IRS states ObamaCare may cost 20K for...
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#22 Feb 4, 2013
Wisdom wrote:
The IBAP panels is the correct review panel to google and ascertain their function as to the effect of cost;benefit analysis.
Glad to bring this information back to those seeking true knowledge in the midst of low information voter sponsored fraud, deceit and misinformation.
I fear you missed the sarcasm,but knew you would bite like rabid dog....If you remember correctly that was debunked the last time around.Do your research.

Morehead, KY

#23 Feb 4, 2013
I see the right wingers didn't have anything to say about premiums being just as much in 2012. Need a donation before you answer?? lol

Shelbyville, KY

#24 Feb 5, 2013
I fear you missed the sarcasm,but knew you would bite like rabid dog....If you remember correctly that was debunked the last time around.Do your research.

Please prove to me this panel is not associated with the individual and collective costs associated with ObamaCare. You SAY it was debunked, now PROVE IT.

Shelbyville, KY

#25 Feb 5, 2013
OK Richard cephalis- counter this.

Democrats, on the other hand, are working hard to explain that IPAB doesn't ration care. Let's take a look at what it is (from IBD):

"Under the new health law, the Independent Payment Advisory Board is charged with ensuring that Medicare's costs do not exceed certain targets beginning in 2020. IPAB will have 15 members, nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. They will be able to reduce Medicare's reimbursement rates but can't change Medicare eligibility or raise beneficiaries' premiums or cost sharing.

IPAB can't deny Medicare patients specific treatments directly. But it can cut rates Medicare pays to health providers."

Although Democrats carefully worded IPAB's role, the board of unelected bureaucrats will have the ability to ration care by Medicare rates. Essentially, it's just a different path to the necessity of any socialized health care system: death panels. England has them in their NHS; they're called NICE, no pun intended.->->->NICE denies care to patients all of the time based on the cost of the operation.( Many posts regarding europe under obamacare-future; topic links) This is not a scare tactic, but rather a reality that's cleverly disguised in Obamacare.

IPAB has a bigger role, though, according to Superselius and many liberals that have a strong desire to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. They want IPAB to be a key component of Obamacare, particularly in its role to reduce Medicare spending by the way the program pays health care providers.

"The unelected members of IPAB will be determining spending policies that will determine whether millions of seniors have access to the care they need."

Paul Ryan understands what's really going on here, which is why he grilled the HHS Secretary, though, he unsurprisingly never received a response. A video of the exchange is below. The 15 person IPAB panel gives these unelected bureaucrats one of the most powerful positions in the government.

"The whole thing is designed to take accountability from the politicians and give 15 people this power."

Obamacare is the beginning of a government takeover of the health care industry, no matter how you put it.

United States

#26 Feb 5, 2013
Look it up yourself-At least Mia had the sense to pipe down..that should help you in your search

Owingsville, KY

#27 Feb 5, 2013
Wisdom wrote:
What Happened to that Free and Discounted Premium Obama Health Care IRS Says Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family
I knew you cry baby liberals would cry when the bill cme for your Obamacare. Did you really think it was going to be free?

Shelbyville, KY

#28 Feb 5, 2013
"Dickhead"Look it up yourself-At least Mia had the sense to pipe down..that should help you in your search

Knowing full well as a liberal you are full of hot air; only comments without any factual basis I already posted the truth. You have just proven yourself not only to be a dickhead, but a skull full of mush and a propaganda mouthpiece. You are a low informed individual with only opinions and barely an ounce of fact.

So continue to try and be a thorn, but the truth will always shine through the lies and distortion. Reality is coming and I will be proven to have forewarned of the truth. I really don't care whether you like it or not, respect my posts or not- those who listen, and prepare will be in far better shape than those who listen to the propagandists and the white house media stenographers.

Shelbyville, KY

#29 Feb 5, 2013
By Stephen Dinan - The Washington TimesFebruary 5, 2013, 01:00PM

President Obama's health care law will push 7 million people out of their job-based insurance coverage >**-> nearly twice the previous estimate, according to the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office released Tuesday.( From private insurance to medicaid; thanks Barry !!)

CBO said that this year's tax cuts have changed the incentives for businesses and made it>>> less attractive to pay for insurance, meaning fewer will decide to do so. Instead, they'll choose to pay a penalty to the government, totaling $13 billion in higher fees over the next decade.

Hope you enjoy the consequences of the low informed voter turnout- enjoy the luxuries of DMV like medical care, and the qualities of generic medicines and lack of medical device tests as they will be deemed to expensive and perhaps an ultrasound will suffice instead of an MRI.

Read more:
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Hillsboro, KY

#31 Apr 22, 2013
Did you really think it was going to be free?

Grayson, KY

#32 Apr 22, 2013
The Republicans keep forgetting that everyone pays for the uninsured anyway. All their ER visits are through the roof because they don't have insurance to see a General Practioner. I'm sure in the long run it all equals out the same.

Shelbyville, KY

#33 Apr 22, 2013
No under ObamaCare it is your employer that is forced to pay the additional amount, or cut your hours. Plus, as illegals won't be allowed to be on ObamaCare that amounts to a $3000.00 tax credit for dumping you for an illegal..nice way to build up a future constituency if you ask me.

After ObamaCare kicks in you won't be able to go to a hospital for non-emergency treatment as they will lose too much incentive money- larger hospitals are establishing urgent care centers, even if they are beside the ERs to prevent ER admissions. Small town hospitals will go under and be consumed by larger hospitals who might be able to sustain the losses.

If you are this much in the dark at present you better start studying hard, because the 6 mod. retrospect on job hours and wages are going on now and sign ups begin probably in fall with the proposed 51 page document that looks at both health and finances. The IRS will be the enforcer of financial discrepancies and as it has the authority to scan your e-mails and Facebook page- it will compare lifestyle stated versus lifestyle lived.

You're gonna love O'Barry Care. JUst research all of the stuff I have filed under ObamaCare if you want to open your eyes.

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