5th grade D.C. trip
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Fourth Grade Parent

Morehead, KY

#1 Mar 12, 2010
I am wondering what the community opinions are concerning the 5th grade Washington D.C. trip next school year. Personally, while I think that this is a wonderful opportunity, these kids are still too young. A few weeks ago there was a letter to the editor in the Morehead News that stated it perfectly. This trip would be better suited for the eighth graders that have enough knowledge of what they will be seeing to actually appreciate it.
Also, the organizer is not the most organized, nor the most reliable. I hope it all works out alright.
I agree

Morehead, KY

#2 Mar 12, 2010
After much though I won't be sending my child. I think 5th grade is just too young. I personally don't remember much from field trips I took in elementary school. I vaguely remember Fort Boonesborough. We could've gone anywhere at that age and enjoyed it. For the amount of money it costs, and being possibly a once in a lifetime experience for some kids, they should be old enough to have the memory for the rest of their life. I too think 8th graders would be much better suited to go. My 8th grade trip was to Camdon Park :( I'd have loved to have gone to DC. I hope it goes well though and all the kids return safe and happy.
I agree

Morehead, KY

#3 Mar 12, 2010
after much *thought*, typo
Fourth Grade Parent

Morehead, KY

#4 Mar 12, 2010
Kentucky is rich with historical and natural beauty. At this age, we could use our "more local" resources to educate our kids. And it would be more affordable to us broke down parents.
Third grade parent

Nicholasville, KY

#5 Mar 12, 2010
It is a very big trip for that age group. I'm not sure your giving your kids enough credit. My third grader wants to go to DC now. My 8th graders main interest is Boys. I completely remember my field trips for both years. My 5th grade one has stuck with me the most though. A parent has to go with them, so it's not like your sending them off on their own. My 8th grader would not go that far unsupervised by myself. Also didn't the 8th graders take this same trip and got in some trouble so they no longer offer it to them. Just my opinion, but I think the younger you teach them important things the more interested they will be.
mcbrayer parent

United States

#6 Mar 12, 2010
yes it is alot of money, but i have decided my child and I will go, I would not let her go by herself if she was in 8th grade either..I personally like Genny and she has done great so far. As for the money I just gonna work more and help with as many fundraisers as i can...
Tilden Hogge parent

Winder, GA

#7 Mar 12, 2010
I think this is a great opportunity for these kids. I don't believe this stuff about them being too young to understand or appreciate what they are seeing. You're not giving these kids enough credit. This may be my childs only chance at being able to go to DC so we are doing everything in our power to pay for her to go and working the fundraisers. I believe now more than ever that our kids need to see the history and working of our government. My daughter is very excited and I am so glad that they came up with this idea. And as far as Ginny goes, she has been great and well organized and we appreciate her for it!!

Clarkesville, GA

#8 Mar 12, 2010
Fayette County has been doing this for a long time and I thought it was ridiculous there too. The kids are too young and if the parents want to spend that much money and go to chaperone then they might as well do it privately as a family vacation. I think it is much more appropriate for an 8th grade field trip. My child will not go as a 5th grader and so he will feel left out and that's sad but the way it will have to be. D.C. is not Morehead and 10 & 11 year olds are going to be more easily distracted and harder to corral than 13 & 14 year olds. By the way my niece is 14 and she went this past year and loved it. Not all 8th graders are obsessed with boys. They have had more History by 8th grade and can understand fully appreciate what they're seeing.
Concerned Parent

Olive Hill, KY

#9 Mar 12, 2010
My child is also going on the trip. Her father and I are both going because DC is not necessarily a safe city. I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for the children, and something they will never forget.
could be

Hillsboro, KY

#10 Mar 12, 2010
I work around D.C. all the time and other then down Pennsylvania Ave. by the White House where is the only place that they ever show on tv,it is nothing but a slum town. The streets are terrible and the traffic is a nightmare any time of day. I wouldn't live there if they gave me a million dollars a year and a free place to stay.
Go Genny

Cleveland, GA

#11 Mar 12, 2010
My child is in fifth grade this year,I wish she could go.I think it's great.Genny has been a wonderful gifted teacher,very respectful,very responsible,does Rowan County Schools proud!
nothing personal

Morehead, KY

#12 Mar 13, 2010
My kid is in the gifted too. Mrs. Jenkins may be a wonderful teacher, but she cancels and doesn't show up alot. She's a nice person, just not the most dependable. So trust that this trip will be organized.... not me.

Morehead, KY

#13 Mar 13, 2010
I am the mother of one of the children going on this trip. I also will be going with him although it is not required for every chid to have a parent go with them. Many parents are not going, which is why we will be responsible for 3-4 children while there. My son is very excited about going to see his nations capitol. I have to disagree with some of the comments made that these children will not remember this trip. My son already knows more about our country's history then most of us have forgotten. I think if your child will not remember this once in a life time trip, maybe they are not ready to go.
takes a village

Grayson, KY

#14 Mar 14, 2010
Think about this folks. This may be the only chance that some of these kids ever get to go outside of the state of Kentucky. May sound dramatic, but its true. Yes it is an expensive trip but arrangements have been made for all the kids involved to go - fundraisers, scholarships, etc. A lot of work has gone into putting this trip together. When I was in elementary school we took many trips like this. Not all parents could go and some great parents stepped up - like with this trip - to volunteer to go and be responsible for other peoples children. And I can tell you that is a scary prospect considering how sue happy people are.

Instead of critizing, get involved, get educated about the trip. Stop hiding behind a "cutesy" name. Step up and help out. This is all for the kids.

Morehead, KY

#15 Mar 14, 2010
I feel that this is a great opportunity for the 5th grade class. My son went on the trip in 8th grade and had a great time and learned alot, but lets not judge our 5th graders. My neice is going on this trip and her parents are not financally able to provide all the funding, but they are trying to get the money together. My neice is a very intelligent young lady and deserves this opportunity that she is being given. It basically boils down to DON'T judge...either let your child go or keep them home...you do have a chose. But don't critize the children who are going and that will never forget this trip. Yes I do agree that Kentucky has lots of wonderful places to see and learn the history of...but it is also important that they get to experience things out of Kentucky. Support these wonderful children and let them know you are happy that they have this opportunity. Be SAFE and Make MEMORIES for a LIFETIME.

Morehead, KY

#16 Mar 15, 2010
If my child was in the fifth grade he would love to go. I hope they are doing this in 2 years when he is in 5th grade.
how dare they

Lexington, KY

#17 Mar 15, 2010
can not believe the nerve of our school system to approve and promote an educational trip to our Nation's capital to view one of the most historical cities on the face of the earth... my goodness fifth graders will remember this their entire life.. the nerve of our schools to suggest such on awesome OPPORTUNITY for our students!!!!
Most Likely

Morehead, KY

#18 Mar 15, 2010
At $500 a person, I'd say the people that can afford to send their children are the same ones that can afford to take them as a vacation- on their own schedule with their own plans. There are plenty of places in Kentucky they could see and appreciate in 5th grade. I think DC should be a middle school trip. I know of another school district that did it as a 6th grade trip. I hope the kids that can't afford to go don't get teased or feel left out.

Cleveland, GA

#19 Mar 16, 2010
Every child has the same opportunity...they did offer ways to make this affordable to EVERY child...REMEMBER NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND that is what our school promotes and they fully stand up by this.
Most Likely wrote:
At $500 a person, I'd say the people that can afford to send their children are the same ones that can afford to take them as a vacation- on their own schedule with their own plans. There are plenty of places in Kentucky they could see and appreciate in 5th grade. I think DC should be a middle school trip. I know of another school district that did it as a 6th grade trip. I hope the kids that can't afford to go don't get teased or feel left out.

Morehead, KY

#20 Mar 16, 2010
I think trip would be a great learning experience.But with the economy in the tank and school system scraping every penny to get the new school built,people scraping pennies to just get by they could do something closer to home.

Way back when I was in grade school we went to different State Park every year starting in third grade.While its not Washington there are still learning opportunities closer that wouldnt be such a burden money wise to do.

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