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#43 Jan 25, 2011
Good luck with that huh? They placed me where I am to say. They offer "career placement assistance". Not job placement. They help you get the opportunity, if you blow it, you blow it. Your problem. I am working, thanks to the school.

Mira Loma, CA

#44 Mar 9, 2011
I was just wondering I'm interested in joining this academy but i'am concerned about how much this is going to cost me it is something I really want to do but I don't know how the system works I have never spoke to any counselor at any school so I don't know how much a unit cost or each class would cost? if anyone could help me with answering this question I would greatly appreciate I can't afford to waist my time going and finding out it's too much for me :(

Riverside, CA

#45 May 3, 2011
To complete the entire program A+ to CCNA is over 13,000 before interest. The entire loan is about 18k. Please Be aware that the school has improved in many areas and has some definite Advantages despite the poor press; however, my overall experience has been disapointing in terms of instructor knowledge. I don't believe anyone employed by the school has worked anywhere but at the school. It's not Devry University where the guy that is teaching can actually claim to have been a Network Engineer for a company. If you are self-motivated, I recommend you go to Barnes and Noble and find a training guide for the certification you seek. There are many available and the quality is very good. When you are ready and can pass the sample tests that they include with these guides, then pay for the test (75 to 100 dollars). You will save yourself about $10,000 and will probably end up with more current certifications. Oh, and if you need a laptop ... go to walmart.

Lake Elsinore, CA

#46 Jul 6, 2011
The curriculum is a 'do it yourself kinda deal' and the instructors at the temecula campus do snap at you if you ask a question. They snap at you because they don't know the answer themselves nor do they care. I got my A+ and MCP thru them and it took me two years because some concepts are just impossible to understand without a good teacher. Some people are treated nicer than others too I noticed. The instructors at temecula are drama queens as well.

Lake Elsinore, CA

#47 Jul 6, 2011
By the way, If you call the campus and talk to an instructor about billing information because the secretary is out of the office, he will most likely freak out. Phil thought I was threatening him and in turn threatened to take me to court, when I was only asking about the status of my bill and why the haven't sent me anything. (turns out they have been sending the billing information to my dad so its all good.) All good accept for the Phil threatening to take me to court. (Sounds like they've had legal troubles before judging from the hastiness of Phil's threat to take me to court.) I give this company and C - overall. Oh yeah another thing is that Windows 7 and Vista are a lot different than Xp and Server 2003. So the certs are indeed a little outdated... same commands cuz they run on dos platform but a good 40% of the windows 7 operating system is rearranged and diff than XP and I'm sure its a lot different with Server 2008 OS as well. In other words the stuff you train for is outdated by about 10 years. Its ok though you can just memorize the practice test answers and youll get a 720 on your cert tests (barely passing).
John Atwell

Bellflower, CA

#48 Apr 15, 2012
I'm here to tell you that all of the positive reviews here are fiction, planted by the guys in the marketing department of LTS. Also, everything Ben Butler wrote is propaganda. He didn't answer any real questions and spewed forth marketing phrases, nothing substantial. The counselors and the instructors at LTS have NO time for you. The issue of whether you could do it yourself for less money is an individual opinion -- there is no one answer. Decide yourself. But don't trust LTS.

Temecula, CA

#49 May 16, 2012
As a standard practice, most businesses find it is hard to put much weight into anonymous complaints. In fact, studies show that it is most often competitors trying their best to fraudulently discredit their competition with lies and untruths. Which is why I find it impossible to believe that the John Atwell listed above is actually the personís real name which leads back to the previous statement. If it is in actuality really Mr. Atwell from Murrieta, I would bet my car that he has never stepped a foot inside of either training facility as a student of LTS Career Training, could not possibly know each and every individual and LTS Student that has posted on this site and has ZERO firsthand knowledge of how much time or attention LTS Students get from the Administrative Staff, their Primary Instructor or all of the other Senior Instructors and Associate Instructors the students work with on a daily basis. If he did, he would know that a student can get as much attention and assistance as they need any day they want. What we, every other Business and anyone with a stitch of common sense has known for quite some time is that the doers and the cans in this world have very little time to sit down and post comments on websites, occasionally they will if they find out that there are blatant untruths being written, as you can see above but what the bulk of them are doing, including our students, is being successful with their lives instead of complaining about their inability to do or be successful. I am not writing on this site to address any postings specifically, I am only writing to suggest that if you are interested in any of the LTS Programs that you simple schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Certified, Professional, Qualified and Knowledgeable Staff and when you are at that appointment take the opportunity to speak with any current students you wish to speak with, ask for the contact info to any number of graduates that you wish to question and review our published statistics in detail. Only then will you get the true picture of what our program can do for you and what it has done successfully for thousands of students over the past decade+. Hereís a thought - if you add up all of the students that have been through our programs over just the past decade and then you add up the number of negative postings on this site and you make the really big assumption that they are actually LTS Students it will account for less than .02% of the possible students that have been through our training programs over that decade. Come in and see what the other +99.98% of our students are truly experiencing and the success that they are achieving every day Ė we will continue to provide a training program that insures Vendor Certifications and Career Level Training for the people that are willing to do the work - that translates to Success! P.S. Mr. A., it looks like you need some real training and actual certifications so you can get back to being a productive, employed, member of the computer professional community, there are programs that will help pay for the cost of our training. Give us a callÖ or donít. P.P.S. I know that I have said some things that will have offended at least one of the cannots in this world, I wish I knew what to say to help you become a can, truly! All of our programs are GI Bill Approved, EDD/WIA Approved, DOR/DOL Approved and we are the only I.T. Academy in the region. Come in and find out what it takes to obtain those approvals and to become a Microsoft I.T. Academy! Call Workforce Development or the VA and talk to a Training Counselor and hear the success their clients have experienced over the year and follow our studentís daily achievements on Facebook. Good Luck!!
Josh C

Los Angeles, CA

#50 May 18, 2012
I enrolled in this school 6 months ago in the Systems Engineer Program. At this very moment I have 6 certifications and they are all the most current industry certifications available - A+, MTA-Networking, MTA-Security, MCTS-Win7, MTA-Server Administrator and MCITP-Systems Administrator. The guy above saying he knows that anything positive is not students, Mike has my number, get it from him and call me. I go to both campuses because I work in Riverside and live in Temecula so I work with all of the instructors who are all very knowledgeable and helpful. I have got to know a few them as more than just instructors and they worked in the I.T. industry before becoming instructors. That is my experience and it is pretty simple to go find out for yourself, the school gives you a list of their instructors and their experience at the first visit. I also know a lot students and students that have finished since i have been there and students that have gotten great jobs. Just last week 3 student, not even done accepted jobs at one of the bases in tech support for $26 an hour. I did my research and I know for a fact that there is no other schools anywhere that teach or certify above the A+ that is the main reason I chose this program because it is guaranteed and every job i looked at wanted certifications. I read through the crap above and I have not experienced or seen any of the stuff people are typing. I work with every instructor and they are always polite and helpful and even motivating. Trent, Mike S and Phil have done so much for me and I know after I am all done i will stay in touch with them forever. All the instructors have been great too. I can bet that some people don't have the smarts or willingness to do what it takes to pass the certification tests so it is possible that they could think that is the schools fault but i personally know that this program works, i am getting certified and what i am really pleased with is i am getting trained to do the job in all the labs and practicums. I just started the career placement program with Laura and Eric and I am confident the process will work, man i have seen it work. Shout out to Fernando You did It!

Riverside, CA

#51 Jul 12, 2012
Very disappointing service. Very disorganized. It took me calling every day for two weeks to find out if i could even get in after my application was turned in.both times. I didn't get the financing but still was a little disappointing it took so long. I might not want to try this school out anyway.

Yucaipa, CA

#52 Sep 20, 2012
Any updates on this place?
Henry M

Honolulu, HI

#53 Oct 11, 2012
This place is a f*cking scam! Mike Bostock is a predatory lender in disguise. He doesn't give a rats ass about the students. His cronies are also scam artists. He has this one instructor (Butler) who is a lazy piece of sh!t that doesn't even really help you when you need it. All he does is just browse the internet all day and eat sunflower seeds. The whole staff is useless. He says that it is a pay as you learn program, but when I tried to withdraw from the program he said everything is a pro rated fee. He also charged me $4,000 for the programs and said they are not returnable. I did my homework on the programs and the whole set sells online for $700! I am now stuck with a $165.71/ month loan that I have to pay for til 2023, and I got no education out of it except to no longer trust trade schools! I really hope the federal government shuts this so called educational institution down! This son of a bitch will get his one day for doing what he does. I hope you lose your business Mike Bostock you f*cking lying ass piece of shit!
Henry M

Honolulu, HI

#54 Oct 11, 2012
I agree with you John. I was dumb enough to get a good old con job pulled on me by these guys! Ben Butler is a lazy f*ck! Mike Bostock doesn't care for anyone (as long as he gets his money from Sallie Mae). Phil never really did anything to me so I have nothing bad to say about him, and Eric Bostock is a con artist just like his brother dearest. I wish there was a way we can all get together and file a class action law suit against this place and have all of our loans forgiven! I don't want money from these bastards, I just want to get rid of this loan that they f*cked me with!
John Atwell wrote:
I'm here to tell you that all of the positive reviews here are fiction, planted by the guys in the marketing department of LTS. Also, everything Ben Butler wrote is propaganda. He didn't answer any real questions and spewed forth marketing phrases, nothing substantial. The counselors and the instructors at LTS have NO time for you. The issue of whether you could do it yourself for less money is an individual opinion -- there is no one answer. Decide yourself. But don't trust LTS.
Henry M

Honolulu, HI

#55 Oct 11, 2012
This definitely has to be one of the scabs that work for LTS or whatever it is you f*cking assholes are calling yourself these days! I am one of these folks that you liars screwed! I have stepped foot in this shitty facility. Why don't you shove Ben Butler's big ol' bucket of David sunflower seeds up your ass! He'd probably still eat them too! YOU GUYS AT LTS NEED A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PUT AGAINST YOU BY EVERY STUDENT THAT YOU LIED TO! THEY SHOULD PUT ALL YOU F*CKERS IN PRISON FOR SCAMMING US ALL!!!
Unhappy student

Los Angeles, CA

#56 Nov 15, 2012
Don't go there, I can save you a whole alot of time wasted and money wasted on my end.. I did the 2000 dollar down bring your own Laptop deal.. You sit there while an virtual instructor tells you about computers.. Really boring, if you have add like me that doesn't cut it.. There's no hands on with the instructor, a Benjamin butler was my instructor, I came in for my weekly review paid no interest in me what so ever it felt rushed although the class was empty that day, when I asked Ben to borrow his pen to write down something he had told me, he responds by throwing the pen, rolling his eyes and saying you're killing me.. I'm a female and they treat you like I shouldnt been in a place amongs men.. I was paying money out of pocket for sexist remark, I decided to drop out and and save what little dignity I have left. Invest in devry or else where..

Temecula, CA

#57 Apr 10, 2013
I have to say, I never but any weight into online review positive or negative, I always go and find out for myself but after seeing what Henry wrote I felt compelled to write about my experience while doing this program. The things that the two people (henry and unhappy) have said are nothing like what my personal experience has been at this school. It is perfectly clear that these two didnít want to do the work required to get through the program or didn't have the smarts to do the training and decided to bash a perfectly good school because they donít want to pay their bill, your words not mine. Having a beef with one person (somebody named Ben who I never met the whole time I was going to school and I met every single instructor) and not wanting to pay a bill seems like a childish reason to bash a whole business. My brother attended this school in 2010 and got an I.T. job before he finished the program. Two of his co-workers went through this school. I enrolled because of his success, because he had nothing but good things to say about the school and because it was only school I could find that made sure you passed the certification tests. I enrolled in the Systems Engineer program and I just finished my training. I started at the Temecula facility and then ended up going to both the Riverside and Temecula schools when I got a job in San Bernardino working in the I.T. Department for a manufacturing company. I personally worked with every single Instructor at both of their facilities and experienced nothing but respect and assistance. Every Instructor they have on staff is knowledgeable, professional and willing to assist you in any way you need. I canít tell you how many hours I spent working individually with Robert and Trent in the Labs on the labs doing lab work. Half of my training was done in the labs and the instructors helped me or reviewed with me every single lab. I spent a bunch of time working with Keith mastering technician skills for my job. The staff helped me gain the knowledge I needed to get certified but also supported and motivated me the whole time I was a student. Not only did I work with the Instructors I spent a lot of time working with Eric on my VA stuff as well as the rest of their administrative staff and every single interaction was professional. They have my phone number and if anyone wants to speak with me personally (Stephen) about my experiences just ask when you go in to meet with them. This school is responsible for getting me the job I wanted and changing my life. My cousin just started the program last month and just passed the test for his A+ Certification. I would recommend this school to anyone. My boss went through their program back in 2005 and he only hires graduates from this school. If you are thinking about an I.T. career you should go check out this school, if you put in the work it will absolutely pay off. S
Succesful Student

Temecula, CA

#58 Apr 16, 2013
It is amazing to me to see all the negative press that this school has been getting from the previous comments. Most people are looking to find an easy way to accomplish things in life. From what it sounds like to me is that some of the previous posters are looking for something without putting in the work. I have a formal education where I have a BS in Business Management and a Masterís Degree in Education and have worked very hard to accomplish this education. With the downturn in the economy I needed to refocus my efforts and find a career that was growing in the struggling economy. With some help through Workforce Development I found LTS or Computer Training Academy and enrolled in the Systems Engineer Program. I currently have several certifications and am continuing to work within the program while working. I will have to admit at times I was real skeptical about the placement in the school but once I began the program I was completely satisfied with the professionalism of the instructors and the staff. This is a new career for me; something I never thought I would venture into. The great part is that as a result of my training I was able to obtain an entry level position at a well-established IT company that is nationwide and growing fast. So those reading the previous comments take them with a grain of salt; life and opportunity is what you make of it. If you go into something expecting the world and come up a little short is it the schools fault that you didnít want to put in the effort because someone rubbed you wrong at the school? This program works! Just because 1 out of every 100 students is unhappy donít let them persuade you to miss a great opportunity to become a Certified IT Professional.

Riverside, CA

#59 May 5, 2013
I first joined CTA a year ago in May of 2012. I would be insincere if I claimed I had no reservations. I just couldnít see how I could go from not knowing the first thing about computers, networking and internet security to being educated and ready for the workforce in a year or so. I went into CTA with definite concerns if it was possible.

First, the badÖ

Iím not where I expected to be by this time. Becoming a Microsoft Tech is far more challenging than I originally thought.

Now the GoodÖ

Iím even more inspired and committed than I was when I started a year ago. Iím learning. IT is so fascinating to me and the instructors have made it very easy to love learning at CTA. This isnít B.S. Iíve read some of the postís on here, and to some degree, maybe there is a few shreds of merit. I think some of the previous posters thought that they could just walk in, put in minimal effort and walk away with certifications. Others may have made the mistake of confusing the relaxed learn at your own pace environment for just coming in and coasting with minimal effort. But thereís one thing Iíve witnessed this past year;

ďIf you show up committed and ready to work, YOU WILL SUCCEED!Ē

Anyone that thinks they can learn IT overnight is seriously underestimating the field. If it was honestly that easy then everyone would be doing it and there wouldnít be such a desperate demand for experts in Security and Networking. Itís challenging to say the least, but itís also one of the most interesting fields you can imagine. If you donít have the work ethic, then you will not get this. But if anyone is considering this field and you live in the Inland, I can only hope you check out CTA before you go anywhere else. The instructors are more than qualified and they take a serious interest in not just getting students certified, but getting them workforce-ready.

Itís not just about getting students to pass tests, get them certified and send them on their way. CTAís reputation is on the line. The last thing they want or need is someone going out in the workforce fully certified without a clue. Iíve sat next to students that started out on the ground looking up and now theyíre working for casinoís and military organizations making more money than theyíve ever made in their lives while still continuing their studies at CTA. I just find it amazing that in the year Iíve been enrolled at CTA, Iíve yet to meet just 1 student who is dissatisfied or resentful with CTA and/or its instructors. I can honestly say that the same group that I entered CTA with is still enrolled and progressing at an acceptable pace. We all have our good days and our bad days but none of us blame the school or its instructors.

{Continued next Post

Riverside, CA

#60 May 5, 2013
{continued from prior post}

I would also like to address a personal attack on one of the instructorís weight. Let me just say this about that instructorÖ

Unlike the individual that posted criticism about his weight, he is certified! He became certified because he wanted it and he worked his butt off. He didnít wait to have it handed to him and then make cowardly posts when it wasnít. And allow me to say something else about himÖwhenever I came across problems with any portion of my studies, that guy took the time and worked with me until I got it. Heís a damn good instructor and big reason Iím here today. And for the record, heís not fat. But even if he was 500lbs, that doesnít take away from the fact that heís a great instructor.

So, while I may not be working for a company managing their servers at the moment, I will be. I will because I was given the opportunity to attend a quality school like CTA. I recently sat down with Mike Bostock to go over my progress and I left feeling very inspired. But more than that, I left realizing that I have the full support of the entire CTA Staff. They want me to learn. They want me and every other student to learn and be successful.

Iím going to get though the course and itís because CTA is a quality school. My neighbor as been in charge of the IT department for SCE for more than 30 years and he assured me that CTA will get me where I need to be.

Anyone that wants success handed to them needs to keep walking. But if success in the IT field is what you seek, I would recommend CTA to anyone.

Lake Elsinore, CA

#61 Sep 2, 2013
In response to the above poster that wrote, "Go to college, get a real education, find a job on your own." You are speaking from ignorance. Most colleges offer Computer Science courses that have nothing to do with Microsoft Certifications. I currently hold MCITP Server 2008, MCSE Server 2003, along with Windows 7, XP, Network+, etc. If you want to get hired as an I.T. Admin - you need the certs,and LTS Computer Training Academy can help you get them.
I went through their program through MCSE. I have continued getting my certs through self-study. I currently work in I.T. and I would not be here without Mike, Ben, and the school.
The program may not be perfect but it's a damn good one and it will get you where you need to go.
I.T. Admin - Corona CA

Riverside, CA

#62 Sep 19, 2013

student are dropping out left and right

the students are left on there own

you can get the same training and books for less then what you pay here and still have some money left over

the classes are not held everyday as the mention plus the internet half the time doesnt work

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