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#287 Feb 25, 2014
Real Ranger wrote:
Haven't been on for a while, but haven't forgot. What's the status update on the poser?
He still wallowing in his lies, no contrite apology, no offer to come clean about the whereabouts of the Purple Heart, patches, badges, medals, beret, Ranger tag for his vehicle. He is just making the occasional clandestine trip to the day old bread store for his bags of those crappy little tiny sugar donuts. Both William Derek Church, and his equally portly wife Kiaya Louise Church, have closed their g-mail accounts and gone to the cave/hovel, to await the news cameras, the gawkers driving by, the flash of cameras, getting photos of the yard of garbage, etc. Great wailing and gnashing of teeth can be heard from within those thin walls. His life is not quite what it was back before the November wedding.

United States

#288 Feb 25, 2014
who is this guy mom and dad?

Las Vegas, NV

#289 Feb 25, 2014
hanna wrote:
who is this guy mom and dad?
Don't know, but they are reputedly good folks.

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