mental abuse to children
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Summerfield, FL

#22 Apr 15, 2009
I have been trying to get help so that my brother can get his children back.

He is a loving and caring father and only wants to see his children. He has seen them maybe four times since, I think, November 24th,(the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING) and has spoken with them maybe six times or so. He missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and now we are coming on Easter tomorrow and again he doesnít get to see his children. He has spend all his money he had left after his divorce seven years ago fighting to keep custody and visitation of his two children. His ex-wife has lied and manipulated him, his children, the guardian and the court to keep him away. Every time it seems he will get to see the children, his ex-wife makes up more information and brainwashes the children to where they refuse to see Dad. Her husbandís family is one of the owners of Landry & Martin Oil Company in Pawtucket. With the funds available to her, he has no chance in proving the truth. Disappointment goes out to her husband (of Landry & Martin) who has been divorced in the past and has two boys. He should be able to sympathize with my brother. Her husband knows the truth and lets his wife get away with lying and manipulating everyone, especially the children. Children are the most important, they should be able to love both parents and see both parents unless the parent is PROVEN unfit..

I will let you review all Court documents so you can see how vicious and uncaring this woman is. We canít get help from the Court and she will not give up. Only way to prove the truth is to have my brother take a lie detector test. Just because you have a lot of money doesnít mean you have the right to be a parent. Love and compassion should be the number one quality of a parent. Isnít mental abuse on a child considered child abuse? You may not believe how severe this abuse is because you hear stories like this all the time. These children need help from an unbiased psychologist (provided by the State) to restore the relationship between father and children.

If we canít get someone to help, my brother is willing to give up his fight for his childrenís sake. The more he tries and fights for them, the more she hurts them. My brother no longer sleeps a full night and is sick to his stomach most of the time because of his grief of not seeing his children and his childrenís abuse. If he gives up, she will ease off on the poor children. My brotherís son has taurettes syndrome and will get worse as time goes on because of this.

The court canít help because, of course, they donít know who to believe. Is it so ridiculous to ask to have a polygraph test and the Newspaper and WJAR News follow this story and report the results? I think this would influence the court to get the mother, the children and my brother the help they need.

I will keep reaching out to everybody until my brother tells me its enough!

I have emailed the Providence Journal, and channels 6, 10 and 12 and told them Mikeís story. Please email them asking for help getting Mikeís children back and getting his children help. The only way the truth will come out is if Mike takes a polygraph test. We want them to help us get this and report on it when the truth comes out. The following email addresses are [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] and [email protected]

Monroe Township, NJ

#23 May 25, 2009
im currently seriously mentally abused. im surfing the web right now trying to find help. so far it looks grim. there are no laws forbidding it. i have attempted suiside three times since i was eleven. im thirteen now. i cut myslef. i stress and hurt and my grades are dropping as the abuse gets worse :( if anyone knows where i can get help please tell :( dyphs doesnt help

Carlisle, UK

#24 Jun 13, 2009
hey i would like to just know is mentallly abusing againtnst the law

Monroe Township, NJ

#25 Jun 13, 2009
no its not :( thats the problem
Abuse kid

Tampa, FL

#26 Jul 10, 2009
There is no coming back when you are abuse, you can try to live with it but it will hunt you forever, I has abuse mentally(16 years) and physically(2 years), I'm 27 years old and I think sometimes that I could be happier if I was never been born... MENTALLY ABUSE its worst than physically abuse, physically you can heal, but mentally and emotionally it is almost imposible.

People that abuse others mentally should be put on the gas chamber, but not for 2 or 3 min., but for the same time they abuse others, if thats posible; I am sure that their pain is nothing compare to the pain that some of us have to live all our lives suffering.
shalene wrote:
I am from a family of mental abuse , physical and sexual abuse. The best thing for this child is to know she is loved. When she gets older she will realize it is all lies and she may be a stronger person for it.
Turn this mother into Department of children and Family's. They will investigate. They will speak to the child. The child needs to speak with a concilor. The Department will get that set up for the family. This is child abuse!!!!
Turn her in. The father will get the child she will not go into a foster home if the father is in her life. 8 year olds are alot smart than what people give them.
Abuse kid

Tampa, FL

#27 Jul 10, 2009
barbara tab

Winter Garden, FL

#28 Aug 25, 2009
would like to join you in putting together a protection for kids in each state!!!! please email [email protected]
Nashville wrote:
Their is nothing to protect the kids rights from an assinign parent ! Who would like to join me in putting together a protection for kids in each state ??
Lawyers hands are tied if a parent is an ASS unless they go against a court ordered agreement.

Arnhem, Netherlands

#29 Aug 28, 2009
I've been mentally abused by my mother since the age of 7. It has wounded my self-esteem that I've tried to commit suicice, but without success. I just couldn't end my life. My mother knows how to make me feel guilty. I've always felt guilty for her brake up with my father and her other boyfriends. She acused me of flirting with her boyfriend. You don't know how sick that made me feel. My own mother thinking of her only child in that way. I can't be myself when I'm around her. I always act silly and wear unattractive clothes so that she won't think that I'm doing that for some reason. Even then she knows how to make me feel like shit. When I'm serious, she starts fighting with me saying that I'm not happy because I'm jealous/selfish and don't want my mother's happiness. When I have a good day and start laughing she comments on how silly I come across and that I should consider seeing a shrink,because people might think I'm crazy. Once I was flirting with this guy and after he left our house she started fighting and called me a whore. It was innocent flirting. I'm twenty and still a a virign, I'm afraid of being intiminate with someone, afraid that they will find me stupid,ugly.I also feel weak for loving my mother even though she has ruined my soul.She is not bad to me all the time,but she can be very manipulative. She makes a nasty comment about me and knows that that will get to me and after couple of hours she acts all happy as if nothing happened. Then I forgive her and think that I must be stupid for thinking that she was trying to hurt me and then all this starts all over again. All I'm saying is mental abuse is a serious issue and if you fidn yourself in this situation please don't give up, don't cut yourself don't do anything that will harm you. Remember that there is always light and you can be strong.

Brownsville, TX

#30 Nov 30, 2009
i tnink you should find out why she is so scared of her dad. I had a friend who was going through this and it turned out that after 4 years the daughter came foward to her and told her that she was being sexually abused. I might be wrong but that behavior is not normal and should be investigated further. You might be able to prevent from something worse happening!
Grandmother wrote:
My grandaughter who is 4 years old stays with me Mon.thru Friday and on the weekends stays with her father, his girlfriend who has had two children out of wedlock, one seven months old and one 5 years old. They have horrific arguments, name calling, throwing and breaking furniture. The girl friend becomes physicaly violent with my son, he has not. All this done with my granddaughter watching. Question: Is this mental abuse to my grandaughter? When I dropped her off on Friday to see her father she went into hysterics crying and would not let me go screeming not to leave her at Daddy's. I had no choice but to leave her since it is court order for her to see him. What to do??????

Geneseo, IL

#31 Jul 18, 2011
my 2 daughters are 8 and 5. The younger one is mostly oblivious to life in general however she experiences physical abuse at the hands of her bio dad. They live with me but he has normal visitation. My oldest daughter has been mentally abused by her father for years and yes for years I've been trying to limit his time or give him no time through the courts with OP's. I have also called DCFS and they did investigate and my oldest did talk about all the mental and physical abuse. They said the case was unfound but he was put on notice to not do it again, yeah right. My oldest has been told that daddy wants mommy to die, mommy hates daddy (I've only ever told her that I love him just not the same as I used to). She now has started to call herself stupid, last year grades dropped drastically. This year she gets violent, to herself and her sisters over little things. She is very skinny but doesn't want to wear a two piece swim suit anymore because her dad said she was getting fat. This kid has NEVER even begun to wear a regular in clothes. I have both children the majority of the time, but it is amazing how little time it takes for their father to hurt them. DCFS is useless. My oldest is in counseling, with a counselor that will fight for her if need be, but that won't make her talk. She has told me what's the point, they won't help me. So what are my other options: None. I can't go back to court I can't afford it. Over the last 4 yrs I have spent over 10,000 in legal fees. I'm broke, and my children have to suffer. The system sucks!

Since: Oct 12

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#32 Oct 24, 2012
Nashville wrote:
Their is nothing to protect the kids rights from an assinign parent ! Who would like to join me in putting together a protection for kids in each state ??
Lawyers hands are tied if a parent is an ASS unless they go against a court ordered agreement.
I would love to help i will wait for a response and then i will give you my email.

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