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Elect Mike Rios for Moreno Valley City Council - District 3

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Since: Aug 08

Wilmington, CA

#1 Aug 13, 2008
I speak for myself when I say that I am a Mike Rio's supporter and true believer that he can bring change to Moreno Valley residents. I strongly believe we need change and his campaign is right on the dot when he says "The time for change is now!

I purchased my home here 2 years ago because it was affordable and it was close to my best friend and sister. I have never seen a community that needed more help than here. All other communities I've lived seemed more at peace and in control.

A few months before I met Mike I was ready to sell and move away. I kept telling family and friends that I would prefer to live under tree 1,000 more times than to have to live here in Moreno Valley. As I looked at my options and prayed Mike Rios knocked on my door and the rest is history.

I am witnessing long faces from the community. The stress, and to add to it, the recession. Reading many articles of special interest groups like So. Cal. Edison and other developers from back in 1994-1996 make me wonder if the City Council has been true to us as residents. And, after time of research, Mike Rios has my vote!!

I witnessed atleast 5 indirect crimes, one being close to family and a bit severe. The others where gas stations juveniles robbing drinks by running to the nearby getaway car. And, bashing of car windows throughout my street, including once on my driveway by flattening my tenant's tires and breaking a window on their car. Along my daughter's street 5 more cars with windows bashed as I dropped her off to school.

I am also witnessing police strategically hidden to stop either parents who are picking up their children from school. Some of these are parents I know in my area. Also, my mom was stopped atleast 5 times. Once for "stopping BEFORE the Stop sign". What next? Then I was stopped for "Stopping at a No Stopping" sign. I'm talking about Valley View High School. Take one look at the design/streets surrounding that school from where I live (Elder/Kitching) and you will see how it's difficult to make your daily rounds dropping off kids, making them prey to walking with the high crimes already infested in our community.

Local Police, is not our police. They are contracted by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The police sent here are rotated and we don't see the same police who could recognize our faces

I've heard complaints from business owners/other entrepreneurs not wanting to continue to do business here in Moreno Valley. Claiming Moreno Valley is a community that will be approached for minor infractions like posting a sign on the sidewwalk and the like. That's probably why jobs for "Sign Spinners" is so high here in Moreno Valley. What about the guy/gal who stands at the Nasson exit with the sign! Yes, they have a choice but do they really. If we had those "Mall" signs/build a cement wall there, we wouldn't have to kill these people in the heat. And this is Moreno Valley heat!

Moreno Valley has potential and beautiful parks, nice laid out areas, but it's for some reason, not working. Do you feel it too???
Jeff Gilbert


#2 Aug 13, 2008
I agree with you we need change badly. I also have met with Mike Rios and I must say I wasn't to excited about our current city officals until I met Mike Rios I wasn't even going to vote this year until Mike came around and now I have hope back in my life. I can say without question this man is the real deal. My vote goes to Mike Rios and thanks to him I belive again. I say to all give Mike a chance and meet this man and you will know what I'm talking about. As Mike says the time for change is now and I agree with him 100%

United States

#3 Aug 15, 2008
There will be a Rally Fundriaser for "Elect Mike Rios"

If you are a citizen of Moreno Valley, this is a good opportunity to participate in the future of your City for District 3. Join us for food and refreshments and meet Mike. Mike will address issues about our community youth, gang violence, local law enforcement, teachers and school boards, seniors, fire fighters and the use of our City’s tax dollars.
Hosted by Llamas Real Estate
Friday, August 15th
6:00 p.m.– 7:00 p.m.
24064 Postal Avenue
(near Sunnymead and Heacock St.)
E-mail: [email protected]
Elect Mike Rios
Moreno Valley City Council District #3
Campaign Headqurters
24068 Postal Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA 92553

Since: Aug 08


#4 Aug 30, 2008
Ken Gilbert

Murrieta, CA

#5 Sep 18, 2008
Mike is going to be like judge Judy! Straight to the point to fix the problem, make it right, and then make it better for all of Moreno valley! If anyone in Moreno Valley cares about this city and wants to make better FOR OUR KIDS!!! Then VOTE!!! on nov. 4th. This city is not the city I moved into 20 years ago it's much worse......I want my city back! So please help this man in his quest to get OUR city back! Do the math,one man and how many people in Mo Vall? We can do this if we work together, really we can. Thanks

Since: Aug 08


#6 Sep 20, 2008
I hope so.. Im all for a better Moreno Valley!!
Ken Gilbert wrote:
Mike is going to be like judge Judy! Straight to the point to fix the problem, make it right, and then make it better for all of Moreno valley! If anyone in Moreno Valley cares about this city and wants to make better FOR OUR KIDS!!! Then VOTE!!! on nov. 4th. This city is not the city I moved into 20 years ago it's much worse......I want my city back! So please help this man in his quest to get OUR city back! Do the math,one man and how many people in Mo Vall? We can do this if we work together, really we can. Thanks

Los Angeles, CA

#7 Sep 20, 2008
Mike Rios is the only Candidate that is taking the time to Meet the community. I see him every wear and my friend said that when he called the number to his office to learn more about him, he called him personally. I have live here 10 years and never meet one of the city Council members during election time. Its nice to have a Candidate who cares about the people of the community.
Thanks Mike you have my vote as well as all my friends.

Santa Ana, CA

#8 Sep 29, 2008
How about listing the campaign donations of Mr. Rios.
His financial supporters would give us a better picture of who he is and who is backing him.
Jeff Gilbert

Baulkham Hills, Australia

#9 Oct 2, 2008
Hay Lawrence,
Did you know that Mike Rios has an open door policy with everyone. Why don't you call him yourself and ask him he'll tell you. But for your information after reading your post I called him and asked your question and he stated to me that he is "self funded" for the exception of one donation from a local small biss and his personel attorney and 100.00 from several people who he's has met along the way. He said not counting his own money he has recived a total of $650.00 and the rest was self funded. He also stated that all candidates must trun in all paperwork to Moreno Valley City Hall by Oct 6th,08 and he encourages everyone to pick up a copy of his and all the other candidates and you will have a clear picture on who are the "SELL-OUTS" so Lawrence I hope that helps you out and go see the city clerk on Oct 7th,08 and pick up your copy.

Highland, CA

#10 Oct 3, 2008

Santa Ana, CA

#11 Oct 4, 2008
I agree. Get rid of all those corrupted crooks in City Hall and elect a real mayor. I moved here in 1994 and William Batey was the mayor then. The city is fast becoming a dump and they (city council) can care less. Time for a change!!!!!

Valley Village, CA

#12 Oct 6, 2008
Rios has been telling people in Moreno Valley that he's been recieving threats and that someone has been removing his campaign signs. I have heard the same from others, who allege to know his competetors, all District 3 candidates. Last week I submitted a reply post on this forum bringing up this very subject and shedding some factual light on it in an effort to see that fairness in this election process is truly granted and I see the reply was never posted. It is my belief that my reply would certainly explain some things about this election campaign. Who is screening these posts and can someone tell me why my reply was not posted?


Valley Village, CA

#13 Oct 6, 2008
Again, I just attempted to post some facts and the reply was screened out; denied. If this forum is concerned with integrity, honesty, you should post the truth. I will give this forum 24-hours to post my facts and if those facts are not posted, my questions about Mike Rios will be answered.
Shirley Stephens

Sherman Oaks, CA

#14 Oct 6, 2008
Mr. Rupert, you might want to try "refreshing" your browser or internet settings correctly. Any post will screen out fowl language, so if you're trying to use it, "DON'T". Can you tell us about what truth you are referring to? I can clearly see two of your posts, but they tell me nothing. Campaign or any other season there are sign-stealers and then there's those who don't steal. Can you really say who is stealing? What exactly do you have to say, because forums are for open-discussion and for those who have something to contribute. WHat is your constribution?

Valley Village, CA

#15 Oct 8, 2008
I don't have time for foul language and there was never any in my subject matter for discussion on this forum. You're assumptions are quite convincing that - in fact - I was correct; that there must be a stupid virus floating around, which leads folks like you affected by it to create falsehoods, make false assumptions and misleading statements about others as a result of your failure to clearly focus and understand the totality of the circumstances at hand. My two missing posts that were written were merely in the good taste of dialog about truth and the facts; about my recieveing information from fellow Moreno Valley citizens that all 3 District 3 Moreno Valley City Council Candidates have been allegedly making statements to others that they have been being threatened, which is not only wrong but highly illegal. I was simply reaching out to verify if these allegations are true and to offer the truth - the other side of the political coin here - but can clearly see by your inflamatory and demeaning reply your accompanied by your incredible lack of experience in American Politics has resulted in launching attacks with little to no information to back them up, accusing me of using "foul language". As a professional fact-finder of nearly 19 years, it is my job to tell the truth and to see to it that no one is physically or emotionally hurt by false allegations. I have twice asked the person who advised me that Mike Rios alleged he had been threatened to call Mike and to have Mike to call my office to help Mike find out the true sources of those threats, and Mike Rios has never called my office to address his accusations of being threatened. I simply wanted to genuinely help Mike but apparently its not important enough to him to follow up on, while he continues making those allegations - according to several members of our Moreno Valley community. On August 13, 2008 a lifelong friend to me was assassinated by a lone gunman in his Arkansas Democratic Party Chair Office by a mentally unstable man who fed on false rumors and misinformation about the Arkansas Democratic Party and about my good friend Bill Gwatney. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt because of the erronious hate mail fliers and derrogatory remarks being generated by the local Billionaire Boys Club of Moreno Valley in their efforts to discourage guys like Mike Rios, the other two candidates and incumbent Frank West, whom has dedicated his life to Moreno Valley - and grew up in this community. No offense intended but you also need to work on your spelling.

John Rupert
Moreno Valley
Crazy horse

Moreno Valley, CA

#16 Oct 9, 2008
Knock off all the petty fussing already, if your both Americans then act like it. Oh wait thats right...united we stand. Just how does this country stand united. Please tell me this.
Jeff Gilbert


#17 Oct 9, 2008
John Rupert,
I've read your comments above and I made a phone call to Mr.Rios regarding your posting and before I get to what Mr.Rios told me over the phone let me make a few comments in regards to your posting.
(1) you stated that Shirley said you used foul language,But I read that she told you "IF" you were to use foul language that that could be a reason why your posting did not show.
(2) You claim a friend gave you the information and in return you told your same friend to tell Mr. Rios that you would help in out if needed.
(3) You start by sounding concerned for the welfair of Mr.Rios, then to turn it around to make it sound like he is lying about the incident that took place between your friend and him.
Question(1) Did you ever call Mr.Rios himslef to express your concern for him??
Question(2) Did you ever talk to Mr.Rios to see if your message was ever passed on to him by your friend.
I did in fact talk to Mr.Rios today about your posting and this is what he told me.
He said as of today he has never talked to anyone offering help from a 3rd person or has ever heared of the name John Rupert until today when I told him. Also he added that he would never put any member of the public in danger so he would decline your offer due to facts in question.He also stated to me that you are more then welcome to call him and he would be more then happy to talk to you.
Now my take on this is I smell alot of (BS) from you Mr.Rupert if I heard someone tell me that someone elses life is in danger I wouldn't pass on a message or wait for a phone call I would right away try to contact that person and offer my help in anyway shape or form. Mr.Rupert or should I call you by your real name (Frank West) just leave the disperate acts of your failing camp alone. Don't hate or dislike Mr.Rios because he trying to do the right things for our community. Instead talk to the guy and I'm sure even you Frank will like him and maybe even vote for him as well. But at least call him or talk to him before you judge him again. By the way Mr.Rios will be at the Moreno Valley Mall this sat from 12 to 5pm so go talk to him Mr.Rupert I mean FRANK.

Moreno Valley, CA

#18 Oct 9, 2008
They stand united in wanting the same things in life, to have the most money, and to be the most popular, and have the most power,and have the most fans, and have the most companies.etc.etc.
They should say...Greedy We Stand!!!
While our BRAVE men and women fight for our freedom ,so that you can get up everyday and do whatever you want. So what do you do? You hate your neighbors unless they are making you rich that is. Once thats over, it's back to hating again. Hate and greed are big business, it keeps this country running.......for now.

ALL of YOU!!!

Valley Village, CA

#19 Oct 14, 2008
I just concluded my meeting with Mike Rios about 20 minutes ago and it was a genuinely good experience. Just wanted to say thanks to Jeff Gilbert for firing him up for us to talk. I can see that Mike Rios is a genuinely good guy as many of you said and there is truly no big grand conspiracy behind my previous postings. So for those of you into conspiracy theories and hateful replies, give it a rest and lets just support the best man to win. That's all I ever wanted to see happen. There's far too much anger going on about this and to those of you left with some common sense, I apologize for getting you upset. One thing's for certain, I don't have a lot of time to sit here and toss vitriolic attacks against people I cannot see, and regardless of what you think, I do respect Mike Rios. It was a honor to meet you Mike and thanks for taking time out to explain things. You're a good man and a man of God; we can certainly use more of that. Maybe you can also bring some calm to this blog.

John Rupert
Moreno Valley
Ken Gilbert


#20 Oct 21, 2008
Every thing we do from here on must be for our kids,so that they may live happy and healthy. They need to know we worked together to make our city a better place for them. Keep our city clean, build skate,and water parks not giant shoe factories. Help the people who take care of the sick and lonely old, and the ones who work with the kids who have no one but gangs to turn to, by keeping them busy and helping them stay out of trouble. Give our elderly citizens, who can not drive themselves a free ride to and fro.(respect our elders)). Try to shop our small businesses to help them grow and be able to stay IN business. Remember they have kids too. Without our kids ....life stops!
Thank you to: GOD,
Crazy horse,Bob Hope,Gall,The crew of flight 93, ALL firefighters,Police officers,all volunteers ,and most of all OUR TROOPS!!!!

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