Mountain Lions in East KY
Deer Hunter

Olive Hill, KY

#61 Aug 24, 2010
I dont think bobcat knows the differnce between house cat or a ratcoon .
Ejucaided Redneck

Morehead, KY

#62 Aug 25, 2010
bob cat wrote:
I seen one on main street years back . It was about five feet tall big red eyes very mean . ran about fifty miles per hour hell of a panther. There are really only bob cats witch are small and gray. then there is lynx.witch will attack you when you get near her young. they scream it will make your hair stand up. they will follow you at night in the woods. sounds like a women screaming . I seen many. you all have wild stories like the moth man.
Bobcats, especially when they're mTIN, CNCREM LIK A WOMAN
Mrs H

North Vernon, IN

#63 Sep 7, 2010
In the early '70's saw a mountain lion on gradpa's farm near Campton. My sister also saw it. In broad daylight; it was up a hill, watching the cattle.
My brother has a game camera on our farm outside Campton and a mountain lion tripped one of the cameras in July. Also got a nice picture of a neighbor poaching our posted property. Maybe the lion will let him know he's not welcome!

Dahlonega, GA

#64 Sep 8, 2010
there are cougars in carter co.

Clarkesville, GA

#65 Sep 8, 2010
Watch the news. One was spotted in mason county...
Be Nice

Pikeville, KY

#66 Sep 9, 2010
I have SEEN bob cats out in the Big Woods area. Bears are around at times too getting into trash. There are also tons of feral cats from people who have rented in the area and left their cats out for others to feed (or not feed as the case may be).

I haven't seen a Mountain Lion-yet, but you never know what is going to show up.

Harvest, AL

#67 Nov 19, 2010
Well, I moved to Kentucky a few years ago from Southern Illinois and I am a bowhunter. Reports have been made in Illinois that Mountain Lions have been seen and a relative took a pic of a momma and a cub and it is very clear what they were. This morning around 10:30 I was leaving an exercise class which was at some friends house near Nolin Lake, Ky. As I was driving down this road something came out of the ditch(probably 30 yards from me) and it was not a bobcat. It was brownish/grey in color with a very long tail. It was standing broadside and ran across the field to my left away from me. Now, this was a wide open field with a few hills and I watched it run a long ways until it popped over a hill, out of sight. I know what I saw. I made some phone calls and was told that they have no proof that these animals are in Kentucky. I definitely understand not wanting to scare people with the idea that these cats are here without proof. So who knows if they are making there way into Kentucky. Maybe I will get to see another one (from a distance) again.
with my own eyes

Morehead, KY

#68 Nov 19, 2010
When I was a kid, maybe 5-6 years old ,a black panther came within 15-20 feet of me while I was playing in the yard. It went underneath the house,
and me and my mom could hear it bumping it head under
the house. This was on Knapp Ave. but then it was
called town branch, not many people or houses at that time. This was the old Allen Alfrey house.
I know they say their not really black, but I would certainly call it black.

Lexington, KY

#69 Dec 27, 2010
Saw a game camera pic of 2 mountain lions taken this month in SE Kentucky(Leslie County)

Morehead, KY

#70 Dec 27, 2010
It is a well know fact within the KY Fisheries and Game dept. They just don't want anyone to know. Not because they are a danger or will scare people, so all the fools in the world will leave them be. Eastern KY is prime Mountain Lion habitat with lots of deer and remote areas. It was just a matter of time before they made their way back here. There are established breeding populations just west of the Ohio river. The nay sayers insist they don't like water and won't/can't cross the Ohio river. I think I saw two disguised as hippies thumbing across the Cincinnati bridge last week. It is the tail - hard to hide that tail.

In any event. There ARE Mountain Lions in eastern ky, they don't bother nothing, so leave them alone. Maybe if we can get a bigger population they will thin out these damn pesky garden eating deer.

Owensboro, KY

#71 Dec 28, 2010
My fiance and I saw a smaller one cross 60 in Carter Co. Definately a Mountain Lion, I grew up in AZ and they are all over Star Valley and Payson. They litter the highway there like deer do in Ohio.

Morehead, KY

#72 Dec 28, 2010
I saw a mountain lion in Rowan county two years ago while deer hunting. I was bow hunting in a stand over a deer trail and it just slipped under my stand. I never heard or seen it till it had passed me. I reckon I was not the only thing out there hunting deer that day. I never told anyone because I knew no one would believe it, but I know a cougar when I see it. It sure as heck was not a bobcat. Bobcats ain't that big and don't have long tails. This thing must have been 4 or 5 foot long not including the tail. You can bet I got out of there after I was sure it was gone.

Since: Dec 10

Morehead, KY

#73 Dec 28, 2010
Makes me skeered to go into the woods. But, what does it matter if cougars are back in KY? Lots of things are coming back like the deer, turkey and bears. It will be just like it was 100 years ago - lol. That is just a little bit beyond a single generation. 100 years ago, HERE in Rowan county there were bears and cougars. Our fathers tell us that. There was no road to Lexington. There was no hospital. There were no cell phones - really, no phones, electricity or running water. We were just here - mostly by ourselves trying to figure out how to stay alive. No SSI, nothing. Grub out a living or die. A single generation back. We all live a hair's breadth from going back to that. Do you know where your food comes from? How it gets here?
Ronnie Dehart

Morehead, KY

#74 Dec 29, 2010
I seen lions, they out their

Morehead, KY

#75 Dec 29, 2010
My brother seen two hunting turkey last year. It was a momma and a cub. This was in Carter county.

West Liberty, KY

#76 Dec 29, 2010
In the year 2010, cell phone cameras are ubiquitous. Where are the pics of these animals? While I believe there are large cats here, I do not believe half of the simpleton stories of sightings on this sight. Just people wanting to feel important.

Morehead, KY

#77 Dec 29, 2010
So, you are saying everyone one here who say they saw one is a liar trying to feel important? You just called a lot of people liars.

West Liberty, KY

#78 Dec 29, 2010
Sammie wrote:
So, you are saying everyone one here who say they saw one is a liar trying to feel important? You just called a lot of people liars.
It is very clear that I did exactly what you said I did. No retraction. Good comprehension skills. You are the master of the obvious.

Since: Sep 08

Winder, GA

#79 Dec 29, 2010
Wait! I thought I was the master of the obvious!?!

Do people who don't lie want to feel important? If they do, then the attribution that this feeling drives the production of lies fails as proof.

The question of why someone would concoct stories about mountain lions is certainly worth considering. It is a great use of these forums to explore the ethics of personal behavior, particularly in view of the fish and wildlife personnel, public servants charged with statutory authority. KRS 65.877 gives local governments authority to regulate a list of inherently dangerous animals...the last one listed is a cougar or mountain lion.

No one is going to question that the panther lived in the land, are they?

What proof is required of anyone who has seen with their own eyes the animal on the prowl?

Does anyone think that because they haven't personally witnessed an event, the event does not occur?(Is that some kind of lame existentialism)

Like the wild pig, I believe you may kill a panther on sight. Is this true? Does that mean you should?

I will say that I have known people who have been attacked and who reported that they had relatives or acquaintances who were killed by panthers.

If a bird like the Ivory billed pilleated woodpecker can reappear, can't a cat species survive in its natural habitat?

What about that Lassie episode?

And what about that Disney thing where the pets find their way across country?

What about that Disney thing called "that darn cat" and that other thing about the cat coming back to life...Tomasina?

Is it possible that panthers are the embodiment of a spirit that has its own distinct purpose, perhaps to seek out and devour another entity before it disappears into the vortex?

a buddha said, the scream will chill yer blood, or something like that.

Since: Dec 10

Morehead, KY

#80 Dec 29, 2010
MYFT has a point. Just because you have not seen something yourself does not mean it is not so. Do you believe there are bears back in KY? Of course you do. Have you ever seen one? Probably not. What do you need as proof, for some official in the fisheries and game dept. to say it is true? No one believed there were bears back until it was impossible to ignore. And I remember a time when saying you say a coyote in Rowan county would raise and eyebrow. Now the coyotes serenade us every night. Are there cougars in KY. I don't know, but I am not all-knowing enough to insist they are none when so many people say they have seen them. Can they all be liars?

Then what would I know - I'm just a tractor.

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