Judge Grace Nabor
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Dorothy Melosky

Coatesville, PA

#1 Jun 18, 2012
We have been posting, erronously, on an ancient topic about "Judge Nabor cruises to primary '06." What we are discussing and protesting was the fact that Judge Grace Nabors would not honor a plea, today, for a dog, Tony, who has been on death row. Tony's lawyer was trying to get the Superior Court Judge but, she was on vacation. Judge Nabor would not allow him to have ten more days even though, the poor dog was in the pound since November. The dog was injustly condemned to death by the dog's neighbor as that is what she requested, the death penalty. Well, she has the last laugh about a long legal battle but, Judge Grace Nabor allowed the whole fiasco by ending this dog's life TODAY. We had a Petition to Judge Nabor with 34,000 signatures from around the world asking her to reconsider. Thirty-four thousand people are very upset tonight as our friend is bereaved in having lost her pet. We do not think this Judge should be the Judge, Jury and Executioner for the whole Greenlee County and urge action from residents in Arizona. We think one Judge needs to be removed from her position.

Weston, MA

#2 Jun 18, 2012
How can one legally have this judge removed? She seems to have a history of bigotry and cruelty since mid 2000s---certainly there is some legal process to remove her.

Milwaukee, WI

#3 Jun 18, 2012
"Judge" Nabor has no business being in her position as she is NOT a harbinger of the law. She is biased, prejudiced and unfair. She had her mind made up before the Tony's hearing ever took place. She even had the nerve to complain about how long this case was hanging on! Would it have killed her to stay Tony's execution until the Superior Court Judge returned from vacation? Apparently, it would have because she's alive and a poor, defenseless dog, Tony, is dead.
Shay King

Irvington, KY

#5 Jun 18, 2012
"Judge not lest ye be judged". Just because you are prejudiced against a breed does not give you the legal or moral right to ignore the fact finding and presentation of due process.
Being an elected official......the next election doesn't look too promising for you, but i understand that McDonalds is always hiring...
James Stoker


#6 Jun 18, 2012
We have had some questionable rulings in the UK but nothing on this level of incompetence of with such clear conflicts of interests. This JP (she is not a judge despite whatever power trip she may be on) let her personal opinion get in the way of her impartiality. She is clearly a heartless individual who's only true love seems to be the power she can wield over others. Had this case been about a human she would be guilty of racism.

She brings the whole law profession into disrepute while she remains in a position to make these ill-considered "rulings".

Denver, CO

#7 Jun 18, 2012
As a native of Arizona, I am outraged by the ruling today of "Judge" Nabor in the case of Tony. A petitition of over 34,000 people, from around the world, asking for a reprieve was totally ignored. The lawyer representing Tony's family asked for a stay of execution so the Superior Court Judge, who happened to be on vacation, could hear his plea in the dog's case.
There was not any forensic evidence in this case to prove Tony killed the neighbor's pet. In fact, there was dental evidence suggesting the contrary.
I ask, what would have been the harm to give the family the time needed to present the case to the Superior Court judge?
I feel Judge Nabor should be removed from her position and I hope the residents of her county will remember this travisty at the polls.
Judie Wrobleski

United States

#8 Jun 18, 2012
BTW 34,000 people just don't just go away. Today Judge Nabor destroyed an innocent animal, devastated a family, discredited justice and infuriated a nation. How is judgement decreed with NO evidence? I would certainly be more cautious on the people I select to choose my fate.
Suzanne Capasso

Stone Mountain, GA

#9 Jun 18, 2012
Judge Nabor needs to be removed from her position. Although she does not feel she needs to answer us- the people- she will answer to God one day. This is NOT how our justice system works in the United States- it is innocent until proven guilty! There was no evidence on Tony- NONE- she could have given the stay of execution but she didn't because she is heartless, evil and souless! She abused her power, destroyed a beloved innocent family member and friend, devasted a family along with 34,000 people (internationally)!:YES, 34,000 people DON'T AND WON'T GO AWAY UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED!

Twinsburg, OH

#10 Jun 18, 2012
She will stand alone one day to be judge herself on her lifes doing....The pain she has caused other living beings will be felt by her 100 times over....When will it end for these poor animals...S

Cedar Park, TX

#11 Jun 18, 2012
nadar, you really screwed up this time. and come election time this will be remembered. you have no right to be sitting in the chair of judgment. i hope the citizens of your district can find a way so send you crawling back under the dirty rock you crawled out from under. you disgrace the robe, and the position and you disrespect the county that entrusted you to follow the law. hang your head low for you carry great shame.
Katherine Brynelsen

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#12 Jun 18, 2012
Judge Nabor killed an innocent dog that had a family that loved him & was fighting for him. She wouldn’t even allow to postpone his euthanasia for just 10 days so that Superior Court Judge who I away on vacation, could return to review the case. Judge Nabor did not do what any judge should do: she did not look at all the evidence or facts. Judge Nabor not only ignored our 34,000 signatures on a petition that supported Tony, but she ignored all the facts/evidence; she convicted not only with no evidence, but with dental evidence showing it was NOT this dog responsible for the attack. There was no blood or anything anywhere on this dog or in his mouth & he was checked just after the incident happened. The only evidence was dental & it showed that Tony was not the attacker. Tony never showed any signs of aggression towards any people or animals. Tony was wrongfully taken away from his family last November & has been in his doggie jail until today when Judge Nabors killed him.
Stephanie Hallock Kansas

Lenexa, KS

#13 Jun 18, 2012
She has a track record of being a ...lets just say a evil person. Her history will catch up to her and she will someday have to face her maker. With all the wrong she has done I hope she suffers dearly when God judges her. She gave Tony no chance, she deprived him of love and his family when there are tons of homeless animals that need homes. Why couldn't she give him more time?? Where is the evidence? It's clear to me the evidence says This person sitting on her high horse needs to be knocked off it. When you get the attention of over 30,000 people it might happen quicker than you think. I vote NO TO NADAR!
Shane Brynelsen

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#14 Jun 18, 2012
It is obvious from her ignoring the fact that there was no evidence against Tony (no blood in hair, mouth, or saliva) and the fact that dental evidence showed it was not Tony who was the attacker. Judge Nabor even made a comment complaining about how long the case was taking. The Judge was at home with her family and doing her job, u know hearing cases. Tony, the innocent dog was taken away from his family in November & locked up until today when the Judge killed him. The Judge wouldn't even allow 10 more days so that the other judge would be back from vacation to hear Tony's plea. It was obvious she didn't care about Tony, the truth, or getting justice (all of which a judges job should include). Judge Nabors should not be a judge in Arizona or anywhere: she has proven she has no interest in the truth, facts, evidence, or getting justice,
Jade Rigas

Van Nuys, CA

#15 Jun 18, 2012
This whole thing makes me sick. I thought we lived in a democracy. Today what happened to this dog was a dictatorship! What happened to " We The People ". Well " We The People " were backing Tony. We signed petitions all over the world......we showed up to court to stand for what WE believe in....that judge believed in nothing but herself. Didn't bother looking at all the evidence and when she did she ignored it? I thought you were suppose to be educated and fare when you become a judge???? Then why didn't she do her job today?
TODAY WAS NOTHING BUT MURDER! THEY MURDERED AN INNOCENT VICTIM BASED ON THE LIES AND ACCUSATIONS OF A PREJUDICE WOMAN! But Karma doesn't just go away.........what comes around goes around and you will get yours as nothing in life goes unnoticed by God!
Jasmine Jefferson

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#16 Jun 18, 2012
I was born in Arizona and I cannot believe this Judge could just kill this innocent dog. Our dog is like my kid and I cannot imagine having my dog taken away for several months and then killed when he didn't even do anything wrong. It is obvious Tony did not attack the little dog: there was no blood anywhere on or near him. Tony was being blamed simply because he was a pit-bull mix. The Judge didn't want to find out the truth. Judges are supposed to make sure you get a fair trial. She didn't, so she shouldn't be a judge. And whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Worcester, MA

#17 Jun 18, 2012
Inoffensive and inappropriate check the actions of this excuse of a human being and when we all flush the toliet tonight we will think of nabor a total waste of our species and a pathetic excuse for the use of oxygen give it up nabor stop breathing yourself
Sandi Allison

Los Angeles, CA

#18 Jun 18, 2012
There has to be a way to have her removed. She ignored the evidence in this case. That can't be legal. The more I read about this case the more I can't believe that in 2012 this could have taken place. She might have ruled to have Tony murdered but it's not just her small town involved now. People from all over the world are hearing Tony's story and we will not forget him. We will not let his death be in vain. What ever needs to be done to have her removed let's make sure it happens. If we can't have her removed then please don't re-elect her.
Mary Gaithersburg MD

Milton, DE

#19 Jun 18, 2012
Interestingly, I called this JP's office to inquire about what facts she used to make her determination. Her office says is not commenting on the case. Obviously she did not not use the evidence to come to her decision. Please JP Nabor- tell us how did you reached your decision??
Leslie Shatkin

Buffalo, NY

#20 Jun 18, 2012
Grace Nabor murders with joy. She needs to be removed from any position of power.

Worcester, MA

#21 Jun 18, 2012
THIS PATHETIC PERSON WILL BE JUDGED BY TONY ONE DAY MAY SHE NEVER KNOW ANOTHER DAY of kindness or compassion i am sure many would be glad to euthanize her and spare us all

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